15 Funny, Quirky and Handy Gifts for Lawyer Boyfriend + 4 Guidelines for Gifting Him Something He'll Really Like (2020)

15 Funny, Quirky and Handy Gifts for Lawyer Boyfriend + 4 Guidelines for Gifting Him Something He'll Really Like (2020)

Buying gifts that men will actually love is no easy task, but when you're dating a lawyer, the challenge is a lot bigger. Fret not for we have rounded up some great personalised lawyer gifts, classy gifts for lawyers as well as funny lawyer gifts; all you have to do is take your pick. Don't see something you like? Use our tips and guidelines to find something amazing for your lawyer boyfriend.

How to Get Your Lawyer Boyfriend a Great Gift

Show Him You Understand His Life as a Lawyer

As a lawyer, your boyfriend is proud to belong to this noble but demanding profession. His job makes up a large part of who he is, so acknowledge it with a gift that recognises his identity as a lawyer.

Pick out gifts that show him that you understand his life as a lawyer – the demands made on him, the challenges and the stress. This thoughtfulness is bound to warm his heart. What’s more, building a good understanding of his life also helps you support him better through the ups and down.

Buy a Gift That Matches The Stage of His Career

A good gift idea for your lawyer boyfriend is something he can use in his daily working life. However this could vary significantly depending on the stage of his career.

What a newly-minted lawyer might need is something an experienced lawyer may already have. Similarly, a senior lawyer with his own corner office may well like something for his working space which might not be suitable for a new lawyer. Start off by making a list of the things that he might see use for –at his office desk, in his work or even during his daily commute. He will definitely love it if your gift is something he does not have and which fits into his life as a lawyer.

Keep in Mind the Stage of Your Relationship

You love your boyfriend and want to give a gift he will like. But it is important to not strike a wrong note with your gift. Gifts are special and they often mean more - they indicate how you feel about your partner and the relationship. Gifts given in the earlier stages of a relationship are usually much different from what is given when a relationship has been going strong for years.

So make sure to pick a gift that considers the stage of your relationship. Experts say that it is better to keep it simple in the earlier stages. As the relationship passes key milestones you can make a statement of what he means to you and how much you care for him through your gift. But of course, all relationships are different - the golden rule is listening to your heart and doing whatever is right for your relationship.

Keep in Mind His Preferences

Choosing a gift that clicks with the lawyer in your life can be tricky. Lawyers are smart and can be tough to please. You will have more success in finding the right gift for your lawyer boyfriend if you keep in mind his personality and preferences.

Is he someone who likes sentimental gestures or does he prefer practical gifts or perhaps he likes gag gifts?
When you know your boyfriend’s personality it gets easier to spot the right gift for him. You can make the process simpler by thinking of the things that make him happy, and using it to find the gift he will love.

5 Types of Gifts for a Lawyer: Choose the Right One for Your Boyfriend

Gifts to Help Him Look Professional

Looking presentable and well put together is vital for lawyers. Their look and style influences the perceptions of others and can go a long way in setting their personal brand.

Use your fashion sense to find options that will make him look well-dressed and distinguished. You could choose something related to his attire, or buy him stylish accessories. To make sure you don't go wrong, remember to take into account his personal style. No point in buying him a quirky tie, when he prefers the classy sophisticated look.

Gifts for His Office

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Your boyfriend spends a large part of his life working out of his office. Whether a cubicle or a corner office, a lawyer’s desk is likely to be a nerve centre of activity.

Cheer up your lawyer boyfriend’s working space with funny knick-knacks or add character with small decorative items or perhaps help him declutter his desk with simple organisers. These everyday essentials on his desk will remind him of you during busy workdays. But remember, the gift must fit into the formal set up of a lawyer’s office unless your boyfriend has a quirky style.

Gifts to Make Him Laugh

Light-hearted lawyer-themed gifts or gag gifts are a great way to add a little bit of fun and spread good vibes. He will appreciate your sense of humour and the reminder to not take himself too seriously. Options include coffee mugs and knick-knacks with humorous observations on him or the legal profession. To make it personalised, you can take advantage of the customisation service offered by several websites to add witty messages that he will enjoy.

Gifts to Reduce His Stress

For ever-busy lawyers, there is no let up from the demands of their high-pressure profession. This naturally takes a heavy toll on their mental and physical health. A good way to remind your lawyer boyfriend to take care of his health is with gifts that help him recharge.

One sure-fire way is gifting him a spa day at a local centre or a massage session with trained masseurs. You could gift him small desk toys that he can use to take a break from the constant strain of his working day. Also available are several kinds of small gadgets like massagers that offer stress-relief

Gifts to Make His Life Easier

A lawyer’s life is highly hectic. Perhaps your lawyer boyfriend will welcome a gift that makes his life easier. Many consider practical items a bad idea for gifts. But if you know your boyfriend will appreciate it, you should not hesitate in buying him something that he will find useful. Look at gifts that help him plan his day better like a journal, or something to help him organise his case papers.

10 Gift Ideas Your Lawyer Boyfriend Will Love

The Litigator's Journal

Gift your boyfriend a journal that has been specially crafted for the legal professional. The Litigator's Journal has unique features like special stickers and judgement index that makes it the perfect accompaniment for a busy lawyer. Available at Law Suits And More, a boutique online store that caters exclusively to the legal profession, this chic journal is priced at Rs.1,010.

If you think your boyfriend may prefer a regular journal, then the handcrafted Classic A5 Leather Journal from blackcanvas.in for Rs.1,200 is a fabulous option for an elegant look.

