Make this Festival of Lights Memorable with These Presents (2019): 10 Elegant and Pocket-Friendly Diwali Gifts under 300

Make this Festival of Lights Memorable with These Presents (2019): 10 Elegant and Pocket-Friendly Diwali Gifts under 300

Five or fifty, age becomes just a number when it comes to the festival of lights. Exchanging presents on Diwali has become a tradition today. Celebrate this Diwali without having to compromise on your budget as we bring you some of the best and unique gifting options for Diwali to be presented to your near and dear ones, best part being, they are all under Rs. 300! Read on to find more information about these gifts.

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Spark Happiness with the Festival of Lights

Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs mainly celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. It showcases a lavish affair spread all across the country and is one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals which is loved by both - kids and adults alike.

It is called the festivals of light for it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. The festival traces its origin back to the time when Ram defeated Ravana and returned to his home town Ayodhya after fourteen years. Even today, the festival is a big affair across the country - a celebration involving houses being lit, exchange of gifts and sweets, family get-togethers and pujas.

In this article, we would be sharing with you how you could go an extra mile this Diwali and make it extra special for your loved ones. We’ve also picked some gift options under Rs. 300 which would add that spark of joy in someone’s life, this Diwali. Scroll below to read more.

How to Make Your Diwali Extra Special

Even though Diwali as a festival has a religious history, it also is a way for families to come together and spend some time together, through this celebration of Diwali.

That is why you could take the festival of lights as an occasion to have a great family get together and also enjoy the festival for yourself by being involved in a few activities and gestures which compliments the festival.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your Diwali break and celebrate for yourself and with your family.

Decor & More: Lighten Up Your Home

Diwali is called the festival of lights for a reason. During Diwali, you see houses and lanes all lit in colorful string lights showcasing the celebration. It acts like a reminder that Diwali is paving its way and along with it is the celebration.

So what you can do to get the celebration started is lighten up your home with colorful string lights or get those diyas and use them to showcase this festival of lights.

You can quirk around while looking for the string lights because there are so many designs available these days. If you’re more inclined towards diyas, then you can get the hard ones from your market and paint them up, and then use them for lighting.

It can be a soothing experience and a great way to start your Diwali celebration.

Chocolates & More: Add Boxes of Sweetness

Sweets are an Indian way to share your happiness and celebrate it with others, which is also true in the case of Diwali. You can either offer homemade sweets or buy and gift them.

Since Diwali is a festival where a lot of gifts are exchanged, they are mostly accompanied by a box of sweets. You can get sweet hampers and gift it, and also keep some spare at your home to celebrate the same whenever you have guests over.

Celebrate with Your Loved Ones: Host a Diwali Party

The concept of Diwali parties has recently picked up, and it is a great way to start the celebration with everyone at one place, all your loved ones - friends and family rather than having different celebrations, visiting everyone separately and exchanging Diwali gifts while you wish them for the auspicious occasion. You can pick a day, mostly a few days before Diwali and have your close people come over.

To begin with, decorate your home with flowers and lights, you can have a "Happy Diwali" message on the entry door as well. For food, make sure you have sweets as they reflect the celebratory feel and is a way you also wish everyone while offering them sweets.

As per the activities, you can play card games which are popular for Diwali parties. Most people play poker, and it's considered a great interactive and fun game for Diwali.

Since Diwali is also a festival where people exchange gifts, as a token of sharing the celebration of Diwali, it is always a great gesture to have some gifts for your guests and end it on this note.

A Diwali party is a great, fun, and warm way to celebrate Diwali and multiply happiness by sharing it with other people. So this Diwali, add this to your list if you haven’t hosted a Diwali party before.

Share the Love: Gestures & Diwali Gifts

Diwali is a way for people to meet each other and exchange gifts. Usually, relatives come over with gifts to wish you for Diwali. These gifts act as a token of sharing the celebration and showcasing the love.

For this, you might want to have the people in mind who you want to send out gifts too. The next thing would be to find the right gifts. You should be thoughtful about the gifts depending upon who you are giving it to.

10 Diwali Gift Ideas under Rs. 300

Now that you know how gifts play a pivotal role in celebrating Diwali, we have picked out ten gift ideas for you, all under Rs. 300, all of which complement what Diwali is all about.

1. Decorative Spoon & Bowl Set


Cutlery is a popular gift for Diwali, and even though there are so many varieties out there, we picked this traditional looking Spoon and Bowl Set. This one comes as a set of two silver plated bowls and spoons and is a great utility option which is durable as well. It also has some gold touch designing making it look elegant. The packaging for this one is an excellent red coloured box, hence making it a good gift option.

You can buy it from for Rs. 164.

