The 12 Best Priced Laptops in India in the Under 30k, 40k and 50k Categories + 4 Mini Laptops You Must Consider in 2019

The 12 Best Priced Laptops in India in the Under 30k, 40k and 50k Categories + 4 Mini Laptops You Must Consider in 2019

Nowadays, laptops have become a necessity that everyone needs to fulfill their daily tasks. Whether you are a student or a working person, irrespective of your vocation there's a chance that you'd need a laptop. But, the best laptop for you is the one which satisfies all your needs and sits right with your pocket as well. We have compiled a list of the best laptops that you can buy according to your budget.

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Your Laptop Buying Guide for Purchasing a Laptop

Look at Performance

While buying the best price laptops, there are some factors which must be kept in mind. And above them all, performance can be considered as the key to buying laptops. You would not want your laptop to hang and to malfunction in case of multitasking. This highly depends upon the kind of graphics, processor, storage and RAM used in the laptop. Make sure to analyze them all before buying a laptop.

Consider Internal Storage

If you are going to use your laptop for heavy duty work or for high speed gaming then you definitely need plenty of storage space for it. Talking about the current scenario, you can find laptops with 1TB of storage space, too. If you are working with larger files but need less storage space then go for SSD storage based laptops otherwise go for HDD based storage.

Display Quality According to Your Needs

The size of the display and the resolution plays a key role in choosing a laptop. Higher resolution delivers sharper images and looks pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, it highly depends upon your need whether you want HD resolution, 4K or something else. 14 inches of display size is considered good enough for regular use.

All that being said, the highest resolution isn't always the best for your specific needs, specially since it determines the price of the laptop to a certain extent. If you're working with a fixed budget, first consider all your specific requirements then take a call on whether you need a very high resolution or if a slightly lower one will suffice.


The technology has changed a lot and it has brought many amazing features for laptops as well. You can choose from amazing features like touchscreen, fast charging, ultra slim laptops, backlit keyboard, fingerprint sensor, and many more. Although, make sure to invest the price only when you need these features and not just for fun.

Best Laptops Under 30000

HP 14Q Core i3

Our first pick in this category of best laptop in India under 30000 is HP 14Q Core i3 Laptop. It belongs to the 7th generation and it is such a thin and light laptop which is makes it super portable for people who travel a lot.

With a standard screen of 14 inches with HD resolution, this laptop comes with 4GB of DDR type RAM and humongous 1TB of HDD capacity. Whether it is gaming or designing** or something else, this laptop is not going to disappoint you in anyway.

The core i3 processor used in this laptop is perfect for processing and multitasking and the jet black color gives it the much needed cool outlook. You can grab this laptop on for Rs.25990.

Acer Aspire 3 (A315-41)


Acer laptops are using Ryzen 5 processor and probably this is why gaining quite popularity. Apparently, Acer Aspire 3 is no different using the same processor which is actually quite fast. This laptop uses Windows 10 Home and have a screen of 15.6 inches.

Other interesting features of this laptop includes 4GB RAM along with 1TB HDD storage. Just like other Acer laptops, this one also uses AMD graphics. This laptop is a bit bulky and large in size whose battery life lasts for 6.5 hours. We would recommend this laptop for serious tasks because of powerful processing capabilities. This laptop is available for purchase on for Rs.29990.

Dell Vostro 15 3568 Core i3


Dell Vostro is an option amongst the best price laptops which is rather large in size as compared to other laptops of its price range. It has a screen of 15.6 inches and has a processor of core i3 of 7th generation.

This laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-installed but to be true, it is a little bulky in weight. So, we would not recommend it to someone who is more on the move and travels a lot. With 4GB RAM and 1TB of HDD memory, this laptop is pretty fast in processing. In the box you get laptop, power adaptor, user guide and warranty documents. It has got 3 USB inputs and comes with 1 year of warranty. You can buy it on for Rs.28991.

Asus X507UA Core i3


Next we have in this under 30,000 price range category is Asus X507 powered by Intel Core i3 7th generation processor. It has a wide screen of 15.6 inches with HD resolution. Moreover, the storage specifications remains same as most laptops here which are 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD.

However, what makes it different is that it retains the common feature of Asus products which is being lightweight. It is quite thin and light and hence easy to carry. What makes this laptop special is the use of Asus IceCool Technology in it which is an efficient design to maintain the palm rest surface temperature to less than 36 degree Celsius. You can buy it on for Rs.28460.

Best Laptops Under 40000

Acer Aspire 5


Acer Aspire 5 is our next pick for this list of the best price laptops. It has a huge screen of 15.6 inches with good graphics. It operates on core i3 processor and have 4GB of RAM along with 1TB of hard drive in it. This laptop is available in steel grey color and looks quite stunning. The Intel core processor makes it fast which helps in doing the tasks without letting the laptop hang even for a minute.

It has a linux operating system which is actually quite different from other laptops. Moreover, it comes with 7 hours of battery life along with 3 USB ports. You can buy it on for Rs.35540.

Lenovo Ideapad S340


We are presenting our next pick as Lenovo Ideapad S340. It is powered by Core i3 8th generation processor. It has a rather smaller screen of 14 inch which is fully HD. Apparently, the laptop is quite thin and light and hence travel friendly. The battery power of this laptop can last up to 8 hours and the screen comes with anti-glare technology.

