Stumped About What to Get as a Gift for Boyfriend Who Has Everything? 10 Innovative and Unique Gifts for Him & a Guide to Get the Right One (2018)

Stumped About What to Get as a Gift for Boyfriend Who Has Everything? 10 Innovative and Unique Gifts for Him & a Guide to Get the Right One (2018)

Is your boyfriend one of those, who seem to have everything they care for? Or maybe his needs are very simple and is satisfied with everything he has? A perfect gift makes his heart go crazy for you. And that is why we have curated this list of one-of-a-kind gifts that makes his heart melt with joy. We have also added a few tips to make your man feel appreciated.

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A Guide to Buying Gifts for a Guy Who Has it All

Go for Something Out of the Box

Does your boyfriend have everything that he needs? If so, it is always a great idea to go for something out of the box as a gift. Have you been gifting him the same type of gifts lately? If so, it is probably time to look for options that are rather unique. For instance, you can gift him a set of whiskey stones which he can use while hosting a house party. It will be something that he might not have and would also make a great gift on any special occasion. Another unique option could be giving him a customized gift box containing souvenirs specially curated for him.

Pick Something Funny

Most times we could be caught up with work which gives us no time to get creative on the gifts. However, if you take a little time out to look for a funny gift, it will be completely worth it! Not only will he be delighted to receive such a gift but will also get a good laugh every time he sees it. There are several quirky and funny gifts out there. For instance, you can gift him with a bullshit button that he can use at the office or at home. It is nothing but a red button that has “Bullshit” written on it. One has to simply press it and it utters various funny slangs. Gifts like this will be hilarious to give to your boyfriend who has everything.

Choose Something Unexpected

Since gifting something ordinary is completely off the list, you could come up with stuff that will surprise your guy. Go for something that he will least expect. You can throw him a romantic gesture such as getting a sweet message printed on a banner and flagging it in front of his place. You can also take him for an adventure or gift him with an experience like fine dining, adventure sports, or camping. All that you need is an element of surprise to make his day special. Moreover, the joy it would bring him will definitely be unmatched.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend Who Has Everything

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque


This charcoal barbeque by Prestige is very easy to assemble and would make an ideal gift for your boyfriend. He can easily host a great party at his backyard or take this barbeque with him while camping. It has a coal-based cooking and comes with detachable legs. Moreover, it is portable and very easy to clean. The grill is perfect for family gatherings, picnics and more. It helps one in preparing delicious dishes that everyone would love. The warming rack of the grill helps in keeping the food warm for a long time. You can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs.1,975.

Desktop Punching Speed Bag Stress Buster with Pump


This awesome desktop punching speed bag is perfect for those hectic days when one needs to bust the stress. It is designed to withstand a lot of stress that arises with punching and comes with an easy to pump inflation. The suction cup can be used to keep the bag in place on a smooth and dry surface. It adheres strongly to any surface for easy usage. Give this to your boyfriend who has everything on any special occasion. He would certainly love this awesome gift and can relieve stress at work or at home by simply punching it away. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.2,120.

Wooden Docking Station for Phone and Tablets


Help your guy organize his space with this stunning wooden docking station. It is perfect to keep the tablets, watches, keys and phone etc all in one place. The subtle design of the docking station makes it ideal to be used at the office and even at home. It can be placed on a table top to accentuate its look while serving as a utility gift. Your boyfriend would love this thoughtful gift that helps him keep his space clean and organized. It is made of wood and has a classy look. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.1,900.

Bar World Hip Flask Set

Give this bar world hip flask set to your boyfriend on Valentine's day or his birthday. It is a funky gift for someone who has everything. The set has a hip flask along with a funnel as well as 2 glasses. The glasses are made of stainless steel and are covered with black faux leather. The metal plate embossed on the flask has a gorgeous logo on the front. The fine stitch details add a stylish look to it. With this amazing set, your boyfriend can enjoy his favourite drink almost anywhere. You can shop for the same from for Rs.1,460.

Techtest Multi Purpose 22 Pocket Tool Bag

A great gift for someone who loves DIY projects. This multipurpose tool bag has 22 pockets that can be used to carry a variety of tools such as chisels, wrench, and screwdrivers etc. it comes in a roll style that can be used as a wall hanging. It is a portable toolkit that your guy can use to keep all the important tools in one place. The kit comes with an oxford thickening design and is waterproof as well as wear-resistant. The multiple pockets are ideal for sorting and keeping the tools. The bottom of the tool bag is thick and bears the large weight. You can shop for the same from Flipkart for Rs.748.

