12 Cool Budget Friendly Diwali Gifts for Friends Plus Tips to Get Great Deals(Updated 2020)

12 Cool Budget Friendly Diwali Gifts for Friends Plus Tips to Get Great Deals(Updated 2020)

Diwali gifts for family and friends is an important part of the festive occasion. Find here budget gift options for all kinds of friends from your best friend to your colleague we have it all plus money saving tips you need when shopping online for Diwali gifts. Traditional, trendy and useful options - there is much to choose from, so read on!

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Diwali is a Festival of Lights, Sweets and Gifts

Diwali is a Hindu festival and is also alternatively called the festival of lights. People decorate their houses with lights, lamps and diyas. It is also a festival where people exchange good wishes, sweets and gifts. It is a five day long festival.

There are a lot of options available in the market for sweets yet still people prefer to make homemade sweets to give their relatives and friends. Also, the diyas are used to signify the victory of good over evil. So, gifting diyas or sweets is the best option this Diwali. It maybe a little common but it definately preserves the true essence of the festival.

Exchanging Unique Gifts Makes the Celebration Memorable

As we all know diyas are a vital part of any Diwali celebration and hence you could try and do something new with them. Go to the local markets and get earthen diyas. Then paint them and decorate them with acrylic colours. This way you could personalize them and gift something unique to your recipients.

One another idea is to also make jar candles. Get pretty jars from the market. Then melt the wax and add it in the jar. You could also add some essential oils for fragrance and synthetic colours. This would make a unique and handmade gift for your friends.

One more idea is to ditch the traditional gift giving options and gift something different. Gift small bonsai plants to your friends. It is an environmental gift and you could resonate it by wishing them luck and good health. Like as the plant grows, so will there health and good luck. Whats more- It will stay with them for long and will remind them of you whenever they see it.

Smart and Pocket Friendly Selection of Diwali Gifts: Tips & Tricks

    Here are a few tips that can help you spot great gifts at reasonable prices!
  • Consider Traditional Gifts:
    Diwali's traditional gifts are always a crowd favourite. Sweets and diyas are two such things. You could also gift divine idols like Lord Ganesha as it is considered a symbol of prosperity and success. People also appreciate pooja thali as a gift as it is used in the rituals of Diwali. Some of the other traditional gifts also include dry fruit hampers, wall hangings, light series and rangoli kits.
  • Start Planning in Advance:
    When you prepare the list of gifts for different people in your social circle beforehand, it becomes easier to get them at the right price. So get started at least a month before - make a list of all the people you want to gift and create a shortlist of gifting ideas. This will also help you prepare a good budget so you don't go overboard.
  • Look Out For Sales And Discount Offers:
    Diwali sales are a regular feature as you well know! Make sure you keep a check on rebates and discounts online. Look for bank and credit card offers. Once you have a list of gifts you want to purchase you can snatch them up when they come on sale.
  • Buy Combos or in Bulk:
    If you looking for cut costs on gifts, consider buying in bulk or in large combo sets. Often stores give signficant discounts when you buy multiple units. So pick out such gifts that suit many and buy in bulk. Options include cookware sets, clothing, copper jug and tumbler sets, trendy gadgets like activity trackers.

Finding a good gift is a task in itself. After you have done that, do not just give the gift in a normal bag. The way you present the gift says a lot about you from how much interested you are in giving the gift to that person.

Pack the gifts in bright colours to keep the festive vibe alive. You can also decorate gifts with diyas and traditional designs. Add some decorative elements as well. Also add a cute card which is a special Diwali greeting. People love to read such personalised cards.

12 Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Friends in 2019

A Box of Artisan Chocolates

Source royalbeans.in

Sweets and chocolates are an evergreen Diwali gift option. They are also a great way to not too much on gifting. Today you have a lot of varieties available in the market. You could also opt for modern delicacies like chocolates, puddings and ice creams. People do appreciate different and unique savories. Another option to consider is making it yourself.

To stand out why not gift a box of delicious artisanal chocolates. Check out this online store RoyalBeans where you can choose from a variety of gift boxes each having different kinds of chocolates. Starting at Rs. 590 (4 pieces) you have numerous size and price options.

