Gifts for Boyfriend on New Year: Make it Memorable with These 10 Cool Ideas and 3 Ways to Make the Relationship Stronger

Gifts for Boyfriend on New Year: Make it Memorable with These 10 Cool Ideas and 3 Ways to Make the Relationship Stronger

Usher in the new year with a cute and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. BP-Guide India has a curated list that will help you find the perfect one whether he is a romantic or someone with a quirky sense of humour. In addition to gifting ideas, we also have cool celebration ideas and tips to to help you make your relationship even better in the new year.

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The Many Ways of Celebrating New Year's Eve in Style

Plan an Fun-Filled Party

Celebrating New Year's Eve with a fun filled evening has always been a time-honoured tradition . It is a day when the old and the young party till late in the night and enjoy the company of their friends and family. As the New Year is approaching, you can plan an cool party this year for your boyfriend. If budget is not a problem then something like a yacht party would be the perfect way to bid adieu to the past year and welcome the new one with a bang. There are companies like Smart Stay in Mumbai which arrange for fabulous yacht parties for families or large groups. You can even plan a fun night party at your own house or even at a restaurant to celebrate New Year's Eve - all depending on your preferences.

Spend Some Quality Time with Each Other at Home

This New Year's Eve, plan something different from the usual and instead of partying out with friends, you can spend some quality time with each other at home. Get your hands on a nice rom-com movie and order food from outside. Get some soulful music playing at the background. You can create a dreamy ambiance at home by lighting some aromatic candles. This can be one of the best New Year Gifts your boyfriend has got in a long time. To add icing to the cake, you can top it all with a sweet little romantic gift also.

Go on a Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway for New Year celebration could be an ideal plan. You can head out to a beach town enjoy lovely sunny days and a stress-free days away from the routine. With the pleasant weather and festive spirit around, you can have a blast in the company of each other. Many resorts arrange for special games and dances on the New Year's Eve. Ensure that your book your getaway much before as there will be heavy rush owing to holiday season.

10 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend on New Year

#Idea 1 - Romantic Box of Kisses Game To Add Some Spark

Get flirty and in the mood with this sexy gift for your boyfriend. He will definitely love your spirit and will do anything to please you! This quirky box of kisses is custom designed, soft touch laminated box topped with a mood setting logo. Inside the box, there are 30 high quality, well designed kiss cards that describe how to do each kiss. Each kiss card also has extra trivia, tips and fun facts to enhance each kiss experience. There is an option to personally customize your own 5 unique kiss cards. The box also includes an idea book to guide and help you use Kisses 4 Us all year long and for many occasions. The kisses style range from playing a flirty game of hide and seek, to being romantic for your anniversary. This box is priced at Rs 1464 on Amazon.

#Idea 2 - DSLR Camera to Capture Precious Moments


For your avid photographer boyfriend, this New Year gift will be a welcome surprise. It is a delightful way to start the new year and although a bit pricey, this is definitely worth it!

This Nikon D3400 Digital Camera Kit (Black) comes with Lens AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm, 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR Lens, A DSLR Bag and a 16 GB Class 10 SD Card. It enables camera and smart phone pairing which turns photography into a social activity with an always-on connection between the camera and paired smart devices. With creative control at every step for photographing the dynamic pulse of city life and to experience capturing up to 16 shots in RAW format during continuous shooting at a speed of up to 5 frames per second, this camera can do it all. Give your boyfriend the joy of taking fabulous photographs with this thoughtful gift and you will never have to take a selfie again! Get it for Rs. 34,490 on Amazon

#Idea 3 - Quirky Tequila Shot Glasses to Raise a Toast to New Year


Raise a toast to New Year by gifting this Ek Do Dhai Villians Shot Glass Set containing four glasses of 60 ml capacity each. These glasses each feature a iconic Bollywood villain's face - some of the most notorious ones in fact! So now you can gulp down your favourite poison (whiskey, vodka, tequila, gin or rum) with Mogambo, Crime Master Gogo, Prem Chopra and Gabbar. What adds to the fun is that each shot glass also has their signature dialogues which you can say and scream when you get drunk! Time for some quirky fun this New Year's Eve. Your boyfriend will love your fun element and gifting sense for sure! Get it for Rs. 500 on Amazon.

#Idea 4 - Chocolate Hamper to Start On a Sweet Note


Celebrate the New Year's Eve with something sweet. As the age old tradition in India says that you should start anything new with something sweet, this Chocolate hamper will be a wonderful gift for your boyfriend on New Year.
No one can resist devouring mouth watering and delicious chocolate. This Ferrero Rocher 24 Pcs With Cadbury Chocolate Gift Hamper will prove to be a delicious sweet that melts in your mouth , and is perfect way to start the new year. This hamper includes: Basket of 3 Pcs Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Kit Kat, Dairy Milk Silk, 5 Pcs Eclairs, 24 Pcs Ferrero rocher. A sweet surprise yet simple gift, this one will be highly appreciated by your boyfriend. Buy this chocolate hamper on Amazon for Rs. 1329.

#Idea 5 - Oakwood Engraved Watch to Mark Time

This unique Oakwood engraved watch although pricey, is an unique New Year gift for your boyfriend.

