10 Unique Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes and Hampers for 2020: For a Sweet Note This Festive Season, Gift One of These!

10 Unique Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes and Hampers for 2020: For a Sweet Note This Festive Season, Gift One of These!

When everyone around you has had their fill of Diwali mithai and you want to be different, gift chocolate. Handmade chocolates, premium chocolates, artisanal chocolates, imported chocolates - there are enough bars, gift boxes, hampers, candy versions and gourmet chocolates to fit every budget suit every palate, and we have rounded up the best chocolate gifting options for this Diwali. So go ahead and pick one the gift box or hamper that best works for you.

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Diwali is a Reason for Celebration

Why Give Sweets During Diwali?

Diwali is a reason for celebration and party. It means a start of a new year, according to Hinduism. Thus, people prefer giving sweets to each other and welcoming the new year.

Diwali also calls for the end of harvest season. Farmers celebrate this occasion with great joy and celebrate it by eating and sharing sweets. It is quite legitimate as no celebration can be completed without sweets. People prefer to share the joy with not only their relatives and friends but also neighbours, work associates servants.

Chocolates are the Best Diwali Gift

Dumping the traditional sweets for chocolates is a good idea for Diwali. Not that the Indian sweets aren't delicious, but since everyone is either making them at home and gifting to others, people can get tired of eating so many sugary sweets. Chocolates on the other hand have a unique taste and most people who enjoy sweets relish their taste. It also comes in different packaging and different flavours. The best part is that all the age groups relish it and there is no way you can go wrong by gifting chocolate.

Research has also proved that eating dark chocolate in moderation is very good for the heart. It helps a person live longer by reducing chances of stroke. Also, helps with issues of memory decline and brain. Thus, it is always a good idea to celebrate with chocolate.

Focus on the Packaging as Well

Don't just buy a handful of different bars of chocolate and bundle them up as gifts; make and effort and decorate the gift properly. Make a chocolate bouquet or pack it a nice and fancy box. A good idea is to decorate the box with craft supplies and attach a note with a Diwali greeting on it.

You can also choose to simply fill the chocolates in a nice gift bag. This would give a good impression and the recipient might feel that you are actually interested in gifting. You could opt to make the chocolates and the box on your own by referring to the umpteen gift wrapping ideas available on the world wide web. This will make the receiver feel special.

Top 10 Chocolate Hampers to Gift Friends and Relatives This Diwali

A Big Box of Ferrero Rocher

Source www.amazon.in

We need hardly explain why this is the first and obvious choice. Ferrero Rocher is easily India's favourite chocolate and the next best thing would be a case of bottles of Nutela. Though this delightful hazelnut and chocolate treat is available in a number of different box sizes, we suggest this pack of 24 pieces that weighs 300 gm. Pair it with other chocolates if you wish, but this one's good on it's own. Buy a box for Rs.737 from amazon.in.

Source www.amazon.in

Gifting to a large family or a medium sized office? Then a single box of 24 pieces will hardly suffice. Send across this case of 16 mini packs of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, each containing 3 pieces of the candy. If you're into numbers, that's 600 gm of chocolate delight! This one's good for distributing among people and perfect for a bigger group. Order it for Rs.1,375 also from Amazon.

Truffles with Rose and Marzipan

We liked these Almond Chocolate Marzipan Truffles with Rose Flavour for the dash of traditional flavours. While nuts are a big part of Diwali gifting, roses are part of our festive occasions and food, and to have it all wrapped in one tasty chocolate bite makes this an appropriate Diwali gift.

The chocolate coating gives it crunch, while the delicious almond marzipan has a delightfully delicate flavour of fresh rose. Priced at Rs.399 for a pretty 250 gm box containing about 10 to 12 truffles. It takes 2 to 6 business days to deliver so place your orders well in time. Order these from chocolatevenue.com.

Luxury Chocolate Box

Assorted chocolates work best for gifting and this box of assorted, luxurious chocolates will sweeten anyone's days! The tastefully wrapped box of chocolate includes dark, milk, praline and nutty chocolates that will appease different taste buds. Opt for this when you don't want to gift other popular chocolate candy but don't want to over spend on fine confections either. This box has a good balance of quality and price. Order this for Rs.1,025 from giftsnideas.com.

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Small Boxed Diwali Gift

Source www.zoroy.com

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Small Boxed Diwali gift Hamper on their site is a great option if you want to gift a mix of things along with chocolate. The hamper consists of cookies, dry fruits and a candle with chocolates. Hence, it is perfect Diwali gift for a close friend or a cousin. The package weighs 998 gm in all and is delivered anywhere across India. The ingredients used are all vegetarian. The beautiful hamper is priced at Rs.1,249.

A Journey of Chocolate Through the World

This is a box of chocolates for when you want to impress, and not just anyone but someone with a fine palate and taste for good quality chocolate. Of, course, you'd also need to be willing to pay up Rs.3,470 to have the 250 gm box shipped to you from Brussels!

A Journey Through the World of Flavors, by Belgian artisan chocolatier Planète Chocolat, is a box of 54 pieces of carefully curated chocolate that has a mix of dark and milk chocolates made from cacao sources from across the globe. From the 80% Uganda with a a subtle roasted aroma, to 71% Ecuador with it's flavours of banana to the milky, mellow and sweeter chocolates made with cocoa from Vanuatu, Venezuela and Grenada (all ranging from 43% and 44%), there is a varied mix, each promising a different burst of flavour.

A true and unforgettable treat for chocolate connoisseurs. Order it here, keeping in mind it ships from Europe so ordering early is best.

