Looking for Premium Corporate Gift Ideas That Your Clients and Employees Will Love? 10 Premium Corporate Gift Ideas for 2019

Looking for Premium Corporate Gift Ideas That Your Clients and Employees Will Love? 10 Premium Corporate Gift Ideas for 2019

Corporate gifting is always a hard endeavour - colouring inside the huge budget lines while at the same time pleasing all recipients. To ease your pain and simplify your choices, here are some of the most premium and thoughtful gift ideas, fit for all sorts of budgets.

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Understanding the Importance of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are not just gifts, they are so much more as it reflects your brand identity and in a way that communicates with your clients and connects you with your customers.

It is a way to create new referrals and leads by appreciating the existing employees and new customers, hence indirectly playing a crucial role in the growth of your business by strengthening the existing ones and venturing out new ones. This is why a lot of thought needs to go behind it.

We understand that finding the perfect corporate gift can be a task and a lot of stress considering the stakes, which is why we have listed down some things to keep in mind while you start ideating on the same, along with our 10 picks for premium and exclusive corporate gift ideas.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you start looking for corporate gifts, it is important to understand and analyse certain elements and questions as to Who, How and What. We’ve listed those down for you along with a direction as to how you can go about answering those questions, giving you a sense of idea and a layout.

Who Is It for : Clients, Customers or Employees?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself while working on corporate gifting is ‘Who is this gift for’, and you’d notice that based on the audience or recipients, you will have different ideas as to what needs to be gifted.

This is because each of these audiences - customers or clients, have a different relationship with your brand and you would want to opt for a gift which would cater and strengthen the same.

The selection of your gift would vary depending upon the target audience, which is why make sure you understand your audience well - their needs and requirements, or what they expect out of your brand.

How to Choose: Quantity vs Quality

There has been a constant battle to choose between quantity and quality, especially when it comes to gifting.

You need to know that in present times, what matters at the end of the day is the quality of your product than its quantity.

Any client, customer or employee would prefer a gift which would add value and utility, rather than the one which is unmanageable and cannot be put to use.

So remember, always go for a good quality product which serves a purpose and showcases a thought, or is reflection of your brand instead of going for the size of that gift.

What to Gift: Keep the Occasion in mind

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while deciding on corporate gifts is the occasion behind the same.

For instance, if it is given on the occasion of celebrating a milestone, then it should be reflective of the same, like a gift with a thank you note for premium clients, customers and employees.

If it is a festive occasion, you should opt for something which is indicative of celebration and festivity like Planners with Food Hampers.

10 Premium Corporate Gift Ideas

We know how difficult it can be to find a great corporate gift which sets a mark and communicates your brand.

To make it easy for you, we have picked our Top 10 Premium Quality Corporate Gift Ideas which are exclusive in their designing, premium in their quality and unique in styling - making it a perfect option for your important clients and customers, without risking any stakes. We have also listed down the prices and customisation options for them.

Scroll below to have a look.

Assorted Tea Box

Source in.teabox.com

Tea Boxes are a great gifting option if you pick the right one - with great quality, decent quantity and overall size and packaging.

We suggest Assorted Boxes by Tea Box, for they present artfully crafted and thoughtfully created gifts for every occasion. You can choose and personalize tea gifts from their elaborate selection catering to different occasions, offering a variety of teas, packaging options and multiple sizes.

We picked two of these from their wide range of corporate gifting collection:

  • Pack of 12 This gift pack features a selection of 12 single-origin teas; an ideal gift for tea lovers. It comes in great packaging with functional segregation with 12 tin caddies of 30 g each.

  • Enchanted Link for Festivities This one offers a gift of 4 Christmas-themed teas, in the flavours and colours of the season. The box contains 4 glass vials of different tea flavours of 30 g each. It is a great option during the festivities, adding an element of celebration.

They have a great catalogue of options to pick from and you can download the same from their website in.teabox.com. Not only do they have a great range to pick from, but they also personalize your gifts how you want to - allowing you to create a brand image you want to with great flexibility. They make it easy with a variety of ways to personalize your gifts - You could choose ribbons & wraps, print customized sleeve, add your name & logo, insert your business card, write a special message and so much more.

They also allow you to customise your packages by choosing your teas and decide your packaging style where you can choose between Candles, sleeves and tags. You can reach out to them to know more about their bulk orders and pricing.

Eco Friendly Backpack

Since corporate gifting is a way you communicate what your brand stands for, then this environment-friendly backpack from Save Globe would be a great option if as a brand you believe in sustainability.

