This Diwali, Gift Crockery: 10 Superb Kitchenware and Crockery Sets Online (2019)

This Diwali, Gift Crockery: 10 Superb Kitchenware and Crockery Sets Online (2019)

Good crockery makes for excellent Diwali gifts and when there are such fantastic options at great prices available online why buy anything else. From sturdy kitchenware from trusted names like Milton, LaOpala and Borosil, to quirky, handpainted jugs and copper glasses, non-stick cookware and daily use stainless steel crockery, there is ample variety to suit every need.

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Why is Buying Crockery as Diwali Gifts a Good Idea?

Apart from clothes, gifts and sweets, an essential part of the Diwali shopping list is things for the home. Giving the house a makeover and doing away with old and worn out stuff is a pre-Diwali ritual that most Indian households follow. The kitchen is the heart of the home and buying things for the kitchen is not just an auspicious tradition but also an economic decision.

Considered Auspicious on Diwali:
During Diwali we worship Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Therefore making significant purchases during Diwali is considered lucky and auspicious. Gifting household items, gold items and sweets is particularly apt as it shares the message of well-being.

Functional and Durable Crockery:
Buying gifts for friends and relatives is a common Diwali custom, and crockery makes for an appropriate option. While picking crockery as a gift, make sure that it is of good quality and durable. When buying plastic utensils, always choose BPA free, food grade plastic. Stainless steel is another good choice if your budget is a bit higher. Pick utensils which are microwave and dishwasher safe, to make sure that they are suitable for the modern kitchen. If you are buying metal utensils or non-stick pans, it’s better if you pick one’s that have an induction based coating at the bottom.

Avail of Diwali Special Offers and Discounts:
Before Diwali most stores, both online and offline, have an influx of discount offers and deals. It’s always a smart move to take advantage of these offers while shopping for Diwali gifts. Pick stores which have a good stock and variety. Shopping online is another way to save up on money while getting to choose from a wide variety of products

Guidelines for Buying Good Crockery Online

Key Tips to Buying Online

  • Check the Dimensions and Material of Each Item: When shopping online for crockery and utensils, always check the product information carefully. The seller usually lists the detailed product information on the website, which includes, the size, colour and material of the product. We strongly advise you do this before making the purchase because product images online can often be misleading due to heavy editing and colour correction. Check the product dimensions to see if the shape of the utensil will suit your needs. If you are buying utensils to use in the microwave, pick round dishes and containers to ensure better results when cooking.
  • Compare the Prices on Different Websites One of the main benefits of shopping online is that you get to check various websites and compare prices and stocks. A product may get sold out on one website but will often be available on another. The prices on various websites also vary. So do your online market survey before making the final purchases. You may also get extra discounts when purchasing goods worth a certain amount. Use the coupon codes to save money.
  • Check Customer Feedback Most major websites have a review section which you can refer to if you want a detailed evaluation of the product that you are about to purchase, including the pros and cons. Read the reviews by experts and the ones which are marked as verified purchases. Sometimes the reviews come with photos as well which will give you a real look at the product that you are looking to purchase.

10 Amazing Options for Diwali Crockery Gifts You Can Buy Online

Here is some awesome stuff that we found online that would make great Diwali gifts. Take a look at our collection.

Copper Water Glass Set

Copper utensils have been used in India for ages. According to Ayurveda, copper utensils help in maintaining immunity, helps digestion, speeds up healing and relieves pain. A set of copper glasses can be used for multiple purposes. You can serve both hot and cold beverages in these beautiful tumblers from Qubic Inc. This Set of 2 Copper Tumblers with Lids is an ode to tradition and is perfect for serving everything from lassi to tea. Even plain water looks and tastes better when served in these beauties. Buy this elegant set for ₹448 from

If you are looking for a fun spin on tradition, then go for this Paisley Flower Copper Tumbler from Chumbak, featured above. This stylish piece has a colourful digital printed outer body and will look wonderful even as a desk accessory. Buy it for ₹795.

Stainless Steel Dinner Set

Stainless steel is a common fixture in most Indian kitchens and dining rooms because of its ability to sustain heat and durability. Indian cooking requires a lot of frying and stirring as well and stainless steel is sturdy enough to withstand all that. A lot of traditional Indian restaurants also serve food in stainless steel plates or ‘thalis’. Therefore gifting stainless steel utensils for Diwali is a practical decision.

This 24 piece dinner set from Sumeet is perfect for a large family. It includes 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates or side plates, 8 curry bowls, 4 tumblers, 4 spoons, all made from the finest quality stainless steel. The entire set is available for just ₹1,319 on, which makes it quite a bargain.

Water Pitcher

Nowadays we often drink water straight from the bottle which is fine but serving water from a pitcher is the proper way to do it, especially if you have guests over. A water jug or pitcher can be used to serve other beverages and drinks as well, like juices and alcoholic beverages like sangrias, beer and margarita. This pink stainless steel pitcher with butterfly motifs will make your dinner table look a hundred times more stylish. This hand painted dining table accessory from is the perfect gift for a newly married couple or anyone who is young at heart. Buy it for ₹1,295.