You get 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 port along with 1 HDMI 2.0 and 4 in 1 card reader too. A big let down in this laptop is the lack of vast storage space which is only 256GB SSD. It is available for purchase on for Rs.36990.

HP 15Q i5 7th Gen

If you want to know about different HP laptop prices then we have got one more for you. This is HP 15Q which belongs to the 7th generation and works on core i5 processor. Improved processor brings improved performance in this laptop which is the main reason you should go for it.
It comes in sparkling black color with Windows 10 Home pre-installed. It is quite lightweight and has 15.6 inches of screen.

While other laptops have 4GB of RAM, this one got 8GB RAM along with 1TB HDD. Someone who is quite into heavy games should go for this laptop. Unfortunately, in this price range you do not get the touchscreen version. You can buy this piece on for Rs.39588.

Asus Vivobook Ryzen 5

This is another Asus laptop that we picked, but this time for under 40k category. What makes it different is, that Asus Vivobook is based on Ryzen 5 Quad Core processor. Just like other Asus laptops, this one is also quite lightweight. Moreover, it comes with other similar features like 15.6 inch screen, 1 TB HDD but you get 8GB RAM here which is quite cool.

This laptop is highly recommended for entertainment and business stuff because of its portability. The battery backup lasts for 6 hours and you get to experience full HD graphics on the screen. It is time for you to grab this laptop now on for Rs.36499.

Best Laptops Under 50000

Lenovo Ideapad 330 i5


We have already mentioned Lenovo Ideapad before but this time we are picking the version named 330 which comes with more amazing features. Here you get core i5 8th generation processor along with 15.6 full HD screen.

For the combination of storage space you get 4GB RAM and 1TB ROM with excellent AMD Radeon graphics. This laptop is available in platinum grey color but not suitable for travel purposes. What we didn’t like about this laptop is the battery life which is 5.5 hours only but the performance is definitely up to the mark. You also get 1 year of warranty on this product. It can be bought on for Rs.46999.

HP Pavilion X360 i3

HP Laptops are definitely included in one of the top 10 laptops in India because of their advanced technology and speed. One such pick is HP Pavilion X360. This is powered by Core i3 processor of 8th generation and comes with pre-installed Windows 10 Home.

It comes in Natural Silver color with 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Well, the memory storage might not be that impressive but what catches our attention is the fact that it can be folded around 360 degree in reverse direction too. In fact, the reason that people want it more is because it has touchscreen and comes with an inking pen too. We would recommend it more for artists and it is available for purchase on for Rs.44487.

Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 5 Quad Core

We have got one more laptop which works on Ryzen 5 processor and not on Intel one. This is Acer Nitro 5 which comes with 15.6 inch wide screen but it is a bit bulky in weight. Other specifications involve 8GB + 1TB memory and pre-installed Windows 10. This is a laptop made specifically for gaming as it has faster processing, multitasking feature, no hang capability and it does not even heat up too.

However, because of high power consumption, the battery backup of this laptop lasts for less than 5 hours which is a little let down here. Acer Nitro 5 is available for purchase on for Rs.46990.

Dell Inspiron 5575 Ryzen 5


Our final pick in this list of the best price laptops is Dell Inspiron 5575. You should know that Dell laptops are a little bulky but definitely long lasting. This one here have a screen of 15.6 inches with AMD AMU Graphics. Unlike other laptops, it works on AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor and comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD. The laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 10 in it.

Some people even claim that they loved the Ryzen processor more than that of Intel because of its smooth multitasking abilities. We would recommend it for light gaming and not that for some heavy sessions. You can buy it online on for Rs.40990.

Check Out These Mini Laptops As Well

Miniature Laptops or Notebooks as they are sometimes called are definitely the best version of regular sized laptops. Not only they retain all the best features of a regular laptop but because of being lightweight and super portable, they are loved by all. Here are some mini laptops that you can consider for your next tech-purchase.

iBall CompBook Pentium Quad Core

iBall Compbook is a perfect addition in affordable mini laptop price range and undoubtedly a great option for tech-savvy people too. It has 14 inch screen and weight of just 1.3 kg. The mini laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 10 quad core processor 64 bit operating system. This is a great compact solution for people who are looking for a lightweight solution for everyday use. You can buy it on for Rs.11990.

Samsung ATIV Book 9

Despite being a miniature laptop Samsung ATV Book 9 is not so affordable and rather more expensive than any other laptop mentioned in lists above. It comes with a screen of 12.2 inches and 128GB storage. It operates on Windows 8 with more than 10 hours of battery life. This laptop can be bought on for Rs.67101.

Acer Spin SP111


Acer Spin SP111 is our next pick as mini laptop with screen of 11.6 inch and pre-installed Windows 10 in it. It is quite compact in looks and weight but super fast in performance. With super graphics and plenty of storage space, this device can run for 10 hours once charged fully. You can buy it on for Rs.28899.

Lava Helium 12


Talking about the best price laptops in miniature category then you will find Lava Helium 12 to be an affordable and quite impressive solution. It comes with 32GB of storage and pre-installed Windows 10. With screen of 12.5 inches and HD graphics, this laptop looks quite amazing. You can buy it on for Rs.10699.

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