Step Up Your Game With A Special Gift For Your Boyfriend: 10 Ideas  That Are Sure To Make Him Feel Cherished (2019)

Step Up Your Game With A Special Gift For Your Boyfriend: 10 Ideas That Are Sure To Make Him Feel Cherished (2019)

Birthdays, anniversary or work achievements, there are many special occasions in your boyfriend's life that demand a celebration. You have been through thick and thin and what better way to make him feel loved than with a well thought out gift. BP-Guide India has done all the work for you and curated romantic, offbeat, and unique gifting ideas to surprise your boyfriend and show him your love.

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Surprise your Boyfriend with a Special Gift.

Making a loved one feel special is one of the happiest feelings in the world. You might have showered them previously with numerous gifts and looking out for ideas to impress your boyfriend could be a nerve wracking. When it comes to getting gift for our loved ones, we usually tend to go overboard and it is easy to miss out on the factors that make our gift unique and stand out from others. But what makes a gift special? Choosing a gift that fits his needs and is chosen specially for him Moreover, you can plan a surprise for your boyfriend to make him feel special as well.

How to Choose a Special Gift?

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and we are sure you want to make him feel cherished and loved on his special day. To make him feel special, it is necessary to choose a gift that will be useful and cherished by him for a long time. You can choose a special gift for your boyfriend based on the event that requires celebrations such as his birthday, graduation day, and work anniversary. A special gift given to commemorate the special event will always hold a special place in his heart.

Choose a Gift Based on his Passion.

Choosing a special gift for your boyfriend can be stressful as you’re uncertain whether he will like your gift or not. In order to ace this stress, it will be a wise option to choose a gift based on his passion, hobbies or even his personality. A gift that highlights or gives a boost to his passion is always special and we are sure that he will fall in love with you all over again. You can go a step ahead to make your gift special by customizing his gift. By customizing your boyfriend’s gift you can impress him by increasing its uniqueness and in turn, make him feel special on his day.

Customize your Gift and Avoid Common Gifts.

When it comes to relationships, there is a huge misconception that money can buy love but this does not hold true when it comes to true love. A way to a loved one’s heart is by giving them your time and concern. You can surprise your boyfriend by getting him an extravagant gift but will that gift show him your love, care, and commitment? The answer may vary if it lacks a personal touch. You might want the absolute best for your boyfriend, seeing them speechless while opening their special gift is a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can make this happen. The most common mistake that we tend to make while searching a gift is by getting them something without much thought. Though they might be still considered as a gift they don’t come across as being unique or special. So when choosing a special gift for your boyfriend, it is wise to stay away from common gifts and get him something useful.

Plan Ahead to Leave him Speechless.

When it comes to gifting your loved one, it is the time and effort in choosing the gift that counts rather than the price tag. Customizing a gift or buying a gift that is really special is not an easy task, as it requires dedication, commitment, money, time and effort. So if you are planning to order your gift online or make a DIY, make sure to plan well ahead of time. Remember to keep in mind that it is an effort that counts rather than the cost. We know it is very stressful to choose a special gift for your boyfriend. To save you from hassles, we are recommending a list of top ten special gifts to surprise your boyfriend for his birthday.

10 Special Gifts to Surprise your Boyfriend.

1. Print his Picture on a Stamp for his Special Day.

Make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday by printing his picture on a postage stamp. This special gesture will take him by surprise as it is a special gift to cherish for a lifetime. You can get his picture printed on a postage stamp by availing the ‘My Stamp’ option offered by Indian Postal Service. These personalized stamps can be acquired at a very minimal cost of Rs.300/- by printing a thumbnail photograph of the preferred image alongside the Commemorative Postage stamp. Moreover, these customized stamps can be used for general mailing purpose or can be preserved as a cherished gift.

2. Smart Portable Speaker for Multitasking.


Is your boyfriend an ardent lover of music or a multitasking person who loves to be on his feet always? You can get him a smart portable speaker to help him get his fix of everyday music, news and all his appointments accessible by syncing the wireless speaker with his mobile. The Bose Sound Link Revolve, a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver immersive speaker experience.

The unique design of the speakers provides a 360 degree uniform sound and he can pair up the speakers with a stereo system or with his mobile to experience music on the go. The speaker comes in two colour variants complete with a metallic finish and is purchased at for Rs.17,909/-. The wireless speaker is available for purchase through Easy Monthly Instalments offered by your bank.

3. Barbeque Grill to Impress his Friends.

Is your boyfriend a barbeque expert and loves to host a barbeque night with his friends? A portable barbeque grill is a sure way to show off his cooking skills and impress his friends. If your boyfriend is passionate about cooking, this thoughtful gesture from you is sure to make him feel special and show him that you care about his passion as well.

The Weber Go-Anywhere stainless steel charcoal grill kettle is a sturdy portable grill to host a backyard barbeque party with your friends and family. The portable grill comes with an array of tools for preparing various barbeque items. You can get this portable grill at for an offer price of Rs.7,449/- with free shipping.