Glass Dessert Bowl Set

The way you present and serve a desert adds to its taste. With this beautiful set of dessert bowls from Borgonovo, creamy tiramisus, silky sorbets and even plain old vanilla ice cream will now look and taste even better. This set of 6 glass bowls have a capacity of 370 ml, and is the perfect addition to any kitchen or crockery cabinet. They are built like cocktail glasses and are therefore easy to hold. However cold or hot the desert may be, your hands will always remain protected from any discomfort. Buy this beautiful set for ₹1,149 only on

Milton Casserole

Milton casseroles are something that has been a part of our childhood memories. Thanks to these, we never had to consume a cold meal even before microwave ovens became a regular part of our lives. Perfect for storing everything from chapattis and curries to rice and noodles, these are as popular as they were twenty years ago. The familiar old utensil has got a stylish new look with the Milton Thermosteel Excel 2000 Casserole. Made of stainless steel, it has a capacity of two liters and a layer of tough insulation which keeps the food hot for a longer period. It’s hygienic and odour free, with handles for easy lifting and a snug fitting lid. It’s also dishwasher safe. Buy this beautiful set for ₹1,365 on

La Opala Dinner Set

La Opala is another brand which is an old favourite. Earlier, La Opala dinner sets were used only on special occasions or when guests came over. Serving food in La Opala signified luxury and opulence. Times may have changed but the brand has continued to maintain it’s image and provided us with utensils which are not just beautiful to look at, but high on quality.

The LaOpala English Lavender of 23 pieces Dinner Set is a perfect example of the brand’s elegant and simple sophistication. This white utensil set with beautiful lavender flower motifs includes 6 pieces of dinner and serving plates, 6 side plates, 6 curry bowls, 1 large serving plate, 2 serving bowls and salt and pepper shakers. The set is lightweight, microwave safe, break resistant, free of bone ash, scratch proof, and highly polished. It’s easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Buy this gorgeous set for ₹1,790 from

Ceramic Coffee Mugs


Coffee mugs may be one of the most commonly gifted items, but don’t let that deter you from choosing them as gifts. For one, coffee mugs are extremely useful and are always getting dropped or smashed. Therefore you can never have too many. This set of four plain white coffee mugs by Exciting Lives are a welcome change from the ones with motivational quotes, puns or funny slogans, flooding the market. These mugs area made of ceramic making them microwave and dishwasher safe. They have a capacity of 325 ml and are ideal for everyday use. With a price tag of ₹495 for a set of six, they make a pocket friendly Diwali gift for a friend, an office colleague or yourself! Buy them on Amazon.

Want something a little more exclusive looking? Consider this bone china cup saucer set of 6 which features a striking combination of pink and teal colour and prints of flowers and flying birds. Buy it on IndiaCircus for Rs. 1,046.

Borosil Serving Dishes


Borosil is name that you can trust when it comes to microwave and oven friendly utensils. The added benefit of Borosil dishes are that they are not just suitable for cooking but for serving as well, thus saving you the effort of washing and cleaning extra dishes. The Borosil IH77GS05811 Essential Combination Set comes with 3 cook-n-serve dishes of different shapes and sizes.

The set is made of borosilicate glass which is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees centigrade. It is completely non-toxic and unlike plastic will not leech chemicals into your food when heated repeatedly. The non-porous glass does not absorb odours and keeps the utensil stain free. The set includes 1 piece square dish with lid (850 ml), 1 mixing bowl (500 ml) and an EasyGrip casserole (1.1 liter). The product has a 2 years warranty. Buy it for ₹1,895 on

Cutlery Set


If you want to gift something compact and small this Diwali in keeping with the kitchen and dining theme, then our suggestion would be to go for a cutlery set. Cutlery is a highly useful part of a good dining experience, so it’s essential that you choose the right kind as per your needs. There are various cutlery sets available in the market. Don’t get confused by the sheer variety, pick one as per your needs.

If you are looking for something for daily use then pick the POG Floral Stainless Steel Cutlery Set, a 24 piece stainless steel cutlery set which comes with a stand for easy access. It’s priced at ₹449. A fancier option would be the Shapes Captain Cutlery Pack, a 24 piece set which comes packed into an elegant gift box with a price tag of ₹1,271. Both contain 6 pieces of dinner spoons, dinner forks, knives and teaspoons each. Buy them from

Non-Stick Cookware Gift Set


Any modern kitchen is incomplete without some non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware makes it possible to cook meals without using too much oil, making food healthier and easy to digest. You can fry things and sauté, without the need to drown your food in oil. That way you save both money and your health. While buying non-stick utensils always make sure that the Teflon coating used is of the best quality, because it often tends to wear off with use.

Our pick is the Nirlon Orchid Granite Cookware Combo Gift Set. The pretty pnk colour makes this set beautiful to look at and will brighten up your kitchen. But it’s not just the looks that make it a great choice. These utensils have an induction base, making them safe for electric stovetop, gas stovetop, oven top broil and ceramic stovetop. The set includes 1 flat tawa, 1 fry pan, 1 large kadhai, 3 ladles plus a glass lid. Buy it for ₹1,110 from Amazon. The site also offers several smaller sets, so choose as per your budget!

Choose Items Based on Utility over Appearance

Before buying utensils as Diwali gifts keep a few important things in mind. It’s easy to get swayed by appearances and pick something shiny and pretty. But sometimes pretty things are not very durable or functional. Therefore always go for quality over looks. Pick out things which are made of food grade materials and keeps toxins away from food, and products which do not break easily. Things which last a long time will always be appreciated more by the people you give them to.

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Keep an eye out for the latest products that make daily cooking easier. There are lots of innovative new tools, materials and gadgets being made that simplify life in the kitchen, make storage convenient and cooking more efficient. And when in doubt, always pick something that can be used on a daily basis or serves multiple purposes over a trendy appliance or kitchenware that has limited use.