Celebrate Friendship Day with Your Partner and Best Friend: 10 Lovely Friendship Day Gifts for Your Husband in 2019

Celebrate Friendship Day with Your Partner and Best Friend: 10 Lovely Friendship Day Gifts for Your Husband in 2019

Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honour of friends was coined in the US in 1935. The day gradually gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in several countries including India. In celebration of this day, people spend time with their friends and also express their love for them.

How to Celebrate Friendship Day with Husband

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and gifted relationships that you can share with your parents, children or spouse. Friendship is a way of connecting with other people on the emotional and sentimental level by accepting each other fully, even your individual flaws. In friendship, you can talk nonsense without worrying about being judged by the other person, so if you have this kind of relationship with your lovely husband. Then, you definitely should celebrate the day of friendship with your husband because he is your rock pillar who always supports you, no matter what. So, if you are planning to make this friendship day special by celebrating with your husband, then you can make it special in the following manners.

Make your Husband Feel Special

You admire your husband’s support and friendship more than anything in this world. But, ladies, sometimes expressing your feelings and emotions is very important and helps in strengthening your relationship. So, this year, convey your true feelings and thoughts to your husband on the friendship day. By expressing your feelings, you are making your bond stronger. And, ladies, just like you guys also love to hear about deep feelings. To express your feelings for your husband as your friend, you can write him a letter in which you just pour all of your emotions. Your letter has more power than any huge and expensive gift to weaken the knees of your husband.

Search for Ideas

Girl, don’t buy the first gift that you see for your husband and ruin this perfect day to pamper your husband by some lame gesture. This is a big day, which is why you have to search everywhere to make this day even more special. To help and guide you to make friendship day special for your husband, there’s a lot of literature available. You can either search the market or go online to search for the best friendship day ideas for your husband. You can join different forums or blogs online to search for the best idea to swoon your dear hubby on friendship day. Moreover, gifting websites like fnp.com, giftcart.com, etc., offers a huge range of gifting options to make the friendship day special for you and your partner.

Buy Gifts for Him

Gifts can melt anyone’s heart. They are the best source of showing affection and love. So, you should take the help of sweet and quirky gifts to make your husband feel super special on this friendship day. You can get lots of gift ideas for your husband online and can order a gift for your husband. You can either make a surprise delivery of the gift directly to your husband or can hand him the gifts personally to see the warm smile on your his face. When you are ordering the friendship day gift for your husband, make sure you check your budget and the usefulness factor. Because quirky gifts lose their charm after some time, whereas useful gifts always make the receiver happy.

Fun Things To Do On Friendship Day With Your Husband

Friendship is all about fun and enjoyment, so why not do something fun on friendship day with your husband. Generally, you both are so busy with work and taking care of the family that you rarely get any time to do something fun. That’s why you should use this friendship day as an opportunity to do something fun and crazy with your husband which you both don’t do generally. You can make the friendship day fun for your husband by doing the following kind of activities.

Organize a Dinner Party

You both have a bunch of friends with which you and your husband like to hang out with. So, this friendship day, call up your gang for dinner and catch up with all of your common friends. You can either book your favorite hangout point of friends or you can organize a dinner party at your home. You can even organize one of those potluck parties where you all can contribute. Consider this dinner like a reunion party of you and your husband’s friends and make the party loaded with fun by sharing your old friendship memories.

Binge Movie Watching

If you and your husband are that antisocial kind of couple who likes to wear PJs and cuddle on the sofa rather than wearing fancy clothes and partying. Then, you can celebrate friendship day in your own little bubble while watching the movies. You both can wear your PJs and stock your kitchen with all your husband’s favorite snacks and cuddle up to watch all of your favorite movies. You can cuddle and always make out a little time while watching some movies which you both had wanted to watch all along, but didn’t have time due to your busy schedule. Just indulge in each other this friendship day.

A Relaxed Day Out

You can plan a small day outing with your husband on friendship day to your local tourist spots. Sometimes we have the best tourist spots just under our noise and we don’t have time to go there. So, this friendship day map out all the happening tourist spots near your location and pack your picnic bags and visit all these spots. This way you both can spend some time in solitude like two strangers exploring different things. Small getaways are a good way to reenergize your dull life from time to time.

10 Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

If you are planning to buy a friendship day gift for your husband along with the sweet gestures, then you already have lots on your plate. You have to plan the perfect friendship day out for your husband, have to manage your work and kids while looking for the perfect friendship day gift for your husband. Poor you, so much to do that’s why we have reduced some of your workloads by creating a list of ten friendship day gift ideas for your husband. You can quickly order any of the following friendship day gifts for your husband and check out one thing from your long list of work.

