7 Cool Gadgets to have in 2019! You Won't Believe How Much Easier These Nifty Gadgets Can Make Your Life + Tips on Shopping Smart

7 Cool Gadgets to have in 2019! You Won't Believe How Much Easier These Nifty Gadgets Can Make Your Life + Tips on Shopping Smart

Technology is advancing with the speed of light! But are you able to keep up? We bring you seven must-have cool gadgets that are going to make your life much simpler and easier. Some of them simplify problems you didn't realise you had before they vanished, the rest are just really cool to have! Read on to find out about these gadgets.

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Latest Gadgets are a Thing for Every Smart Home Owner!

Most homeowners now like to spend a reasonable amount on their homes to help it look smart: on furniture, appliances, art, etc. But they can give a try to a few other things too, such as the latest gadgets in the market that can add value to their home life while making it easier and safer at the same time. From installing a smart video doorbell and using a Wi-Fi signal booster/extender to bringing a smart wake up alarm clock, the choices are myriad even for an average homeowner.

A quick list of super cool gadgets everybody should have in 2019 and beyond is already given below. They are all stylish items that ensure to make your home life better with minimal investment.

Flipkart and Amazon Offer the Coolest Gadgets!

Find the Best Priced & Cool Gadgets at Amazon

Your home deserves to be progressing with the progressing technology. Even if your home life used to be hassle-free, it does not necessarily mean you can’t make it better. There is the option of super cool gadgets which has been slowly becoming a craze for modern-day homeowners. We are here to talk about some of the must-have gadgets to make your life better.

The first place you can consider is Amazon.in. Undoubtedly, it has been instrumental in the smart homemaking with its best priced and cool gadgets on offer. While bringing in you quality products from thousands of brands, it has a pretty good record of serving its consumers with the coolest of gadgets available in 2019 on demand. Now, you can get going to purchase your favourite cool gadgets with a few clicks from Amazon.

Great Offers on Cool Gadgets at Flipkart

Flipkart is another place where you can find hundreds of cool gadgets from different brands to choose from so that you can enhance your home life as well. Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and many more festive occasions are there year-round to ensure you have great offers on your latest home gadgets on the market through Flipkart.

7 Cool Gadgets to Have in Your Wishlist

Air Quality Sensors to Monitor & Control Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a significant effect on your family’s health and wellbeing. It has been found that volatile organic compounds coming from cooking, smoking, and outdoor pollutants can have a disastrous effect on health. Home living with poor air quality can lead to sickness and irritation. However, there are smart and inexpensive air quality sensors to monitor and control air quality throughout the day. It will help ensure the best air quality with the least possible energy consumption.

Airveda PM2.5, PM10 air quality monitor, is a smart and portable device built with highly efficient laser sensors to work well in Indian conditions. It has so many impressive features like the app and Wi-Fi connectivity, 3000mAh rechargeable battery, and 6-8 hours battery backup. You can connect the Airveda air quality monitor to your mobile app to monitor and control air quality in your home from any remote location. It costs Rs. 9,499, which is quite efficient for getting AQI measurements throughout the day. You can order it from Amazon.

Wifi Signal Booster & Extender for Better Coverage

You might have experienced that one moment, your online program streaming smoothly, and the next moment you are stuck in a No-WiFi zone. It may so happen that other areas of your house may get a full signal but not the living room or porch where you want to sit and watch your program. If no other means fail to solve your problem, a WiFi signal booster and extender will surely be able to give you better coverage throughout.

TP-LINK's TL-WA850RE is a 300 Mbps Wi-Fi range extender coming in small size and wall-mount model. This device can enhance the signal strength of any wireless network with 300 Mbps speeds, eliminating "dead zones". Some add-ons are easy to set up; flexible placement and smart signal indicator. The only thing you have to do is to push the WPS button to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to hard to reach areas in your home more conveniently. You can purchase it for Rs. 1,299 from amazon.in.

TV Streaming Media Player for Entertainment Beyond Limits

Escaping the cable connection is now as much easier than before, as you can now have a TV streaming media player for home entertainment. Both international and local brand produced media streaming devices are available so that you can have unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment at home. Whether you need it in the form of a stick, cube, or box to start streaming your favorite videos on home TV, the right kind of device is always there.

Roku 3 is the most perfect and heavy streaming media player that can stand up to your expectations - using wired streaming or Ethernet port. Your entertainment is going to be the best at home with its exclusive features like volume control, night listening/private listening mode, crisp, clear pictures and rich color contrast, etc. You can pick Roku 3 Streaming Media Player from Amazon for Rs. 24,271.

