Select the Best Gift Hampers this Diwali for Your Family: 12 Great Basket Gift Ideas(Updated 2020)

Select the Best Gift Hampers this Diwali for Your Family: 12 Great Basket Gift Ideas(Updated 2020)

Convenient and useful, Diwali Gift hampers are a versatile gifting option suitable for all the different people in your circle - from friends, family to colleagues and business partners. Best Present Guide has put together some wonderful Diwali hampers that are perfect to give to family, friends and even ideas for corporate gifting this Diwali.

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How to Select the Most Suitable Gift Hampers this Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and joy and one of the occasions in India when we love to exchange gifts with our near and dear ones. There are so many gift suggestions and hampers out there from which you can select the gifts for your friends and family. If this is your first time while selecting the Diwali gift hampers, we would like to give you few suggestions about selecting the gift hamper to make it easier for you.

  • Take age into consideration
    So, you have planned to send gift to your family this year but not everyone does fit in the same mold. Your parents would not have the same choice of gifts as the kids in your house. Rather than buying same gift hampers in bulk, you can definitely do some customisation.

  • Too expensive might not be too appealing
    Go against the common misconception that expensive is good and focus on something that is both useful and makes the receiver happy.

  • Know what's trending
    Agreed that there are safer choices when buying Diwali gifts for someone. However, it would also be predictable and even boring. Invest a little more effort in finding out what is trending this year before heading out to buy the gifts.

  • Don’t overcrowd the hamper
    Most of us think that the more items in a hamper, the better gift it is. However, sometimes you would be surprised to see that a lot of people do not like overcrowded hampers, rather they are more interested in the quality and functionality of the few selected items in the hamper.

10 Best Diwali Gift Hampers to Give Friends, Family and Colleagues

There are so many gift hampers out there, both online and offline from which you can select the one you think the person getting it would like. We have collated few gift items that is trending and popular amongst all the age groups.

Assorted Tea Hamper


If your most favorite people in the house are admirers of a good cup of tea, then we suggest tea gift hampers. You can buy the hampers that have small sachet of different flavor of tea such as chamomile tea, black tea, green tea and various types of herbal tea. To get the best tea gift hampers, you can count on They have a vast variety of the tea hampers from different brands ranging from Rs.700 to Rs.2,000. Additionally, you get to see the flavors that every box has before buying it and getting it gift wrapped.

We in particular likes the Goodwyn Elite Tea Box, 60 Premium Enveloped Tea Bags available at Rs.1,300 on There are six flavors and 10 sachets of each flavors assorted in the box. The flavors are classic Assam, green tea, Kashmiri kahwa green tea, masala chai, Darjeeling tea and English breakfast in enveloped tea bags.

Celebration Gourmet Basket

Sweets and snacks hold a very important place during the festivals. Obviously, the Indian tradition calls for making the sweets and snacks at home during the festivals, but we like a basket full of different items and flavors as much as home sweets. This Diwali, you can also buy gift hamper including sweet and savory flavors and items.

If you are looking a hamper that is both sweet and savourty, then this Natures Basket hamper is the perfect option for Gift. The hamper would cost Rs.4,185 and is a assortment of various items such as Cherry Preserve, Hazelnut Cocoa Spread , Mediterranean Chips, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Creamy Milk, Sour Cream N Onion snacks, Pista & Coated Almond among others.

Cake and Chocolate Hampers


Chocolate hampers have become a trend in recent years. You can go for regular chocolate or opt for exotic handmade types. Check out the nearest chocolatier or gourmet shop to find the right hamper. Or you can go online and order as well. Consider this curated hamper that has a great selection of flavours - a couverture box, nuts, a nougat bar and a cookie pack. Order on Smoor for Rs. 1,200.

