Say it With Pictures: Personalise Your Gift for Boyfriend With Pictures and 10 Picture Gifts He Will Love

Say it With Pictures: Personalise Your Gift for Boyfriend With Pictures and 10 Picture Gifts He Will Love

The best memories are recorded through pictures and using these in gifts makes presents so much more memorable, because a picture says a thousand words. Give your beau laptop sleeves, keychains, dogtag pendants and engraved phone cases and much more, all bearing a picture and message from you. It is one sure shot way of staying on his mind.

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Personalise Gifts for Your Boyfriend, Here Are 3 Ways to Do It

Try to Choose Functional Gift Items

When you're doing shopping for a gift, consider that sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the truly functional ones. They can also be referred to as 'good listener gifts'. They're gifts that solve a problem that the gift-giver noticed without being told explicitly. They say, 'I pay attention to what you say and do!' which is often the most appreciated gift of all. This list of gift ideas focuses on those truly functional gifts. They all solve very common problems that many people face, so you can give a good-listener gift even if you didn't pay very close attention all year long. Most of these are related to being organised, efficient, and tidy.

Keep the Design Sober and Simple

It was Albert Einstein who said; 'If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough'. What Einstein was driving at was a particular application of 'keep it simple, stupid'. From scientific concepts to gifts, the end-user doesn’t care how clever the creator of something is. They care about being able to take that person’s output and make it useful to their own lives. The simpler the gift, the more likely it is that it will be useful to the recipient. Moreover, a simple design looks elegant and is a treat to the eyes.

Personalise the Gift With Romantic Messages and Pictures

Sometimes the best proclamations of how you feel are said with very few words. When love rules above everything else, it is the time to openly declare your love and convey your innermost feelings to the special one in your life. A customised gift lets you express the thoughts of your heart to your lover with some beautiful love messages. You can either opt for any of the pre-written messages and personalise it or write your own message with your own fonts or any of your beautiful pictures.

Customise a gift with a romantic love message and it instantly becomes so much more special, truly unique. There must be a reason why personalised romantic gifts are so appreciated, after all. Now, here is the catch with customising a gift with a romantic love message- coming up with the message, precisely. Not just any message, but one that expresses our feelings, preferably in a cool, original way, and makes the gift truly special for that special person.

Personalised Gifts With Pictures for Your Boyfriend

Phone Case

Engrave your love on wood. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Personalise a wooden phone case with a photo of that special someone. Every couple has millions of romantic pictures together. Find your favourite photo and engrave it on Custom Engraved Phone Case along with a love quote or message. A personalised phone case engraved with a photo of two of you will make for a romantic and intimate gift. You can order it on for Rs.1,499.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Love inspires the most beautiful gestures. Let your sweetheart know how much you love him by personalising this mug with a photo of both of you on the mug. This Personalised Couple mug can be customised with your message and pictures and has a lot of pre-designed customisable templates. You can even select the magic mug where the image is revealed when a hot liquid is poured into the mug. You can order it on for Rs.399.

Key Ring With Picture

Create your one-of-a-kind Custom Keychain by decorating it with designs of your choice. It is metallic and hence durable, a wonderful utility gift for any occasion, which will keep him reminding of you. It can be ordered on and the range starts at Rs.130.

Canvas Photo Print


Canvas Prints Made Easy have managed to combine style, quality and great value in one awesome package, so that you can enjoy your custom creation and make your personal space emanate beauty without breaking the bank. These quality canvas prints are made with eco-friendly printing technology. You can also get your prints mounted and stretched on wooden frames. You can choose from square canvas, landscape canvas and portrait canvas. They are also available in bigger sizes, as big as 36 inch. Prints can be ordered in 3 easy steps, drag, drop and crop. The range starts at Rs.499.

Photo Pillow


Present this GiftsOnn Cushion Personalised with 9 Photos to your beloved and make him feel special every day. This fantastic gift is sure to touch his heart. This Pillow is 12 x 12 inch in dimension and the cover is made of satin. It can be ordered on for Rs.375.

Customised Clock

You can upload your favourite photo and put your name to create this attractive personalized wall clock with hearts instead of numbers in the dial. This is a great gift for any occasion. The full photo will be printed on the entire clock with high-quality printing process and the material is MDF. It can be ordered on for Rs. 508.

