Hopping on the Netflix Bandwagon but Can't Decide Where to Start from? Follow this Guide for Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch in 2019

Hopping on the Netflix Bandwagon but Can't Decide Where to Start from? Follow this Guide for Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch in 2019

This guide has been curated for content lovers who are bored of watching daily soap drama and want a twist in their TV watching. Switch on Netflix and watch these amazing shows that will keep you gripped for hours!

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Why is Netflix Trumping Traditional Entertainment Options?

Exposure to World Class Cinema from the Comfort of Your Home

With every passing day and increasing internet connectivity worldwide, societies and cultures are coming closer to one another. From the food that different countries have, to the music that people somewhere groove to; today it seems like everything has come under one umbrella. Cinema and TV shows have now become the fastest way to adept yourself with cross-culture happenings, communities and mannerisms. But it becomes extremely difficult to get hold of what movies to watch, where to get them and how affordable this foreign art love can be?

Since the day Netflix has been launched, it has become extremely easy to connect with mainstream world class media. From French classics to the best running shows in the U.S., everything is just a tap away. The best part of Netflix is the nominal charge that you pay to open your viewership to almost every great movie possible, that too from the comfort of your sofa! Can anything be better than this?

Affordable Subscription Plans and Convenient Watching Screens

While the television dramas still continue to dwell on the same old fare from reality Indian family issues along with the repetitive close-ups on each character, the tremendous increment in their subscription rates cannot be neglected. The new rates surrounding television subscriptions are not only expensive but also, offer the same old dramas and repetitive movies without any change.

Netflix, on the other hand, there are three very affordable monthly plans which come with equivalent benefits attached. The plans are called basic, standard and premium and cost Rs. 500, Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 respectively. While you pay almost the same amount of money for Netflix, you get to see classics, new movies, Netflix originals and shows that everyone keeps raving about! The best part about Netflix is that you can try it for free for a month! You can watch all the shows and movies available on Netflix without paying a penny while experiencing world-class cinema and dramas, for a complete month.

Variety of Genres Available at Your Fingertips

Television daily soaps used to be fun when there were new stories, new characters, new problems and new lessons in them. But today, television shows in India have started re-using old plots with new faces and are presenting them in an illogical manner. There is rarely a compelling story, vividly thought after a character or enlightening plot path of the protagonist.

This became the reason for the wide ranged popularity of other entertainment sources like YouTube and Netflix. Unlike television subscriptions, you actually have a choice when you sit to watch something on Netflix. It not only lets you choose which show or movie you would care to watch but also, gives to the options of watching things in your own language. Netflix India caters to Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali and English viewers, among many more.

Along with several languages to chose from, Netflix has a robust collection of movies and shows in genres like comedies, action, independent, international, dramas, romance, thrillers, Sci-fi & fantasy and many more. There are special movies and shows designed particularly to be watched by children & family making it easy for you to plan a family movie time.

12 Best Netflix Originals to Binge Watch and Kick-start Your Love for Netflix

Stranger Things

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For the children who grew up in the 1980s watching heaps of movies and TV shows at a time while reading classic books alongside, the Netflix original of Stranger Things is like a sweet ode to those memories. The show is full of references from the popular E.T., The Goonies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dungeons & Dragons, Stephen King and Poltergeist. The show is completed with the use of hard-hitting period music, which is sure to bring about the waves of nostalgia.

Barring the moody retro vibes, the show lives up to the expectations of a fine science-fiction drama-thriller revolving around a small town. The story tells viewers the journey of people; the family and friends of a missing boy, who try and make attempts to find him. For a beginner, this show can be a good starting point considering its per episode time limit is quite balanced (40 minutes per episode). The first season consists of only 8 episodes which makes it easy for a new viewer to catch up.

Watch the trailer here.


GLOW or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is a power packed show running the audience through sports, action, drama and comedy. The series revolves around characters and gimmicks, fictionalized and inspired from the 1980s syndicated women’s professional wrestling circuit.

The premise of the story is set in Los Angeles, where Ruth Wilder who is a struggling actress, tries her luck in a promotional circuit for professional wrestling called GLOW. The story unfolds to be packed with kick-ass female characters rallying strongly against their individual demons and some dudes who would rather like to keep them earthed.

Watch the trailer here

The Battered Bastards of Baseball

The time when organised baseball decided to shift its sail to AAA club out of Portland, Bing Russell, an actor and an avid sports fan decided to create a completely independent team named “Mavericks”. The Battered Bastards of Baseball is a documentary mapping the team’s fortunes and glories throughout their short-lived but extremely successful journey.

Even though the team lasted for about 5 years, the Mavericks had the antics to rumble up the game completely. Their story is ofoutcasts and underdogs, screeching their way through obstacles and at last winning a big a time.

Watch the trailer here.


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This big budget drama which got booed on, in the beginning, ended up receiving a four-minute standing ovation from the same cinematic purists on its premiere at Cannes film festival. This movie tells the tale of a teenager, who in turn becomes a devoted companion to a humongous genetically modified pig. The story has hues of important conversations on animal rights and big businesses using them for their profits.