Religious Idols of Deities

Source www.amazon.in

Diwali has a ritual of praying and worshipping the goddess Lakshmi. She is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Before worshipping the idol of Lakshami, people worship Lord Ganesha. He is worshipped before starting any new thing or buying a new thing as he is considered an idol for good luck.

This cute Lord Ganesha Showpiece has a charming statue of Ganesha set inside a tray that also contains colourful stones and a tea light. Isn't it a perfect gift for Diwali. You can get it on Amazon for Rs. 599

Diwali Lamps

Source www.amazon.in

Multicolour lanterns are a great item to decorate and light up your houses. You could gift people a set of two or six candle holders, according to your budget. It is also a great alternative to fire crackers and is a great step towards a pollution free environment. This classy candle holder in black with leafcutout is a beautiful addition to any drawing room. The set includes 3 pieces each of it having a different size. Order it on Amazon) for Rs. 630

The next best option is to gift candle holders with scented candles to your friends. You could also decorate the readymade candle holders with decorative items and personalise it. You could also consider making candles yourself and gifting it with sweet notes.

Home Decor Items

Home decor items are very popular gift options during Diwali. As people prefer to clean and decorate their houses during the festival, show pieces and wall hangings call for the perfect gift item. Plus they are unique and different as compared to the traditional gift options.

How about photo frames? If your friends like to display photos of her favourite memories consider this vibrant Orange Floral Photo Frame from Sej by Nisha Gupta. This frame is made of MDF wood and measures 8 x 0.5 x 10 Inch. Its bright colouring makes it a striking showpiece it itself! Order it on PepperFry for Rs. 459

Personalised Laptop Sleeve

Looking to give something different this year? How about somekind of an accessory that will be useful to your friend on a daily basis? You can look at giving wallets, laptop sleeves mobile covers or passport covers. Not too expensive but something that will surely be appreciated by your friends. This particular sleeve chosen by us is available on messycorner.in for Rs. 999. Made of synthetic leather this particular sleeve fits 13.3' screen laptops. You can customise the sleeve by adding your friend's name onto it.

For a more budget option, consider cord organisers. These are extremely handy for those friends of yours who are officer workers. They typically carry a whole lot of cords, extensions and drives, so something like this is a thoughtful gift. Check out this leather organiser available on hamee-india.com for Rs. 349. It can fit in up to 4 cords and closes with a metal button. There's also a compartment where you can store necessary documents.

Ceramic Mug Set With Bowls

One of the traditional gift ideas on Diwali is cookware or serverware. If you are on a tight budget consider buying mug or coffee mug sets. These are available at a range of prices and you can get good sets for low costs. Check out this mugs and bowls set available on myntra. This modern design cup set in black contains 6 cups and two bowls. The dimensions of mugs are each 7.6 cm x 10.1 cm while the bowls are of 5 cm x 13.9 cm each. Get it on the site for Rs. 699

If your friends are the drinking sort, then you can consider gifting them an elegant drinkware. Check out this OCEAN Lexington Red Wine Glass set for Rs. 799 on homecentre.in. The set include six round shape stem glasses

Sofa Throw

Yet another traditional gifting during Diwali are bed linen or blankets. After all its winter when Diwali comes around! Depending on your budget you can pick out lovely quilits, bedsheet sets or even blankets. We have picked out this low cost yet elegant sofa throw( throws are smaller than regular blankets that are usually used on top of sofas or counches). This 100% full cotton tufted throw in grey is soft and comfy a wonderful choice to curl up under ont he sofa. With dimensions measuring 140x160 cm, this throw is a great budget option to gift this Diwali. Order it on pepperfry.com for Rs.889

Gift Vouchers

Source www.amazon.in

Gift vouchers make great gifts. When you are confused as to what to buy that friend who has everything or who is very picky. Then use this suggestion. Git him or her a gift voucher of the brand or store they love. This way they can pick for themselves. These days even coffee places and cinema halls give gift vouchers. It is a good option to consider as it is something unique. Also, your friend will remember you whenever she drinks that coffee or watches a movie.

Shoppers Stop Gift Card available on amazon.in is a nice option. The gift card is valid for one whole year from the date of its activation. Hence, if your friend does not like their festive collection, she could wait for the spring collection and buy something. The gift card is redeemable at all the stores of Shoppers Stop as well as their online store. They have options starting from Rs.1000 for a gift card. This particular gift card is for Rs.1,900.

