10 Useful Spy Gadgets Just For You! Why You Should Buy Spy Gadgets and Tips on Buying the Right One (2019)

10 Useful Spy Gadgets Just For You! Why You Should Buy Spy Gadgets and Tips on Buying the Right One (2019)

Fancy yourself a modern day Sherlock Holmes or need a little help confirming a theory you have about someone up to no good? This article will tell you everything about why you need spy gadgets and how to decide which particular gadgets you need as per your requirements. In this article, we have also suggested 10 cool spy gadgets that you can purchase online.

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10 Super Cool Spy Gadgets to Buy in 2019

Cool spy gadgets in movies such as Mission Impossible show us just how amazing they can be. We may not need them for defeating super villains, but for mundane things like safeguarding our property or tracking our loved ones for their safety. We have selected the best cool spy gadgets you can get online in India. Some of the cool spy gadgets are:

Security Camera

Source www.amazon.in

This is the easiest Wi-Fi IP CCTV on earth to set up. It is very easy and good to buy as it does not require the assistance of a CCTV specialist, electrician or internet guys to install. As long as you have basic knowledge and understanding of smartphones, you can comfortably install it within 10 minutes. Make use of the manufacturer's manual for guidance.

One advantage of this gadget which will make you love to buy this is its price. It is not very expensive and comes with an inbuilt 32GB Micro Sd Card Slot and can store a lot of data. You can access this Information via The Clever Dog App. This wireless Wi-Fi IP CCTV Security camera comes with an infrared enabled lens which helps you gain access to videos during night period or where there is low light.

This spy gadget supports two way of talking. You can stay at one end and communicate with another at the other end by just pressing the microphone button on the application. However, the quality of the picture and video depends on Internet Connection. Getting live video feed directly to your mobile phone is possible with this spy gadget. Also, it is possible to set motion detection with it and you can receive an alert on your smartphone. The videos captured can be shared live with 5 people. This spy gadget is on Amazon for Rs.2,399.

Video Walkie Talkies

Source www.amazon.in

One of the most common spy gadgets we have all dreamt of using is walkie-talkies. You can make that dream turn into reality with this amazing spy gear device known as Video Walkie Talkies. This device is great to have, not just because of the affordability, but, it doesn’t require data or Wi-Fi. This is great as you don’t have to worry about internet availability. It will wirelessly communicate with other different users when you press the activation button. You can buy it for yourself or use it as a surprise gift for your kids to fulfil their spy specialist dream. Your kids can use it for their safety especially when you are away from them. It is very useful and can be bought on Amazon for Rs.12,097 and above.

Smart LED Bulb Camera

Source www.amazon.in

This unique spy gadget is made up of 360 degree panoramic camera that is well hidden. Shaped like a bulb, the device has an inbuilt secret camera which has a 360 degree wide viewing angle, and no blind spots, making a good buy for your home, office, or shop, to increase security. It is regarded as the best Indian spy camera for video surveillance.

You can receive real-time notification on your mobile phone from the camera when there is a detected motion. It supports video recording and two-way audio. This device is wireless, so you don’t need to worry about wires. It has microphones and built-in speakers that support communication.

There is no need for separate DVR attachment as all videos are saved on the SD card. This will save you additional expense. You can playback the videos captured with your tablet or smartphone. It allows 5 types of views on your mobile phone. It is available on Amazon at Rs.2,199.

Table Clock Camera

This table clock has an integrated spy camera in it. It is a cool spy gadget to buy, as it records videos with sound. You can also use this device to capture photos with the 8 GB Memory Card that allows bulky storage. The spy table clock camera operation is simple and it supports different operating systems like Mac, Vista, Windows XP.

The 5 megapixel camera it comes with makes the pictures it captures to be bright. You can even make use of this spy gadget for voice recording. It is one of the coolest spy gadgets that are highly sought after in India. If you need any spy gadget to trust, buy this one at indiamart.com for Rs.4,999. This camera monitors people without their awareness. Buy it and keep it at a location where it will capture everything and you can know what is happening at your home in your absence.

Camera Eye Glasses

This cool spy gadget has an eyewear DVR Video Recorder Mini Cam hidden in it and has a 2.0 USB. You have nothing to worry as the 1920*1080 video resolution is perfect for what you want. The spy camera glasses can record both audio and video. The photos it captures are of good quality. The battery charging time is 3 hours and it can work for 1 hour without stopping, which is a big advantage.

The external memory of 2-8GB also adds to the beauty. Through this, more pictures and videos will be captured and saved. You don’t need to worry about installing a driver if the operating system of the spy camera glasses you buy is Vista, Windows ME/XP/2000. It is sold at Rs.1,821 at Rediff.

Ninja Mission Set

Source www.amazon.in

This spy gadget kit comes with 4 Spy Gear devices to help you have fun. The kit contains a spy pen blaster, motion alarm, wrist blaster and night spyer.

The Wrist Blaster is the best undercover accessory which can be triggered with a finger to launch darts. The motion alarm is works so that that it will sound off when someone gets close to it. So placing this spy accessory in a place where you kept your valuables in your house or office is a good idea.

The Night Spyer is a discreet, small and handheld device that gives out a red beam which makes it possible to see things in the dark. And finally the Spy Pen Blaster is a fun way to pass on secret messages. It is available on Amazon for around Rs.12,957.

