Pens are Ideal Gifts for Formal Occasions: How to Select the Right Pen Gift Box and 4 Wonderful Pen Gift Boxes You can Buy Online (2020)

Pens are Ideal Gifts for Formal Occasions: How to Select the Right Pen Gift Box and 4 Wonderful Pen Gift Boxes You can Buy Online (2020)

Are you on the lookout for an ideal gifting option that you can present to anyone on any occasion? Well, a pen gift box can turn out to be the right option for you if you consider the following points mentioned in this post. Also, find out 5 pen gift boxes you can buy online to give you an idea about this category of gifting.

Why a Pen Box is an Ideal Choice for a Small Gift

Ever thought of presenting someone with a small gift, and then the wrapping part becomes a hustle? This is the part where a pen gift box comes in. Therefore, a pen gift box is a small gift box that can be used to hold small gifts. A good example is a pen. In most cases, most people go wrong when gifting and provide wrappers that have a negative effect; however, when referring to a pen gift box, it indicates the actual size of the gift.

More so, a pen gift box is also versatile in the sense that various types exist; therefore, you have a wide range to choose. Good examples of gifts that a pen gift box can hold include wristbands, tickets, several pens, among others. Therefore, it does not contain just one pen. You can get these gift boxes from various stores, including online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Things to Consider when You're Buying a Pen Gift Box

Relationship with the Recipient

Understanding the recipient of the gift is very vital when gifting, especially when using a pen gift box. This is because it's a small gift box, and it would be disappointing to some when getting them such a small gift. Understanding the recipient means that you know what they like and do not like, what they consider unique, what they need, how you relate with each other, and what they would appreciate when gifted to them.

Seek to know how you relate to the recipient of the gift to use a pen gift box that will be appreciated once received — relationships, in this case, range from formal relationships to casual relationships. With casual relationships, you get more freedom to get a decorated pen gift box as compared to an official link. When identifying the perfect gift box that will suit your relationship with the recipient, different types of pen gift boxes will best suite your recipient. A good example is a DIY (do it yourself) pen gift box which enables you to manipulate to your liking.

Size of the Gift

As mentioned earlier, most pen gift boxes hold small gifts to the size of a pen. This is an essential consideration since you cannot get an enormous gift to wrap it in a pen gift box. The size of a pen should be the standard size of what size your gift should be. However, since there are a variety of different types of pen gift boxes, then based on the size of your present, you can choose the most appropriate one.

More so, the size of the gift does not just focus on the actual size but also on the number of gifts you are willing to wrap with the pen gift box. The gift may be the standard size of a pen; however, the quantity may surpass just one. Therefore, it automatically changes the size. A good example is the multiple pens gift box, which allows you to wrap more than two pens.


Pen gift boxes like other products are availed to the market by different companies, which causes them to have different characteristics such as different prices, various designs, and for different people. Once you decide to buy a pen gift box, there is that amount of money that you set aside to buy it, this money you are willing to spend on a pen gift box should be your guide when making the purchase. This is vital to ensure that you do not overspend, and you end up with the right pen gift box. It is also essential to understand that not all right pen gift boxes are expensive, you can get the right pen gift box at an affordable price in different stores.

Event for Which You’re Gifting

When it comes to identifying the most appropriate wrapper for your gift, you have to consider for what occasion you are gifting. This is important since many people go wrong when giving a gift because they provide the right gift on the wrong occasion. A good example is in case the event is a retirement party, and you are expected to give a gift. You have to consider a gift that this retiring person needs, and you have to be assured that the recipient will accept and appreciate the present.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the event pretty well. A recommended occasion where you can comfortably use a pen gift box is office parties, for example, when one of your colleagues receives a promotion. You can present a double pen gift box with executive pens to show them that you support and believe in them in their new roles.

Age of the Recipient

Different age groups have different tastes. This is a significant factor to consider when buying a pen gift box. This is because any individual deciding to give a gift yearn to have the recipient impressed. Therefore, you have to be well conversant with the actual age of your recipient also to avoid awkward situations. All the various producers of these gift boxes avail a variety of pen gift boxes appropriate for different age groups.

A good example would be if you intend to give a gift to a young boy between the age of 8 to 13 years, you could look for gift boxes with the latest superhero images on it, for example, Spider-man, Batman, or even Avengers. This will automatically impress him on the first sight of it.

Gender of the Recipient

In any gifting occasion, the gender the recipient associates themselves with is an essential aspect that needs to be well examined before the decision is made. Generally, the different pen gift boxes made available in the market targets a population made up of both genders, and as a result, their appearances differ.

In most cases, men prefer gifts presented in gift boxes that are dull and so formal, while on the other hand, women like gifts wrapped up in bright gift boxes with drawings and colourful flowers altogether. However, due to the diversity going on in our community, some LGBTQ people consider themselves different. Therefore, make sure that you evaluate this fact before buying a pen gift box.