Devotional Music

Source www.amazon.in

You could also do something different and gift your friend spiritual music. You could also gift your friend an inspiring and motivating speech by a famous speaker about spirituality.

Music Card: Chants And Mantras (320 Kbps MP3 Audio) is a good product from amazon.in. It contains Sanskrit mantras which help to attain our goals in life and lift ourselves from the ordinary to extraordinary level of consciousness. They are also said to give power to cure diseases and keep the evil away.
The MP3 comes pre loaded with 173 HD quality songs on a 8 GB USB. The best part is that all the songs can be copied to any other medium. The device is the same size as a credit card and comes with personal space of 6 GB. Hence, it is a mulitpurpose gift. There is also a songs booklet that comes with it which has all the information about the playlist and artist and is priced at Rs.698, available on Amazon) There are over 30 devotional and spiritual mantras in the playlist.

Some chants and mantras included in the playlist:

  • Commentary
  • Kar Darshanam
  • Bhoomi Prathana
  • Pratah Smaranam
  • Snaan Mantra
  • Tilak Mantra
  • Pranayam Mantra
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Suryaarghya Mantra
  • Surya Prathana
  • Guru Smaranam
  • Gayatri Mantra

Phone Accessories

Source www.amazon.in

Accessories make using phones and tablets easier and enrich our lives. This multi-angle Device Stand is ideal as it can be used to safely store the device or even watch vides on it. It can easily store anywhere from a 4- to 10-inch device whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a e-reader. Made of heavy-duty materials making it slip and scratch resistant, and featuring a durable design this stand is a good buy. Available on Amazon for Rs. 599.

Have a little higher budget and want something cooler to gift? Check out portable bluetooth speakers. If your friends loves music, then he will enjoy getting a cool speaker he can use whereever he wants. There are numerous lower priced options so you should be able to find one for your budget.

We have picked out this extremely sleek Portronics Vibe Bluetooth Wireless 8W Speaker in Blue that is priced at Rs. 1,496. The seapker can play from different inputs - Bluetooth V4.2, and USB drive, plus a FM mode. Physical buttons for easy access for functions like volume, track change, play/pause, a textured surface that adds to its look along with its slim factor make it a great buy indeed. Get it on Amazon.

Source www.amazon.in

Personal Care Gifts

Source www.amazon.in

Everyone loves pampering themselves and especially in today's world where everyone wants to look great. Personal care gift sets are a great idea for close friends. For men you can gift grooming kits that are available at different combinations for eg. if he has a beard there are several beard care sets you can consider. A eternal favourite is gifting perfume sets, and therefore we have selected this affordable Park Avenue set which contains two perfumes - Park Avenue Eau De Parfum and Genuine French” Eau De Parfum. Available on Amazon for Rs. 499.

For women as well you can give perfume sets. Alternatively you can give beauty sets like this charming rejuvenating kit that comes with travel-sized bottles of a body cleanser,a face mist, a lip care product plus 2 green teas. Get it on Amazon for Rs. 649.

Source www.amazon.in

Fashion Accessories

Source www.ajio.com

Women love getting dressed up during festivals and well otherwise as well. So, this Diwali gift a nice accessory to the woman in your life. You can consider jewellery, stoles, or even shawls. We have picked this elegant but affordable Handloom Cotton Stole for Rs. 480. The cost depends on the material and work on the stole so you have liberty to choose as per your comfort.

If its a guy friend, you can look at gifting mufflers, shawls or half jackets.

Traditional Sweets and Savories are Vital to Diwali Celebrations

Giving each other sweets and dry fruits is a very common ritual in Diwali. It is a reason for celebration and hence people express their joy and happiness by gifting each other sweets. Instead of buying sweets from the market, try making something on your own. People would love a gesture like that.

If you are not a great cook, then refer to some videos and books. Try making the simple things like chocolates and cookies. People would really appreciate the effort. No matter what, just remember to show up with sweets at your friend's and family's place.

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Gift Things Your Friends Like

Unlike the formal gifts exchanged between families and work associate, with friends you have the liberty to give less traditional gifts. Even though it is Diwali, give them things they like; there's no reason to stick to boxes of sweets and other traditional Diwali gifts if your friends prefer something else. Since you know them well, factor in things like their age and personal tastes when choosing gifts.