Best Gadgets Under 1000 Rupees in 2020: These 9 Gadgets are Not Only Cool but Also Very Handy in Everyday Life!

Best Gadgets Under 1000 Rupees in 2020: These 9 Gadgets are Not Only Cool but Also Very Handy in Everyday Life!


Today there are gadgets for almost any task you can think of from entertainment to your routine chores. We are here with some fantastic gadgets under Rs. 1000 that are trendy and very useful in your day-to-day life. Read on to find out what these gadgets are and where you can find them!

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Keep These in Mind Before Buying Gadgets Online

Planning The Budget

When you set out to buy new gadgets and electronic items, always have a budget and a fixed limit as to how much you can spend. Technology is continuously evolving, and so are the gadgets associated with it. This makes the same object have variable prices with some features added to each of them. We often drift into buying the more expensive one even if there is hardly any need of the same. Also, it is highly advised to compare the prices on various platforms. This makes us well equipped with the knowledge of the market price and versions of the product available.

Prioritise Your Needs

A lot of us have a habit of hoarding gadgets and objects without having any particular use of them. Buying a device just because it is trending these days or how cool your friends look because they have it is not the right reason to spend all your money. Think clearly and decide whether you actually need the gadget in your daily life or not! Trends fade away as quickly as they're started these days, especially with electronic items. The things that we felt were trendy and cool yesterday are no longer appreciated. Hence buying stuff based on their requirement is the route that you should take.

Comparing The Product at Various Sources


The best trick to save yourself from getting tricked online is to always check two or more websites for the price and details of the gadget that you want to buy. Checking more than two sites ensures that you know the market price of the object and you become well aware of the details associated with it. Thereby you can also quickly identify any discrepancy related to the authenticity of the product or its features. Furthermore, this whole process of searching for the same object on different platforms exposes you to various seasonal sales or special discounts that you might have missed if you would have bought it without seeking more. This means that comparison of the product will not only make sure you buy smart but also will get you a whole lot of deals to save some cash.

9 Best Gadgets to Buy in Under 1000 Rupees

A UFO Style Home Charging Station with 6 Different Ports


For the homes that have more number of phones and gadgets than the number of people living in it; a multiple gadget charging station becomes inevitably essential. The Portronics POR 343 charging station is a cool UFO-shaped gadget with six USB ports each having an 8 Ampere outlet. You can charge six different phones, tablets or gadgets having 5 Volt ratings like smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, portable speakers, and MP3 players, simultaneously. This device is easy to pack, store, and carry. You can buy this for Rs. 749 from

4-in-1 OTG Card Reader

Source Amazon

We are all surrounded by different types of devices all the time. A lot of times, we need to draw compatibility in terms of the data we have in any of these devices. This means that you need to carry different kinds of cables along with various ports to make this process swift and smooth. The 4D FAT32 4-in-1 OTG Card Reader is a one-time solution for all such problems. This card reader is easily compatible with all major mobile devices, including the iPhone.

You get four ports in the card reader which can be used to connect android devices through the micro USB connector, computers or MacBooks through the other USB portal, type C connector for the new age gadgets, and lightning connector for iOS devices. You can also use this to read a memory card, which, when added in, turns the gadget into a flash drive. Easily and directly manage all the data that you have, along with backups, playback music videos and can even restore your set contact list with the help of a document viewer. This device is lightweight and can easily be packed and stored. It retails for a price of Rs. 649 and can be bought from

Mi 10,000 mAh Power Bank

Source Flipkart

With our phones and other chargeable devices becoming more and more essential for our daily activities; there is hardly any time left for them to be charged to the fullest. Therefore power banks become extremely important for the day to day life. The Mi 10000 mAh Power Bank is one of the most loved and appreciated power banks available in the market under 1000 Rupees. It is lightweight and gives out a huge power of 10,000 mAh. The battery of this power storage device is made up of lithium polymers, and it comes with a micro port to connect all mobile devices. You can buy it in two variants of black and blue colour on Flipkart for Rs. 899. The 93% positive reviews can very well judge the popularity of this device that it has received on Flipkart.

Luggage Scale for Frequent Travellers

Source Flipkart

For someone who is always on the go to explore new places and embark on new journeys, the airport luggage check-ups can be irritating. Every single time you get pulled up for the extra weight that your luggage has, you hope for some magic to happen or curse the laws restricting how much you should be carrying. To save yourself from any such further discomfort, using a Personal Luggage Weighing Scale is a good idea.

