Are You Looking for Gift Ideas for That Special Techie in Your Life? Here are 10 Hottest Gadgets Gift Ideas for Him That Every Man Wants (2022).

Are You Looking for Gift Ideas for That Special Techie in Your Life? Here are 10 Hottest Gadgets Gift Ideas for Him That Every Man Wants (2022).

Finding the best electronic gadgets for a man is not always easy. But when it comes to gadgets for people who enjoy technology, the choices are limitless! You can choose from so many new gadgets like speakers, smartwatches, smartphone accessories, gaming gadgets, and many more. Read on to find the best impactful gift ideas for him.

Finding the best electronic gadgets for a man is not always easy. But when it comes to gadgets for people who enjoy technology, the choices are limitless! You can choose from so many new gadgets like speakers, smartwatches, smartphone accessories, gaming gadgets, and many more. Read on to find the best impactful gift ideas for him that our gift experts have carefully selected.

Gaming Gadgets for Men in your Family

1. Dual Charging Station for Xbox Aficionados

Looking for a gift for the Xbox-obsessed guy in your life? Xbox is quite popular as it provides a wonderful world of entertainment. The controller is one of the keys to navigate. The gamer must be ready with fully powered batteries to decimate the virtual enemy and for this, a dual charging station for the controllers comes in handy. This kind of dual charging station makes it easy to charge two controllers at the same time. This is a must-have Xbox accessory and the best gift for Xbox enthusiasts. The charging station kit is available on for Rs. 8,609.

2. Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset for Hyper-Reliastic Experience

Every gamer knows the value of a good gaming headphone as it is an indispensable tool for their victory. Without comfortable and good-quality headphones, it becomes difficult for a gamer to be able to compete in any game. With the ear design and extra bass, this headphone is the best option for gamers and with the JBL’s QuantuamSound signature it is able to pick up even the slightest in-game noise. The device comes with 50mm drivers which produce amazing sound quality and are an ideal gift for gamers. This is available online for Rs.3,699 at

3. Gaming Mouse for a Better Chance to Respond to Virtual Enemies


If you are not a gamer then it seems quite challenging to find a gift for the gamer in your life. Well, we are here to help you! One of the essential pieces of gaming is the mouse, which allows the gamer to perform better with comfortable movements and quick reactions. The Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse is ergonomically designed and can be used comfortably for extended hours of gaming. It also features 5 Hyperresponse buttons and 6,400 DPI Optical sensors. Available on Amazon, the Gaming Mouse is available for Rs. 1,260.

4. Nintendo Switch OLED Console for that Perfect Entertainment

The latest Nintendo Switch is an amusing gaming system that will definitely be appreciated by your gaming BF. The hybrid nature of Nintendo switches OLED makes it enjoyable and it is easier to share with all players no matter what is their skill level. There are hundreds of games to explore, which makes it a fun and entertaining gift. Get this product on Flipkart for Rs. 40,990.

5. Wireless Gaming Bassbuds for Comfortable Marathon Gaming Sessions


Earbuds offer an array of benefits when compared to their over-ear counterparts. They are ideal for marathon gaming sessions. They are lightweight, unlike heavier headphones. These are portable, affordable, versatile, comfortable and also come with quality sound. pTron Bassbud Jade Gaming Wireless headphones is built for an ultimate gaming experience and is the best gaming gift for the special man in your life. The 13mm dynamic speakers ensure detailed sounds of Explosion, Footsteps and Gunshots. The snug-fit design minimizes external noises. Get this product on Amazon for Rs. 1,270.

Cool Gadgets That He'll Love

6. Smart Voice Activated Speaker for Smart Gizmo and Gadget Aficionados

A man is a lazy creature by nature and it’s his habit to run away from doing simple tasks. Therefore, it is best to gift him a voice-activated 360- degree Dolby speaker that can wirelessly connect to not only wi-fi but also your mobile phone and play music of different genres and languages with sharp sound quality and without any interruption. It can recognize the voice command of the person and perform those commands without the need to input the command manually.

