10 Diwali Gift Utensils That Are Perfect To Give To Friends And Family This Diwali(Updated 2019)

10 Diwali Gift Utensils That Are Perfect To Give To Friends And Family This Diwali(Updated 2019)

There are many kinds of Diwali gifts - utensils are one of the favourites as it is perfect for gifting families or even just for your own household. After all its also the best time to give our homes a little makeover. Buying stuff for the house is a Diwali custom. So this Diwali instead of customary dry fruits and sweet boxes, gift your relatives, and friends some beautiful utensils.

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Best Ideas For Useful Diwali Gifts in 2019

Well, a gift has to always be useful and meaningful for the receiver. That's why your Diwali gifts should be something which your recipient can enjoy and use daily. Because no one wants their special Diwali gift to dumped in the dark corner of their closet. So, always buy useful Diwali Gifts for your friends and family. The definition of useful Diwali gift can be varied from person to person, but few Diwali gift ideas which are considered highly useful are mentioned ahead.

Kitchenware and Appliances

Kitchenware as well as kitchen appliances are considered as an auspicious Diwali gift. These are useful and are a welcome addition to any kitchen so kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools, and other kitchenware items as your Diwali gift. They are available in different variety and price ranges so you can pick as per you budget. Such as you can buy expensive kitchen gadget like a microwave oven as your Diwali gift or you can buy an inexpensive set of kitchen cookware. You can easily order kitchen tools from the Amazon store or from the special kitchen utensils stores like pepperfry.com.

Scented Candles and Candle Holders

You can't celebrate Diwali the festival of lights without lamps and candles. This Diwali you can gift scented candles sets to your friends and family. There's so much variety that you can surprise with a cute Diwali gift. Such as floating candles, scented candles, aromatherapy candles, henna candles etc. Moreover, you can easily create candles at your home also. Otherwise from Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal like e-commerce websites you can order different types of candles easily.

Trendy Gadgets

Each year several gadgets come into the market that make our lives easier. Gifting these during Diwali is a great way to show your care and of course they make for exciting gifts too! Some options to check out include fitness trackers, smart watches, air purifiers, humidifiers, aroma diffusers and much more! With all stores offering discouts you can even get them at discounted prices thereby saving you tons.

Diwali Decorations

Everyone decorates their home before Diwali with a variety of colourful festive decorations. So, Diwali decorations would be an apt choice for a Diwali gift. Pick traditional decor elements like multicoloured Torans, hand painted Diyas and colourful lanterns made of paper. Like, candles you can order traditional handcrafted decor items from websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

5 Silver Plated Utensils: Special And Exclusive Diwali Gifts

Silver has been the metal of choice for utensils used by the royalties. This is because of the various health benefits that it's believed to have. Silver utensils are not just beautiful to look at but also long-lasting. If you take proper care of them, silver utensils retain their lustre for a very long time. Gifting silver utensil is considered a good omen in the Indian culture. Silver utensils might a lot more expensive than the steel or plastic kitchen utensils, but they can become a valuable family heirloom if taken care of properly.

Silver Plated Wine Glass Set

These beautiful handcrafted silver wine glasses are the perfect royal Diwali gift. Gift this classic set to your boss or anyone else you want to impress. There is beautifully detailed engraving work on each glass. This royal Diwali gift will definitely get you the attention that you deserve. Thes wine glasses come in a set of two, nestled in a red velvet box. They cost around Rs.1,915 and are available for sale online on mirraw.com

Salad Tray with 6 Disco Glasses

Silver bar accessories look elegant and classy. You can find a whole range of items to pick from - ranging from flasks, ice buckets, wine coolers and tools. Here's a really sophisticated ice cooler made of brass and a genuine silver plating. Available for Rs. 5331 at episodesilver.com/.

Hammered Silver Jug

Source www.amazon.in

A beautiful water pitcher or jug is a pretty centrepiece for your dining table and makes your dinner arrangement look more beautiful. This stylish and trendy silver water pitcher from Indian Art Villa will make an ideal Diwali gift. This water pitcher is made of hammered steel with silver coating, This water pitcher has a volume of 1.5 litres and has been handcrafted. You can buy this stylish silver water pitcher from amazon.in for Rs.1,055.

Silver Designer Cut Bowls

Dry fruits are a very common Diwali gift. But, if you are looking for something to serve them in then get the silver bowls set. The set includes two bowls beautifully designed with floral design, which are perfectly sized for serving snacks or dry fruits plus a tray. The beautifully polished set looks great as well and can be used for the decorative purpose also. You can order the beautiful set for Rs.1,299 from birdinblue.com

If you are looking for a larger set, then you can take a look at this 3 piece lotus cut bowl set in gold and silver. Available on goldgiftideas.com for Rs. 1,376, this is an impressive gift for your boss or your family elders.

5 Superb General Diwali Utensil Gifts To Consider

You don't necessarily have to gift silver utensils on Diwali. If you are planning on gifting utensils to your friends and family this Diwali, then we have plenty of pocket-friendly options for you as well. We have curated a list of a few popular gifts that people would love to receive.

Copper Fridge Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

Drinking water from copper vessels is known to offer health benefits. No wonder that the trend of storing water in copper containers has caught on in the last few years. This Diwali gift copper items to your family and friends so they too can experience its benefits. There are several options in the market today - from jugs, to glasses and bottles, there is much variety.