More so, this gives you the chance to be diverse once you understand the gender preference of the recipient. An excellent example of such a scenario is for those gifting a woman who likes a brightly coloured gift box wrapping their gift. Here, you can opt for a DIY pen gift box and find a brightly coloured paper cut and offer your creatives services by adding some fun drawings.

Include a Simple Message

Messages that accompany any gift boxes irrespective of the sizes make the gift more appealing to the recipient. The simple message makes the gift more personalised, making the recipient feel special. The structure of such a message includes a short and direct message, and it is advisable to be handwritten; it should be positive, among other things.

In case you face the challenge of drafting such a message, you could get one online from various sources that offer samples. Therefore, deciding on the appropriate words to accompany your gift should not be a problem. Besides, the message should also relate to the event; for example, if the event is a wedding, the message should be all about wishing the couple long life and happy days.

4 Wonderful Pen Gift Boxes You Can Buy Online

Single Pen Gift Box: Cross® Men's 100% Genuine Leather Box


A single pen gift box can also accommodate any written message, more specifically a note. Therefore, once you purchase this type of pen gift, you know what it can hold. For instance, this Men's 100% Genuine Leather Single Pen Box-Black by Cross, available on Amazon. This specific gift box goes for ₹ 799. It is one of the most classic and most executive pen gift boxes that can be used for gift giving in a workplace party. Made of high-quality leather, this pen gift box can also be used to store any small stationery.

Besides, the Men's 100% Genuine Leather Single Pen Box-Black is also versatile in the sense that it is light and also quite comfortable for portability. Lastly, it is stylish with aesthetic designs that make it even more appealing and appropriate to gift.

Double Pen Gift Box: Parker Vector Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen and Ball Pen Luxury Gift Set, Blue Ink


These boxes are designed to hold two pens. They are suitable for promotional purposes since you get to promote two pieces in a single box at the cost of one gift box. They, too, come in different materials, opening mechanisms, colours, and features. For instance, this Parker Vector Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen and Ball Pen Luxury Gift Set is an elegant gifting option with two pens and a cardholder as an added gift in the pen gift box. It is available for purchase on Amazon for ₹ 839.

This gift box is perfect for workplace gift-giving parties, for it comes with two executive pens with a gold coating matching some part of the gift box. One of the pens is a rollerball pen while the other contains its refill, therefore quite durable. The cardholder has an executive touch, for it has a fine leather finishing.

Multiple Pens Gift Box: Linc Pentonic Black Pencil Box with 5 Black and 5 Blue Ball Pen Gift Set


This is a type of a pen gift box that can hold more than two pens at a time and other additional things. We have selected this Linc Pentonic Black Pencil Box with 5 Black and 5 Blue Ball Pen Gift Set by Pentonic for this category. This type of gift set comes in two different types, one with a total of ten pens, while the other can hold up to twenty pens.

This specific gift box would be great to gift to a student because of its simplicity. You can get this pen gift box from Amazon for ₹ 200 only.

Customised pen gift box


Anything customised means that it is designed and molded based on the consumer's specifications. Similarly, when referring to a pen gift box, there are those boxes that can be customised. For a customisable gift box, you can get the PaperWorks Personalized Name Engraved Pen & Wooden Case (Blue Gel Pen), which is available on Amazon for ₹ 399. This specific pen gift box is made out of wood with specific places to write down the name of the recipient.

Furthermore, the PaperWorks box provides more opportunity to the one giving the gift to engrave the name of the recipient on the pen too, which is classy and also refillable. Perfect occasions in which you can give this pen gift box include; a graduation party or even a wedding party.

Bonus Idea: Make Your Personalized DIY Pen Gift Box

When you add a personalized touch to a gift, it always makes the other person's heart melt. Here are a few simple steps for you to make your own pen gift box:

Material Required

  • Cardstock (4” x 9”) - 2 pieces
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Pair of Scissors
  • A piece of ribbon

Steps to Make

  • Measure 2” in of each side of the 1st cardstock piece.
  • Fold up these sides, firmly.
  • Use the glue to join the sides.
  • Measure 1” in of each side of the 2nd cardstock piece.
  • Fold them up too, firmly; this will be the cover and join the four corners as well.
  • Use the other cardstock to cover the first one.
  • Use your ribbon to go around the already made box and tire a bow.
  • You have the pen gift box ready!
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You can Include Other Stationery Items as Well

While you're looking for an ideal gift box for various gifting purposes, we recommend you look for other items too that you can include in this gift box. If you're making a gift box to give to your employees, you can include various accessories other than pens such as a table clock, a small table calender, paper holders and other such items that will not only be useful to the recipients but also show your thoughtfulness towards them.