10 Practical and Pocket Friendly Diwali Gifts for Labour & Employees: Spread the Cheer to Those Who Make Your Daily Life Comfortable (Updated 2020)

10 Practical and Pocket Friendly Diwali Gifts for Labour & Employees: Spread the Cheer to Those Who Make Your Daily Life Comfortable (Updated 2020)

Diwali gifts sweeten the festive season when paired with the all-important Diwali cash bonuses for your staff workers, employees and labourers. We have some useful and thoughtful Diwali gifts, ranging from Diwali lamps, boxes of sweets and nuts, to blankets. Find all these and more on Best Present Guide

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How to Choose the Right Gifts for Labour

Diwali is a reason to share your happiness and joy with everyone. So, while you are planning to buy gifts for your friends and relatives, do not forget your employees or labourers. They are the ones that help you earn and grow.

Fix a Reasonable Budget:
While you are planning for your gift giving, form a budget for those who work for you. While you need to make sure you do not go overboard, do not be stingy; remember their Diwali gifts and bonus are some of the few perks they look forward to.

Make a List of All Your Employees:
The next step to do is make a list of all the people who work for you so that you do not miss out on anyone. One more thing that you can do is to ask the workers what they would want. They will appreciate practical gifts like blankets instead of things like a pen stand. You could also send out survey forms to the labourers and they could fill in their preferences. This would give you a clarity of what to buy and your money spent would not be wasted as they would get something of their choice and need. Also, look out for discounts as you might get rebates when you bulk buy from a shop or online.

Choose Practical Gifts:
Try your best to not gift them showpieces or useless gift items. They enjoy practical and useful gifts more. Gifting them gifts they like will encourage them more to do good quality work. We all love encouragements and thus it is a good idea to gift them something nice during the festive season. If you have the budget, then given them some bonus as well. They would really appreciate that .

Labour and Diwali Traditions

Employees and labours are the strength and pillars of a company or even a house. So, it is necessary to enjoy and celebrate the festival with them. Bring a smile on their face by sharing the tradition of gift giving with them. Plan a small lunch party for them and treat them to good food. This will keep their festive spirits high. As it is the basic idea behind Diwali is sharing joy and happiness.

Traditionally, on Diwali, gifts of sweets and cash bonuses are given to employees and workers, often in addition to other Diwali gifts as well. So long has this tradition been practiced that everyone expects it and often you will get reminders and special requests from your employees in the days leading up to Diwali. On the one hand it is a time when expenses are high, but at the same time you don't want to disappoint and demoralise the people who work for you. A good move would be to start making a labour gift plan in advance, place bulk orders on gifts so you get them at wholesale prices and save a little too.

Gifts to Give Workers, Labourers and Home Staff This Diwali

Sweets & Dry Fruits

Spreading joy by giving sweets is the best thing to do. Plus gifting sweets is a traditional and authentic gift for Diwali! Give them large boxes of sweets generously so they can share and enjoy with their loved ones. One option is this Haldiram Bhujiawala Rose Flavour Soan Papdi, priced at Rs. 135 on Amazon.in

Apart from sweets, dry fruits are something that people prefer to gift on Diwali. They are considered as traditional gifts for Diwali. The Shivram Peshawari & Bros Diwali Special Dry Fruit Gift Pack from amazon.in is a great gift option. It comes packed a beautiful silver colour box, and has high quality nuts packed in it. The pack contains 50 gm each of almonds, cashews, raisin, pistachios and dates. The total packet weighs 200 gm and is priced at Rs.559.

Travel Bag

Many of these labourers and staff live away from their families and are likely to travel frequently. Even if not, a travel bag is a useful gift that they will find use for in their daily lives. Rather than style, look for good design, high quality materials and durability. Consider this UNITEV Travel Duffel Bag that comes with an adjustable strap and measures 17x10x11 inches. It has multiple compartments inside as well as front pockets for easily storage. A comfortable padded carry handle is also available. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 339

Shadow GaneshJi Tealight Holder

Check out this Heaven Decor Metal Shadow Divine Lord Ganesha Tealight Candle Holder available on amazon.in. Diwali is a festival of lights and everyone prefers to decorate their houses with diyas and lights. Thus a light holder with an antique look is the ideal gift to give to your labourers. The piece is electroplated and features a golden colour. It is durable and reusable and measures 5 x 4 x 2 inch. This handicraft item is priced at Rs.70 here.


Cookware is not only practical but a very useful gift for daily use. If you're looking for gifts for employees or staff consider cookware sets. Here again you have a variety of choice - you can even give one simple set of a kadai and serving vessel! Consider this elegant 3-piece Stainless Steel Handi Set for serving. With a capacity of 1000ml, 600ml, and 400ml, these vessels add a beautiful touch to any dining room. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 347.