GPS Tracker Watch

If there is any cool spy gadget you need to have at hand, it is a GPS tracker watch. Sending text messages to this device is possible and it will give you a reply to its exact location coordinates. This is perfect for keeping a close eye on your loved ones, especially children and elderly parents. On receiving the coordinates from the GPS tracker watch, you can install Google Maps on your desktop or personal computer.

On inputting the coordinates, you will see the exact location of the GPS watch. This cell phone GPS watch allows the storage of more than 2 phone numbers because of the two way calling feature. With this device at hand, you have less to worry about the safety of your loved ones. You can buy this spy gadget on Sypsort for Rs.10,000.

Spy Software

Another important gadget to have when you are not always with your kids is spy software. This spy phone software can help you safeguard your children from dangerous people like kidnappers and can also help you protect them from unhealthy influence. This mobile spy Software can assist you in different situations that call for keeping a close watch on your partner, children, parents, employee, relative and more. The spy phone software was designed not to be complicated to use and the installation is easy. With Rs.17,999, you can get this extraordinary spy gadget at Spymaket.

Spy Button Camera

Source www.amazon.in

This button camera supports both audio and video recorder and you can use it to take photos. This spy gadget is small, stunning, simple, practical, very easy to install and easy to carry about. With its 16 GB memory card, you have enough storage space at your disposal. This spy gadget allows you to see clearly and hear clearly what people are doing and saying.

The small size makes it perfect for different users. You can use it as a spy cam or a hidden camera. Another reason why you need to buy this device is because of the inbuilt rechargeable battery; with this, you can hide it in a strategic location as there is no long cord. It is available on Amazon for Rs.649.

Cloth Hook

If you are considering buying spy gadgets, you should also consider this special hook with a good inbuilt camera that captures quality pictures and recordings of high-quality. If you need any real-time monitoring spy gadget, then buy this one for Rs.1,727 at mshop.rediff.com.

Why Buy Spy Gadgets in the First Place?

There are many reasons why people go all out to buy spy gadgets and place them at strategic locations in their house and office. Most people using spy gadgets are doing so to confirm a suspicion. However, there are many other benefits spy gadgets can offer. Some of the reasons why people use cool spy gadgets are:

To Know What Happened in Your Absence

Most times when you are out to your work and leave your children at the care of nannies you find it difficult to understand what happens. If indeed your children are cared well for, or if the nanny spends all time on her phone surfing the internet or chatting. With a spy gadget, you can surprise her and at the same time know if the services she is providing are worth the amount of money you are paying her. Buy any of the aforementioned spy gadgets and use it to discover what happens when you are away. What you find out can warrant you calling for a new nanny or taking the necessary and immediate precautions.

Protection of Valuable Items Against Intruders

This is another reason for using spy gadgets. There are many valuable items we leave at home and go for work or on a trip which need protection. People who travel frequently are the prime targets for theft when they are away from home. In such a scenario, using a spy gadget can provide video surveillance that you can check always and call the attention of police when an issue occurs. With the video recorder, the intruder(s) can be caught easily.

Keeping an Eye on Elderly Parents

If your parents are elderly, you can install spy gadgets especially when you are not living close-by to keep track of how they are doing. However, this installation must be done with their permission. It may not be easy for your elderly parents to stay in isolation, so with this, you will have knowledge of their safety. If things happen to go wrong, you can come, call them or people living close by to help them out immediately before it becomes late.

Keeping Employees Accountable

Spy gadgets are beneficial to employers. It does not matter whether your company is big or not, you need to know if people are doing the work expected. When a spy camera is placed in a strategic location, you will see all that is happening in the office in your absence. You have nothing to worry about as there are many affordable cool spy gadgets in the market and online.

Tips for Buying the Right Spy Gadgets

Whether you are buying, GPS tracker, hidden cameras, night vision goggles, or any other spy gadgets, buying the one with quality is important so that their output will be optimal and you yourself will be satisfied. There are many different places you can buy any of the aforementioned spy gadgets and more at different prices, so you have to bear in mind that not all of them are selling quality gadgets. So if you want the best quality spy gadgets, you need to find the right distributor of such gadgets online. Consider the following to know if a company is selling the best quality spy gadgets or not:


You can always say many things just by the spy gadget brands sold online If you have no knowledge about the brand, check an online store and find out people’s reviews about the brand. If the reviews are good and if the brand sells well, you are safe to buy it.

Types of Products

The best spy gadget e-commerce stores will sell many products. When there are many types of spy gadgets in a store, it shows seriousness. They will have more knowledge of the better products and quality since they have sold many varieties of cool spy gadgets and they also have a lot of feedback about how good or bad the gadgets are. Go through user reviews and make an informed decision.

Shipping Options

Have knowledge of the shipping costs before you begin shopping. Do they give their customers expedited shipping? Is your money enough to spend if shipping is not free? There are many other things to find out and finding different shipping options can save you some money.


Go for a spy gadget that comes with a warranty. This will give you backing support from the online spy store itself and in case the gadget malfunctions, you can claim a replacement or get it repaired for free.

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Make Judicious Use of Spy Gadgets

If you do want to purchase spy gadgets, make sure you make judicious and responsible use of them. Use them for your own protection, and not to invade into someone else's privacy. Also, when purchasing these gadgets, ensure that you are fully aware of the functionalities they provide and see if they match your requirements. Else, there's no point spending extra bucks on functionalities you don't even require.