4. Fishing Gear to Channel his Hobby.

For a boyfriend who is passionate about fishing, nothing can impress him more than gifting him a spinning rod to fuel his hobby. A spinning rod is a versatile fishing rod that can be used to catch various fish species ranging from a tuna to catfish. You can gift him an Ugly Stik Tiger rod, this special gift will be cherished by him as it resonates with his passion. The tiger rod anglers provide a significant edge as it is sturdy and can be used for saltwater fishing. The fishing rod can be purchased for Rs.4,390/- and comes in a brown black with black and red wraps. The FishingTackleIndia site consists of various fishing accessories and gears waiting to be explored.

5. Customized Leather Wallet.

Get your boyfriend a customized wallet to keep his cash and cards organized. Wallets are an essential part of a man’s life since he carries them wherever he goes. By getting him a customized wallet, he carries your gift along with him. Gift him a bi-fold wallet in tan colour which comprises two compartments to organize his cash and three slots for his cards. The leather wallet can be customized by engraving his name on a metal strip. The wallet can be purchased from Printvenue for Rs.499/- and it is available in various colours.

6. Gift him a Plot on the Moon.

The most quirky gift available online enables you to purchase a plot on the moon for the special guy in your life. The Standard Moon gift package retails for Rs.2,150/- and is considered as a special gift by many. The purchase is facilitated by the International Lunar Embassy based in the United Kingdom which registers the plot under your boyfriend’s name. The gift comes complete with a personalized lunar deed, a lunar map of your plot, mineral rights document, welcome letter, bill of rights and lunar constitution. Make him go speechless with your one of a kind special gift. This gift is available on

7. Plan a Vacation to his Favourite Place.

Surprise your boyfriend on his special day by planning a romantic vacation to his favourite place. It has been proved that taking time to travel makes a relationship strong by allowing the couple to bond with each other. Choose a place that he wanted to visit for a long time and surprise him by planning the trip for his birthday.

Choose any of the national and international packages starting from Rs.11,999/- onwards in which includes an array of services such as hotel booking, food arrangements, sightseeing, and various couple activities. This special gift is sure to make him feel special and also provides you with much needed couple time.

8. Drone to Excite his Inner Child.


Is your boyfriend fascinated by drones and is desperate to lay his hands on them. You can surprise him by getting a drone to channel his inner child. The Toyshine Syma Pocket Drone is available on for Rs.3,999/- and capable of flying up to 40 meters. The drone is equipped with an inbuilt low battery protection mechanism which ensures a safe landing in case of a low battery scenario.

The advanced barometric pressure technology enhances the drone’s stability while hovering and prevents shaking. The drone’s body is made of tough and corrosion resistant material. Moreover, the drone comprises of a streamlined body shape with lower wind resistance. Get him this awesome gift to make him grin like a child who is excited to get his candy.

9. DNA Ancestry Test Kit.

You can surprise your boyfriend by finding his ancestral origin by gifting him a DNA ancestry kit. The DNA ancestry kit finds out his ancestral origins and for profiling purpose. The test is completed in three easy steps; the first step is to purchase the DNA kits which will be dispatched to collect the samples. The samples such as hair strands or buccal cavity swabs are collected and shipped back to the company for further processing. The samples are processed using specialized tools and the results are dispatched to the user.

The DNA ancestry kit can be purchased from for Rs.20,060/-. Surprise your boyfriend by enlightening him about his ancestry with this special and unique gift.

10. DIY: Paint or Draw his Picture.


Impress your boyfriend by gifting him a hand drawn portrait of himself. This DIY gift must be planned very well in advance so that you have ample time to plan your surprise. If you are not good at drawing, you can take up drawing classes in person or online to learn the basics of portrait drawing.

The step-by-step tutorial provided in this link shows how it is possible to draw realistic portraits in 30 days from scratch. We are sure this DIY will capture your boyfriend’s heart and will make him go weak on his knees. So what are you are waiting for? Gear up and brush up your art skills to impress your boyfriend with this special gift.

Bonus Idea: Plan a Candlelight Dinner for his Birthday.

As a bonus idea, you can plan a romantic candle light dinner for his birthday to make him feel the happiest man in the entire Universe. You can plan a candlelight dinner by the beach to cherish your love alongside the sound of the waves and under the moonlight. You can make arrangements for a candlelight dinner at the restaurant where you guys went on a first date to cherish the memories of your first date.

If you are running short of budget, you can plan a candlelight dinner at the comfort of your home by cooking his favourite dish. You can decorate the place by placing floating candles all over the place to set the mood for his special event. He will be blown away by this special gesture and fall in love with you all over again.

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Stay Away from Gift Cards!

It can seem a tempting idea to give a gift card to your beloved. Not only does it solve your dilemma of what to buy for him but also allows him to buy whatever your need. But don't, this is a terrible idea! Your boyfriend may feel that you have hastily got him a gift without putting in any thought or effort into it. He will hardly feel cherished or loved with such a gift. If you are running short of time, then a simple way make his day special is by planning a enjoyable evening filled with his favourite activities or even just a romantic dinner.