Plastic containers are always a useful addition to any household. So large sets like these are also an option to give as gifts to your staff. These are also extrememly cost effective so you should have no worries fitting into your budget. This Princeware set of 10 pcs has containers of every possible size ranging from those of 100ml size to 4 liters ! Order it on Amazon for Rs. 284.

Budget Smartphones

Everyone needs a smartphone today! Whether its to be in touch with family or to communicate with your employer, smartphones are essential. Most labourers and home staff carry phones given the importance of being available, but you can always upgrage their phones with a latest model. This gift is particularly suited for your home staff who are the virtual backbone of your home. There are several low cost smartphones available today so you can easily find options for your budget. One such is this Micromax Bharat 2 Plus that costs Rs. 2,944. This smartphones with dozens of latest feature and is sturdily built. It has a 4 inch screen and 1 GB RAM plus a 1600 mAh battery. A good option indeed for simple use! Check this out and other such options on Amazon

Copper Jug

Since ancient times, storing and drinking water in copper vessels has been encourage in India. It is believed that copper helps kill germs in the water and purifies it. It is supposed to enhance the water its its beneficial properties which helps in improving our health in many ways. Given this, why not gift your employees a drinking jug made of 100% copper. These jug look good, are durable and are good for health. Order this jug on BatraNovelties for Rs. 528.

Another great gifting option is this Indian Art Villa Puja Copper Pooja and Thali Set from flipkart.com. Pooja thalis are actually Diwali accessories that are a must during the five day festival. Thus, gifting them is a wise option. The copper toned thali is made of copper. The whole set weighs 80 gm and the diameter of the thali is 12.7 cm. The product is priced at Rs.235 on the same site

Floral Single Dohar

Craft India Floral Single Dohar from flipkart.com is a useful gift. Labourers would love such a gift as a light blanket is very useful. The pack contains one dohar that has a width of 138 cm and height of 200 cm. The inner material is fallalin and the outer material is polycotton. It is washable and can be used in cold water wash with normal detergent. The design on the dohar is floral. The product is priced at Rs.485.

Festive Clothing

Festive clothing is also a popular option to gift during Diwali. Depending on your budget you can choose saris, shirts, pants/jeans or cloth material for your staff. Look for wholesale shops in your city to find great deals for bulk buys - this ensures you get the best price and you do not overshoot your budget while pleasing your staff. For women you can consider saris like this Green Fashion Art Silk that is available on Flipkart for Rs. 499.

Basic Home Appliances

Any gadget for the house is something that will be cherished by your staff. If the number of people you are buying for is small, ask them what they need rather than buying something arbitrarily! You can consider options like fans, mixie-grinders, toasters, induction stoves, all depending on your budget.

We have picked this cost effective yet popular mixer-grinder set for just Rs. 999. This sturdy machine from brand Lifelong comes with 3 stainless steel lars - one which is a liquidizing jar of 1.25 litre size, one the dry or wet grinding jar of 0.8 litre, and one chutney jar of 0.5 Litre. There are three speed options, so you can adjust as per needs. Available on Amazon.

Electronic Accessories

Headphones are for many of use an essential accessory - whether its taking a call while on the move or listening to music there is much that a good headset makes convenient. Your staff will love receiving personal use gadgets that helps to make their lives a little more fun. You will easily get a lot of options below Rs. 250. Check out this Zebronics set for Rs. 189. Available on Amazon, this set has a dual mode switch making it suitable for both smartphones and feature phones. Sturdy cable and good sound quality make it a great budget pick. Available on Amazon.

Pair Your Diwali Gift With a Cash Bonus!

Cash bonus is a ritual that is looked forward to by almost every employee, no matter what kind of work they do, perhaps more so by labourers as their meager earnings are often not sufficient to cover Diwali expenses . It is a reason to celebrate and everyone needs a little extra cash to splurge without thinking about their budget.

But don't just give the cash bonus and think you are done with your Diwali gifting responsibilities. Try and pair it with a box of sweets or a packet of dry fruits. Your labourers will definitely be very happy. You could also just pair it with a nice diya and it would look great. If your budget permits, then plan a small lunch gathering for them and then give them the bonus.

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Take Their Needs Into Account

Being thoughtful and caring towards the people who work for you not only makes them value you as an employer, the satisfaction is reflected in their work too. The kind of gifts you give can change the quality of their life. Spend a little time understanding their needs and concerns, and if viable, try to help them out. What they need may require little of you and may be insignificant in terms of monetary value to you, but to your workers it can mean a lot. Spread the festive cheer and your own Diwali will be better for it.