10 Unique Gifts for DJ Boyfriend: How to Buy Presents That Fit His Lifestyle and Relationship Advice on Dating a DJ (2019)

10 Unique Gifts for DJ Boyfriend: How to Buy Presents That Fit His Lifestyle and Relationship Advice on Dating a DJ (2019)

When you're dating a dj you know your boyfriend is unlike most other guys you know, and that's why gifts for him must be unique too. BP Guide brings you some really cool gifts that will appeal to and be useful to a disc jockey, and fit right in with his busy life. There are funny and cool gifts and gadgets as well as lots of tips you will find useful when dating a DJ.

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How to Handle Your Relationship with a DJ

A relationship takes a lot of patience, nurturing, understanding and support in any form from both partners. When you are involved with a DJ, the relationship comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As his partner in love, you need to extra observant and willing to finding a balance in the association. Few tips to ensure your support is evident and your presence is not imposing will make it easier for you to carry the relationship forward.

  • DJs are usually the center of attention, if you’re possessive about your man, it’s not very cool. Keep the jealous streak in check!
  • Keep out of his business affairs, be loving, kind and enjoy his company.
  • His craft requires practice, allow him ample space and time to hone his skills.

What Can You Gift a DJ Boyfriend?

Gifts That Enhance His Lifestyle

Gifting is not just an act of physical exchange of objects of desire but also an expression of love, of affection and a message of endearment for the receiver. When you put in careful consideration and choose something thoughtful for your boyfriend, it becomes a wish for his happiness. Choosing a gift that enhances your boyfriend’s personality, his profession or his interests can be very meaningful for him.

For instance, an apparent accessory for him would be headphones, but it is also looked at very casually. To make it special, you’d explore some unique designs or features to the headphone. If he likes to accessorize, then a turntable ring would look really cool or a street-style cap with an EDM branding would look hip.

Observe and Personalise

People usually make it quite evident what they like or not, but may not really ask for it. Keep a keen and observant eye on what can make his life easier, or what can be replaced with something new and advanced in his line of work. When you pick a gift to match his persona, you make him feel special. Your gift could make him a trend-setter! You could also choose something that would bring him an abundance of positive energy or heal his stress away like some crystal accessory like a pendant or bracelet or a laughing Buddha to melt his blues.

Troubleshooting Gifts

In his profession, crashing software, faulty hardware, things going wrong is as normal and as critical as it can get. You can make it easier for him by looking for things he’d use in quickly troubleshooting the shortfalls. For instance, a Ground Loop Hum Exterminator is easy to use and install to get rid of ground loop related hum problems; an RC to 1/8” cable would be helpful in minimizing the down time in any way; a mixer crash cripples a DJ big time, when that happens, a 1/8 to dual XLR male cable will route the laptop direct to any speaker. Such gifts are a life saver in any distressing situation and will make you a big hit with your boyfriend for sure!

10 Great Gift Ideas for a DJ Boyfriend

Personalised DJ Record Clock

A vintage styled clock made from an original music vinyl record would be an absolutely perfect gift for your DJ boyfriend, specially handcrafted. 12 inches in diameter the clock has the quartz (noiseless) movement, requires 1 AA battery which isn’t included in the package. You can also personalize the clock with your boyfriend’s name on the record. The DJ clock is priced at Rs.8,449. If you’d like an LED component added to it to emit light from the clock, you can choose the second model which is priced at Rs.9,190. Buy it from Amazon.

DJ Let That Beat Drop T-Shirt

Source www.etsy.com

Being in the DJ booth covers up most of your boyfriend’s body. So when you choose a gift for him let it be something that ups his style quotient. The most affordable fashion accessory is a great T-shirt. This unisex t-shirt is made with stretchable material and is a comfortable fit for both genders. It is 100 per cent combed and made of ring-spun cotton with shoulder-to-shoulder taping and seamed on the sides. With its unique ‘DJ let that beat drop’ message and equalizer symbols in color, your boyfriend will be making a style statement of his own! You can choose the size when placing the order and the price ranges from small-extra large size t-shirts between Rs.2,200 to Rs.2,600 (inclusive of shipping). Buy it from etsy.com.

Personalised DJ Cufflinks

Showy jewelry is a great way to draw attention, especially to his hands where the magic happens at the mixer. This stylish DJ cufflink will make for an ideal gift for your man. This pair of cufflinks can be personalized with his name and make it a bespoke present! The alloy metal cufflinks are constructed with metal base, glass lens and print, 0.6 inches in dimension. They come in a small gift wrap box to make it visually appealing and are priced at Rs.667. Buy it from amazon.in.

Rock n Roll Desktop Sculpture

One needs no special training to understand the language of love! This hand gestures sculpture celebrates the spirit of the retro era in a desktop style. Inspired by the sign language, the sculpture is molded with three hands forming the symbols of peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll, hand crafted in steel making it a cool and hip token of love from you to your boyfriend. The sculpture dimensions are: 4.5" L x 1.5" W x 3.5" H and it is priced at Rs.3,713 on Uncommon Goods.

Combo Gift (Mousepad and Laptop Skin)

Branding is the key to any product or service’s promotion. Given his profession and identity as a disc jockey, you’d look at adding to his brand image by gifting him accessories that would enhance his value and style. This high quality mouse pad from Poster Gully comes with a heavy duty base of natural rubber, (22 cms X 18 cms) (8.7 Inches X 7 Inches) in dimension. It's smooth surface allows for quick movement of the mouse on the pad and has a rich glossy finish. Made of a 4-color process the imprint on the mouse pad will not crack or peel, is stain-resistant and easy to clean. The Music Beyond Genres Mousepad is priced at Rs.199.

