Google Home vs Amazon Echo: A Guide to Choose Perfect Smart Speakers for Yourself (2020)

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: A Guide to Choose Perfect Smart Speakers for Yourself (2020)

If you have already decided to buy a smart speaker but are wondering which one to buy – Google Home or Amazon Echo, then you have just come to the right place. This BP Guide will analyse both the smart speakers' threadbare, specification by specification. This guide will also share their prices and their "mini" options which come at a substantially lower price.

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Are Smart Speakers Worth the Hype?

The advent of mainstream “smart” devices started with smartphones, and today you have so many smart appliances available at your disposal, from smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators to smart air conditioners, and you can even automate most of your home’s basic functions as well to call it a smart home! Well, that topic is for another day!

In this article, we’re going to discuss two of the most popular smart speakers out there – Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Most of you face a dilemma when it comes to choosing between these two devices, as the competition between the features of both of these is definitely cut-throat, and not to forget with every update, both Amazon and Google try to introduce more and more functions to lure more people into buying their product! We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make an informed decision for yourself, so let’s begin!

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Points to Consider

Size, Dimensions, Weight & Compactness

Although there are many variants available now for both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, for this post, we’ll compare the two primary products from each category, i.e. Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Google Home comes with dimensions 9.63 cm x 14.28 cm (width x height), while Amazon Echo comes with dimensions 9.9 cm x 14.8 cm (width x height), so if we talk about the compactness, Google Home is the clear winner here.

Also, please note that while Google Home weighs just about 477 gm, Amazon Echo weighs about 1.3 kg, which is almost three times that of Google, so for those you who want to buy the device based solely on their compactness can go with Google Home without thinking twice!

Voice Control and Language Support

Google Home supports up to 44 languages including English, Hindi, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, just to name a few, while also providing country-wise dialect support for English, French, Spanish and German. Alexa, on the other hand, supports around 15 languages, which include Hindi, English, French, German, just to name a few with dialects for a few languages.

For most Indian users, English and Hindi would suffice, however for those of you who are learning a new language or are interested in getting a device which can support a wide range of languages, Google Home is the clear winner! But for people for whom just English and Hindi are enough, check out our next points!


  • Please also keep in mind that you can operate Echo with four wake-up words, which are “Amazon”, “Alexa”, “Echo” and “Computer”. However, for Google Home, there are only two wake up words available – “OK Google” and “Hey Google”.

  • Both Google Home and Amazon Echo come with physical mute buttons now, so that you can keep them from recording your voices when these devices are not in use. This comes as a big plus for those of you who take their privacy very seriously!

Compatibility with Other Brands and Devices

This would largely depend on the type of devices you want to operate with Google Assistant and Alexa, respectively. Although a majority of the smart devices support both Alexa and Google Assistant, you can still find some niche products which are compatible with either of the two devices and not with both of them.

Connectivity with Other Bluetooth Devices and Availability of AUX Port (3.5 mm Jack)

The biggest irony with smart speakers is probably the volume levels they come with – Though not the same quality, but for regular users, there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference in the quality of sound and volume levels of Google Home and Amazon Echo; as their prime function isn’t just to be a regular speaker (obviously!), so you can’t expect those amazing beats or those very high-volume party mashups!

Now, to overcome this, both of these come with Bluetooth support, through which you can easily connect your external speakers with either of these devices. But Amazon Echo comes with an additional 3.5 mm jack as well, so in case your external speaker doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you can readily buy an AUX cable and connect it to Amazon Echo seamlessly!

Technical Capabilities & Features

Both the devices will provide you with answering basic questions and commands such as for calling, getting news updates, booking a restaurant, playing music, etc. Although developers at both Google and Amazon have toiled hard to bring more and more features to these smart speakers, Amazon would be the clear winner here, which boasts of having more than 30,000 skills, and there’s another interesting feature that Alexa provides you with, i.e. any regular user can also create a customised skill for Alexa, which can be shared with users worldwide. It can be availed through Skill Blueprints. How cool is that? In contrast, Google only provides this skill or feature-adding for developers. Developers can create a smart home action by creating an API particular to their need, which well, isn’t for everyday users.

Price and Their Miniature Devices

Here, Google Home takes the trophy most of the times as it is generally available at a significantly lower price than Amazon Echo. Presently, Google Home is priced at ₹ 8,999.00 (MRP: ₹ 9,999.00) on Flipkart while Amazon Echo (3rd Generation) is available on Amazon for ₹ 9,799.00 (MRP: 9,999.00).

There is one very important thing to note here that both of these devices also offer their miniature products, which come with slightly lesser features and skills. Google offers Google Home Mini, which can be bought from Flipkart for ₹ 3,399.00 (MRP: ₹ 4,999.00) while Amazon offers Amazon Echo Dot that can be bought for ₹ 3,499.00 (MRP: ₹ 4,499.00) from Amazon.

Concluding Thoughts

Smart speakers are definitely worth the hype if you’re building a “smart-tech” ecosystem for yourself. From helping with the most mundane tasks such as setting reminders, making grocery lists, so on and so forth, these can help you greatly with controlling other smart appliances around your home such as CCTV cameras, smart bulbs, refrigerators, etc.

The choice between Google and Amazon is definitely not an easy one as both of these will keep providing newer and newer offerings to users to make their products even more worthwhile. If you’ve always been a Google-person, then you mustn’t think twice before going for their smart assistant, but if you want to try something new, something more advanced perhaps (not belittling Google Home in any way here), then Amazon Echo might just prove to be the right option for you!

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Smart Speakers – Transform Your Home to a Smart Home

Smart speakers truly transform your home into a smart home. The versatility and functionality of both Google Home and Amazon Echo is tremendous and ultimately it boils down to which feature or requirement means more to you. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which of these extremely popular alternatives would be the perfect choice for your home. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.