This device is equipped with 4 powerful far-field recorders that enable it to be able to hear your command across the room and these microphones are able to recognize your command from the nearby noises without any problem. Not only that it can connect to other smart devices such as smart led lights, smartphones and other smart devices and provide you with voice control of these devices. It can be bought online for Rs. 4,999 at

7. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for Men Who Love Uninterrupted Reading

Only a few things in this world are more capable than a book in quenching the man’s thirst for knowledge. It is said a good book is man’s treasure and what is better than a book that you don’t have to physically carry with you. This e-book reader is the ideal gift for men, who love to read books uninterrupted. The Amazon kindle holds the largest collection of books on the internet and with Amazon, these books are not more than a few clicks away. With 8GB memory space, Wi-Fi connectivity, slim design and a glare-free display, it is the dream gadget of a reader. It can be purchased online for Rs. 10,779 on

8. MICHAEL MKT4025 Scout Smart Watch for Michael Kors Enthusiasts

A stylish watch is a prized possession for any man and it’s even better if that same watch is capable of reading the wearer's heartbeat, calories intake, etc. In this modern era, it is very important for a person to have a smartwatch that is not only capable of telling time but is also a useful tool. This modern watch has a leather strap to provide a comfortable grip and numerous other features such as a sleep tracker, Bluetooth, step counter, notification alert, etc. This device costs Rs. 9,997 and can be connected to any Android or IOS device without any problem and is a perfect gift for any man. These smartwatches can be obtained at the online portal of

9. Bosch Car Washer - Time to Upgrade from the Traditional Cleaning Tools

No man will ever deny that cars are the most important part of their life and People spend a large amount of time taking care of their precious cars. For people who are enthusiastic about their cars, this is a must-have tool. This high-power car washing jet spray houses a 1500 watt motor that cleans the car with high pressured jet spray, this device also contains 3 cylinders that are capable of holding 450 ml of liquid detergent and water. With a comfortable grip and effortless push-fit, this is a gadget that provides an easy and fast car wash. This is available online for a price of Rs.10,391 on

Kitchen Gadgets for Men Who Love to Cook

10. Amazon Echo Show 10 - A Big Boost to Home Chefs


The Echo Show 10 is an entertainment powerhouse and provides an interesting platform for home chefs. They can watch their favourite cooking shows, movies, listen to music and even make video calls. This advanced version has a voice-sensitive screen, which turns in the direction of the sound. So, the chef working his magic in the kitchen will not have to miss his entertainment as everything is in perfect view all the time. Besides this, Alexa can add the ingredients to the shopping list and provide answers to the queries or set timers. Make your BF or husband’s life easy by gifting him this wonderful gadget, which is available on Amazon. The price of this smart gadget is Rs. 24,999.

11. Smart Thermometer for that Perfectly Cooked Meat

It is quite challenging to buy gifts for guys who love cooking! Cool kitchen accessories like the smart meat thermometer is a perfect gift for guys who like to cook barbecue food. This smart gadget will revolutionize the way he grills and cooks for the BBQ party. The thermometer is compatible with iOS and Android 8.0 operating systems. The temperature data is transmitted to the smartphones wirelessly, which makes it so convenient to use. If your man loves grilling then gift him this smart food thermometer that is available on for Rs. 7,624.

12. Espresso Machine for a Quick Morning Fix

If your man loves coffee then he will definitely appreciate the Espresso Machine, which gives most pleasure while brewing his favourite beverage any time he craves it. You can check out the fully Automatic Philips Espresso Machine on, which makes 5 different coffees – Americano, Latte macchiato, Coffee, cappuccino and Espresso. The price of this Philips 3200 Series Machine is Rs. 91,245.

13. Food Smoker to Enjoy Great Food

Men who love cooking perhaps already have a great collection of kitchen accessories and gadgets. So, what do you buy for the cook who has all kitchen must-haves? Our suggestion is to surprise him with advanced tools like Molecular Cuisine Hand Smoker, so he can venture into new gastronomic territory. The smoking gun can be used for molecular cuisine, seafood, fish, snacks, nuts, and cocktails. For more details check out the product on The price of this Food Smoker is Rs. 3,694.

14. Dual Sandwich Maker for a Quick Grub

If the special guy in your life is a foodie, but not into serious cooking then the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker would be the ideal gift. It can cook up perfect sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or dinner in no time. Bored of usual sandwiches? In just 4 easy steps, your guy can make customized sandwiches with his favourite ingredients. You can buy this Hamilton Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker on for Rs. 4,019.

