Find the Best Gadget Gift for Every Personality: The 10 Best Electronics Online to Give as Gifts in 2019

Find the Best Gadget Gift for Every Personality: The 10 Best Electronics Online to Give as Gifts in 2019

Each person has a unique charm to themselves. This uniqueness adds to the vibrancy of our relationships. When every person is different, why paint everyone with the same brush when looking for gift options? Try out these best gadget gifting ideas according to the dynamic personalities of our loved ones.

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Reasons to Gift Gadgets to Your Loved Ones

Great Functionality of Use

In today’s fast paced society the most valuable thing is perhaps time. Simply put, gadgets help us save time. From the time that we wake up in the morning, to the time we go to sleep, we are always taking the aid of some electronic device, or the other. From simple things like a juicer and a toaster, that we use to prepare breakfast with, to computers and cell phones which have become a crucial part of our work life gadgets are everywhere.

Gadgets are a source of entertainment as well. Think of life without your smartphone, laptop or Bluetooth speaker. It’s hard, isn’t it? Whether you like music or watching the latest TV series in your free time, gadgets make it possible to enjoy fresh new content whenever we want. Living a life without the use of a single electronic product is now unthinkable for the majority of the population. Even in rural areas, where electricity is sometimes scarce, mobile phones have firmly established their presence in the life of the common people.

They are Easily Available

If you have the money or at least a stable job, then buying gadgets is not much of a problem thanks to their easy availability. There are chain retail stores almost everywhere, which sell every kind of electronics, from microwaves to air conditioners. There are stand-alone stores as well.

But if you want great deals and easy EMI options, then check out e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. They have a large selection of every kind of gadget that you can think of. You will find stuff here that you can never find in stores. If you are a musician, or an artist or maybe just someone who likes hoarding the latest electronic inventions, you can find everything that you want online. From amplifiers to pen tablets to the latest video game controllers, look for them online and you will find them.

There are a Variety of Options to Choose from

When you buy online, the sheer variety of products is enough to leave your to mind boggled. Online stores offer you the option to choose between a wide array of brands, models and according to your budget. You get to read user reviews and choose the product which is best suited to your needs.

Whether you are buying a smartphone or a washing machine, you get the opportunity to compare each product side by side, take note of features and of course the price. When you buy from stores smart talking salespeople may sometimes convince you to make a purchase which you may regret later. When you do your gadget shopping online, you get to browse products without any human intervention and with a clear head.

10 Gadget Gifts for Every Kind of Personality

The Art Freak

The Retro TV Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to buy a quirky gift for someone who is artistic, then we have the perfect thing for you. The Divoom Tivoo Pixel art Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for someone with a unique taste. The specialty of this speaker is the 256 full RGB LED graphics that can be controlled by an Android and IOS app. It’s shaped like a retro style TV set and comes in various bright coloured versions. The device comes with a 360° directional Audio 6W Speaker with Dedicated Bass Port .

The app allows you to play games, there is a built-in microphone for handling phone calls and recording voice messages. The LED customization feature makes it possible to use it as a Night lamp along with 24 professional sleep aid profiles. The small size of the speaker makes it perfectly portable. Buy it for ₹ 5,299 from

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 laptop is as perfect as it can get for an artist. This laptop has multiple modes. It’s the most versatile laptop, switching between modes to become multiple devices. It can be personalised by adding accessories like the signature type cover, surface pen and surface arc mouse. It can be used as a normal laptop or a tablet. It also has a studio mode, which can be attained by lowering the kickstand to attain the perfect 15-degree angle for writing or drawing.

You can draw on it with the surface pen, which you can buy separately. Add the signature type cover keyboard to turn it into full-fledged PC. It has Intel core 8th Gen i5 or i7 processor, Windows 10 operating system, 12.3” Pixel Sense Display, storage of SSD 128 GB or 256 GB, and up to 13.5 hours of video playback. Buy it for ₹ 75,990 from

The Hipster

The Soundbot Winter Beanie

Hipsters and their love for beanies is now well known. But this beanie from Soundbot won’t just keep your head warm, but belt out your favourite tunes wirelessly. The SoundBot SB210 Wireless Winter Beanie Headset is made of rib knitted acrylic and fits snugly over the ears. It’s warm, soft and fully washable.

The beanie has a zippered compartment for the built-in speaker and mic. They can be easily removed when the beanie needs washing. The speaker has Bluetooth 4.0 technology and can connect easily to any Bluetooth enabled device. It has intuitive control buttons and high-density built-in rechargeable battery which lasts for up to seven hours. Buy it for ₹ 1,499. from

8Bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick

The 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Fight Stick for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Android is a unique gift for a hipster buddy who loves all things retro. The device has wireless Bluetooth and is also connectable by wire. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery. It also has D-Input and X-Input functionality, turbo and d-pad/joystick modes, is mod-able and customizable.

