Step Away From The Boring: 10 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas To Gift Your Wife on Diwali That'll Light Up Her Life For Sure

Step Away From The Boring: 10 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas To Gift Your Wife on Diwali That'll Light Up Her Life For Sure

Diwali is that one festival that we all look forward to eagerly - the lights, sweets, the crackers and of course the gifts make it all a truly joyous time. Make this Diwali even more memorable for your wife with a gift that is unique and unusual. From LED cushions to preserved roses, BP Guide India has put together a fantastic list of unusual ideas. So take a look and find a gift that's just right for her.

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Diwali, The Festival of Light, Love and Gifts

You know Diwali is around the corner when there are beautiful lights and lanterns decorated in balconies. Diwali is one such gracious occasion which symbolises the victory of good over evil. It is a festival of presenting gifts to your dear ones and house gathering of all your "dur ke rishtedar". It is a festival of lights and happiness. So, this Diwali, mark your goals to spread joy in your dear one's life and bring smiles on their faces.

The 'sHeros' of Diwali

We all have grown up listening to the tales of Lord Rama in our childhood. According to this tale, Lord Rama was sent to an exile for 14 years. During his exile, his wife Sita was kidnapped by an evil Lanka King Ravana, and Lord Rama had a long battle to rescue his wife. After killing the Lanka King, Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned to Ayodhya where the city celebrated their victory by lighting diyas in the corner of their house and street. The real meaning of Diwali was taught from this tale that all the darkness of your life can be eradicated by lighting diyas, and that the good is always victorious over the evil.

Sita Goddess, the wife of Lord Rama, an avatar of Lakshmi--the goddess of wealth, is known for her courage, dedication, purity and self-sacrifice. Your wife is your real-life Sita who is always there with you in the ups and downs of your life. From handling the household affairs to looking after the children and managing her professional life, she sets a benchmark of dedication and self-sacrifice in all that she does. This Diwali, let’s appreciate her for the essential roles that she has been playing in your life with a gesture of affection in the form of a gift.

Gift your Loving Wife What She Loves

A New Gadget

Every day there is a new mobile launched in the market. Maybe your wife would love to have a phone with better and new features, or perhaps it would help her manage her professional or work life more easily by upgrading to a gadget with new features. A new mobile phone or a gadget that would make her life easier is a great gift choice!

Jewellery - A Women's Best Friend

A gem of your life deserves a beautiful gem on her finger. Jewellery gives an edge to a woman's personality and style. You can gift her a necklace, earrings, bangles, ring, pendants and many more. Before you select jewellery for your wife make sure you are aware of her choice and type of jewellery she like whether it is gold or silver. You can shop beautiful jewellery from Tanishq from their gifting section online. Also, you can request for custom-made jewellery from them. The range of the pieces may vary according to your selection.

A Gift for Her Wardrobe

Well, all women know that shopping for clothes is like a burden on the husband. So, this Diwali, surprise your wife by taking her to shop. Diwali calls for a traditional saree, or maybe you can take your wife to her favourite brand and get her what she likes. During Diwali time, there is generally a lot of sale buzz all around, so a shopping spree might actually not be so heavy on your pocket as you imagine!

Gifts To Add Dose Of Health

If your wife is health conscious, you can gift her health maintaining-products such as health drinks or even a curated box of dried fruits and health bars. You can pair up such small presents with a handbag or a clutch or multi-purpose pouch.

Top Diwali Gift Ideas for your Wife

If you think the above gifts are common, then you can take your level up and buy something more unique. There are many ways to gift your wife by curating the gift by yourself. There are many stores that allow you to personalise your gifts and so you can approach them and get your gift ready.

Me and You Personalized Candle


Light up her day by gifting her personalised candle with a print of your favourite picture over it. You can order your candles from The price of the candle is Rs. 499. Your gift will contain one personalised candle. Remember that this candle can be used only once. Make sure to keep the candle away from children and ensure there is no flammable material nearby.