Man Arden 7X Beard Oil

This beard oil contains pure organic ingredients that promote faster hair growth and condition your beard. It has a sensuous fragrance and the oil completely transforms the normal beard to a soft tamable beard. It is very effective in eliminating any nasty flakes and adds a glorious shine to the beard. Gift it to your boyfriend who has everything so that he can look amazing and groom his beard well. This oil can also be used on a dry scalp as well. Its attractive scent is really alluring. You can shop for this from Flipkart for Rs.349.

Great White Ice Whiskey Stones


These whiskey stones are made from high-grade stainless steel. It has anti-bacterial properties and is essentially anti-rust. Often times, the ice can dilute the whiskey which spoils the taste. These whiskey stones are a great way of enjoying the whiskey without having to worry about it being diluted. Each stone has a non-toxic cooling gel at its centre which makes it ice cold. The cubes only have to be frozen a couple of hours before usage. It is dishwasher safe and does not have any colour or odour. Gift it to your boyfriend so that he can enjoy his drink with panache. Shop for the same from Amazon for Rs.2,989.

Kindle E-Reader


The E-reader by Kindle is perfect for any book lover. It has a thin and light design and is available in black or white colour. The device is easy on your eyes and the touchscreen display feels like reading from a real paper. It does not have any glare, unlike the other tablets. The best part is that the battery lasts for weeks just by charging it once. It holds thousands of books. Gift it to your boyfriend so he can indulge in his vast number of digital books. It can also be used to take margin notes and to share the quotes on social media platforms. It has no distractions and is a dedicated e-reader. You can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs.5,999.

Hand Massager with Heat Compression


This is indeed one of a kind gift for your boyfriend who has everything. Due to the stressful lifestyle and a long day at work, his hands can feel a little numb especially when one has to type a lot. This acupressure hand massager effectively massages the hand and comes with heat compression. It is an innovative product with advanced technology that is specially designed to provide relief to the muscles. It has an intelligent air pressure and point massage for utmost relaxation. Give this amazing gift to your boyfriend so that he can feel rejuvenated. You can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs.8,999.

Date Display Quartz Retro Wood Wrist Watch


Gift this unique wooden watch to your boyfriend who has everything. It is made from 100% natural black sandalwood and has a classy appearance. The eco-friendly and high-density watch has an adjustable watch band and is smooth and comfortable on the wrist. The watch also has a date display feature next to the 3 o’ clock mark. It is delivered in a carton gift box and makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and birthdays. This gorgeous watch can go with any formal as well as casual attire. you can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs.1,721.

How to Make Your Guy Feel Appreciated

Avoid Being Too Critical

While you might be thinking that you are simply stating an opinion, being criticized most of the times does not feel attractive at all. In fact, it makes him feel bad about himself and your guy might end up feeling that you are not grateful for him. It is one thing to share a feedback about something and totally different to be nagging all the time. You should know when is the best time to criticize him and when you should hold yourself back. Keep it occasional and try to avoid his flaws the best you can. Remember that if you are too critical he might feel distant from you.

Compliment Him on His Looks

It is not true that only women like to be told how beautiful they look or wonderful they are. This notion is certainly not true and men love compliments just as much as women do. It is always a great idea to tell your guy how hot he looks or how good he smells. These small compliments will show him that you notice everything about him and will make him happy. Be upfront and simply compliment him right away whenever you feel like you should. He will feel appreciated and you can simply see it from the look in his eyes when he hears you say those words. So don’t hold yourself back! Shower him with compliments and make him happy.

Listen to Him

In the busy life of today, there is certainly no time for those long and romantic conversations. But you can surely make the most of your time together. Simply listening to your boyfriend and all that he has to share will make him feel good. He will feel as if you care and will open up to you like never before. The communication glitch that we face is that we are always thinking about what to reply or what to say next. All that you should be doing is to just be there for him and support him through whatever he has going on. This will make your boyfriend feel like you really appreciate him and that he can count on you. Be it the little details of his day or any huge problem that he is facing at work show him that he always has you by his side. This will surely make him feel supported and loved.

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Walk The Fine Line

Treading the line between nagging and caring for is very thin when it comes to relationships. Getting your boyfriend out of his couch to the gym can easily turn into nagging when you take it a step too far. So, be careful about your limits here. Even though you love each other, it may turn sour if limits are crossed. Be sure to appreciate him whenever you get the chance. It need not be a gift. It may be cooking his favourite meal at the end of the day or taking him to his favourite restaurant. And acknowledge everything that he does for you. It can be as silly as sitting through a chick flick for you or even shopping. Every little thing counts.