Why You're Better Off Buying a Soundbar Rather Than a Complex Home Theatre System, and The Best Soundbars of 2022

Why You're Better Off Buying a Soundbar Rather Than a Complex Home Theatre System, and The Best Soundbars of 2022

Soundbar is an all-in-one speaker system that delivers high-quality TV sound without requiring the space, complexity, and expense of a home theatre receiver and surround sound speaker setup. During this pandemic, everyone is addicted to Netflix, Amazon Prime; Gaming; everyone loves to enjoy watching movies and series at home with family. Therefore, buying a soundbar will be a perfect move for enjoying the best experience at home.

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Soundbars: The Hows & Wheres!

Are you planning to build a home theatre? Well, for that your main focus should also be on the soundbars. To get the best experience, you will be need a perfect sound along with mesmerizing image quality. The soundbars are responsible to provide you with a theatrical experience at home. These loudspeakers are best for every moment whether it’s an action scene, space theme sound or just playing your favorite songs from a playlist. In this article, we will be giving you some tips regarding what best soundbars should have. Furthermore, we will also provide you with some suggested products and some mistakes to avoid.

8 Tips to Find The Right Soundbar

Let’s take a look at some criteria that should be fulfilled by a perfect soundbar.


Keep one thing in mind, which ports are important for you? Because with price, ports will increase. So, choose wisely and opt for the one you are going to need. The 3 important ports are USB, HDMI and AUX. To start, check your TV for an HDMI port. If it has one, simply connect them both and you’re done. Apart from that, USB and AUX are important if you want to use a pen drive or want to use them via your mobile device. Today, the best loudspeakers are equipped with a Bluetooth facility. So, you can have a great wireless experience. If it has Wi-Fi or Chromecast facility, it’s equally better.


There are chances that your soundbar will have it's remote controller. If there’s one then, you can surely use it to control the soundbar or you can try using your TV remote to control it by making it compatible. Also, if you don’t like having a bunch of remotes and fear losing them then, you can switch over to a universal remote. It will control your TV, soundbar, and any other appliance that requires one. The best loudspeakers sometimes, offer an app to control them. A piece of advice, if your loudspeaker has a lot of features to offer then, you should stick to the remote that came with it to control it perfectly.

Special Features

The features of a soundbar can vary. The better they are, the more features will be packed. Some features can be mind-boggling as to how smart a sound system can be. For instance, a feature can be there where you can change the character’s voice to make it sound clearer. Also, the same feature applies to cinematic scenes where the soundbar will recognize and deliver the sound which will be different during games, movies or simply music. A common feature in best soundbars is that, they have a smart assistant like Google or Alexa. Hence, you won’t be needing any remote as your voice will make everything done for you.

The Size of the Soundbar

Size is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right soundbar. You have to consider several things before buying one. For instance, take a note of your TV, your soundbar should be narrower or smaller than it. Plus, try getting soundbars of small to medium sizes. They fit usually in every room size. If your room is bigger then, you can opt for a bigger one. Also, the space for the soundbar is a important point to be noted whether, it requires a table or is suitable for wall mounting? It would be better if it’s wireless, it solves some problems.

Surround Sound

Let’s not get too technical and keep things simple. Soundbars have various speakers built-in. Things get better when you opt for soundbars for a home theatre. Hence, the more speakers you’ll have the better surround will be. Now, why is it important? Surround sound is a special feature that allows a specific speaker to deliver the sound according to requirement. For instance, in an action scene, if someone fires a shot from the right then, you’ll hear the sound majorly from the speaker on the right. They distribute sound according to the scene around them.

Active or Passive Soundbars

Which type of soundbar should you opt for? It depends on whether you’re looking for an upgrade or it’ll contribute to a sound system. If audio upgradation is your answer then, you should opt for an active soundbar. The reason is, it has amplifiers inside the soundbar and hence, no wire cluttering. Whereas, if you’re going to build a home theatre, passive soundbars is the way to go. The reason is that, you need to connect an amplifier to it. Furthermore, they tend to perform better than active soundbars as they have better speakers.


This is an issue as sometimes people get confused about whether to keep the soundbars above or below the TV? Again, it depends as both have their merits and demerits. Majority of the people like it below the TV. The reasons are that first, it looks right. Furthermore, if the speakers are elevated then, it’s doesn’t make sense to keep them above the TV. Plus, if it’s below, the sound will come directly to you. Hence, fewer chances of echoing. And the last, you won’t face many wiring problems (if it has any).


Here, you have two choices, either get one separately or get a built-in one. A subwoofer is responsible to provide better bass. This is required when you want an amazing experience at the time of action movies, games, etc. If you have enough space and can afford one separately then, go for it. You’ll be getting much better bass. But, if the scenario’s are opposite, you’ll likely to get a large sound bar instead of the slim ones. Best loudspeakers will provide you both and you may want to shift towards a built-in as, it will save space.

10 Best Soundbars of 2022 You Must Check Out

Sony HT-A7000

Source www.amazon.in

There’s no denying the fact that Sony provides one of the best soundbars. This also comes with tonnes of features. It’s packed with Chromecast, Spotify, and AirPlay. Plus, controlling is made easier with Google Assistant or Alexa. You can add speakers and a subwoofer by paying a little price. The soundbar will provide you with the audio as per the movie or game. Yes, you get Dolby Vision, 4K, and 8K support. Set it up with a Bravia TV to make it an acoustic center. You can add this Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar to your cart for Rs.1,45,990.

boAt Aavante Bar 1500

Source www.amazon.in

If you’ve used boAt products, you know that it provides better bass. The same is provided by this sound bar along with better audio quality. It also comes with a 60 watts subwoofer and has all of the basic connectivity like USB, AUX and optic. It's sleek design provides a better look and complements your TV saving some space. You can add this boAt Aavante Bar 1500 to your cart for Rs.7,999.