Crystal Statement Necklace

Necklaces with diamonds in it will never fail to surprise your beloved one. Swarovski is one of the best brands to buy precious jewellery for your wife. They have mastered the art of making every woman fall for their jewellery pieces. One such gift that you can present to your lady is a mixed white necklace with rhodium plating. You can buy this from their website or purchase from a physical Swarovski store. The necklace is for Rs.27,900. Its 39 cm long while the pendant is of 2*2 cm. The best part of this necklace is that it gives a vintage glamour feel and is also detachable, so you can wear it in two different ways. Of course, Swarovski has many other options for you to consider from delicate rings and earrings to bracelets and more! You can find great jewellery even in a budget of about Rs. 5000.

Nykaa Party Tonight! Combo


Rightly said, "Give a woman a right lipstick, and she can conquer the world ." Makeup is one of the common essentials that you will find in a woman’s wardrobe, and it is one such thing that the ladies just don’t get enough of, at least most of them! So, if your wife is a makeup buff, you can get her the Nykaa Party Tonight! Combo this Diwali.

Priced at just Rs. 3892, the combo includes Nykaa Get Cheeky! Duo Blush- Malibu Barbie which gives natural flush to apple of your cheeks. Nykaa Rock the Line Kajal Eyeliner that delivers a dark black pigment, Nykaa Nail Enamel-226 Golden Ticket to give a golden sparkle to the nails, Nykaa pout Perfect lip and Cheek Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Lipstick (shade Kiss-n-Tell Pink 02) for the perfect coverage of matte lipstick and precision of a liner, Nykaa Brow Chika WOW Eyebrow Pencil (shade Coven Cocoa) to hold the brows for 8 hours, Nykaa so Matte Lipstick (shade Naughty Nude) for a creamy finish and pout-worthy lips, Nykaa Glow Getter Highlighting and Illuminating Duo (shade Glitterrati 02) for added radiance, and finally, the Nykaa Party Edit Clutch - Midnight Sparkle which has a shimmering glitter design with a Push-lock closure that makes the box clutch an evening must-have! Quite a deal for the price…what do you say?

Scented Romance


The smell of perfumes is breath-taking and can change anyone 's mood. Titan Skinn is one of the best perfume gifts to present your wife. The perfume is curated with mandarin, green apple, jasmine, violet leaves, cashmere, musk. The packaging is travel-friendly. The fragrance is refreshing every time it is sprayed. The perfume is inspired by the fresh Mediterranean breeze, and the fragrance is enchanting, to say the least.

Name and Nostalgia

Wall arts are one of the ways of storing your memories for a longer time like photo frames, but just a simple photo frame will turn too common, so you can spice your gifts by ordering names and nostalgia from You can order a unique photo frame designed to clip 5 of your favourite pictures on a pinewood plaque with handcraft alphabets with your loved one’s names. Once you are sure to order this share the name and the photos with them in the order form while making payment. The price of the gift is Rs. 1,990 with free delivery charges. You can share maximum 8 alphabets and 5 photos. The size of the plaque is 15 * 4.5 inches while the size of each photos is 2 * 1.5 inches. You can change the name on plaque into other words like Family, soulmates etc.

Personalised LED Cushion Yellow


Fairy lights have always been in the spotlight when it comes to decorating your bedroom, but LED Cushion has stolen all the limelight to decorate your bedroom. You can gift your wife personalised LED Cushion with your favourite picture printed on it. You can order your personalised LED cushion from for Rs.599. The product is made of canvas poly duck material and is in size of 10 * 11 inches. The cushion is filled with recron. The instructions to install the battery are clearly provided along with the product. Moreover, you can also have cool quotes or graphics printed on the cushion instead of a photograph. This personalised cushion is an adorable gift that can add a glow to your bedroom or living space. Be sure to have the picture or quote that you would like to personalise the cushion with ready when placing your order!

