Meeting Your Digital Love for the First Time? 10 Cool Gifts to Blow Your Boyfriend’s Mind on the First Meeting and Show You're Meant to Be Together (2019)

Meeting Your Digital Love for the First Time? 10 Cool Gifts to Blow Your Boyfriend’s Mind on the First Meeting and Show You're Meant to Be Together (2019)

In this age of digital love where flirty messages are fervently exchanged, only to die down during an actual meeting, take steps to ensure your love doesn't fizzle out. Make an impression with a thoughtful and cool gift for boyfriend on your first meeting - something that'll make it clear that you are really into him! The right one can not only make the date more memorable, but also help ease the nerves. From a box of delicious eats to cool tees, we at BP-Guide have gathered the best gifts to give on a first date. You'll also find tips to make the date a wonderful experience for both of you.

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Different Ways To Blow Your Boyfriend’s Mind On First Meeting

Are you nervous about going to the first date? Do all sorts of wired thoughts come to your mind before going to meet your new boyfriend for the very first time? That’s understandable and so you need to take a little chill pill. Well, we know that you want to impress your new boyfriend on first meeting so for that you just have to calm down your nerves and have to follow few basic rules.

Make Conversation Interesting

Ladies, you might be terribly frightened or be a huge ball of nerves before your first meeting, but don’t let it reflect in your style. To truly impress boyfriend on the first meeting, you need to make interesting conversation with him. Don’t sit like a rag doll or fumble your words, be confident and share your opinions freely. Don’t hesitate or talk nonsense on your date, just choose interesting topics to talk and if possible add a little humor to the conversation as well. Just enjoy the conversation and try to learn new things about each other.

Be Clear In Your Boundaries

Girls, never try to cross your boundaries in the first meeting. Especially, if you are not comfortable with something then don’t try it to impress the boyfriend at the first meeting. You need to be vocal here and make your boundaries clear to him. He will know you better and if he is a true gentleman, then he would never force you to cross your set boundaries. If he does, then you know there won’t be a second date.

Break Some Traditional Dating Norms

We live in the twenty-first century, so it’s high time we ditch traditional dating norms. Like, don’t let him pay the bill, for change you should pay the bill or split the bill. Traditionally, boys take a gift for their date, so reverse the norms and you get the gift for your new boyfriend. Breaking traditional norms will surely impress your new boyfriend on first meeting and his interest in you will increase and he would definitely like to know more about you.

Show A Little Confidence

Be confident in your skin and in your body language, if you really want to impress boyfriend on first meeting. Because if you fumble or show signs of nervousness in your body language, then you will definitely do some mistake and take your date down hill. You should show little signs of confidence like greet him with a firm handshake, stand straight and make eye contact while making conversation. These small things will let the guy know that you are a confident and independent woman.

Make Him Laugh

Now, it’s not only his duty to entertain you and make you laugh - for a change you can make him laugh too! We are not asking you to crack corny jokes or do something crazy. Find opportunities to crack cute jokes that'll make him chuckle or smile . Because ladies, guys really get impressed by the woman who can lighten the mood. So, let your humor shine while meeting your boyfriend for the first time.

3 Tips to Help You Dress to Impress on Your First Date

Dressing up is the important aspect of the date. Both girls and boys want to impress each other with their dressing sense on their first date. So, if you want to dress up to impress him on your very first date, then you need to take care of a few things. Such as:

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Well, the number one dress up to impress rule would be to never show too much skin on the first date. We get impressed by movies and media and think that showing skin is the way to be attractive and sexy. No, you don't need a short dress and heavy makeup, to impress the boyfriend on the first meeting. Dress up but be yourself.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

To show confidence in your dressing sense on the first date wear something in which you feel comfortable. If low cuts or tight fits makes you uncomfortable, then stay away from them for your first date. As the first meeting is already very nerve-wrecking, so don’t add up more stress on your plate by wearing uncomfortable clothing. Girls, never compromise your comfort to impress a boy, because to impress other people, first, you gotta impress yourself.

Keep Your Makeup Minimal

Girls, you are going on date, not on the wedding, so say no to a thick layer of makeup and go simple on your date. Only wear makeup with which you are comfortable or which you use daily. Because sometimes when we use new makeup items on the skin for the first time, there can be side effects. So, to repeat ourselves - never overdress or do over makeup to impress boyfriend on first meeting.