The Belita BPS-1161 weighing scale gives you a clear digital display which shows the accurate weight of your luggage. The scale can measure in kilograms, grams, or pounds. The scale is made up of plastic hence is lightweight and easy to carry. It can measure up to 50 kg of luggage. The retail price for this weighing scale is Rs. 734 and it comes with a warranty of 6 months against any manufacturing defect. You can buy one from

Privacy Protector for Camera in Laptop or Phone

Source Amazon

With cameras taking precedence in essential specifications, when you look out for a new phone or laptop, it becomes necessary to protect your privacy from those perpetrators out there. Many a time, the camera gets switched on in the background without the user taking note of it. Therefore, precaution will always be better than cure in this case. A Thin Slide Web Camera or phone camera cover is all you need. This small slide over protector can save you from any such breach of privacy. The AJI Ultra Thin Slide Cover for web camera or cameras in general, costs only Rs. 299 and comes in a pack of three. It has raving customer reviews and is available to buy on Amazon.

LCD Writing Tablet Pad for Students & Kids

Source Amazon

We’ve been taught from ages that learning through writing is the speediest way to retain information. Older generations across the country remember using chalk and black sheets to write and rewrite to memorise what they’ve learned in a better manner. But, today, in the age of technology, children are barely interested in going the slate-chalk way!

The Kids Mandi LCD Writing Pad is a great replacement for the old techniques, keeping the essence intact. The LCD offers a clear and bright writing platform for the child to learn through writing and rewriting. It is effortless and safe to use and can bear 100,000 times of write-ups, counted with reference to the all-clear button. You get a smartpen along with the tablet, to write upon your ideas or information with. The pen gives out smooth strokes and ultra-clear handwriting; making the ink a fun practicing and writing a fun task for kids. The LCD writer can be used to write, draw, or even work as an office memo. It is the most convenient, new-age, non-polluting way to make learning an exciting job for your child. The tablet retails for an affordable price of Rs. 495 and can be bought from

Sony Headphones


Music and TV shows have become a huge part of our life. On days when you feel like not listening to anything else but your favourite party track and dance your heart out or the day, you want to calmly lie down and listen to some soothing voices and shut yourself out of this noisy world; a noise-canceling well-built headphone will be your best friend!

The Sony MDR-ZX110 stereo headphone is made to give you an impressive audio experience along with its elegant and chic looks. It gives you a more profound bass effect and can be folded in a swiveling manner, enhancing portability without taking much space. It can be used for long hours without any discomfort due to its soft cushioned ear cups and self-adjusting headband. This branded Sony headset also offers a manufacturers’ warranty of a year and can be purchased from for a reasonable price of Rs. 958.

Donut-Shaped Cup Warmer


Nothing helps your day as much as a good cup of hot coffee or tea. But when you sit to work on the computer, or reading the newspaper, you don’t realize when your hot drink turns lukewarm and then cold! The whole exhilarating feeling of your hot morning drink goes into vain. There is nothing worse than this for a coffee or a tea addict.

The GeekGoodies Cup Warmer is the ultimate solution for this in a tight budget. It is a USB connecting device which has a cute donut-shaped aesthetic and keeps your drink warm for as long as you want. All you need to do is to plug it in your laptop or power bank and let your drink stay warm. The donut-shaped USB mug warmer can be used with a PC, MacBook, Chromebook or general power banks. It weighs only 120 gms; therefore, it is easily portable and safe to carry. You can get your hands on this wonderful gadget for Rs. 950 from

A Compact 10-In-1 Office Toolkit

Source Amazon

Are you the clumsy one who keeps misplacing small but useful office tools now and then? Or you are tired of making a mess in your toolbox whenever you need any of the office tools? Well, there is a way you can store and use ten essential office tools in the space of about 5 inches! The Unique Gadget 10-in-1 Combo is a compact instrument consisting of scissors, stapler, staple pin remover, carton opener, pencil sharpener, 1-meter retractable measuring tape, a paper punch, storage basket, keyring, and a waste bin.

It is the best desk organization tool, taking the least amount of space but having all the tools that you might ever need. Furthermore, it has a pencil sharpener that doubles up as a pen holder, storage basket for your paper clips, and even a ring for your belt loop. You wouldn't find another gadget as efficient as this one at this price point. This compact toolbox retails for an unbelievable price of Rs. 545 and is available on Amazon.

How to Make Your Gadgets Last Longer

Buying gadgets and tools is the easiest step in the whole process but, keeping them polished and as good as new is a different task altogether. While technology is getting costlier day by day, it becomes essential for us to do the right things to increase the life span of our tech belongings. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep the gadgets squeaky clean. Accumulation of dirt and moisture is the second biggest reason why many devices start overheating, which in turn leads to further damage to the device. If the gadget that you’re using stores any soft data on it then make sure you do an antivirus clean in regular intervals.

Make a specific place in your home to store all the gadgets and devices. Do not keep them anywhere and everywhere. Electronic devices are known to be very sensitive to jolts or bumps, affecting their long activity span. Lastly, take care of the batteries. It is advisable always to try and keep the gadgets at 50% or more battery. Remember, the more you care for your devices, the more will they serve your purposes.

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