Best Diwali Mithai Gifts for 2020: Delicious Traditional Indian Sweets from 15 States and Where to Buy Them Online

Best Diwali Mithai Gifts for 2020: Delicious Traditional Indian Sweets from 15 States and Where to Buy Them Online

Diwali and delicious mithai are synonymous with its delectable flavours and brilliant colours and shapes. If you are giving Diwali sweets as gifts, why not explore our country's varied option rather than the standard ladoo or barfil BP Guide shows you where to buy sweets online, everything from the hot favourites like Bikanervala and Haldiram sweets, to Diwali gift packs and the specialties from states across the country.

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The Significance of Sweets at Indian Celebrations

In India, celebrations have a different significance than the rest of the world. We Indian might practice different religions and follow different customs. But, apart from being different from each other, we are very alike in numerous ways. No Indian celebration is complete without the sweetness of our traditional sweets. Every festival starts with sweets and ends with these delicious mithai. Especially Diwali is a festival of sweets and crackers where we all share sweets with each other. If we pull Diwali sweets out of the Diwali celebration, then the whole celebration loses it's true meaning. However, have you ever wondered why sweets are so important for our celebrations and why every Diwali gift packs consist of sweets. Well, let’s find out the answers.

Indian Sweets are Very Diverse

The diversity of Indian people is reflected in its sweets. The term sweets are just a generic term whereas Indian sweets can be further categorised into numerous types based on place, ingredients and style of preparation. Basically, every state of India has its own special type of sweets which will we look at ahead. However, during Diwali, people prefer the more popular sweet preparations like gulab jamuns, halwa, barfi, laddo, etc. These sweets can be further sub categories such as sohan halwa, gajar ka halwa, badam ka halwa, etc. One article isn’t sufficient to name all the Indian sweets, so just make your celebrations special by ordering sweets online.

Indian Mithai can Make Any Event Special

It’s not just the festivals or weddings when sweets are eaten by Indians. No, any occasion can be made special with the different flavors of sweets in Indian households. From the birth of the baby to the wedding of that baby, in every important occasion of his life sweets are included. To make every even special the presence of sweets is very important and when we are talking about the special event like Diwali, then in your Diwali gift packs the addition of sweets is very important.

Mithai Has a Spiritual Connection

Diwali is a spiritual festival as well as a festival of colors. That’s why sweets also have a spiritual connection according to Hindu mythology. All the ingredients used in making sweets like milk, sugar, dry fruits, etc are considered as ‘sattvic’ according to Ayurveda. Which means they are pure and can be eaten by the god himself. That’s why during Diwali poojas sweets are served to the god to take their blessings. And, the sweets are vegetarian and most of the Indian people are vegetarian as well, so that’s why most of the Diwali gift ideas include sweets in them.

15 Special State-Wise Diwali Mithai of India and Where to Buy Each

As we have mentioned in the beginning that every Indian state has its own special type of sweet which is totally unique from any other, hence this Diwali you can broaden your palate with a myriad variety of sweets. So, try to indulge yourself and your guests in the sweetness of some other state this Diwali and spread some happiness by ordering following sweets online.

Assam: Narikol or Coconut Ladoo

Your Diwali gift packs can become highly popular among your friends and family if you include the special Assamese sweets in it. Narikol or commonly known as coconut laddu is the traditional Assamese sweet dish which is made of shredded coconut. It is a very healthy and delicate sweet which will be ideal as a Diwali gift. You can order coconut laddus from for ₹294 to celebrate various other festivals too, such as Sankranti, Holi, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Mother`s Day, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Festival, etc.

Bihar: Khaja

From the North Indian state Bihar, flaky dumplings made of refined wheat flour are fried and dribbled with sugar syrup to create the delicious khaja, which can be your Diwali mithai gift this year. Khaja is a very simple sweet which is a mixture of flour, sugar and other dry fruits deep fried in the oil, and then deeply soaked in the sugar syrup. This festival delicacy of Bihar can be ordered online from and for this sugary heaven, you just have to pay ₹225 per box.

Goa: Bebinca

Bebinca is a very popular Goan desert which is originated by the Portuguese who settled in Goa. In the local language, it is also referred to as bibik or bebinka. It is mainly a type of pudding and is very popular among Goan, East Indian, and Mangalorean cuisines. This rich and smooth legendary sweet from Goa can be part of your Diwali gift packs. This layered dessert of flour, sugar, butter, egg yolk, coconut milk and almond delight can be ordered from for just ₹340.

West Bengal: Rosogulla

When you want to include happiness, culture, and heritage in your Diwali sweets box, then you can’t miss the sweet heaven of West Bengal aka rasgullas. Yep, the white little balls of sweetness dripped with the smooth silky sugar syrup is the pristine desert. If you include the box of rosogolla in your Diwali gift ideas, then your friends will definitely wait for your Diwali gift every year. These soft sugary balls can be ordered from where the famous KC Das products are available for the sweet price of ₹414 for 1 kg.

Uttar Pradesh: Balushahi

Uttar Pradesh is well known for it is rich and crispy food items. There numerous delicacies of this state can bring water into your mouth. However, the most delicious and perfect for Diwali gift packs would be the balushahi. The sweet which is made from fresh jaggery and refined wheat flour. Buy a 300 gm box of balushahi for ₹61 only from the leading sweets online store

Karnataka: Mysore Pak

This mithai box of mysore pak by Haldiram sweets is a perfect piece of confectionery to gift to someone who is truly near and dear to you. It is an ideal present for any given occasion. This Diwali sweets box can be the huge smile to its recipients face anytime. The velvety and melting nature of the Mysore pak can make you addicted to this dessert. Karnataka has truly blessed us with culinary delights. This dessert can be ordered from for ₹255.

