10 Useful and Practical Gifts to Give an Architect That May Just Inspire Their Next Great Design! And Other Creative Ideas to Impress Them in 2019

10 Useful and Practical Gifts to Give an Architect That May Just Inspire Their Next Great Design! And Other Creative Ideas to Impress Them in 2019

Architects are like any other creative geniuses, they're always craving something to fire their imagination and come up with the next great solution. Which can be a challenge when you need the right gifts for them as it can be hard picking out something good, especially if you’re not an architect. Here is a selection of helpful and unique gifts that play to their profession and will make them happy.

Gift Guide for an Architect Friend

Who Is an Architect?

In simple words, an architect is a person who “plans, designs and reviews the construction of buildings.” But the buck doesn’t stop there. An architect is responsible for designing all kinds of spaces that also include skyscrapers, ships, landscapes, and sometimes even entire cities.

What Does an Architect's Job Entail?

An architect is responsible for the planning and drawing of a design and then overseeing the construction of the design. While overseeing the construction, an architect must take into consideration the economic and environmental needs, aesthetics, accessibility, functionality, as well as take care of the safety of the construction team and the materials used for the construction. The design of the architect must be functional because everyone would want the design to be economically effective. To sum up, an architect turns a dream into reality, i.e. a structure built with brick, stones, and a lot of love.

Gift Ideas That Can Help Your Architect Friend at Work

Here are some brilliant gift ideas that can help your architect friend at work.

Lego Architecture Studio

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This is a really expensive gift but it is sure to make your architect friend very happy. This Lego Architecture Studio 21050 Building Blocks Set has 1,210 white building blocks that can be used to build detailed structures as well as learn the fundamentals of architectural design. This set is compatible with all Lego construction sets, which gives you numerous options to build whatever you like. The set also comes with a guidebook that is written by some of the leading architects of the world. And if the thought “why should I pay so much for a piece of toy” crossed your mind, here’s some news – this set is actually used and endorsed by some of the biggest architecture firms in the world like BIG, MAD Architects, SOM, etc.

Buy it for Rs.40,000 from Amazon.

Asian Paints TruCare Lite D 40 - Portable Digital Laser Distance Meter

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Another great gift to help your architect friend at work is a laser distance meter. It is actually a must-have for architects because it helps to get accurate measurements instantly and also omits the need for dragging a tape measure roll across the room every time. This one from Asian paints can measure up to a distance of 40 meters and can calculate the area In Ft Sq, M.Sq, In Sq. and the volume In M.Cube, Cube, Ft.Cube. It is easy to carry, has a detachable holder, is dust and waterproof, and has a line Clear Display that ensures better viewing.

Buy it for Rs.3,382 from amazon.in.

Drafting Pencil

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Another handy gift for an architect at work is a drafting pencil, also known as a mechanical pencil. The one we have listed for you from the house of Rotring is probably the best mechanical pencil available. Available in two variants – 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm, this pencil with a complete metal body comes with a unique retractable mechanism. The stylus tip of the pen is extremely precise and is designed to provide accuracy, control, and speed. The pencil has a hexagonal barrel that prevents the pencil from sliding when placed on tables. The pencil comes with a built-in eraser, a push-button cap, and a high-polymer HB lead.

Buy it for Rs.5,477 from Amazon.

Space Bullet Pen

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How about gifting something cool to your architect buddy that will not only help her at work but also look good in her hands during work? Well, the unique space bullet pen from the reputed brand Fisher is what we are suggesting here. This unique pen can be used literally anywhere – under water, over wet surfaces, in space, in extreme temperatures from -30 F to +250 F, and can also write at any angle. The pen has an ink that is leak-proof and shall never dry up. The pen is cited as an outstanding example of industrial art and so, shall be a prized possession for your dear friend.

Buy it for Rs.3,210 from Amazon.

Gift Ideas That Are Uncommon Yet Helpful

If the above ideas have not impressed you and you are looking for more gift options for your architect friend that are unique, yet helpful, here are some more suggestions.

Digital Alarm Clock

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A pretty digital clock that he could keep on the bedside table or on the office desk could actually impress your architect friend. And our pick for the same is the beautiful Smart Digital Alarm Clock by Wazdorf. This is a glow in the dark alarm clock that also changes colour. There are a total of seven colours that light up the translucent case. Besides showing the time, the backlight display also shows the date and temperature. And besides other features, you can also set the light function to constant, which will gradually lull you to sleep. Now, doesn’t that make for a cool gift!

Buy it for Rs.349 from Amazon.

Books on Architecture

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No matter how much we enjoy digital reading, there is something very different and special about holding a book and flipping through its pages. Old world charm that never goes out of style! So, how about gifting your bud a book that will not only impart knowledge but also look great on his bookshelf? There are many great books on architecture but the one we recommend is Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White by Hilary Robertson. The author is a renowned interiors stylist who talks about how to use the eternally chic black and white colours alone or together to create dramatic effects at home. The book also contains more valuable information along with details of homes of architects, artists, and designers from around the globe. Surely a book that your talented architect friend would love, isn’t it?

A hardcover costs Rs.2,042 on Amazon.

