How to Stand Out from the Crowd by Spicing Up Your Corporate Gifting Game and 10 Unique Executive Gifts to Give in 2019

How to Stand Out from the Crowd by Spicing Up Your Corporate Gifting Game and 10 Unique Executive Gifts to Give in 2019

Corporate gifting has passed out of being a fad followed only at MNCs and has pervaded even into small firms. Here's how to impress your boss or manager by upping your game!

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Do You Feel That You Gift a Lot of Junk Only to Fulfill the 'Executive Gifting' Protocols?

Executive gifting has become mandatory in corporate companies, small firms and large business houses alike. With the element of compulsion creeping in corporate gifting, more and more people are just spending on useless corporate gifts without putting in much thought or effort. The result is that most of us hoard a lot of junk in our cupboards, received from our executives and colleagues, and tend to trash them at the end of the year. The gifts are useless with most of them imprinted with their company logos which are of no use to us. It is not only about receiving junk as executive gifts but also about following the same pattern when we have to gift our executives. We also tend to pick up the first thing that flashes online in a corporate gifting website or tell our assistants to buy any corporate gifts within a decided budget, without even bothering to look at the chosen gifts ourselves. Corporate gifting has been reduced to ‘gifts just for the heck of it’ today, with very few people actually investing time, money and effort in picking up gifts that the recipient could cherish and remember for a long time to come.

How Can You Change the Tradition?

If you want to break the monotony and tradition, then we have some excellent gifting ideas for executives that will help you cast an impression. A gift is much more than giving away an item to someone free of cost. It carries along with it a lot of feelings, emotions, appreciation and gratitude. It is these emotions that make a gift a ‘Gift’ and not just a free item someone gifts to another one for the sake of an ongoing tradition. These traditions have been made with the idea of being able to convey these emotions in the form of physical gifts. To ensure that your gifts become more meaningful, you need to put an effort to select something that is of use to the other person. When picking up gifts for executives, whom you do not know personally, it would be best to imagine yourself in their shoes. Would you appreciate the same gift when given to you? Select an item which would be useful to your executives in your office world as you do not know your executives personally. These items can be of any budget but ensure that you pick up the best ones in any category.

Impressive Gifts Help You Score Extra Brownie Points!

Whether you are gifting your employees or gifting your boss, a good gift helps you score some extra brownie points. The effort, emotion and value of a good gift do not go unnoticed. It is also powerful in helping you build a strong relation, develop a strong bond and in some cases, have the other person be obliged to do some favors for you. Though it might sound like corporate bribery, it certainly is not, as an impressive gift is also a collectible forever. Don’t you want your gifted items to earn a permanent place in the recipient’s home or office desk?

10 Ideas That Can Help You Revolutionize Your Executive Gifting Pattern

BP-Guide has again brought some fantastic executive gift ideas that can help you change the corporate gifting trend. These gift ideas have been selected from various online websites in India and range from popular and trending ones to evergreen gift varieties that never lose their charm. Scroll below and choose your pick.

Think Organic: Succulent Planters


Succulent planters are quite a rage today. With many people trying to choose the organic way of life, gifting a succulent planter would be an ideal thought. These planters can be kept in the office too as they are indoor plants and require little care and maintenance. Here we have chosen this Moon Cactus plant in a ceramic round shape green colored vase. The vase itself is shaped like a cactus, adding an interesting angle to the planter. These plants are perfect to spruce up your home or office décor and they also have certain medicinal benefits. A cactus plant cleanses the air and absorbs all the harmful radiations radiated by electronic gadgets. At home, these plants are best kept in medium light locations while in office; they can in fluorescent light too. Ensure that you keep the soil damp all the time but take care not to overwater the plant. Priced at Rs. 1499, this one can be purchased online from

Organic is the New Mantra: Tea Bags

Organic tea bags in a premium quality wooden box makes for an excellent executive gift as most people stock tea bags in their offices for visiting clients and corporate. This lovely box comes with a total of 60 tea bags of varied flavors. A delicious and healthy gift, this one will be a treasured item forever because of its high-quality handmade wooden box. This gift of good health is priced at Rs. 895 and can be availed from The 60 infuse tea bags have 15 each of tulsi green tea, original tea, ginger tea and masala chai tea flavors.

Here are some qualities of the different tea flavors in this box:
Tulsi Original Tea: This one is the perfect buy for tea enthusiasts. It is 100% organic and has the perfect blend of three types of tulsi leaves.

Tulsi Ginger Tea: This tea has powerful anti-stress and immune supporting properties from Tulsi and health-benefits of Ginger. The combination of these two ingredients helps to activate the body’s fire element and also help to burn up toxins.

Tulsi Masala Chai Tea: For those, you love their tea with some freshly ground spices, this premium quality Assam tea with Tulsi and spices makes the perfect cuppa. This tea has unique digestive qualities, immune supporting benefits and anti-stress properties.