JBL Bar Studio

JBL has also been a great competitor in the audio industry with the JBL Bar Studio having a great surround sound feature, it provides just the quality you would seek in a soundbar. Plus, having double bass ports, you’ll feel every Connect your TV with it using an HDMI cable. With Bluetooth, streaming becomes easier and more seamless. Furthermore, you will be getting a controller but it will work just fine with your TV remote. You can get the JBL Bar Studio for Rs.8,299.

Sony HT-S350

This soundbar by Sony with the S-Force Pro feature provides you with an immersive experience. The soundbar comes with a subwoofer which is responsible to fill the sound with deep bass. It’s a wall-mountable soundbar which makes the whole setup look aesthetic and also saves space. With a power output of 320 W, it’s clear how perfect and loud the audio is going to be. You can connect it via an HDMI cable or opt for an optical input if not available. Plus, having a Bluetooth facility makes it a considerable soundbar. You can get Sony HT-S350 for Rs.24,990.

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

The Ambeo soundbar gives a power output of 500W so, the audio strength is going to be amazing. Having Bluetooth 4.2 support, you also get a calibration microphone and a remote controller. Furthermore, you can connect it via an HDMI cable. It’s a Dolby-enabled version so, get ready for some crystal clear sound. You can download Sennheiser Smart Control App and remove the issues of a remote. Plus, it comes with a warranty of 2 years. You can get the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar for Rs.1,99,990.

Samsung Soundbar HW-Q950A

Source www.amazon.in

Why select the device from the Bluetooth list when you can do it with a tap? Yes, you read that right. This Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar is more advanced than you think. The soundbar increases the volume automatically when it hears some noise. Also, it analyzes the scene and adjusts the audio accordingly. Plus, having Alexa as the assistant and all the necessary ports make things easier. You won’t be needing a separate remote, control it with the one if you have a Samsung TV. This is one of the best soundbars and you can have it for Rs.1,15,000.

Bose Soundbar 700

Source www.amazon.in

The Bose Soundbar 700 has a sleek and slim design but doesn’t compromise on sound quality and strength. It has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibilities which makes music streaming a lot easy. And, if you get stuck, simply ask Alexa. Another great feature is it's remote, whenever you play something, it’ll light up only the buttons you’ll be needing. Easy setup, loud and clear sound, better bass, and amazing performance make it the best loudspeaker. This soundbar is yours for Rs.79,000.

Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

Source www.amazon.in

Want an affordable soundbar with appreciative quality? Check out the Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL. With a power output of 160W, you can get a better experience. It also offers deep bass so, the music beats will be pure. Connect your device via Bluetooth and start streaming your favorite service. Along with that, you get a USB, Optical, AUX port for better connectivity. You will get a subwoofer to provide the perfect sound you wished for. Control it with the remote which has a bass boost adjuster and 3 equalizer modes along with basic features. You can add this soundbar to your cart for Rs.9,459.

Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers

Source www.amazon.in

We all want a quick setup, right? This one will do in 30 seconds. Simply, get the cable and plug it in. Power it on and switch the source, that’s it. It also has screws so, wall mounting is a piece of cake now. It may look long and big but is lightweight and has no compromise in sound. Having multiple connectivity and Bluetooth support, it becomes easier to operate. It provides great bass and has a stylish touch. This Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers is yours for Rs.5,960.

Philips Audio TAB7305

Source www.amazon.in

A geometric design looks different and is sometimes eye-catchy. This Philips Audio TAB7305 Soundbar has that look that also elevates the speakers a bit. The soundbar offers an output of 300W and Dolby Audio enabled which means you get a clearer and more detailed version of music or audio. Furthermore, you get all the basic connectivity options and Bluetooth. If you want an affordable speaker, this is the best soundbar which will be yours for Rs.16,990.

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Building a Home Theatre

Some Things You Do Not Want to Overlook

  • Lack of Surround Sound
    Having no surround sound means you have an ordinary speaker which won’t fulfill your demands. A combination of better audio and video quality will give you the right home theatre experience. It’s recommended to have a 5.1 surround sound system. This means you’ll have one in the center, two beside it, and 3 behind you or somewhere in the room.

  • Size of the Room
    The size of the room should be appropriate. If the system you get is big for the room, you won’t be getting a smooth sound but rather a distorted version of it. This will happen even with the expensive and advanced ones. Keep a check on the room and then, visit a store for the soundbars.

  • Focusing Only on the Video
    If you think high video quality and any type of soundbar or system will work out, you’re wrong. There has to be maintained a balance between the two to get the maximum out of it. There are chances that you’ll feel annoyed at the audio as it won’t be that appealing compared to the video quality. It would be like watching a 4K movie with 128 kbps audio. So, try to get a combo, this way, you may even get some discount.

  • Placement of speakers
    This is one of the moments when people try to complicate things. For instance, making speaker arrangements wrong. When they know that the instruction manual has given a setup, they might try to change it. This is where you should keep things simple rather than following uncommon steps from a random website.
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Soundbars are definitely worth the money

They'll give you better sound than is possible with your TV. In some cases, they offer excellent fidelity for movies and music. There are great options for every budget. One should surely buy soundbars once, keeping in mind all our tips and list of products stated in the article.