Cute Shock

How about giving a cute shock to your husband on friendship day? To give the cuteness loaded blast to your husband, you can get this package of red teddy, white teddy, two small buckets and ten pieces of handmade almond chocolates to make your husband giddy on the friendship day. You can order this cuteness loaded surprise for your husband from the floweraura.com for the small price of ₹519.

Soulful Abundance

You are always looking out for your husband’s best interest and want him to conquer the excellence of success in his career. So, this friendship day, give the soulful abundance to your husband which will bring prosperity and happiness in his life. This beautiful symbolic gift set contains a Parker pen and one black dairy defining the success in his career, plus this gift has a Buddha statue to bless your husband. This soulful abundance can be your friendship day gift for ₹1299 from the floweraura.com.

Celebrating Truffle Cake

Source m.fnp.com

A dark chocolate truffle can enhance the level of any celebration to numerous levels. If your husband has a big sweet tooth, then this truffle cake will be very gratefully accepted by your husband. He will love to indulge in the velvety and creamy texture of the truffle cake on the occasion of friendship day. You can send this cake to your husband in his office where this sweet treat will make his day more productive. To order this cake, visit the fnp.com and pay ₹549.

Snacks Bouquet

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This bouquet is a fabulous combination of several tasty treats. Cadbury perk, dairy milk, and five-star Chocolates, nestle KitKat chocolates, good day butter cookies, Britannia bourbon, classic salted peanuts, and haldiram's aloo bhujia and masala moong daal are included in this bouquet. All your husband’s favourite snacks in one bouquet will definitely make him love you even more. Especially, if you are generally strict about your husband’s diet, then you can surprise him with a bouquet and grant him one cheat day. This unique bouquet can be ordered from the fnp.com for the retail price of ₹699.

Batman Apron

Does your husband like to cook? Or, do you want him to cook for you sometime? Then, gift him this funky batman apron and ask him to cook you something special. Now, with this muscular apron, your husband won’t complain about it being girly. Moreover, whenever you host bbq parties at your home, your husband can wear this cool apron to cook some delicious meat for your family and friends. This Batman apron is a very affordable friendship day gift for ₹499 and can be online ordered from giveter.com.

Ullu Ka Patha Cushion Cover

Well, if you want to add some cool stuff to your husband’s boring study room, then these cute munchkin cushions are going to be perfect for your husband’s study. These cute and quirky cushions are going to add the required colours and happiness to your husband’s office without looking too odd. For this a bit crazy and funny friendship day gift for your husband, you have to order this cushion set from giveter.com for the small price of ₹499.

Prescription Coffee Mug

If your husband is a coffee addict, then you can tease him this friendship day prescription coffee mug. This 3D doctor prescription coffee mug makes it look like you’re drinking your drug of choice which of course you are. The mug is in the shape of a prescription box and can hold up to 12 ounces of your favourite drug coffee in it. This mug will definitely melt your husband’s heart every morning when he's enjoying his morning brew in this mug. This prescription mug is available on giveter.com for ₹799.

Husband Love LED Quotation

If you want to tell your husband that how much he means to you or how much you love him, then order this love quote for your husband. The beautiful love declaration in the form of led quotation banner will make your husband see the intensity and depth of your pure love. To indulge your husband in the declaration of your sweet love on the friendship day, you can place an order for the LED love quote for your husband from the archiesonline.com for the petty price of ₹499.

Designer Wrist Watch

You can buy your husband the silver metal strap and a black round dial stylish watch which every gentleman should have. Your husband can flaunt this stylish looking original arshies watch among his friends and office colleagues. This stylish watch can be easily paired with casual and professional attire’s. To get this stylish stuff for your husband on friendship day order it from archiesonline.com for a mere ₹899.

Grooming Kit

How about ordering the full grooming kit for your husband on the friendship day? You can help your husband clean up better this friendship season with the Charcoal Power Pack from themancompany.com It contains a Charcoal Peel Off Mask (100 gm), a Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Charcoal Face Scrub (100 gm), a Charcoal soap bar and a bottle of ylang-ylang and argan essential oil. This grooming kit contains all the essential components that your man requires to clean up nicely. If your husband has an important meeting, then ask him to get clean with this grooming kit to look refreshed and relaxed. This grooming kit is available for ₹1,197.

Spend Some Quality Time with Your Husband

Ladies, use the friendship day as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your husband because you both don’t get much alone time. So, plan your friendship day activities in such a way that you two can spend some time with just one another without the worry of the world. The perfect way to spend some quality time would be shutting down your phones and cutting down your social media accounts for a day; eloping in each other for the day without any disturbance will give you some time to talk and enjoy each other’s company for the day.

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Make this friendship day one to remember

Now you have it! Numerous gifts and gestures ideas presented to you on a platter of gold. Employing one or more of this ideas is sure going to make the day one of a kind. So go ahead and have fun with yoour beloved husband this friendship day and make it one to remember for a very long time.