Festive Gifting Diffuser and Chocolate Set

Source www.amazon.in

This Diwali Gift Combo is a good option for a well rounded Diwali gift with home decor items and chocolate. The hamper contains a ceramic diffuser and three different type sof chocolates, all neatly packed.

You will find several combo options on Amazon for this products,each coming with different chocolate types. A really great Diwali gift for your boss, colleagues or even a related. This hamper is priced at Rs.1,265.

Chocolates Gift Pack

Source adlersden.com

A chocolate love will love this gift back from adlersden.com. This Diwali special gift set is filled with great assortment of chocolate snacks - 7 different types from cookies to crunchy bits to chocolate sticks. The gift box is elegant and can be customised as the site offers 4-5 different options. Priced at Rs 1,245, this chocolate gift box is a delightful option for a sibling or your colleagues.

Assorted Chocolate Truffles in a Gift Box

Chocolate can really elevate a person's mood and bring a smile on his face. Thus, gifting this Pralines Belgian Chocolate Box from Qtrove is a good idea for a Diwali gift. The chocolates are packed in a beautiful box and weigh about 145 grams for 12 pcs. You can make your selection of a smaller or larger box. Gift this wonderful box to your boss or perhaps your friend and make them happy. This product is priced at Rs.750.

Diwali Chocolate Combo

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to make a hamper or gift pack of your own, the best bet would be to pick up a mix of chocolates and fashion your own gift basket. The Lindt Roased Almond Set from Cococart is a delicious option in the premium chocolate range. Lindt is a premium Swiss chocolate which tastes smooth and yummy. This site offers a large range of its varieties including orange, almond, milk etc. Buy a selection and enjoy making gift hampers people will love to get. This combo is priced at Rs.999.

Usually these chocolate are priced much higher but when bought in bulk, they can turn out to be much cheaper. Add these to your Diwali gift hampers, give them on their own or pair it with other chocolate or even a bottle of wine. Since these do not come in a hamper or with any sort of gift wrapping, you will have to wrap them yourself.

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Diwali Box

The Fantasie Chocolate Gift Hamper offers the chance to enjoy artisanal chocolate! It comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box made specially for gifting and has several different products. It is a hamper which contains Choclate Brownies, a Chocolate Box, an Artisan Bar and a Milk Chocolate bar. It is a wonderful hamper as it contains a lot of items and can be gifted to anybody. The hamper is priced at Rs.1,355.

Pink Ribbon Basket and Chocolate Hamper

If you want to make a grand gesture with your Diwali gift, then consider this chocolate gift box from Royce which is an exclusive chocolate brand from Japan. This small gift pack contains 5 types of chocolates, with including their bestselling flavours. In all the box contains 34 pieces, packed in a classy gift box. It can be a perfect gift for someone like your client or your boss - you are sure to impress them! The hamper is priced at Rs.3,450 on thier site.

Designer Chocolate Box

This sugar-free chocolate box from talash.com is a fantastic option for your father or father-in-law who needs to watch their sugar intake during the festival. From the well-known brand Ghasitaram, this hamper holds 15 piece of designer chocolates, all nicely arranged in a gift hamper box. This particular product is priced at Rs.699

Classic Truffles and Dry Fruits Diwali Treat

Source ayurbars.com

Ayurveda and chocolate must seem like a strange combination isn't it? Well, this is a unique product in the market where ayurvedic herbs have been infused into chocolate to make delicious chocolate bars. You get the goodness of the herbs and the chocolate while enjoying melt-in-mouth chocolate. Available only on ayurbars.com for just Rs. 400

Desserts Made of Chocolate are Also a Great Option

You could also do something unique, instead of gifting the same old market bought chocolates. If you have the time and interest, then opt for making some different desserts out of chocolate. People will highly appreciate it and relish it. Also, people are opting for more heealthy options. Thus, you can make a dessert with dark chocolate. One such recipe is the Chocolate Diya DIY from mylittlemoppet.com

Chocolate Diya

  • 250 grams khoya (reduce 1 liter full cream milk to get this)
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup jaggery powder

  • In a heavy bottom non-stick pot, add the crumbled khoya and jaggery powder and cook on a medium flame until all the jaggery has melted completely and well blended with the khoya mixture. This may take around 5-6 minutes.
  • Add unsweetened cocoa powder and mix well. Cook the mixture for another minute or so and put off the flame. Do not cook for longer, as it may turn hard and chewy and can be difficult to shape.
  • Remove the mixture on a plate to cool down enough to handle.
  • Make six equal balls from the mixture and shape them as diyas. If you are having trouble shaping the diya, it's okay. Just flatten the ball slightly , top with some chopped pistachio and enjoy as chocolate khoya peda.

Plan a Diwali Party for Relatives and Friends

Planning a Diwali party for friends and family is a good idea. It is always fun to celebrate a festival, especially when you have people around you. Thus, start by making a guest list. Check the numbers of the guest and based on that decide on a venue.

While planning a party, the main thing to remember is food. If the food is good, people generally enjoy the party. Thus, book a nice caterer in advance. Diwali is a busy week and it might happen that all the good caterers might be booked. Also, decide on a budget so that you do not overspend.

Also, pay some attention to the decor as well since it is Diwali. So, make sure to have lights and diya everywhere to ignite the vibe of the festival. You could also keep activities like rangoli making and fire cracker bursting to add fun to the party.

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Pair chocolates with other gifts

A combination of different items make the best Diwali gifts. It is a time when lots of gifts are being exchanged, many of them being sweets and chocolate. Rather than inundate people with lots of sweet items, create gift hampers with different items such as diyas or candles, home decor items and other Diwali gifts, and slip some chocolate into the mix.