New Generation 3D Printer

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This is a gift that your architect friend shall love and will be forever thankful to you. A new generation 3D printer is a fantastic gift for creative people because it gives them the freedom to create almost anything they want – a gift for you too! And among the many in the market, we love the Qidi Technology New Generation 3D Printer. It is easy to use and comes with a roll of PLA filament, a tool kit, one spare parts box, and an SD card that contains tutorials and a test file. It has three three-bed screws that make bed levelling easier and the heating bed supports both printing ABS filament and PLA filament. Overall, it’s a great 3D printer at a great price and should you get lucky, you can even steal a deal at Amazon.

Desk Accessories

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If you wish to gift your architect buddy something small that he can keep on his desk and that will always remind him of you, you can gift him a Desk Organizer. And since they mostly spend their work time sitting at a desk planning and sketching, a desk organizer shall actually help them declutter their desk space and create more space on their desk. And we love the organizer by Callas that has separate segments to hold pens and pencils, rulers and scissors, and separate shallow compartments to keep small items like paper clips, etc. It is also available in various colours like black, pink, white, and blue.

Flash Drive

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Another cool little gift for your buddy would be a flash drive. An architect usually has numerous files and images to store, this gift will actually help him a great deal. He can also free up space on his phone and computer with the help of this drive. Our choice in this segment is the compact and smart HP HPFD302M 16GB OTG Flash Drive. Available in silver, this portable and simple storage solution has 16 GB of memory space and can be used to transfer files between phones and computers quite easily.

Personal Gift Choices

If work gifts aren’t your thing and you wish to gift your friend something to adorn his home or something that will make him feel special, you can consider the following gift ideas.

An Uncommon Piece of Art

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There is no doubt that tasteful art makes for a great gift. And architects, artists, and designers who admire the works of others love such gifts. So, if you friend is one such person, you can definitely gift him an uncommon piece of art that could be art prints, architectural models, blueprints, wall hangings, or anything that catches your fancy. We loved this Metal 3D Deer Couple Wall Mounted on MDF Frame by Collectible India and we think it qualifies as a great gift. It has a unique design and will lend a vintage look to any space where it will be kept, be it at home or in an office.

Uncommon Flower Vase

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Another great gift for your friend who has an eye for detail and all things pretty is a beautiful flower vase, but not something common. You can search for something out of the box. And while searching for the same, we found this extremely Pretty Vase by EISCO. The glass tube vases are kept in wooden block stands that are handmade and also lacquered to finish the look. The vases in the stand can be kept anywhere and can hold flowers, miniature plants, hydroponic plants, creepers, etc.

Grids and Guides: A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

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Your creative and talented friend is sure to fall in love with this gift the moment he sees it and will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness. This notebook is perfect to map out graphs, sketches, schematics, and most importantly the dreams of your friend. The workbook is both sleek and sturdy and comes in hardcover. The pages of this notebook include different grids that are perfect for creating different designs and also for noting down lists. So, wait no more and get it today from Amazon at a great price.

How to Choose a Gift for an Architect?

Pay Attention to Detail

Architects are a picky bunch and hence, selecting a gift for them can be quite tricky. The ones with a creative nose, they pay a lot of attention to detail and style and so, it might get intimidating to buy them something. But worry not, if you also pay attention to detail instead of picking something randomly, you might also impress your friend.

Choose Something that Can Help at Work

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Architects spend a lot of time sitting at their desks in the office, planning, designing, and doing what they do best. So you could get them something that can help them at work – items that would keep things organized and clutter-free, or some tool or gadget that can make work easier for them.

Get Something Uncommon

Most architects love a good piece of art – no matter how big or small it is. So you could get your talented buddy an uncommon piece of wall art, an architectural model, a unique showpiece, or anything you think will catch his fancy.

Final Thought on Gifting

Gifting a creative person, in this case, an architect is not tough. All you need to do is pay attention to detail and think of the items that your architect buddy needs at work or would love to own, and you are sorted! We have listed some of these options and we hope it helps you in your quest to find something really special for your partner in crime!

Famous Architects of the World

Architects have been showcasing their unique taste through their works since a long time ago. Be it designing structures, bridges, or cities, some architects have made a name for themselves through their extraordinary work. Here’s a list of a few who are popular around the globe for their brilliant designs.

  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – A German-American architect popular for being a pioneer in modernist architecture. He is known for designing the Barcelona Pavilion, Westmount Square, etc.
  • Zaha Hadid – Lovingly called the “Queen of the Curve”, Hadid is one of the most renowned female architects of the world. Her famous designing projects include the London Olympics Aquatic Centre, Galaxy SOHO in Beijing, China, etc.
  • Antoni Gaudi – Also called the “God’s Architect,” his designs are quite a hit around the globe. Most famous buildings in Barcelona like the Casa Batllo, Park Guell, etc., are designed by him and loved by tourists.
  • Renzo Piano – A well-known architect who is famous for designing the Shard in London, The New York Times Building, Kansai International Airport, etc.
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Make the Present an Event

Get creative with the packaging! Rather than just handing them a gift in regular wrapping paper, turn it into an experience they will enjoy. Hide his gift and send him on a scavenger hunt to find it. Rather than just giving him a gift card, hide a secret message in a book that sends him to the gift card code. And never, ever, underestimate the sheer fun of unwrapping presents. Sometimes, quantity can mean quality, when it’s a bunch of small individually wrapped items.