Pair it with a laptop skin which is a decal, easy to remove, made of premium quality vinyl with UV-resistant colors printed with a protective matt finish. The Awesome DJ decal is priced at Rs.299 for a 13.3 inch skin and varies in size with different prices for different sizes. Both are available on postergully.com.

Personalised Mix Tape Pillow

This personalized mix tape pillow brings the retro feel that will style up his living or bedroom space with his love for music. It is an ideal gift for your boyfriend who can fall asleep to his music now! You can personalize the pillow to match his taste in music by choosing a phrase, an artist he’s fond of or a song that’s his favorite to be inscribed on the front and at the back side of the pillow, upto a limit of 16 characters on each side. You can even select a song that both of you resonate with on one side and your names on the other side making it special and memorable! The pillow case measures 22” x 14” and is priced at Rs.3,707 on gadgetbargains.com.

Pocket DJ Mixer

With this mini sound mixer your DJ boyfriend would never be without his beats even on the move! A party making machine on the go, this DJ mixer is versatile and needs no power source. He can just plug it in to his headphone jack of his phone/mp3 player, laptop and instantly cook up his beats. The pocket size measurements of 5.25" L x 3.75" W x 1.75" D make it easy for the mixer to be carried along and it is compatible with almost every device with a headset jack. It is priced at Rs.7,425 on Uncommon Goods.

Headphone Necklace

Source www.amazon.in

Made of premium quality stainless steel that will not affect his skin in anyway, nickel-free and lead-free as per the prescribed international guidelines, this Headphone Necklace will add to your boyfriend’s personality. With its classy design, superb quality and non-allergic characteristics the necklace is 41 centimeters (L) x 59 centimeters (W) in dimensions, comes in the color black and comes with exquisite craftsmanship. The chain length is 600 mm, and it is 4 mm; the IPS process of plating it is created from, does not allow the color to fade, retaining its shine as well. The headphone necklace is priced at Rs.607 on amazon.in.

Handwritten Music Scarf

This elegant infinity scarf screen printed with image of handwritten sheet music makes for a tasteful melody, wrapped in a graphically- magnificent note behind the music. The musical script is hand illustrated and silk-screened with treasured masterpieces, overlapping each other when layered. This classy scarf is made of medium-weight cotton knit with a snug feel. The scarf is 12" W x 60" in circumference and should be washed gently in cold water at room temperature, to be hung or lay flat to dry. It can be ironed with ease. It is priced at Rs.3,564 on uncommongoods.com.

DJ Wall art

A high definition contemporary canvas artwork with a picture photo printed on it, this DJ music mix wall art is stretched and framed, ready to be hung, with each panel that comes attached with black hook, mounted on the wooden bar. 50''W x 24''H in dimension it has 2 pieces in 10 x 12 inch, 2 pieces in 10 x 16 inch and 1 piece in 10 x 24 inch. Carefully packaged in bubble wrap and cardboard the artwork will reach him in top most condition. The wall art is more than just a printed canvas poster, it’s uniquely designed with a fascinating paint texture and is priced at Rs.2,965 on Amazon.

Bonus Tip: Work with Him in Bringing Healthy Changes to His Lifestyle

A DJ’s lifestyle is just as chaotic and topsy-turvy, stressful and exhausting as any other professional’s. On top of it erratic work hours and working at nights, take a toll not only on his health but also on his relationships, for lack of proper time, communication and balance from his end. To support him through his difficult lifestyle and keep your relationship strong and intimate, it is good to share some time and be a part of bringing about healthy changes in his life.

While his professional commitments can spring up any time, given the nature of his work, there will be times through the year when he will his schedule fairly flexible and free to explore different things. You can help him in making small changes and following them through, so they become a routine for him. Simple things like sleeping in a dark room is extremely important for his health. Most of the times he may end up sleeping at other places than his home, hotels, or other people’s rooms. You can help by calling ahead and requesting for darkness in his room if he’s sleeping in a hotel room, or getting a sleep mask, which would allow his eyes to rest well, even if his immediate surroundings have lights that cannot be switched off.

In his line of work, drinking is not only a fad, but a near necessity to catch up with extra energy or de-stress! When you think he has time on his hands, get him to detox for at least 48 hours from alcohol, which will allow his body to bounce back in so many ways.

In addition to spending time with him, you’d also use this time to help him unwind by engaging in some light breathing or conscious breath work, enjoy each other’s company just lazing around in front of a television or a picnic by a water body or in a quiet garden. Cooking some light meals, and just having fun would not only get you both close to each other, but also take off any unnecessary pressures off the relationship, giving you both some special moments to take strength from and cherish for life.

With some simple additions, his lifestyle may not change overnight but certainly give him enough power to see his hectic pace through and also benefit his health in different ways, not to forget make you his favorite in any situation.

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It's not all about work, include some fun too

The life of a dj may seem very exciting and to an extent it is, but the long, late hours, and constant exposure to the party life may take its toll in some ways. Your gifts don't have to be related to his work at all, he must have other interests that you can explore. It may be a fun job, but it is work and at the end of the day he may want to sometimes switch off, and will also appreciate a gift that isn't entirely related to his work.