2. Ganesh Ji Metal Tea Light Holder


This Tea Light Holder is a perfect gift for Diwali. The Tea Light Holder has a carved Ganesh Ji intricate designing which is a complete symbolic representation for an auspicious occasion like Diwali. Since it serves the purpose of a Tea Light Holder, it is a great utility option which can be used for lighting tea candles. This means it is a great visual and utility option, making it a great choice for Diwali.

It is priced at Rs. 186 on

3. Glassware Set


Kitchenware, mostly glassware is usually a safe and suitable option, for it acts as a good gift when looking for a gift for the family and glassware adds that elevation to the present. It is a utility option and can be used in the household daily.

This one from Amazon is a set of 8 bowls, out of which two are large sized bowl and six medium-sized bowls.

You can grab this one from for Rs. 300.

4. Ganesha Wall Hanging


This Ganesha Wall Hanging is a traditional gift option for Diwali and is a symbolic way of sending someone best wishes for the auspicious occasion. This one is made up of oxidized metal, giving it that rustic look.

You can get it for Rs. 150 from

5. Diya Set

Diwali is literally incomplete without the diyas lighting your home. Which is why a Diya Set is always a great gift for Diwali which perfectly fits in and complements the festival of Diwali. It will also be used since the festival would be around the corner and can be made to use to lighten up their homes - adding the festival vibes in their house through your gift. Moreover, these Diyas are handmade and have good designing on them, making it a good gift option as well.

You can buy this pack of 4 diyas from Archies for Rs. 299.

6. Pure Silver Coin

Gifting a silver coin is a great way to mark the occasion of Diwali. Moreover, it suits everyone irrespective of anyone’s taste and preferences.

This one is a 3 grams pure Silver coin and is priced at Rs. 260 and can buy it from

7. Indian Sweets

As you know, sweets are a must when thinking of a Diwali gift. You can either gift someone a box of sweets or a gift hamper with all things sweet. This one is a Delicious Pure Fresh Kaju Katli Sweet Mithai box of 200 gm.

It is priced at Rs. 287 and can be bought from Rediff.

8. Organic Incense Sticks


Incense stick has an old Indian tradition which is believed to bring positivity to one’s house through its fragrance and aura. This is what makes it an excellent gift for Diwali since Diwali is about beginnings and lightness over darkness.

This Incense Stick is by Song Of India, with a Sandalwood fragrance and is handmade and organic. It has been created with a blend of natural wood powder along with herbal essential oil extracts creating a peaceful vibe.

It is available on at a price of Rs. 250 for a pack of two incense sticks.

9. Jewellery Set

Jewellery Set is another option that suits the celebration element of Diwali. We picked this intricate design piece for Rs. 299 available on Rediff.

While exploring jewellery options, you can look at a variety of options if not a jewellery set, like anklets, rings, or bracelets depending on who you are gifting it to.

10. Handcrafted Chocolates

A box of Handcrafted chocolates is another gift that you could give someone on the occasion of Diwali. We picked these Diwali special chocolate box by Reema Singh’s The Chocolate Factory. It comes with 15 pieces of handcrafted dark chocolates packaged in a gift box with glossy golden guthi tied together with ribbons.

This one is priced at Rs. 220 and you can place an order by contacting them. They have other kinds of chocolates as well with various packaging options. You can check it out on their website

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Gift

Even though Diwali gift is a yearly affair and there is a vast variety of options to choose from, picking out anything and everything out there is not going to help you find the best gift.

Since Diwali is such an auspicious festival in everyone's life, it is only thoughtful that it can be seen in every element of that celebration - like Diwali Gifts.

So while picking out a Diwali gift for a loved one consider their choices and preferences since it would be no use if you give them sending that cannot be put into use by them. Since Diwali also involves exchanging of food gift hampers, make sure you take care of their preferences and allergies in mind, if any.

If you look for a gift which would actually add to their lives, that would be thoughtful. Also, see if you can add a homemade element to your Diwali gifts. It could be a simple box of sweets you made at home.

Since gifts are mostly given to families, you could curate it in such a way that there is something for everyone - a blend of all things. A utility gift for the well suited with a box of sweets and chocolates for the kids as they are the ones who are most excited about these gifts, a little thoughtfulness while looking for a gift is all it takes to make Diwali special for someone you love, in a very simple way.

Also, sometimes Diwali ends up becoming this grand affair where everyone is looking for visually grand things. Even though gifts are great, but it is the gestures which go a long way and make your loved ones feel special in a way that gifts cannot.

So do not get stuck looking for a big gift, look for something that the recipient would cherish and remember you and the occasion for.

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Go Environment-Friendly this Diwali

This Diwali, take a pledge to go-pro with the environment by not bursting loads of crackers, rather spread happiness with hugs and sweets! Bursting one small cracker is more than enough if you feel Diwali is not complete without them. Hence, instead of shelling out more on crackers, shell-out more on these gifts and sweets! Happy Diwali!