Kerala: Nei Appam

If you want to include the husky and coconut flavors of Kerala in your Diwali sweets. Then, you can try your luck with the ideal Kerala desert ilayappam. This desert is made up of the rice flour which is stapled vegetation of Kerala. Rice flour steamed along with coconut scrapes, cardamom and white sugar in a small portion of banana leaf and then this authentic Kerala snack forms. This sweet can be ordered from the website called where numerous other traditional sweets are also available.

Madhya Pradesh: Mawa Bati

From the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, a very beautiful and smooth mithai has been picked up for your Diwali gift pack. Mawa bati is around shaped sweet looks lot similar to the gulab jamuns, but it is made of condensed milk. The milk is boiled on high flame and is constantly stirred to form the mawa and out of this mawa round balls aka bati are made with lots of sugar and other ingredients. These flavors can sweeten your Diwali this year. Order this delightful desert of Madhya Pradesh from for ₹240 per kilo.

Maharashtra: Kaju Katli

This sweet which can easily melt in your mouth leaving the mellow sweetness and richness of the kaiju's behind is none other than kaiju katri. This sweet is pretty much available everywhere in India, but originally this dish has been made in Maharashtra, mainly, because in Maharashtra cashew nuts are grown are grown in this region. These white, creamy nuts are used to make the mawa which form the base of this rich desert. This stylish kaju katri can uplift the spirit of your Diwali celebrations so don’t think about ignoring kaju katri from your Diwali gift packs people. The sells numerous Indian sweets online so from there you can order this Marathi sweet for ₹377 for a 250 gm pack.

Odisha: Chhena Poda

Now, let’s take a trip to the coastal states of India where plenty of unique deserts are available. Such as the chhena poda of Odisha, which is not a very popular sweet in the other regions of India, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t good. No, this dessert of Odisha is very tasty and somehow looks like some sort of cake from the far. But, it’s very different as it is made up of the chhena aka mawa which is used in numerous Indian sweets. So, to make your Diwali gift ideas different try to include chhena poda in it which you can easily order from a local restaurant or food store like Spencers for Rs.250.

Rajasthan: Ghevar

A little touch of Rajasthan is a must in your Diwali sweet gift boxes and when we are talking about the authentic rajwadi sweets, then only one name pops first in the mind. Yep, indeed we are referring to the rich, crispy and web like ghevar. This is a very unique looking desert it looks like a web, but it tastes like a crispy, sugary heaven. To be honest, making the perfect web of ghevar is a real work of art and it takes ages to master the look. So, to order this crispy sweet, you have to pay between ₹600-₹900 to order it from

Punjab: Pinni

If we are talking about Indian sweets and don’t include the rich Punjabi sweets in it, then that would be a crime. Because the Punjabi love their food and especially their sweets. So, the dessert which can be located in every Punjabi household during the winters is pinni. The delicate balls of flour, sugar, mawa and lots of dry fruits are the staple sweets of Punjab. Moreover, this sweet can be easily preserved for 2-3 months in cold temperature as only dry ingredients are used in making it. So, your friends can savor the pinnis for a longer duration of time and can remember you. The Haldiram’s pack of 500 gm pinni can be ordered from for ₹275.

Haryana: Gond Ke Ladoo

Let’s shift your focus towards the neighboring state of Punjab, Haryana which offers you the sticky and healthy gond ke laddoo. These laddoos are made up of dink, also known as gond and Gunder (edible gum in English), wheat flour, ghee and lots of dry fruit. The preparation for these laddoos starts in winter. The ingredients in the laddoo are excellent for health and are known to give added strength and heat to the body during the cold season. These Haryanvi laddoos sweets can be part of your Diwali sweets treat, just order box of dink laddoos from for ₹300.

Uttarakhand: Bal Mithai

From the state of mountains, you can try out the special desi ghee Bal Mithai. This sweet is very popular in the lofty hill town of Mussoorie. Just try one bite of this sweet and you will immediately fall in love with this mountain sweet. Well, to make this mithai lots of special ghee of mountain cow and truck loads of nuts are sprinkled in these sugar balls. If you haven’t yet thought of including bal mithai in your Diwali gift packs yet, then make your decision fast as is selling this sweet online for ₹250 for a 500 gm box.

Bonus Diwali Mithai Gift: Jumbo Mixed Mithai Pack

Diwali is a grand festival, so you have to think grand in your Diwali sweets selection as well. Yep, if you can’t make your mind about the one mithai, then why to settle for one. Just order one box of all the above mentioned sweets and then make your own jumbo mixed mithai pack out of them to share with your friends and family this Diwali. This will make your Diwali gift packs unique as well as you can bring all different delicacies of Indian sweets together.

Or you can order Dilkhush - a Special Box from Haldirams. The 1.8 kg box is great to gift to a large family and it contains sweet and savoury items as well as dry fruit - a 150 gm pack of navaratan mix, strawberry bite, 130 gm, mango bite, 120 gm, orange bite, 125 gm, mewa bite, 130 gm, gol kachauri, 350 gm, anjeer dryfruit, 165 gm, khajur dryfruit barfi, 200 gm, salted kaju, 120 gm, almond, 120 gm and methi mathri, 160 gm. That's 11 items in all at a price of Rs.1,316 at You can place a bulk order directly at the website.

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Try a mix of new and regular items

There are certain things no one likes changed - sweets, gifts, fireworks and pretty lights are some thing inextricably linked to Diwali. In the same way, the festival is incomplete without specific sweets and too much of a new thing may not be appreciated. Giving chocolates and gourmet desserts may be catching on but is a completely different thing; when it comes to a box of mithai, there are sweets people are expecting to find inside. The best way would be to have a mix of the regular sweets with a few new ones people may have never tried before.