With this fun gadget, gamers can get the thrill of an old fashioned arcade style experience from the comfort of their couch. The joystick and the brightly coloured control buttons give this one a classic look. An asset and a collectible, this product has a price which is on the higher side though. But it’s worth it for a gadget this cool! Buy it for ₹ 10,457 from

The Nerd

Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger

Gifting a gadget to a geek is a tricky business, as they are the experts on the matter. So you need to choose a gift which is truly unique. This Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger from Hot Topic is a sure shot way to the heart of a classic computer games aficionado. The torch lights up when it is plugged into a power source and has two USB ports for charging your electronic devices like mobile phones, Bluetooth speaker, tablet and laptop.

This novelty item will be loved by a Minecraft fan and will make a wonderful gift that they will surely not be expecting. The product measures 12.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm. Plug it in next to your bed at night and you have got a nightlight as well. Buy it for ₹ 2,229 from

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

There are two kinds of nerds; those who love Star Wars and those who are fans of Star Trek. If you have a friend who falls in the latter category then we have the perfect gift for them. The Think Geek Star Trek Electronic Door Chime is the gift to give to a fan of the Star Trek franchise. It’s a motion-sensitive door chime which is modelled to look exactly like the communicator panels on the original series.

These can be mounted on either side of a door and is an officially licensed star trek collectible. The electronic door chime comes with two sound settings; a door opening sound effect and a red alert alarm. There is a push button in the front for the communicator whistle. This is an official licenced Star Trek collectible, measuring 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1". It requires three AA batteries to function. Buy it from for ₹ 13,293.

The Fitness Freak


A fitness enthusiast is not just satisfied with working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. They have a constant need to monitor their progress. It’s easy to lose motivation when you do not immediately see the results of your workout routine. But a fitness tracker gives you solid proof of how much calories you have burned or how much distance you have covered in a given time.

The Mi Band HRX Edition is a stylish accessory that monitors your activities including your sleep to keep you healthy and well rested. It connects to apps like Uber and Whatsapp to give you notifications, it’s water resistant for up to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. It has 0.42" OLED display and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. Buy it for ₹ 1,299 from

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

One of the main purposes of working out for a lot of people is to lose or gain weight. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, keeping track of how much you weigh is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smartscale, however, doesn’t just tell you how much you weigh, but also tracks your body fat percentage and your body mass index (BMI) online.

You can upload your stats to to get a complete graph of your progress. A great gift for fitness freaks, this smart scale recognizes up to eight users. Each Aria account is password protected , therefore, making sure that your data is private. Buy it for ₹ 7,999 from

The Musician

Digital Condenser Microphone

If you are looking to gift gadgets to a musician, then there is nothing better to give than a recording device that they can use to record their music. This digital condenser from Shure has Apple MFi made for iPhone, iPod or iPad. So it can directly connect to any iOS device without the requirement of any additional adapters or connection kits. It has 3 DSP preset modes- vocals, flat and instrument.

The device automatically applies gain, EQ, compression and limiting for best results. It has built-in headphone output for real-time monitoring. The custom-tuned microphone capsule provides the best audio. The anodized aluminum desktop stand and integrated thread mount is compatible with any standard 1/4 inch camera tripod thread. The device is available in 2 colours- grey with black foam and black with red foam. Purchase it for ₹ 9,999 from

Analog Mixer

Have a friend who not only listens to great music but is also a bit of a composer or someone who likes to play the DJ at all the house parties? Then gift them ZMX682 Analog mixer from Alto. The perfect sound mixing machine for a beginner, the 6-channel compact mixer has eight total inputs including xlr jacks with phantom power on channels one and two,two mic input channels with gold plated xlr and balanced line inputs,two stereo input channels with balanced trs jacks,extremely high headroom offering extra dynamic range,three-shelf eq on each mono and stereo channel, two aux sends per-channel for external effects and monitoring,two bus design with main and control room 1/4€ stereo outputs.

It has Input Channels, Mono channels (Ch. 1 - 2) and Microphone Input. It’s electronically balanced with discrete input configuration. Buy it for ₹ 8,800 from

Bonus Idea: Gift an App!

Nowadays we have apps for everything. Our phones are no longer just used for communication but have taken over the role of planner, entertainment system and sometimes even life coach. An app is a functional and modern gift to give to someone whose smartphone is their lifeline. There are apps for fitness, entertainment, relaxation and convenience.

Although there are a lot of free apps on the market, some of the best ones are paid, especially the ones dealing with fitness and weight loss. Then there are pro versions of the same app which offer more features and better quality. There are various games as well which are paid. Gifting an app is easy from the iOS store. You just have to choose and send it to the receivers email ID.

Android users don’t have that facility. What you can do here is add the recipient to your family library so that they can access all the downloaded stuff. You can also send them Google Pay money to buy the app. That way, they can choose the one they like and need.

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