Jewellery Sets


For the ladies in your house, this could be one of the most cherished gifts. Artificial jewellery are never out of trend and enjoy popularity among all age groups. Getting a jewellery hamper might not be that easy and here is where DIY comes into picture. Selection of jewellery would also depend on the age. For instance, teens would like a pretty pendent set with earrings whereas your mother might look forward to something which is perfect for wearing to a gathering or to her kitty parties. One piece that caught our attention is YouBella Jewellery Sets for Women Combo of Stylish Crystal set available on Buy it on a discounted price of Rs.399.

Home Décor


Hampers with little items for home decoration could make the day for those in your house who love to decorate their surroundings and also keep it changing regularly. There are so many options available when it comes to home décor items from tea light holders to vase, curtains and many more. For someone looking to fit a budget of under Rs.2,000 this Stone Set from Amazon would be the perfect gift. The set contains one candle holder, a vase and one platter. Available for Rs. 999.

Leather Accessories Hampers

For festival gifting, sweet savories are always best and safest choice option. However, there are so many other innovative ideas. You can go for accessories hampers that contains wallets, notepads, keyrings etc. Such hampers are great for colleagues or business associates. There are several combos available so you have flexibiity in the kind of hamper and also the cost. We have here a classy and exclusive Satya Paul Wallet Gift Combo that contains three different sizes of wallets. Packed in a lovely gift box it is a impressive gift set. Available for Rs.1,799 on Flipkart.

Grooming Kit


For men in the house, you can gift them a nice grooming set. It might sound weird, but you would be amazed to know that most men do not go to buy grooming kit on their own. However, they love it when someone gifts it to them. For a budget of under Rs.500 our pick is Park Avenue Essential Grooming kit. The kit consists of Park Avenue shave cream, 70 gm, talc, 100 gm, soap, 125 gm, after shave lotion, 50 ml, shave brush and razor. Buy it for Rs.249 on

There's no dearth of options in beauty hampers for women too. There are several types of hampers - beauty products, cosmetics, soaps - there is loads of choices that you can look through. We have picked this Nyassa Wooden Gift set that feature handpicked products. Packed inside a charming wooden box, there are 7 different types of products including hibiscus shampoo & conditioner, moroccan rose shower gel, body lotion, and 3 different kinds of handmade soaps. Get this on Amazon on Rs. 725


Perfume Hamper

Suitable for both men and women, a good fragrance is loved by all. Go for the safer and mild choices if you do not know the preferences of your family member well. There are various websites that offer perfume hampers under decent budget. THE MAN COMPANY set of 4 perfumes available on Myntra is our preferred choice for men. The hamper which is available for Rs.1,498 consists of 3 distinct fragrances. For a combo set, our pick is Titan Skinn Raw and Celeste Gift Set for Men & Women available for Rs.2,099 on

Perfume set too personal? You can give out this Rose Aroma Gift Set which contains floating candles, incense sticks, ceramic candle and a holder. Available on Amazon for Rs. 349


Spa Kit

Ideal for all age groups for the whole purpose of spa kit is to make you feel rejuvenated and energized. There are various spa kits available in the market for men and women. Of all the hampers in budget, our pick is Bare Essentials Body Jewel Gift Hamper available on Flipkart for Rs.600. The combo includes Avera Orange Massage Oil - 100 ml, wet wipes, a hand Mirror, detangling comb, loofah, Avera hand disinfectant - 50 ml. The hamper is ideal for women who love to take care of themselves and their body.

Another product in the spa kit category is the Kama Ayurvedic wellness gift box available for Rs.1,920 here. While selecting the spa kit, ensure that the hamper you are selecting is idle from gender point of view. While men today are become more serious about their grooming and personal hygiene, they would definitely not like the lilly or lavender fragrance spa kit. You can go for the ayurvedic and herbal products that are unisex.

Religious Hamper


Diwali is celebrated in India to mark the day when Lord Rama came home. The festival holds great significance form the religious point of view. If you are looking to design the hamper with religious undertones, there are several options available online as well as in the offline stores. You can also DIY when it comes to religious hampers by putting various items related to Diwali Puja in a gift box. Diyas, idols of Ganesh and Laxmi, puja samagri and sweets are few items that are used during the puja.