Multi-Port Adaptor for Convenience of Charging at Once

You might have more than one USB charged device at home but not the required number of ports to charge them all at the same time. How about using a reliable and fast charging multi-port adaptor and enjoying the convenience of charging multiple devices connected to multiple ports? If this sounds interesting, Techzere 6 ports and fast charging adaptor would be a great pick.

It works well with iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3, GPS, MP4 charging, etc. Techzere multi-port adaptor has protection against short circuits, under/over-voltage, to make you feel safe at home. To live your dream of multiple devices charging without extensive cords or cables during business trips, office, or home, consider purchasing this multi-port adaptor from Flipkart for Rs. 1,499.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Your sleep experience can be improved by waking up to the soothing and simulating sunrise effect of smart wake up alarm clocks. These uniquely built alarm clocks will gradually fade through very refreshing sunrise colours and play on amusing wake-up songs (or even broadcast the voice of FM radio). It is possible to tap on the alarm to snooze, but the therapeutic effect of the sunrise alarm clock is meant to let you wake up with new energy and vigor. The back-up power feature of the alarm will keep internal clock settings intact and continue with the alarm process even if there is no power.

Philips Wake up light alarm clock is one such item operating around the concept of nature’s sunlight and increasing simulation from half an hour before the fixed wake up time. It is more likely to soothe your body when you wake up, making a gentle beep at the set time. For the assured advantage of century-old lighting expertise and an energetic feel after you wake up, order Philips Wake-up Light from Amazon for Rs. 7,519.

Smart Video Doorbell: Easy to Install & Use

Your idea of purchasing and installing a Smart Video Doorbell will let you talk to visitors, catch intrusions even when you're away from home.

Someone is knocking at the door when you're watching your favourite movie? Get the notification, see him/her on your smartphone, and speak to the person live, no matter if you are busy at home or on your way to somewhere else. Make the most of your smart video doorbell so that you never miss an upcoming delivery. And, you still can catch someone peeping into the door while making sure your personal space is safe.

Okula Video Door Bell is one such smart, and Wi-FI connected gadget loaded with ultra-low power consumption, high-speed video streaming, remote active wake-up, night vision Auto ICR and many more amazing features. It's available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 7,499.

Plug & Play Home Security Systems

Easy to install and night vision enabled home security systems now offer a great solution to home security needs. While coming with the smartest plug/play and wireless Wi-Fi connections and CCTV cameras with night time vision capacity, these home security systems function awesomely, creating live footage of suspicious activity around the home on your mobile phone. All of them are certified and live up to your expectations of home surveillance to the best.

Diycam is easy to install, and cost-efficient plug & play CCTV video surveillance camera available for domestic use. It has built-in speaker, mike, multi-platform support, low power consumption, motion detection, Wi-Fi connectivity, and many more functions that you won’t like to miss out on home security. It can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 2,095.

Quick Tips: Making the Right Choice while Buying Gadgets

Will the Gadget Really be Useful to You?

Buying cool gadgets in a hurry can cause you to regret and waste of money later on. So, never go for a very low priced gadget or the one that looks stylish. Go about checking for the items from different sources, and if you still find your selected one to be better from every aspect, then purchase it. While gadgets like a home security system and smart video doorbell have all-time use in the home, and even when you are away, it’s better to avoid quick buying of unnecessary items.

Avoid Buying from Unknown Brands

Never purchase cool gadgets from brands you don’t find to be reliable enough. There is great risk involved, even though the online market has been hyped a lot; it’s a part of a wild drive that may skid anytime. So, do proper research on your own and never think the seller to be reliable simply because the advertisement is claiming it to be so popular on social media.

Don't Forget to Read the Reviews!

If you want to be satisfied and make sure that you're going to buy a useful gadget, then it is better to go for popular online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. These online stores will be very helpful as some of the best-sellers prefer to bring their collection to consumers through them. You can also find individual product reviews and ratings while browsing for any cool gadget on them. When the newly added products may be devoid of any reviews, it still enables you to get a fair idea of what are the real expectations from the gadget.

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Beware of Fraudulent Websites!

These days, online fraud is on the rise, and culprits are finding new ways of duping you. In one such approach, they create a fake online shopping website similar to the original ones. Once you order a product from one such site, not only you are not going to get your product, but you also lose your money and put your bank and credit card details in jeopardy. Be very aware while clicking on any advertisement, which seems too good to be true.