It is made with natural colour hard cotton canvas without any chemicals and toxins. Moreover, it allows you to reduce almost 500gms of plastic usage with a single backpack. It is fully padded with 3mm thick natural coir cushion to resist any shock making it a great option for carrying items like laptops etc which makes it a great utility option for both work and leisure. It comes with hard canvas and padding making it water resistant.

It is priced at Rs. 1,800 per piece and you can reach out to them for a specific size variant and customisation options.

Diamantina Sorbet Cup and Spoon Set

This Diamantina Sorbet Cup and Spoon Set from Nicobar comes in a set of 4, is made up of brass, offering a matte finish, and is simple, stylish and meant for all things sweet. It is made up of premium quality and reflects great artistic details. It is a great option for your premium clients.

It is priced at Rs. 5,200 for the entire set. You can reach out to Nicobar to know more about their bulk pricing and offers, packaging customisation and other details.

Premium Watches

Everyone uses a watch, it is both a need and an element of style, which is why Premium Watches is a great go-to option for a corporate gift. We picked Watches by Daniel Wellington, for they offer a great range of watches - smart, functional, minimal yet quirky. Their watches are premium yet subtle. They showcase a modern take on vintage watches with old, weathered NATO straps.

They offer gift sets for Men, Women, Couples or you could also create your own gift set by selecting the dial, straps and other necessities. They have a great range of watches to choose from and you can have a look at their collection and reach out to them for more details about bulk orders.

Organiser with Powerbank and Flash Drive

This organiser is a great utility option for anyone in the corporate field. This Pennline Organizer Planner comes with a built-in 4000mAh wireless power bank and a 16GB flash drive.

It is designed to enhance productivity, making it everyone’s favourite. It features a diary with a power bank with wireless and cable charging capabilities for your smartphones and tablets, allowing you to be on the move throughout the day. It also has dedicated slots for a pen, a smartphone, credit cards, bills and important papers.

This versatile organizer planner is the perfect companion for every professional and also makes for an ideal gift. You can buy this one in Black from williampen.net at a price of Rs. 4,605 per piece. It also comes in various other shades - Blue and Tan.

Resin Sterling Silver Photo Frame

If you are willing to spend as much as it takes for a premium corporate gift, then there is nothing better than this Pure Resin Sterling Silver Photo Frame.

It has a gorgeous yet classy look with super fine embossed roses on all sides with a high quality lacquered wood back. This one fits a picture size of - 5x7 Inch. It has a tarnish resistant coating making it a timeless beauty.

It comes in a Velvet Box Packing and is priced at Rs. 11,400 making it a top-notch quality premium gift for your best of clients.

Laptop Sleeves

You can also give these quirky laptop sleeves from Daily Objects as a corporate gift leaving a message of modern design with a product which offers great utility.

It is a great option whether for a client, or a customer - saving you the hassle of picking multiple options.

Their products can be customised with your brand logo and more. To know more about their corporate gifting programme, you can fill in the form on their website and inquire about pricing, delivery and more.

Customised Mobile Unit

This AIO Mobile Unit by The PostBox puts your wallet & phone in one case. It aims at solving the problem of carrying too many things when you travel, for your meeting or for that special night out, making it a superb corporate gifting option.

It is a minimal and stylish unit to carry and is absolutely functional at the same time. It comes in two sizes - Regular and Large, where each is compatible with different mobile devices. It is made up of premium, environmentally certified leather and comes with a one year warranty.

Regular sized Mobile Unit is priced at Rs. 1,929 per piece and it comes in two shades - Tan and Black. You can easily customise the product by entering the initials while ordering online, which would be embossed onto the product. They charge Rs. 200 extra for customisation. In case you have other customisation requirements, you can reach out to them on corporate@thepostbox.in.

Classic Stationery Set

This good looking Stationery Set by Nicobar is a little flourish to any work table. It comes with pineapple stickers, ten cards embossed with a little aeroplane to scribble in, and ten envelopes with a fun flap, making it a cohesive little bundle of work and play.

It’s a quirky take on corporate gifting, yet keeping the usage and functionality of it intact.

It is priced at Rs. 950 for the entire set. You can reach out to Nicobar to know more about their bulk pricing and offers, packaging customisation and other details.

Quill Desk Set

One of our favourites, this great medieval style and practical Desktop Accessory by William Penn is great for summoning those thoughts and classic quotes, inscribe them in one of the three books with the uniquely designed quill and rare black Squid ink, an instant conversation starter for when you have friends over.

It is a unique corporate gift idea, with rare and intricate designing, making it an eye-catcher. The entire set comes with - one desk set with 10cc black squid ink bottle, decorated nib holder, 3 decorative mini books and an eco-pressed semi-wood base. You can buy this one in Black from williampenn.net at a price of Rs. 3,500 per piece.

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10 Premium Corporate Gift Ideas

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