Looking for Suggestions for What Type of Gift to Get for Your Husband's Birthday? We Can Help with 12 Gift Ideas and More!

Looking for Suggestions for What Type of Gift to Get for Your Husband's Birthday? We Can Help with 12 Gift Ideas and More!

It happens in every marriage or long term relationship. So many gifts have been exchanged that forget specific gifts, you're not even sure what type of gift can you give your man on his birthday! Or perhaps even you realise you've been alternating between shirts, socks and belts and just need a few new ideas. These are exactly the kind of jams Best Present Guide helps you out of. Read on to find brilliant new gift ideas to amaze your husband with.

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3 Tips to Give an Extra Special Birthday Gift to Your Husband

Finding a birthday gift for your husband can be frustrating challenge if like most men, he is hard to shop for. If you are wondering what type of birthday gift to get for your husband we can help with some tips to put you on the right path.

Something Interesting and Unexpected

Every year, as your husband's birthday approaches you wonder how to make the day special for him. One way to keep the celebrations exciting is to bring in variety. If you hosted a surprise birthday party last year, consider a romantic evening dinner this year.

Similarly, change up the type of gift you give to keep up excitement levels. There are so many choices today - practical, romantic, tech gadgets, personalised items, luxury indulgences etc. There's no point in just giving him boring cufflinks or shirts each year, so spice things up. For instance, you can gift him an experience he has always wanted like a chance to go horse riding. Making the celebrations unexpected will make your husband to look forward for his birthday every year!

Fits His Preferences

Finding the right type of gift for your husband depends on you bringing to mind his personality, likes and dislikes. Remember the gift is for him, so make sure your birthday gift or celebrations arrangements are of the kind that he will enjoy.

Perhaps he prefers practical gifts rather than romantic gestures, in which case you can look for gift items that actually add value to his life. Or look out for his favourite hobbies or activities and try to buy something related. For example if he loves to listen to music, you can buy him Bluetooth speakers. Also keep in mind that the amount of money you spend on his birthday is not all that counts, a gift from your heart is what matters.

Plan Ahead

The joy of giving your husband a memorable birthday is irreplaceable. Elaborate or simple, when you start your preparations for his birthday celebrations in time you will be able to pay attention to every small detail. From finding the right type of gift to arranging for a cake, you can take care of everything without getting stressed or missing something. So start a few weeks before and put out down a list of all the things you want to do. Begin researching online for ideas and look at different stores for gifting ideas.

12 Suggestions to Help You Decide What Type of Gift to Give on Husband's Birthday

Here are a few top suggestions across different types of birthday gifts that you can give your husband. Explore these to get an idea of what will be a perfect gift for your beloved.

Romantic Gifts for Him

Love Book with Notes from Everyone

Source www.amazon.in

This is an adorable gift that will be cherished by him for years. In this, you and others (family, friends) will add personal messages in a notebook capturing their thoughts on your husband – it could be funny anecdotes, favourite memories, cute trivia or appreciative notes. A truly wonderful gift he will love to read again and again. Buy the Archies Special Memories Scrapbook available at amazon.in for Rs. 549.

Make a scrapbook for him:

  • Get an empty scrapbook or dress up a plain notebook.
  • Hand it over by turns to the people you want to include in this exercise. You can encourage them to write their thoughts, add photographs or even mementoes to the scrapbook.
  • Add your message at the end, capturing your feelings for him - how much you value him and how precious he is to you.

String of Memories: Photo Collage

Give him a gift that refreshes the memories of your love story. The String of Memories photo collage will have a few photos strung up together artistically in a frame, reminding your husband of some the unforgettable moments of his life and those you have shared. All you need to do is to send in photos and/or messages that can be put on 12 cards. These will be printed and hung up inside a wooden frame. Order it at outboxsurprises.com for Rs.1,100.

Secret Messages Magic Mug

The Secret Messages Magic Mug is a practical yet romantic gift for your husband. This mug is available at excitinglives.com for Rs.245. It looks like a plain black mug but the moment any hot liquid is poured in, it reveals a photo image along with dozens of love messages. A delightful gift idea that he can use every day. What you have to do is send the photo image with a high quality resolution that you want to see on the mug while ordering. The messages and quotes are however not personalised.

Get Creative or DIY Gifts for Him

Coupons He Can Redeem

Love coupons are a creative birthday gift option for guys who are not particular about getting jazzy stuff on their birthdays. In this you offer your husband an option to redeem coupons and enjoy different things you can do for him. Your coupons can be customised to unique needs of your relationship. Some examples include coupons for massages, chore-free days, sexy dates etc. Making a coupon book is simple. There are several online sites like iheartnaptime.net that offer printable love coupon books that you can download, customise with your chosen messages and print.

Personalised Bobblehead

Here is a truly unique birthday gift that will thrill your boyfriend! The Clone Doll is a personalised bobblehead figurine that will be modelled on your husband based a photo given by you. With a height of around 6-8 inches the doll is made of high-quality polyresin and will have a bobbing head. These 3-D caricatures are a fun and one-of-a-kind gift for your husband.

The gift however takes time to reach you due to its customised nature. Since the molding is done outside the country, it takes over 40 days to be delivered. So make sure you have sufficient time in hand if you go with this option. Available for Rs.4,990 at excitinglives.com.