Trust Me I am A Lawyer Cufflinks

Lawyer jokes are something your lawyer boyfriend is probably used to by now. Jump into the fun by giving him this tongue-in-cheek cufflinks from Law Suits and More store worth Rs.2,000. Made of brass with white steel plating, these are a great choice to add a touch of humour to a lawyer’s typically sober outfit.

Another option is the Scales of Justice Cufflinks available for Rs.2,821 on amazon.in. These beautiful and well-made cufflinks depicting the Scales of Justice come packed in a presentation box and are perfect for lawyers who are more ‘serious’ and yet like something different.

Wall Art for His Office

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Brighten up his room with some classy prints featuring iconic images from his profession. These gorgeous coloured Bombay High Court Card Sets on his office walls will act as a reminder of the great institutions he belongs to. They are available at scootsy.in for Rs.1,120.

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If you’d rather go for a funny vibe, then this cartoon poster from Amazon is definite to entertain. It pokes gentle fun at the legal profession and is sure to lighten up the atmosphere of your boyfriend’s working space. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.1,000.

Wakil Babu White Mug

A coffee mug is essential for every desk. This coffee mug from huppme.com priced at Rs.299 is lawyer-themed but remains professional looking in a black and white colour design. Another option is the cool Day Drinking Professional Mug from thedottedi.in that has an amusing message for office workers.

Personalised Sipper Bottle

As a busy lawyer your boyfriend is likely to spend a lot of time jetting to meetings across town. Gift him this sipper bottle that he can carry on-the-go to never go thirsty again. Available from huppme.com for Rs.499, the sipper can be customised with a special message - an inspiring quote, a funny message, or his name.

Alternatively, if your boyfriend prefers a travel mug to enjoy on-the-go coffee, this high quality spill-resistant and insulated Stainless Steel Mug from ourshop.in, priced at Rs.895, is perfect. It can also be customised with your chosen photo and message.

The Flawed Rotating Decision Maker

A gift to make decisions easier? Surely that sounds great! The Flawed Rotating Decision Maker is a gag gift for more senior lawyers to keep on their desks. Spin the centre and it'll settle on one of the 8 decisions available – ranging from guilty to ask mom! Perfect for those times when your boyfriend needs a breather from having to think hard about the right decisions to make. Buy it for Rs.1,500 from lawsuitsandmore.com

The Lawyer Bobblehead

A great conversation starter, this cute bobblehead depicting a lawyer is perfect if you are looking for a fun desk accessory to gift your lawyer boyfriend. This handcrafted collectible toy is available on Law Suits And More for Rs. 999 and can be gifted for any occasion.

Scharf Leather Briefcase

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A sophisticated professional leather bag is a must for lawyers. This classically designed pure leather bag is available on amazon.in for Rs.1,899, and comes with a padded compartment for laptop along with well-designed spaces for storing essentials like documents and notepads.

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Another really useful gift idea particularly for a new lawyer is a portfolio holder to carry important papers safely. The Cross Padfolio with Cross Pen as seen on amazon.in for Rs.1,899 is a good choice.

Chinese Therapy Hand Exercise Baoding Health Balls

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Here is an offbeat gift idea that can perhaps help your boyfriend to get zen-like calm during a crazy workday. Baoding Balls are exercise balls that provide stress release when they are rolled around in the palms by activating acupuncture points. They are also great to quickly exercise muscles of the hand, wrist, and arm – a simple way to avoid health issues like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. These handcrafted enamelled balls are available for Rs.850 on amazon.in

Personalised Business Card Holder

A simple yet thoughtful gift idea is an elegant business card holder which can be personalized with a meaningful quote, artwork or his name. If you think a sleek steel business card holder would be more his style, then you can opt for this stylish William Penn Dual sided Business Card Holder made from aluminium. Available for Rs.360 on williampenn.net, the card holder can be engraved with your boyfriend’s initials.

Turn the Gift into a Treasured Experience With These Three Tips

Gifts are a form of expressing your love, and symbolise what you feel for your boyfriend. Make the entire gifting experience a memorable one for your boyfriend with these three tips.

Plan Ahead and Research Well

Gifting well is an art. To hit the right mark, spend some time to understand what would be appreciated by your boyfriend. List out his like and dislikes, research available options and leave enough time for the actual purchase. Doing all of this at the last moment will cause you unnecessary anxiety and you may sadly end up with a bad gift that will disappoint your boyfriend.

Express Your Feelings in a Personal Note

Make the gift something your boyfriend will remember and cherish. Along with your chosen gift, write a love note that expresses your innermost feelings. Take it as an opportunity to tell him what he brings to your life and his importance to you.

Don't Forget to Wrap it Up

The final touch to make the gift perfect is choosing a cute gift wrapper. Wrapping your gift adds an extra layer of charm and builds anticipation and excitement. You will be rewarded for all the effort you have taken when you see the joy with which your boyfriend opens his gift.

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Gift According to the Occasion

Certain professions define a person, practicing law being one of them. Being a lawyer would be a huge part of your boyfriend's identity and it's but natural to think of law related things when buying him gifts. However, don't limit yourself to gifts and products for lawyers. Keep in mind what the occasion demands. Fun and useful lawyer gifts are great for his birthday, and perhaps when he wins a big case, but would he like a funny lawyer tee on Valentine's Day, or a litigator's journal on your anniversary? He may, but you do need to consider it first.