Bike Gadgets for Epic Highway Rides

15. Laser Enhanced Bike Lights for Increased Safety

If you are buying a gift for an avid cycling fan then Laser Enhanced Bike Lights will be a useful and novel gift idea. Having this light on the bicycle has more benefits than you realize. The powerful LEDs of NiteRider Solas produce 250 lumens of super bright light. It also comes with the feature ‘Group Ride Mode’, which helps be seen, but without distracting others. The USB rechargeable light has a maximum runtime of 40 hours. This useful cycling accessory can be purchased on for Rs. 2,399.

16. GPS Bike Computer for Fun and Training

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for the bike enthusiast in your life? GPS bike computers would be an apt one. This clever and revolutionary gadget makes route planning, performance tracking and navigation seamless. Garmin Edge 520 is a reliable and easy-to-use device to track cycling performance. You can purchase this impressive device on in for Rs. 17,990.

Office Gadgets to Make Workspace Enjoyable

17. Microsoft Arc Mouse - A Sleek and Stylish Gift

An ergonomically designed Arc Mouse is a wonderful office gift for a workaholic man in your life. This mouse keeps your arms, wrists, hands and elbows in a natural position. The lightweight and ultra-slim mouse connects via Bluetooth and is available in rich colours, which perfectly complements his style. Treat him with this wonderful gift as he deserves an upgrade. The product is available on for Rs. 6,690.

18. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad to Power Your Devices

Wireless charging pads are quite impressive. You can now relinquish charging cords for good with Omen Mouse Pad. They can be used to charge wireless mouse and other devices such as smartphones on the charging area for easy charging and all this can be done without any ports or wires. The wireless charging pad provides a good battery backup to all your devices. This home-office gift is practical and useful for someone working at the desk all through the day. Get this product on for Rs. 6,199.

19. Airbar Touchscreen Enabler for Laptops - Activate an Intelligent Interactive Interface


Impressive new technology is always cool and men love to own such gadgets and gizmos. If you are looking for a gift for the tech-obsessed man in your life then how about a touchscreen enabler for laptops that ups his productivity and is more fun to use. The Neonode Airbar Touchscreen Enabler is designed for Windows 10 laptops that make a non-touch PC to a touch interactive device within seconds. Get this plug and touch device on Amazon for Rs. 9,827.

20. Soopii Quick Charge - Your Next Charging Station


Unavailability of a charging port when needed might be one of the most frustrating problems of the modern era and even with the numerous advancements in technology, there appears to be no alternative for this task. But this multi USB charging port is a perfect solution for these problems. This multi USB charger comes with 5 fast charging and 1 Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 ports and is able to simultaneously charge up to 6 devices at a time. Multiple thick and clear plastic films are used to separate different devices. A low voltage led glows to indicate that the devices are charging and the led stops to represent the completion of charging. This device can be bought online for Rs. 3,999 on

21. Letter Opener - for an Upscale Professional Impression


In today’s world of electronic mails, a letter opener makes a memorable gift. A home or office desk is incomplete with this tool. A distinctive and stylish Sterling Silver Gold Set-Design Letter Opener is both useful and also serves as a decorative element. Gift this exquisitely designed letter opener to that special someone in your life. The product is packed in a silver leatherette and comes with a silver care kit and anti-tarnish strip. Get this on for Rs. 1,924.

22. Portable SSD - Give the Gift of Speed

Storage space is something that we always run short off with all those digital documents, games and photos, which only continue to grow with time. One of the economical and easy options to overcome this issue is an external storage device. Give the gift of peace and speed to your loved one with Sandisk Portable Solid State Drive. It has a storage capacity of 500 GB and speeds up to 550 MB/s, which lets you transfer important files, photos, music etc at lightning speed. The pocket-size and compact design make it easy to carry it anywhere without any hassle. Get this portable SSD drive on for Rs. 6,799.

Fitness Gadgets for Gym and Fitness Fanatics

23. Mini Bike to Burn That Extra Calories at the Desk

Working at a desk for long hours and a sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on our health. While exercise at home or gym is a good option, you can supplement it with exercises that are done sitting at the desk as well. If you want your man to be fit and healthy, one of the best gifts would be a Mini Exercise Bike. They provide an easy solution to work out at the desk. It is a perfect machine to work legs and arms both at home or at the office. This versatile and easy-to-use mini bike is available on for Rs. 4,499.

