Delight and Excite the Woman in Your Life by Gifting Her an Experience Gift. Check out These Top Experience Gift Ideas She Will Not Forget in a Lifetime (2020)

Delight and Excite the Woman in Your Life by Gifting Her an Experience Gift. Check out These Top Experience Gift Ideas She Will Not Forget in a Lifetime (2020)

The concept of gifting experience has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Many people are tired of receiving and giving the same type of material gifts (or cash) year after year. For the woman who holds a special place in your life, why not gift her an experience which she will not forget in a lifetime? Check out these great experience gift ideas which are sure to provide her with a thrilling and unique experience for which she will always be grateful to you.

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Importance of Giving Experience Gifts

Everyone loves to get gifts. Buying gifts and receiving gifts brings a lot of joy. Unwrapping a gift brings a lot of excitement but if the gift is not materialistic but an experience gift then it brings a whole new meaning to gifts. Buying a gift can be stressful and takes up a lot of time but arranging an experience gift is easy, thoughtful and rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. Many types of research prove that material gifts cannot be compared to an experience gift plus you don't have to find a place to keep an experience gift. You use it, enjoy it and store it as a memory for a lifetime.

Experience gifts create a bond between two people. You can easily bond with your loved one while sharing a trip or an interest you both like, not to mention, the joy of getting materials as gifts tend to fade away after a while. If you get an experience gift for a special someone, it shows the thought and the effort you put in planning and arranging that particular gift especially if it is for a woman. Women love to get gifts that show your passion and purpose behind the things they receive. They cherish the moments they spend with you. You also give them an opportunity to try something new and look into new things that the world has to offer through an experience gift. It helps them to experience a new perspective and learn from it.

Another great thing about experience gifts is that you don't have to share it with anyone. It is personally designed for your loved one and they will remember it for a lifetime as the special time spent together.

Great Experience Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Authentic Homemade Meal in Agra, in a 100-Year-Old Ancestral Home

Most of the mothers have a thing for cooking. They love to make goodies for their family and enjoy watching everyone eat them. Nothing brings more joy to them than watching their family eat a hearty meal. If you want to make her happier then getting her a gift which has something to do with learning to cook can make her special day even better. You can get her a pot she always wanted or the spices she may need in her kitchen but if you want to make her birthday special you should get her an experience gift which she can remember all her life.

One such gift is to take her to Agra and let her spend some time in a 100-year-old ancestral home with Nidhi. Nidhi and her family provide a great opportunity to learn about traditional Indian food. They teach you the importance of serving food to the Gods before eating it and have separate stoves for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Your mother can learn some of the best Indian cuisines right at her home in a traditional way. Their house is a 7th generation home with a beautiful structure and traditional furniture and decor. It will be a pleasant experience for your mother to spend time with this lovely family and learn dishes like baingan ka bharta, kali mirch chicken, etc. She will thank you for this lovely experience and would love to try these dishes at home.

Record Your Song

It's your sister's birthday and she has almost everything under the sun stocked in her room. It is the best time to get her an experience gift rather than getting her those usual material gifts. If she likes to sing then you can help her record a song which will be an out-of-the-world experience for her. Take her to Delhi and book a professional studio recording session for her. It will be a dream come true for her.

She can choose the song she likes the best and record it like a professional singer. The song will be edited and after adding music the final version will be mailed to her within 24 hours. One such studio is located in Uttam Nagar where she can sing a combination of more than one songs. You can accompany her to the studio or even sing a duet with her.

The studio can be rented for up to 60 minutes for recording your song. The song will be edited by experts and given to you. She can keep that song and remember you for this special moment created especially for her on her birthday. The cost of renting and singing a song is about ₹ 4,750.00 on Oye Happy. In case of cancellation 72 hours prior to the scheduled date, the amount will be refunded to you.