Charcoal Portrait

Photo frames may seem outdated to fill your empty wall. Give your home a unique look by hanging some cool portraits of your loved ones. Make it special by opting for a charcoal style portrait!
You can order such charcoal portraits from for Rs.1999. The portrait on this website is handmade and is created by professional artists. The size of the portrait is about 14 * 16 inches and one portrait cover 2 objects, which means you can order a duo picture to be sketched as well! You may also request to have the size of the portrait changed by contacting the seller during the order placement. Note that the portrait does not include a photo frame, so be sure to arrange for that separately.

Jigsaw Magnet

You can stick jigsaw magnets on the fridge to surprise your better half. These magnets can be personalised with your favourite picture print on it. You can order your magnets from for Rs.790. The gift contains 2 magnets with four pictures in each. You need to provide 8 images in total. The size of this magnet is about 3.25 * 3.25 inches.

Personalised Crystal Ball


Gone are the days when you use to gift your wife crystall ball with snow glitter in it. It is time to think out of box! Personalised Crystal Ball can be the best gift where you put your favourite picture on a crystal box. This looks gorgeous when placed on the corner table of your bed. You can order it from The ball is sized 4 * 4 * 0.9 inches. You can personalise it with a photograph for which you need to upload a high-resolution picture of minimum 300-dpi. Depending whether or not you wish to personalise with your favourite photograph, the price of the gift will vary. This glass crystal ball is a very precious gift, and there's no better time than a festival like Diwali to gift your dear wife this unique present!

Chezmax Handmade Preserved Rose


A rose is a classic and evergreen symbol of romance! How about gifting your wife a handmade, preserved rose and wooing her all over again? You can order this from for Rs.1,958. This preserved handmade rose comes beautifully packaged in a silver rose-shaped metal box. The rose is made by dehydrating and drying a real, fresh rose flower! It is 6.8 * 2.67 inches in diameter and 6.3 * 2.48 inches in height. A gift that stays alive for a long, long time (up to a year)! Now, isn't that something delightful?

Titan Raga


Gift your wife a watch from Titan Raga Twirl Pink Dial Analog from Titan showroom or online store. This beautiful piece is for Rs. 7510. The size of the metal watch is 42.40 * 8.60 * 32 mm. The shape of the dial is round. This comes with a 24-months’ warranty for the watch movement and 12-months’ warranty for the battery from the date of purchase.

Tips to Make your Diwali Gift Special

Go on a Date Night

You can take your wife for date night on Diwali night or any of the 5 days to spend some quality time together. You can go for a quiet romantic dinner, catch up the latest blockbuster movie, watch your wedding video, dance to old records, or just binge-watch web series! The choice is yours, but the idea is to spend some quality us-time!

Book Her a Relaxing Spa

After working for 9 to 10 for 365 days in office and handling household, you should definitely treat your wife with a relaxing session in the spa. You can gift your wife Aroma Thai Spa Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 1,200 from The gift card is valid for 3 months and can be used only by the user. The Gift card offers a variety of therapies such as Foot Reflexology Massages, Body Massages, Face Refreshers and Manicures/Pedicures and cannot be exchanged with cash.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Make your Diwali special by taking your wife for a balloon ride where you both can enjoy the city at bird's eye veiw. You can get this experience from for Rs. 26200. All you have to do is arrive at venue at Orritel Hotel, Talegaon, Old Pune Mumbai Highway. The ride is between 45 mins to 1 hour from Monday to Thursday. If you want to this ride in weekends then extra Rs. 3800 will be charged. Hot air balloon ride can be cancelled after checking the weather conditions. Booking once done cannot be cancelled but can be postponded.

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Make Your Gift Personal To Your Wife

While its a great idea to step outside your usual comfort zone and buy her a unique gift, you must choose something that matches her style and preferences. Don't worry - you know your wife best, so all it takes is some effort to look around to find something different from the usual but still truly "her".