If you are looking for something simple then check this set of 2 copper fridge bottles from snapdeal.com for Rs.880 only.

Looking for something fancier? Then consider this lacquer printed copper bottle available on Amazon for Rs. 499. This sleek and compact looking bottle is leakproof making it handy from travel and daily use.

Elegant Wooden Spice Set

This wooden set is a beautiful set to use as serveware or spice jars. Handcrafted in sheesham wood, this is a simple yet sophisticated set that can be used as display peice or to serve freshners at the end of a meal. The set contains 3 jars, 3 lids, 3 spoons and one triangular tray. You can find this set on Amaozn for Rs. 899.

Non-Stick Cartoon Fry Pan

A non-stick pan shaped like cartoon animals is just the kind of fun gift that your friends will appreciate. This pan can be used to make quirkily shaped pancakes, fried eggs, omelettes etc. It is a great Diwali treat for the pancake-lover present in your life. It is also an amusing treat for children as they are usually fussy eaters and having fun shaped food items will help to get them to eat. This cartoon fry pan is also easy on the pocket. You can buy it for Rs.159 on bigbrandbox.in

Cookware Sets

Source www.amazon.in

Cookware sets are a great Diwali option - after all every kitchen would benefit from new sets! This pretty pink set from Pigeon comes with 1 tawa, 1 large kadai and one pan. Each of these have 4-layer non-stick coating which makes it durable and reduces the need for oil. The set also include a classy glass lid that fits both the pans. Order this set on Amazon for Rs. 1,232

Borosil Bowl Set

This set of Borosil square dishes with lids is classy and useful gift. Convenient with multiple sized bowls these bowls are microwave proof and durable. The bowl sizes are of 500 ml, 800 ml and 1600 ml.
Each of the bowls come with a sturdy and firm plastic lid so you can keep the food protected. Available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,690

Ceramic Tea Set

For every tea-drinking household, beautiful tea mug or cup sets are a joy. This Diwali consider gifting a full set - you could either give mugs , cup-saucer sets or full sets with tea pots. You can buy in bone china, stoneware or ceramic each of which comes at varying prices. If you want to give something exclusive consider this handpainted ceramic tea/coffe cups with saucers. The set has 6 cups of 120ml size with a saucer each. This eye-catching set is available on jaypore.com for Rs. 1,799

The Importance of Gifting on the Eve of Diwali

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of India and though primarily a Hindu festival is celebrated almost by all communities irrespective of religion. Sharing gifts before the Diwali is a beautiful customary tradition. Gifts are a way of giving thanks to the people who are a part of our life and also a gesture of appreciation. Gifts bring people joy and also brings them closer.

Paying Homage to Age Old Traditions:
Diwali is one of the oldest festivals of India. This festival is celebrated in every corner of India by a large number of communities and religions. The ritual of exchanging gifts on Diwali is an age-old tradition as well. Earlier, people use to share homemade gifts on Diwali such as sweets. But, with the change in our lifestyle, Diwali gifting patterns have also changed. Diwali gifts are no longer restricted to edibles but include a large variety of items including kitchen tools, kitchen utensils and home decor items. But though the gifts have changed the purpose behind giving them has remained the same. It doesn't matter, what kind of Diwali gift people exchange these days. It the thought and the tribute to the old tradition of Diwali gift giving is what counts the most.

Rekindling Old Bonds:
It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, receiving a gift from your near and dear ones always makes one happy. The occasion of Diwali seems to increase this happiness ten folds. Diwali creates an opportunity to visit old friends and rekindle relations with cousins and members of the extended family who we don't often get a chance to meet. A Diwali gift helps bridge the gap of non-communication and gives us a chance to reconnect with people.

Promoting Harmony and Unity:
Diwali indicates the harmony and bond between the different religions and people. With the Diwali gift-giving tradition, you can increase the feeling of harmony and unity among the people. You give Diwali gifts to your friends and family every year, this year try to be different and spread harmony. Buy useful Diwali gifts for your domestic and office help like kitchenware and other home utility goods for them. You can spread the spirit of unity by celebrating communal Diwali parties where a person from every religion can come and celebrate Diwali. With one simple Diwali gift, you can increase the feeling of harmony and unity around you

Celebrating the Joy of Diwali to the Maximum:
You can spread joy and merriment on the occasion of Diwali. Where you are celebrating Diwali with lots of sweets and fireworks, on the other hand, numerous orphan kids and poor people are searching for some joy on this colorful festival. That's why spread joy with these needy people and kids on the Diwali. And, trust us sharing your Diwali gifts with the poor people will offer you a tremendous amount of happiness and joy.

Expressing Your Feelings to Loved Ones:
If you can't express your true feelings with your words, a meaningful Diwali gift will do it for you. If you want to tell your mother that how much you love her and appreciate her presence in your life, then buy the latest kitchen gadgets for her to make her daily life easier. This way you can give your mother something which she actually wants and you will be able to convey your gratitude in the right way. So, make your Diwali gift a tool to express your true feelings.

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This Diwali gift your loved ones something useful

Utensils are something which is required in every household. Whether you are a single person living alone or a family of six, you will need some kind of utensils in your day to day lives. Giving utensils for Diwali shows that you care about the well being of your loved ones, and want them to live a healthy life.