One of the several hampers that caught our attention is extravagant and comprehensive Diwali Hamper for Rs.3,497. The hamper includes everything you may need like Lakshmi puja book,a Lakshmi Ganesh Photo, a Lakshmi Ganesh 2" murti, a Lakshmi Ganesh shubh labh coin, a Diwali series lights, dhoop & diya, etc, plus an agarbatti stand, a Arti CD, a sweet dabba, a Lakshmi Paduka, a toran, candles among many other things. Buy it from

In case you want something more affordable check out gift hampers like these that have a simple selection of lamps, toran and a gift box. Check out this selection of ours at for Rs. 1.400.

Quirky Diwali Gift Hamper


Instead of standard Diwali items, why not give something different that will also be more useful. Check out this Diwali hamper that contains 2 Diyas, a large Feng Shui Blue Evil Eye amulet, a wall plus a photo frame. This no-fuss gift hamper is ideal for friends or colleagues. Order it on Amazon) for Rs. 549


Here's another cool gift hamper idea - this set contains 2 Diyas,an idol of Ganesha Sitting on Leaf plus a mug printed with Diwali whishes. You can get this too on Amazon, where it is priced at Rs. 609.

Diwali Gift Hampers Offered by Luxury Hotels

There are several high-end hotels in the country that offer exclusive Diwali gift hampers every year. For instance, Vivanta Taj offered hamper consisting of marzipan fruits, homemade macaroons, signature Taj chocolates, and a delicious mava cake along with diyas handcrafted by children from an NGO based in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. For this year's offerings contact the hotel in your city.

Similarly, The Oberoi in Gurgaon offered range of luxury gifting hampers for Diwali with homemade exotic mithai, macaroons, and dry fruits and various other gourmet items placed in the handcrafted boxes.

How to Get Great Diwali Gifts Without Striking A Wrong Note

There are few suggestions that would help you to select the Diwali gifts without blowing a hole in your pocket.

Decide on the Budget

There is no dearth in the availability of gift hampers in the market but when you are considering making purchases for the whole family, a ceiling on budget should be decided upfront. This will help you to decide all the gifts within that budget. On the contrary, if you start shopping randomly without deciding on the maximum you want to spend on the gift of one family member, you will end up spending a lot more than your budget.

Avoid Socially Unaccepted Undertones

Be sensitive and careful about what you are selecting as a gift for different age groups in the family. Being funny is different from being disrespectful in your expressions. For instance, if you are gifting a tee to a teenage girl, make sure that it does not have any offensive quote. It is better to select a floral or pattern design rather than a tee with a questionable quote. It is because you do not know how someone perceives something and maybe it was not your intention, but others might feel offended.

Don’t Go for Over-Experimentation

Focus on simple and elegant gifts rather than going overboard with the experiments. You might have come across the websites talking about how you can add a bit of quirkiness in your gifts. However, you might want to consider the relationship between you and the one for whom you are purchasing the gift before considering adding that quirkiness in the hamper. If you are buying the gifts for brothers and sisters, a small dose of peculiarity and funny tone is acceptable. However, when selecting the gift for the elders, make sure that it brings smile on their face and does not turn the atmosphere in the room weird.

Gifting Should Not Be Taken too Seriously

In the aforementioned point, we discussed considering age before buying the gift. However, selecting the right gift is just about striking that fine balance between the ideal gift and adding some fun to it. If you are thinking to buy an insurance plan or mutual fund plan for your parents or the kids, then keep it for some other time. We are not saying that they would not be happy on receiving an investment plan or insurance policy but festivals are more about joyous and fun gifting. Too serious gifting, no matter how productive it is, in the long run might dampen the spirit of the festival.

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Include a mix of gifts

There are so many things that make Diwali stands out - the lights, sweets and snacks, and of course the gifts. Try include a few different aspects of Diwali in your gift hamper; mix sweets with diyas, or snacks with a different gift item.Even if you do not want to add food to your gift hamper, ensure there are complimentary items or that it has some sort of unifying theme.