Crafted from real Canadian Oakwood, this Gray 3D metal and silver accent watch has a sapphire crystal and a width of 18 mm. The watch gives you the opportunity to add your engraving, so add a sweet note that'll make the gift he will cherish for like. The engraving goes on the back of your watch. After finalizing the text, the designers give send you mock sketches to choose from, so you have flexibility in how it looks. The watch set also offers an option for an additional color strap . This oakwood engraved watch is an ideal gift for your boyfriend who loves to dress up in smart accessories. This wooden personalized watch will cost you Rs 8647 on Amazon.

#Idea 6 - Quilted Jacket to Up your Guy's Style Quotient


This quilted jacket will raise your guy's style quotient. This Ben Martin Men's Quilted Jacket is made of 100% nylon and has a regular fit with long sleeves. This front zip through bomber jacket will keep your boyfriend warm and protected in winters. It is a very travel friendly jacket with lots of oomph and style. This jacket can take you from a party setting to the casual ski mountains in high style. It is designed to be both functional and fashionable. Your boyfriend will love the soft feel of this black quilted jacket and will love this thoughtful gift of yours for New Year. Get it for Rs. 1,399 at Amazon

#Idea 7 - Funny Toilet Mug to Add a Smile to his Morning Coffee

This gag gift will get a smile on your boyfriend's face whenever he sips his hot coffee every morning. Quirky and cute, this one is a funny gift for New Year and will make everyone break into squeals of laughter. Crafted from ceramic, this toilet shaped coffee mug can hold upto 12 ounces of your beverage. Priced at Rs 658 on Amazon, this one is a great choice for a boyfriend with a funky sense of humour!

#Idea 8 - Whiskey Globe Decanter Set to Jazz Up His Bar

New Year celebrations aren't complete without some celebratory alcohol, isn't it? Give your boyfriend a gift to make his bar look that much more classier.

A elegant gift choice, this Whiskey Globe Decanter Set comes with Two World Etched Whiskey Glasses of 300 ml each and the decanter itself can hold 850 ml. Perfect for holding all kinds of liquor - Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka - this gift would be much appreciated by your alcohol connoisseur boyfriend.

Priced at Rs 3647 on Amazon, this unique whiskey decanter looks aesthetically appealing with the etched world map design and antique sunken ship, while also enhancing your drinking experience. The decanter is hand blown by artisans, and comes with a dark finished wood stand. There is also a glass stopper & funnel for safe liqour storage & spill-free use.

#Idea 9 -Desk Organizer to Impress Colleagues


This efficient desk organizer comes with several mini sections and a cute little drawer to organize your office desk accessories will be the perfect gift for your boyfriend this New Year. It is made from high quality plastic material that is durable, environment friendly and non-toxic. The multiple compartments can be used to store your pens, pencils, stapler, rulers and other desk accessories. Get this for Rs 350 on Amazon and impress your boyfriend on New Year with this thoughtful gift.

#Idea 10 - Photo Album to Renew Memories of the Bygone Year

This elegant Pioneer Photo Albums 100-Pocket Scroll Embossed Sewn Leatherette 2-Tone Cover Photo Album can be used to showcase all your favorite pictures with your boyfriend. This will be an ideal gift this New Year to remind your love of your golden memories. The sewn leatherette cover looks stylish and classy and can be treasured forever. This album displays one photo per page. The album holds 100 4" by 6" photos in optically clear plastic pockets. The album is book style bound and photos are displayed one per page. Get this for Rs 1274 at Amazon.

New Year Resolutions with Your Boyfriend

New Year is also the time to say goodbye to the past year and with that you also should let go of your past grievances and regrets. You need to welcome the New Year with new resolutions, new promises and new hopes. An ideal way to plan your New Year Resolutions would be to discuss with your boyfriend. You both can motivate each other to the fullest to fulfill your resolutions.

Visit the Gym Together

If you both have been postponing your gym plans since quite some time then now is the time to visit the gym together. Make strong resolutions to stay fit this year and enroll in a gym nearby where both of you can go together. This will give you both ample time to spend with each other and also stay fit. Although it is not a physical gift, this is a wonderful gift to give each other.

Create your Own Bucket List

Almost all of us have a bucket list of things to do before we die. How about making a joint bucket list with your boyfriend this New Year and chalking out things which you feel you both can accomplish this year. This will give you loads of motivation and excitement to begin the new year. Sometimes we need someone's company to motivate us to do something that we have only dreamt of. If you accompany your boyfriend for his bungee jumping wish, then, in a way, you are gifting him something that he had wanted since a very long time.

Think of Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

If you feel that your relationship fire and excitement is slowing down then this is the time to re-ignite your love . Chalk out important things that you both should do on a priority basis to make your relationship as exciting as it was before. A good example would be to go on a compulsory date once in a month. The venue can be different each time but you both will look forward to your little custom every month. Spending quality time will be an ideal gift to each other to maintain the spark in your love.

Let Go of One Irritating Habit for Each Other

Whether its throwing wet towels on the bed or having a messy desk, we all have a few habits that irritates our partners. A great way to start New Year's is by listing down a few irritating habits of each other which you dislike most and pick out one you can get rid of to make him happy. Gift the greatest gift to your partner this New Year's eve by agreeing to stop on one irritating habit of yours to make your partner happy.

These ideas can be added along with physical gifts which you select for your boyfriend on New Year. These are wonderful add-ons to your New Year's Eve and makes your celebration with your boyfriend complete!

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A Time for Reflection

Personally and as a couple, the new year is a great time to look back and take stock of what went well and what did not. Don't treat it as a blame game but rather as a time to see what can be done differently so you strengthen your relationship and be better partners to each other.