Appropriate Gifts For Boyfriend On the First Date

Well, if you are looking for ideas to break the traditional dating norms, then taking a gift for a new boyfriend on the first date is a very good idea. Generally, boys take gifts for their dates which is a very cute idea, but who says that girls can’t do the same. So, pick a nice gift for your date and impress him. For your first meeting following type of gifts would be highly appropriate:

Single White Rose

A single white rose is a perfect gift for the first date as it doesn’t give too much meaning. An elegant white rose creates the classic first impression in the first meeting. This single rose is chosen very carefully and accented with the pure lush greens to enhance the level of elegance. Just before greeting your date for the first time give him this single white rose to offer your friendship and grace. For your date, you can order this single rose lapel pin from the for ₹379.

Fresh Fruit Basket

The gift for a new boyfriend can include the basket of fresh fruits also. Yep, normally, when we visit someone for the first time, we take fruits for them, so why can’t we take fruits for our date. You definitely can take a basket of missed seasonal fruits like oranges, bananas, grapes, apples, etc for your boyfriend. You can order a fruit basket from 1 kg to above online. However, we would recommend ordering a small fruit basket because the big basket is hard to carry and obviously expensive. Anyhow, the rate of the fruit basket depends upon the prevailing rates of the fruits which you can inquire from the or

Customised Calendar

To show your creativity and little personal touch, you can customize the calendar for your date. Well, here you can’t include any personal pictures as you two are meeting for the first time, however, you can include some special quotes or quirky memes to customize calendar. If you have any idea about his favorite actor or actress, then you can add their images or you can simply put your favorite celebs images in it. From the, you can order customize calendars in numerous shapes and styles like a desk calendar, wall calendar, etc in between ₹150-200.

Quoted T-shirt


Your gift for the first date can also include the cute quoted t-shirts for him. Select the uniquely quoted t-shirt for your new boyfriend and swoon him with your gift. However, when you are ordering a t-shirt for his first time, pick those oversized t-shirts because they are meant to be oversized. So, no worry about size. On the, wide range of colorful quoted men, t-shirts are available for ₹599.

Make Him a Playlist

Today, the place of the mix tapes has been taken by the playlists. We know this idea might sound bit childish, but for your new boyfriend create a playlist of your all favorite songs and let him understand your style. You can create bit romantic orbit funny playlists as a gift for new boyfriend. This gesture can be shared by both of you to understand each other better. Plus for this gift you don’t have to spend a dime, just have to download songs from the internet and add it to the playlist.

Cute Helium Balloon

To bring some joy and to break the awkwardness of the first meeting, you can gift your date the black and white polka dot helium balloons. Yep, seems unique and cute right, so along with the fruits or rose, you can take one helium balloon for your date as well. These fun latex balloons have polka dots all over the surface to make them look great. From the Flipkart, you can order 30 pieces of helium polka dotted balloons for ₹127, however, don’t take all to gift your date, just take one or two.

Box of Chocolates


Now, if you don’t want to take any risk and want to give something simple as a gift to your new boyfriend. Then, nothing is better than the box of the Ferraro Rocher chocolates, that can fit the brief. The box contains 24 little balls of heaven which you and your date can share with each other. Ferraro rochers can be ordered from the Amazon store for ₹719 only.

Stuffed Animal


Okay, now there is no one who could say no to the adorable eyes dog soft toy. Look at the cuteness of this adorable brown stuffed dog with those begging big eyes. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for gifts for the boys or girls, as all gonna love this stuffed animal. So, this gift for the first date is perfect and your new boyfriend will definitely like it. You can pair this soft animal with a rose or box of chocolates to give extra impact to your gift. Anyway, this adorable dog is available on Amazon for ₹299.

Wollen Scarf

This product is made from superior quality imported yarn which is extremely soft and comfortable even for delicate skin. Since each item is hand knitted, similar items may not be exactly identical. So, on your first date, you can gift this cool and stylish blue woolen scarf to your date from the Magic Needles. To blossom your relationship with this gift you have to order this scarf from the for ₹1299.

Indoor Plant

Something meaningful as a gift for a new boyfriend for the first meeting would be giving him the indoor plant. You can order a little indoor bamboo plant for him as flowers might die after some time, but this bamboo will grow just like your relationship. Moreover, Lucky Bamboo plants are one of the easiest plants to take care of. So, from the order bamboo plant in a differently shaped pot for just ₹249.

For a First Date Don't Get into Buying Him Personalised Gifts

To select the gift for the first date, you need to follow just one simple rule. Always buy simple and general gift items that can be liked by all the boys. Because giving something personal and customized isn’t an option here as you are meeting a guy for the first time. So, you have no idea about his likes or dislikes. Moreover, general gift items can be easily available anywhere and in limited budget. As for first meeting never invest too much in the gift as you never know how the date is going to turn up. So, girls best of luck for your first meeting and we truly hope that you soon meet your Mr. Right.

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