The fine cast of Okja consisting of Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Tilda Swinton among others, works wonders in bringing out the story and emotions towards the audience.

Watch the trailer here

House of Cards

One of the first experiments that Netflix did in their originals, House of Cards is a bright shining jewel in the crown of Netflix. With Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright leading the drama on the screens and David Fincher working his magic behind the lens; the series is a captivating political thriller meant to leave you wanting for more after every episode.

Set in the Washington D.C., the story starts with the introduction of congressman and Democrat Frank Underwood with his equally focused and ambitious wife Claire. The show was such a runaway hit that it received 33 Primetime Emmy award nominations and 8 Golden Globe nominations.

Watch the trailer here.

Orange is the New Black

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Topping the list of Netflix’s best originals, this is a show revolving about women in a low-security prison where their lives arguably different, converge with the obstacles that they have to face. Orange is the new black is a character-driven drama which uses the old lost style flashbacks to dig deep into the pre-incarceration lives of the women in the prison. With a fine cast of actors and a strong, compelling story-line, there was no doubt that this series would be a forest fire success.

Watch the trailer here.

Master of None

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For people who like to start with a light-hearted comedy with a few punches of real life, Master of None is a perfect series. Popular comedian Aziz Ansari plays the role of Dev Shah, a 30-year-old actor who goes through a series of professional, romantic and cultural experiences. The two season series consists of 10 episodes each season and walks you through the character's journey in New York and Italy.

The series went on to win a Golden Globe and three Emmy Awards along with an appearance on year-end top ten lists, multiple times.

Watch the trailer here.


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The heavily lauded series Narcos is a fictionalized account of the glory rise of the Colombian cocaine mastermind Pablo Escobar, and the whole drama around his journey to the top of a massive cocaine empire and its ultimate demise. The narrative switches between his hair raising schemes and the still nascent DEA, or gringos, as the whites are called in Colombia, who are trying to bring down his toxic empire.

The confluence of classy performance by the cast and the exhilarating use of archive footage make this series both nerve-shredding and exciting to watch. The legacy of cocaine kingpin Escobar clearly comes through as you sit back and watch with horror, whilst this phenomenal journey will also leave you awestruck.

Watch the trailer here.

Black Mirror

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Black Mirror, created by Annabel Jones and Charles Brooker is a sci-fi anthology which questions many aspects of usage and exploration of modern technology in today’s era. The episodes presented are bright enough to standalone and are either set in a near future or an alternative present.

The USP of this series is the use of dark, satirical undertone throughout its time period. The show highlights the inevitable consequences liked with humanity’s love affair with technology, social media and internet.

Watch the trailer here.

Chef's Table

This documentary series is centred at the lives of some world renowned chefs, and takes viewers on an adventurous and unknown personal journey through their culinary evolution, life and much more. It provides a close watch at what makes them the popular chefs that we know of.

Presented to the audience in 4K, you can see the food glistening, as if just in front of you with the heavenly aroma filling in the room, where it feels like the Chef’s table actually lies. This series is a dream come true for the real life foodies who appreciate the seat and love, which goes into making the most beautiful plates of sumptuous meals.

Watch the trailer here.


As said by the makers, 13th is based on the "intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States". The documentary is titled after the 13th amendment made in the United States Constitution which was adopted in the year 1865.

The 13th amendment abolished slavery throughout the countries in the United States and ended the gory saga of involuntary servitude. No wonder the film has garnered much of critical acclaim as it was nominated for 89th academy award for Best documentary feature and even went on to win the 69TH Primetime Emmy award for outstanding documentary or nonfiction special.

The documentary tells a spade, a spade and explores the reality faced by black people in these modern times. It aims at showing how far as humanity, have we come from the day slavery was officially abolished in the United States. It becomes a must watch for people of the modern age, who describe slavery as something belonging to the past.

Watch the trailer here.

The Crown

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As the name suggests, the series Crown is inclined towards re-living the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s life. This big budget show succeeds in bringing out the extravagance of that period along with detailed happenings which are both convincing and compelling in nature.

The show has such a powerful hold that even the staunch republicans can get trapped into watching the full two seasons without complaining. With a fine array of actors in the cast such as Claire Foy, John Lithgow and Matt Smith, the show is deemed to impress even the real-life monarch with its charm.

Watch the trailer here.

Pro Tip: Share Netflix with Your Friends and Family

If you didn’t know about the profile sharing policy on Netflix, you ought to be living under a rock! Depending upon which kind of package you choose, you can share your Netflix account with a specific number of friends and family making it super affordable for all of you. With the basic plan only 1 screen is available for watching while with the standard and premium plans, you can watch on 2 and 4 screens respectively. All you need to do is to make an account with specific e-mail Id and password which can be passed onto the other members and viewed at the same time. This way the per person cost for a subscription drops by a great margin while making it easily accessible and fun for all!

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