24. Massage Percussion Guns- Sore Muscles is Not a Problem Now

Muscle soreness is quite common after a workout session. Massage percussion guns will not only help in recovery but also improve performance by encouraging the healing of muscles. The percussion therapy heals soreness and muscle stiffness and releases pain. It is a one-stop solution for all massaging requirements that can be used on any body part. You can purchase this powerful deep tissue body massage machine on for Rs. 2,799.

Travel Gadgets for Wanderlusts

25. Solar Hiking BackPack to Stay Connected While You are Off the Grid


If you want to give an eco-friendly and sustainable gift for the eco-conscious man in your life then a Solar Hiking backpack is just perfect! These backpacks harness sun’s energy with the help of solar panels fixed on the face of the bag. One can access cheap electrical power to charge their gadgets with this amazing backpack. These easy-to-use solar backpacks are the best gifts as compared to traditional ones. Check out this solar backpack on Amazon for Rs. 7,000.

26. Multi Tool Survival Gear for Adventure Seekers

Adrenaline junkies who set off for the world of adventure and outdoors definitely need this Multi-Tool Survival Gear. This tactical kit includes Knife, Plier, Axe, Hammer and other hiking and camping tools. These tools are compact in size, portable and comfortable to hold. Adventure entails risk, and this survival gear is a must-have in the travel kit. The price of the kit is Rs. 1,849 and is available on Flipkart.

27. Garmin Instinct Solar Smartwatch – A Travel Buddy on Your Wrist

Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch is perfect for those who want to stay in touch with their family and friends while travelling the world. From receiving texts, emails and alerts to accessing multiple global navigation satellite systems like Galileo, GLONASS and GPS, Garmin Smartwatch is designed to be daring and break convention. Available on, the price of this new-age watch is Rs. 41,190.

28. Travel Smart Digital Luggage Scale – Avoids Unnecessary Stress While Travelling

Many of us might have faced this issue of extra baggage at the airport. However, this is now something of the past, with Smart Digital Luggage Scale. It’s an extremely convenient and useful travel companion and a perfect gift for a jet-setter in your life. This handy scale avoids unnecessary stress while travelling as they don’t have to worry about paying the additional costs for the extra luggage. It is compact in size and comes with an accurate and efficient scale. Check out this product on The price of the scale is Rs. 995.

29. 4-in-1 Phone Lens – to Capture Perfect Travel Pictures

Taking time to click pictures while travelling will enhance a person’s travel experience and for this, you don’t need an expensive camera. A Smartphone with a high-quality 4 in 1 mobile phone lens will do wonders when it comes to capturing beautiful images. 4 in 1 Mobile Phone Lens Kit crafted and designed by Adcom is an amazing gift for the globetrotting man in your life! It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones. The adcom lens kit is available on their website for Rs. 1,590.

30. Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker for Serious Coffee Drinkers


Coffee is an everyday year-round ritual. So, a coffee-centric gift like a portable Espresso Maker is just perfect for those who take their morning cup of coffee seriously. They don’t have to miss their favourite beverage even while travelling with this manually operated minipresso. This gift will definitely be appreciated by the coffee-obsessed person in your life. You can buy this ergonomically designed Expresso Maker on Amazon for Rs. 5,400.

Tips on How to Buy the Best Gadgets

Buying a gadget is a difficult task, it require planning to execute such a task to get the best deal. Some of the think to keep in mind are-

  • One should pre-plan the date on which they will buy the gadget, as there might be a festive day or seasonal sales which provide the devices at a lower price.
  • Don’t run after alluring advertisements, but try to find unbiased reviews by the consumer to get the idea about the product you are planning to purchase.
  • Checking for warranty is also important as they make sure that you won’t have to pay extra money if by any chance your gadget is pre-damaged or is not working properly. This prevents you from spending extra because of unexpected breakdowns or repair costs.
From our editorial team


Getting the right cool gadget as a gift takes a bit of consideration. Often, this is an area where a non-techie easily gets lost. Not everyone stays up to date with the latest technological inventions, and there are countless options to choose from. We’ve enlisted these 10 gadgets with doing the quality research we hope you find this list of cool gadgets for men useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift! If you have comments feel free to post them below. Do you want to see more gift ideas for him? Check out our “Consumer Electronic Category” to get the latest gift ideas for him.