No Matter How Broke You Are This Friendship Day, These Cheap Gifts for Him are Affordable on Any Budget and Beautiful Enough to Cement Your Friendship (2019)

No Matter How Broke You Are This Friendship Day, These Cheap Gifts for Him are Affordable on Any Budget and Beautiful Enough to Cement Your Friendship (2019)

As the friendship day approaches again, thoughts of what to buy could start to pose an issue. What's more? You are also weighing your pockets against the cost of high-end gifts. It's true that the best gifts cost a lot of money. But, what if we let you in on an array of gifts that are not just budget-conscious, but are outstanding and memorable? So, come along, read on, and you'll find something most suitable for your boyfriend or male friend to celebrate friendship day.

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A Friend Like You Is What Everyone Needs


Friendship day is a day set aside to celebrate friends, especially those who have been with you through thick and thin, friends who tell you the truth and advice you on decisions you have to make.

In the United States, National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. In other parts of the world, friendships are celebrated on July 30th, which is known as International Friendship Day.

Friendship is a wonderful gift and the benefits of friendship are long-lasting. It is a day to lavish your dearest friends with all the love and attention to show them how important they're to you. Friends can be of different kinds, but on the top of the list is your boyfriend. Don't forget to celebrate the day by making it about him, spend the day together, send him messages and show him how deeply you appreciate him, his friendship and the choice he made to make you, his very own. Don’t forget to say it to him also; words have a powerful effect. Let him know everyone deserves a friend like him, a friend who is selfless and kind-hearted.

Simple and Cost Effective Ways To Make The Day Memorable

Friendship day is a day which most friends wait for. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still make it a memorable friendship day by maximizing some cost-effective options that we are about to share with you.

Make A Special Meal Just For You Two


Why spend the little money you have at hand to go eat at a restaurant when you can spend less than that to make a savoury and mouth-watering meal that he would love and cherish. Friendship is an accumulation of simple moments; moments of laughter and moments when you get to share a simple meal with the one you love. It is not how expensive but the simplicity, the effort and the heart of love behind the meal.

Drive Round The City and Spend The Afternoon At A Park

The simple things of life are what makes life actually beautiful. A walk by the beach and a walk under the moon are all priceless. Use the Friendship Day as an opportunity to do one of these simple things. You can begin by taking a drive around the city after the sun has gone down. There are places he might not know exist or places he hardly drives by because of his busy schedule. Let him take the passenger seat while you drive him around the city enjoying the fresh air and scenery. After the drive around the city, you can make a stop at a park and talk, laugh and just enjoy the moment.

Do A Barbeque Together

Decide what type of barbeque he would love, beef, chicken or fish, and get the items needed ahead of the Friendship Day. Get the right spot and set the place in order. The idea of doing the barbeque together is not just for the sake of eating but most importantly about spending time together. This allows you to learn new things about each other, try out new things, show appreciation, talk about different things, laugh together and experience life together.

Go Window Shopping and Get A Clue of What Gift To Give Him Next

Window shopping, an act of looking at goods displayed without the intention of buying them yet. This is a form of recreation and a form of leisure which the both of you can do together on Friendship Day. Take him through the malls checking out what they have. Pay attention and take note of those items that he comments on passionately; those are items that you should come back for and package nicely as a gift for him to celebrate either his birthday or whatever the season might be then.

Get Tickets To See A Movie He Loves

You have been together for a while and you have watched and seen how your boyfriend has done all he can to please and win your heart. The friendship day is an opportunity to surprise and spoil him silly. Take him out to watch a movie he has been dying to see and get some snacks to munch on as the movie plays on. You can expect that he will talk about this one outing with you for a long time.

10 Not So Expensive Gifts That He Would Love and Cherish

1. Emoji Cards

The Emoji Cards is a gift that will spark up the fun and laughter in your relationship. The package includes a bunch of 5 adorable cards – each designed with a commonly loved emoji and an amusing message to go with it. The contents of the cards are all funny and very hilarious.

Heart-eyes emoji: You turn my heart into a hula hoop and make it go Wheeeeeeeeee!
Kiss emoji: Here’s a big MUAH! Just because I feel like it. Oh look, here’s another one. MUAH!
Laughter emoji: Even your terrible jokes are funny to me. Does that mean I really really like you or do I have a bad sense of humour too?
Angry emoji: How dare you come into my life so late? We could have spent more time together. It’s all your fault! Now go build a time machine or something.
Blushing emoji: You’re so adorable that you sometimes turn me into 50 shades of pink.

For a price of Rs.349, you can get the Emoji cards at Visit and place your order as soon as possible.

2. You Will Always Be My Friend Mug

Mugs are special and they sometimes last longer than most gifts. This high-quality and beautiful mug with a caption that reads - You Will Always Be My Friend - You Know Too Much will capture the heart of your friend once he gets to open it. “You Will Always Be My Friend Mug” is a mug every true friend should be gifted with. The cup brings many memories of the moments you both have shared and will further strengthen the bond of your friendship. Every time he picks up the mug, the memories will begin to rush in, filling his heart with thoughts of you. “This humorous and cute mug has a price tag of Rs. 199 and can be purchased at

3. Breakfast Sticky Notes

The breakfast shaped sticky notes is a set of sticky notes that contains 4 different designs coined out of our daily options for breakfast. The breakfast sticky notes range from options like eggs, toast, jam on toast and croissant and each set includes 40 sticky notes of each design, giving you a total of a hundred and sixty sticky notes. With these 160 pieces, you can help your boyfriend remember how important breakfast is, help him come up with a daily to-do list, reminders and also note-taking. With the Breakfast Sticky notes, he can capture his ideas and plans quickly and because he has them all in one spot, where he can easily see them, he can work daily towards getting them done. Visit to order for the Breakfast Sticky Notes which costs Rs.199 only.