Tulsi Green Tea Classic: This green tea is made using an ideal blend of Tulsi leaves and green tea. It is organic and very flavorful.

Executives On the Go: Travel Organizers

For those executives who have marketing jobs or field jobs, travel gifts would be very ideal. Grab these travel organizers – pack of 4, priced at Rs.3110 from Mimicking the pleasure of unwrapping a gift by opening the ribbon, these pouches have been designed with a grosgrain ribbon. There is one bag marked as ‘Wash me’ for all your dirty and soiled laundry. There is another one to pack your shoes in. The third pouch has the picture of a charger while the fourth one has the image of a headphone. These pouches will help you keep your wires untangled and your travel items all neatly sorted.

Travelling Executives: Portable Charger


A portable charger is the most important gift for a travelling executive and one can always do with a spare one even if they already have a portable charger. This one can be purchased from for Rs. 999. This pocket-sized 10,000 mAh enables fast charging at 2.1 A, is compatible with all models of iPhone and android phones. It also comes with a 6-month warranty. This portable charger features a palm sized compact and elegant design. One can also connect their cameras, iPads and other tablets.

Boozy Gifts: Wine Glasses

Hard liquor gifts are best given to high-profile executives and important clients with whom you have shared a drink in the past. These make for a wonderful gesture and also convey warm regards and memories of cherished times. These cute tipsy glasses- set of 2, feature a slightly twisted make, adding an interesting look. A fun gift for wine lovers, these can be displayed in your office cabinet. These glasses are dishwasher and microwave safe. The curvy aligned glasses have a capacity of 350 ml each. Grab these for Rs. 999 from

Keep the Spirits High: Whiskey Decanter

Another impressive gift for liquor lovers is this high-quality cut-glass whiskey decanter. Priced at Rs. 724, this smart glass decanter comes with a square glass knob and has a capacity of 1000 ml. Designed by Bormiolli Rocco, this glassware makes for an impressive giftable for your executives. Before gifting this decanter, ensure that your executive does enjoy liquor. Gifting this one to a tea-totaler, will not give a very good impression!

Gadget Mania: Bluetooth Tracker

You can never go wrong with gadgets or electronic devices for your executives. Buy this Bluetooth tracker device from Priced at Rs. 2400, this tile mate Bluetooth tracker is very helpful when you are always in a hurry or have a tendency to forget important things like keys, etc. To use it, you need to attach the tile mate to an item and locate it by sound when it is out of sight. You can also download a tile mate app and track your item by checking its last known location on a map. This gadget needs no battery replacement for a year. It also comes with an instruction manual.

More Tech Gifts: Bluetooth Enabled Headphones

Bluetooth headphones help us break free from the constant tangling of headphone wires. This sturdy gadget is most useful for travelling executives and businessmen who are always on the go. Priced at Rs. 1036, this Bluetooth headset with mic from iBall enables you to enjoy hands-free calling. It is designed to fit comfortably in the ears for long durations. It also has a special detachable one-sided earphone bundled to enable you experience stereo music. Another important feature is its multipoint technology for connecting 2 mobile phones simultaneously. The device automatically gets connected to your last paired device until you change the settings. It has volume and music controls on the device and gives you prompt alerts for power on and off. iBall Mono also has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Tailor Made Ideas: Stainless Steel Card Holder

If you want to raise the bar of your executive gifts, then nothing is better than customized gifts. Think of gifting this stainless steel card holder from at Rs. 299 only. You have option of getting your own company logo imprinted or you can get the executive’s name imprinted on this card holder. Print Venue offers laser engraving on the metallic finish card holder. You need to upload your text on the website itself and they will imprint it on the card holder in the finest font possible. The holder has a capacity of 12 cards and weighs 42 gm.

Bespoke Desk Gifts: Mobile and Pen Stand

A desk holder is of utmost use for any office-going person. This smart wooden desk set can be personalized with your company logo or your name imprinted on it. Priced at Rs. 311 approx. , this one comes with a pen holder and a mobile holder. The website allows you upload your text, which they engrave with laser printing in an appealing font on the desk holder. Buying these holders in bulk quantities gets you discounts depending upon the number of ordered items.

Some Basic Tips to Keep in Mind

When choosing executive gifts, avoid ones which have a very big logo of your own company. If you want to gift shirts, caps and bags to your executives, try and get a very small logo of your company imprinted so that the recipient can use the same elsewhere too and not only in office. Do not gift personal items like toiletries, perfumes and other such items as you have no idea about the personal choices of your executives. Another important thing to keep in mind while giving corporate gifts is to make them unique every year. If you have gifted succulent plants one year, then try and gift gadgets the next year. This will excite your executives and they will look forward to your gifts year after year.

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd by Spicing up Your Corporate Gifting Game

The article talks about how to make corporate gifting more than a chore and exciting for both the buyer and the receiver. Done correctly, a well thought out corporate gift can boost your networking skills and even your career.