Go Green 10K Run 2020

Your friend is a health freak and you are wondering what to give her on her anniversary. Giving her an experience gift will be the best gift for her. You can have her run in the 10 km Greater Chennai Greenathon 2020. It will not only help her burn some extra calories but will also help her to serve in a cause – to save the trees and plants.

The Go Green Marathon is an initiative by ACS which is Tamil Nadu's first campaign to save the environment. The objective of the marathon is to spread awareness of the issues related to the environment.

She can choose to run 3, 5 or 10 km as per her wish. The registration fee for the 10 km run is ₹ 600.00 on Events Now and the marathon is on April 5, 2020.

She will be provided with a t-shirt, zumba, water, a medal and a certificate for her participation. The top 3 runners will be given trophies as well. This experience will be an everlasting memory for her and she will thank you for it.

Visit to a Pet Cafe

Visiting a pet cafe will be a great experience for an animal lover. Your wife could be one of those women who love pets but do not want them in the house as they are too much work. You can give her a day with pet animals. She will enjoy her day with these lovely animals and thank you endlessly for your thoughtful experience gift. There are several pet cafes around the country but if you are in Bengaluru you can take her to Therpup Dog Cafe.

She can sit and enjoy a good meal surrounded by these cuddly creatures. If you have a dog at home you can take it along and let him enjoy the day with his friends as well. Your wife will love watching her dog play with other dogs and having the time of his life. This cafe is a lovely place located amidst nature where you can simply walk with your dog or any other dog and relax. You will surely be rewarded for this thoughtful gift.

Wine Tasting Tour


We all have that one friend who is known as the drunken queen and if you want to give her an experience gift you can take her to a wine tasting tour. Wine tasting tours are great because they let you visit the place and discover how exactly the wine is made from scratch, not to mention the tasting session. Your friend will be a happy person after the tour.

The Sula Vineyards in Nashik, Maharashtra is a great place for a wine tasting tour. It is one of the biggest and most popular wineries in India which was established in 1999. It has developed into a world-class winery. It exports some of the best wines to more than 30 countries. A great Sulafest is held in February each year where people can enjoy great wine with great music. You can taste wines like the red, white, rose and sparkling wines here. The rose wine at the Sula Vineyard won the 2018 India Wine Awards.

You will have to pay ₹ 400.00 for a tour with a wine tasting session which is held every hour between 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Your friend will enjoy her day in the winery and will have a blast tasting some of the best wines in the country. It will be an experience she will cherish all her life. Please visit Sula Vineyards for more details.

Beauty Treatment

Have you been noticing your mother spending extra time in front of the mirror or worrying about her ageing skin? If yes, then a beauty treatment will be something she will appreciate. Women stress over their ageing skin and those fine lines that appear after a certain age, but they are usually too busy to think about it seriously or spend some time in taking care of themselves.

This can be an excellent opportunity for you to give her an experience gift of a beauty treatment. If you are in Pune you can take her for an age-defying facial which costs only ₹ 2,596.00 but the smile on your mother's face will make it priceless. This special gift will make her day one of the best days which she will remember for a long time. She will be given a spa therapy, a warm relaxing shower and a cup of rejuvenating green tea with an awesome facial.

The combination of patchouli, rosewood, lemongrass, wheat germ and jojoba oil will help in preventing the sagging of the skin and stimulate new skin growth. The wheat germ contains vitamins E and D for healthy shiny skin.

You can visit India Santa and book a gift voucher for her. The voucher can be cancelled 5 hours before the time you have chosen. Your mother will love her day at the spa and you will be happy to see your mother fresh and smiling at the end of the day.

Bollywood Tour

We all grow up falling in and out of love with the Bollywood stars and their lives. Bollywood plays an important role in any Indian's life. It is and integral part of the Indian culture. If you want to spend some quality time with your best friend and give her a day of fun and frolic as a gift, then you should book a tour to Bollywood for her or with her.