Fingerprint Cufflinks (3D Printing)

Source engrave.in

Give your husband a fabulous personalised gift in form of these fingerprint cufflinks. These extraordinary cufflinks are embossed with finger prints - you can either put in your fingerprints, or you can try to get your husband's prints on them. You also have the option of putting two different fingerprints on the cufflinks (e.g. you can add yours and your child’s), though it costs extra.

The cufflinks can be made either in brass with silver or gold plating, or in pure sterling silver. Prices change as per material. For brass based ones, the price is Rs.6,200 but for sterling silver ones, the cost doubles. You can order them at engrave.in.

Surprise Birthday Gifts for Him

My Rockstar Avatar Canvas Print

Source engrave.in

If your boyfriend likes music then he will love the surprise of a customised canvas print featuring him in a rockstar avatar. The print is created based on a photo provided by you. and in a style chosen by you. There are four styles available based on four iconic rock stars - Marley, Morrison, Hendrix and Cobain. The print comes in two sizes: 9" x 12" and another larger one (12" x 16") which costs extra. Available at engrave.in at Rs.1,200.

Procus Pro VR Headset

Source www.amazon.in

A perfect gift for the husband who loves cool gadgets. Virtual Reality headsets are the in-thing these days, and are an awesome accessory to have if he enjoys video games. The Procus PRO VR Headset offers an immersive experience with inbuilt headphones and handy touch button controllers on the set. The VR set that provides him with a fantastic gaming experience with its high quality HD viewing. Available at amazon.in for Rs.3,199. If your hubby is not a gamer, then you can choose other trendy gadgets like a fitness band or smart watch.

Customised App: Make'em APPY!

Here is a charming gift that he will never expect - an app customized just for him. Offered by outboxsurprises.com, the Make'em APPY! gift features a mobile app personalized for your husband.

It will feature cute surprises and simple games, each carrying a photo/text message from you or friends. Every game unlocks the next game and a special message! You can add upto 8 text/video messages along with 1 picture. The fun kick-starts early with your husband getting an invite download the app on his birthday, and he then gets to spend the day getting wonderful surprises! Available for Rs.1,799 here.

Gift Him an Exhilarating Experience

Concert at My Door

Imagine surprising your husband on his birthday with a small concert of his own right at your doorstep. In this exciting experience, three musicians will turn up at the appointed hour and place and sing for 15 minutes. Your husband will have the pleasure of being greeted musically on his birthday and listen to 4-5 songs in this duration. You can arrange for this to happen at midnight as well.

The amazing experience can be booked for Rs.11,900 at oyehappy.com, and is available at selected cities across India.

Private Rooftop Candlelight Dinner

An exclusive dining experience to celebrate your husband's birthday is a great way to reconnect on his special day. While a romantic dinner at any restaurant itself is a great option, why not take it to the next level by making it a thrilling experience? Several websites today offer you the opportunity to book a romantic dinner at 5-star or premium hotels, set up as an entirely private experience.

An example is the experience of a rooftop candlelight dinner at Lutyens’, Mehrauli, Delhi. Here, the dinner will be served on the hotel’s rooftop which will be beautifully decorated with candles and flowers making it a wonderfully romantic setting. A 3-course meal with an interesting variety of cuisines will be served along with welcome drinks. Romantic music in the background will complete the mood. Available for Rs.8.720 at experiencesaga.com.

Similar options are available at several cities across India which you can find by looking at websites like excitinglives.com, cherishx.com etc.

Helicopter Joy ride

If your husband is someone who gets high on adventure then gift him the experience of flying in a helicopter or a microlight plane. An exhilarating experience, this will be a never-to-be forgotten gift.

A great option for those in Mumbai is the helicopter ride from excitinglives.com. This offers a 15-minute helicopter ride over selected areas of Mumbai for two people. Priced at Rs.14,000, the ride can take you and your husband around 1,000 feet above for a gorgeous view of the city or the coast.

You can book such short rides or flights from sites like thrillophilia.com in selected cities of the country.

Ideas to Make His Birthday Celebrations Unforgettable

Along with a gift, you can also think up of interesting ways to wish him on the day. Here are a few suggestions you can try.

An Intimate Midnight Celebration

Throw your own very private birthday party! But note, this will require some major stealth work from you. After your husband has gone to sleep, decorate your bedroom (if you can pull it off!) or another a room with balloons, flowers etc. Wake him up at 12 am, sing a birthday song and get him to cut a cake. What a fun way to usher in his special day.

Donate to His Favourite Charity

An unusual gift for a husband who places a lot of importance on helping others or a man who isn't fond of receiving presents. On his birthday you can visit his favourite charity and make a donation in his name to it. He will appreciate your support for his beliefs.

Surprise Birthday Party with Family and Friends

Special days are made even more special when we celebrate it with our loved ones. A surprise party with family and friends brings together all his favourite people together. You can plan out a simple gathering inviting family and close friends at your home, or you could host a birthday dinner in a restaurant.

Send Flowers to His Office

Who does not like getting flowers on their birthday? As a sweet and romantic gesture, get a surprise flower arrangement delivered for your husband at his office on his birthday. He will be delighted to see a gorgeous bunch of flowers from you! Don’t forget to add a lovely note expressing your feelings.

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Out of the box doesn't mean outlandish

You want to surprise your husband on his birthday, not induce shock or horror. By all means be creative but only with the intention to please. If you haven't been married to him long enough how he'd react to certain things, check with those who do know him inside out. For instance, trying to take a man afraid of heights up in a hot air balloon or helicopter ride may very well spell terror for him. Aim at creating beautiful memories, not scar him for future gifts or birthdays.