4. In Love Cushion

Heart shaped cushions have become one of the most trendy ways of expressing the message "I Love you," "I cherish you" and "I appreciate your friendship." Lend a cosy finish to his settee or sofa with this soft and sweet to heart-shaped "In Love Cushion." This will give him something to snuggle and cuddle on whenever he misses you. Get this pillow at a low price of Rs. 349 at

5. Parker Vector Camouflage Gift Set - Roller Ball Pen & Parker Keychain (Black Body, Blue Ink)


This elegant Roller Ball Pen and Keychain set by Parker makes a great gift item. The set contains a moulded plastic barrel which comes with a refill and a unique and stylish steel coloured keyring which has a unique design. This attractive pen writes fast and freely because it has a fine tip that provides smooth, neat and unswerving writing performance. The pen has a swift on and off operation that allows for easy opening and quick access to use the pen. Add this Roller Ball Pen & Parker Keychain to the items you would like to gift your loved one this friendship day and watch as his face sparkle with joy. The Roller Ball Pen & Parker Keychain which goes for Rs.280 is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on

6. Travel Scheduler

The Traveler Scheduler can be used as a planner; to map out your plans for the day, month and even years to come. Its exceptionally flexible pages allow you to put down both short and long term goals and plans. The saying goes that “He, who fails to plan, plans to fail” and it is believed that when you write down your plans, you are more likely to fulfil them. Giving the Travel Scheduler will gear your boyfriend to write down his plans and also work towards achieving them. The Travel Scheduler is also perfect for note taking purposes; he can always pick up the Traveler Scheduler to do an appraisal of goals met, decisions that have been actualized and things that require his urgent attention. Another plus factor is the long-lasting quality of the leather cover used for the Traveler Scheduler. At an affordable price of Rs. 499, you can get the Traveler Scheduler on

7. Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box, 177g


The Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Chocolate Gift Box is a perfect and memorable gift item to gift a friend on friendship day. The chocolate box contains 3 types of nuts; almonds, cashews and raisins enrobed in rich chocolate. This assorted chocolate box will fill his heart moments with pure magic and a feeling of satisfaction that he has you as a friend. This blend of Rich ingredients and Cadbury milk chocolate comes in a very fancy looking box and it is worth every rupee spent to get it. Place an order at for a price of Rs. 383. This is one gift that will gladden his heart, don't hesitate to make an order right away.

8. Camera Wooden Stationery Holder

The Camera shaped stationery holder is a perfect gift that allows him to have his items neatly organized. This beautiful stationery holder will reduce the cluster and the number of things lying around his work table or the table in his study. This perfectly designed item can also be used in his bathroom also. Visit to place an order for this unique Camera Wooden station for just Rs. 599. The reviews made about this product are perfectly satisfactory; place your order and you will be glad you did.

9. Love Times Personalized Key Chain

The Love Times Personalized Key Chain is a unique and beautiful key chain that will stand your boyfriend out from others in a crowd. It is colourful and attractive and, most importantly, it carries your touch and the symbol of the love you both share. The key chain is not heavy, its portable and can be attached to his belt hole to allow for quick access whenever he needs to use it. This Key chain will definitely be treasured by the one who receives it. Visit and get a copy of this for him at an affordable price of Rs. 299.

10. Mens Solid Formal Shirt


Any guy would love an addition of a formal shirt to his wardrobe and this gift will be much more appreciated because it is coming from a heart that is fond of him. The Solid Formal Shirt is for every occasion, or for everyday work-wear. This slim fit shirt is 70% Polyester and 30% cotton and is available for Rs. 239 on Though its on the high side, when you consider the price tag on this shirt and its high quality, the shirt is worth a buy. This will be a great gift to consider for your boyfriend on Friendship Day.

Go DIY: Make A Gift Yourself If Your Budget is Tight

Who says the gift has to be bought? If you have a tight budget, how about you make him a gift all by yourself; one that would carry your personal touch? Make something he would love and cherish, something that is made of his favourite colour. It need not be something big. Even a simple handmade card that captures all your feelings for him will be treasured by him. If you are inclined to do something major, then just look up online - Pinterest, YouTube and crafting blogs will have several cute and easy ideas for you to try your hands on.

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Best budget friendly friendship day gift unravelled

And there you have it, splendid ideas that you can employ in ensuring you have a wonderful friendship day celebration with your boyfriend. Remember, you can make it simple and cost-effective, yet memorable, by making a special meal for you two, going to the movies and so on. You can also get him some budget-friendly gifts such as an emoji card, men's solid formal shirt etc. Not to forget, you can also get him a DIY gift, which I'll say is even the best because it carries your personal touch with it.