If you are in Mumbai you can experience the thrill of movie-making through this Bollywood tour. It is India's largest and glamorous industry and you can be a part of it with your friend for a day. You will be able to visit the studios, a Bollywood gallery, learn how the special effects are used in the movies and will also get a chance to see a live shooting as well.

This can be a lifetime memory for you and your friend and she will love to boast about it after she returns. The cost of the tour is ₹ 6,500.00 on Exciting Lives for a couple. The tour is for about 2–3 hours and it will be a trip of a lifetime. The gift pack is delivered to her with the booking details, trivia and a message from you. It is valid for one year so she can use it as per her convenience.

Starbucks eGift Card – India Exclusive


You missed your friend's wedding and are thinking of getting her a unique experience gift now? You know she is a die-hard coffee fan then you don't need to think twice before gifting her a Starbucks eGift card. Starbucks coffee does not need any introduction. They are known to serve the best coffee around the world. The cafes are beautifully decorated for coffee lovers and they serve great roasted and richly brewed coffee. Your friend will love each sip of her favourite coffee and thank you for it. This eGift card can be used across India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Surat, etc. You can pick and choose the card as per your budget. The gift card starts from ₹ 500.00 and goes up to ₹ 10,000.00.

Just book the gift card on Amazon and have it delivered to her doorstep. She will love to spend time with her new hubby at the Starbucks cafe and talk about your love for her.

Cockpit Flying Experience

We all have seen the cockpit in the movies and it always amazes us. Imagine if you can give a chance to your little sister to actually sit in the cockpit and fly in the sky! Imagine the look on her face and the never-ending smile. Now you can do just this, all you have to do is to book a cockpit flying experience for her in a Cessna 172 R aircraft at the Aligarh airfield in U.P.

She will be able to sit in the cockpit next to the pilot and experience the thrill of it. She will be able to talk to the pilot and learn a lot of new things about the plane and its mechanisms. This will be an experience she will cherish all her life and it may also become a historic event in your family which will be passed on to generations in the form of stories of the day she flew in a cockpit.

You can book this package for ₹ 5,850.00 on Exciting Lives for a person and the flight is for about 30 minutes. The pilots are well trained and experienced therefore you won't have to worry about her safety at all. The aircrafts used in this activity are approved by the DGCA and are maintained according to the government guidelines. You can surprise your sister by having the gift package delivered to her home in which she will get all the details of the experience. The booking is valid for a year.

Creative Experience Gifts for Her

There are so many other little things you can do for your loved one and make her special day memorable. Experience gifts are usually expensive because they are specifically designed to render great moments but you don't have to spend a lot of money on making memories. There are so many other things you can do for your wife, sister, mother, sister-in-law which will make her feel special:

  • If she is a health freak get her yoga class passes for a month or even for a year.

  • If she has a sweet tooth you can get her a day pass to a chocolate factory or one of the local bakeries where she can learn how to make chocolates.

  • If she is a movie buff you can get a ticket for her favourite movie and add a bucket of popcorn to go with it. She will love her evening.

  • If she loves to move and twist, get a pass for a dance class where she can learn the tango, salsa or even Indian classical dance.

  • If she loves to play instruments you can sponsor a month of music class where she can learn to play her favourite instruments.

  • If she is an adrenaline junkie take her to a beach and let her cruise on the sea. Give her a chance to go on a sailing trip.

  • If she loves to play a model, sponsor a photo shoot for her and let her dream come true.

  • Or the best is to get her to move her bum and go for a hike. She will love to spend some time with nature and it is completely free as well.

  • If you want to see her become a child again take her to an arcade and watch her have a blast as she tries Packman, Twin Racer, etc.

  • Take her for a picnic away from her kids and family. She will thank you for a relaxing day.
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Create Indelible Memories with Experience Gifts

Experience gifts create happy memories which last a long time. To express your feelings and convey how important a woman is in your life, you should seriously think about gifting her an experience which would be unique and according to her tastes. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.