Wood Wall Art

Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone who is not just their best friend, but also the love of their life and their soul mate. Celebrate this special relationship with your loved one with this wooden frame custom engraved with a photo of the two of you. Whether you're looking for unique birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for that special person, this custom wood wall decor engraved with his photo will make the best gift! These wooden posters are designed by a team of artists and intricately carved into solid wood. You get the option to choose from mahogany, birch or beech wood. The wood panels are 14 mm thick and are available in 18 x 12 inch, 12 x 8 and 9 x 6 inches. It can be ordered on for Rs.1,499.

Personalised Water Bottle

How cool will it be if the bottle itself reminds you to refill it every day? This sipper bottle from Urban Chakkar does just that! It also enables you to personalise it by printing any name on its flip side. The blue colour of the font is truly eye-catching and complements the graphic design with ease. It is a great gift that will keep reminding your loved ones to hydrate themselves from time-to-time. The bottle is white in colour, made of metal, and has a capacity of 500 ml. You can order it on for Rs.299.

Personalised Laptop Sleeve

Waterproof and fade proof Customized Slip-On Laptop Sleeves are swanky and stylish. These sleeves are near perfect fit for laptop of any size. These are made of hydra-flex material which means that they are water proof, and the designs on the them are fade proof. Made from 4.2 mm thick cushioned material, these laptop sleeves offer ultimate utility and style. Carry your gadget in one of these sleeves and a second look is guaranteed! You can customise it with a picture or graphic for your boyfriend. It can be ordered on for Rs.749.

Engraved Dogtag Pendant

Personalized Custom Engraved Photo Tag with Message Pendant is polished rhodium plated metal dogtag. You can get it engraved with your text on one side and a picture on the other side. The photographs will be rendered in black and white and tag is the standard military dogtag size. It can be ordered on for about Rs.940.

Why Give Personalised Gift With Picture to Your Boyfriend?

Personalised gifts are the perfect way to stand out in a crowd. They can make an average present into something meaningful and cherished forever. When a gift has been personalised with your creativity, it's amazing to see how attached your recipient will get to it. A personalised plaque or sports ball with pictures recognizing their successes and achievements can transform a plain old office space from being 'just another office' into a personalised meaningful area by simply having their name engraved or imprinted on a frame, coaster, sports ball etc.

Adds a Touch of Warmth and Love

It lets them know that you made this gift specifically for them, not just something you picked up on the way to their recognition dinner and hurriedly wrapped it in the parking lot. Most of the world has heard the phrase 'it's the thought that counts'. That phrase has a ton of truth in it. Make your next gift count by personalising it and letting the recipient know you've taken the time to give a thoughtful gift just for them. At least some people have been to a get together or a party in which the recipient receives doubles of the same gift. You can avoid this by having your gift personalised by imprinting or engraving your own design.

An Economical Gifting Option

Looking for a gift with a personal touch? The good news is you don't have to spend a fortune for a unique personalised present. Rather than spending tons of money to wow people, be thoughtful. Get something embossed, embroidered, engraved, printed or device any other way to personalise a gift that has serious sentimental value, this will not only make your gift more valuable, but also will be cost effective. This way the most ordinary items for daily use can be turned into an invaluable present.

A Gift to be Cherished for a Long Time

Most of the time, giftee will forget who gave them the gifts, or after they have played with the items for a day or two, they will go missing or be another dust collector. Having a personalised gift engraved or imprinted means that you can make a special present stand out from the rest. Think about having their name, achievements, graduating college or year, a short message of thanks and recognition on their gift or better yet, who the gift is from! So stand out from the crowd and personalise a gift. It really is amazing what a little bit of customisation can do to make a special day or event memorable.

Because a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

It is rightly said 'a picture speaks a thousand words!' It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. Personalised photo gifts are the perfect way to capture a family memory, remember a friendship or celebrate a romance. Whether you are looking for something special to hang in a home, put on desk, stand beside a bed, or keep close to someone’s heart, unique photo gifts are the solution.

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Personalise Things He Can Use Everyday

Looking at pictures takes us back to the time they were taken and all the memories attached to those moments. To make the most of your picture gift to boyfriend, give him things he will use daily; he may not always look at the picture, but he will see it a lot more than items that lie around the house unused. It's a very good way to stay connected to a loved one, specially if you don't see them often or if they happen to live far from you.