Need to Send Diwali Gifts to Relatives and Associates in Delhi? Here are 10 Options for Diwali Gifts to Send to Delhi in 2019

Need to Send Diwali Gifts to Relatives and Associates in Delhi? Here are 10 Options for Diwali Gifts to Send to Delhi in 2019

Gifts not reaching their recipients in time, or worse, getting lost in transit is a common worry when you're sending Diwali gifts across the country. Though there are innumerable national suppliers, even the best systems are put to a grueling test when it comes to Diwali. Why not pick local suppliers to ensure your gifts reach loved ones in time? Here are some great options for you to order online.

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3 Myths That Should Be Broken Before Buying Diwali Gifts for People in Delhi

Arrogance is a Common Trait and People Hard to Please

Delhi is the capital of India and it is a place which is grand and dotted with lavish old monuments and structures. It boasts a very mixed culture and has a lot of heritage value as well. People in Delhi love grand things but that does not mean that they have a attitude problem.

People are different everywhere in the world but that does not mean that you generalise them. They might have a certain taste or class while choosing things but let's be honest, people from any part of the country also have a taste that is peculiar to their region. Also, a lot of things differ from person to person. So, do not carry biases in your head and especially not when you're going gift shopping for them.

Delhi is Expensive to Shop

Delhi is a place that has a lot of different flavours to offer. From international brands to local brands, everything is available here. But at the same time, Delhi offers street shopping as well. It is super famous for bargaining and getting great items in good deals.

There are a lot of different street markets in Delhi. From Lajpat Nagar, Khan Market, Sarojini Nagar to Janakpuri, all offer clothing, footwear and trendy accessories. There are also prominent shopping malls like DLF Emporio and DLF Promenade. So, it is better to not generalise that shopping in Delhi is expensive. If you know where to look, and we can show you where, the city can offer you fantastic products at great prices.

Delhi is Posh

Delhi definately has a posh side to it as it is the capital city of India and has a lot of rich industrialists and politicians living there. And a city as steeped in history as Delhi is bound to have more than it's share of ancient grandeur. But, not the whole of Delhi is very posh. You can find decent and affordable accommodation in a lot of areas.

DU Campus is very affordable for all the students who come to study in the prestigious university. Even Katwaria Sarai which is in South Delhi is a very affordable place. So, it is not a good idea to generalise the whole capital city by one term.

If you're worried that gifts you buy may not be appreciated by those you're giving them too, then pick up popular gift items that are loved by all. Although it's good to be creative, when in doubt go with safe choices rather than upset the receiver.

For a Delhi Style Diwali You Must Include the Following Specialties of Delhi


Delhi is known for its textiles and so it is a good idea to buy them while in Delhi. From linens, scarves, cotton dresses, raw fabrics to ikat everything is available in Delhi. You can try places like Anokhi, Fab India and HP Singh are considered the best places for raw materials.

You can also go to Dilli Haat which is a permanent open air arts and crafts bazaar in South west of Delhi. It features a rotating collection from different vendors of India. Nehru market is also a very good place to shop for textiles. A lot of these markets also bargain and you might end up getting a worthy deal.

It is equally important to check the products thoroughly before buying. Sometimes the vendors might sell a faded or damaged piece. Thus, do not get overwhelmed and check the pieces properly before buying them.


Delhi is made up of various cultures and casts. The one thing that is famous in Delhi is its lip smacking food and so it is also known for its spices. Spices like kala elaichi (black cardamom), peppercorns, brown mustard seeds, fenugreek leaves, and asafoetida all are available in Delhi.

There is a market in Delhi known as Khari Baoli which is Asia's biggest spice market. There are hundreds of small shops in the market selling different spices. It is a wholesale market for spices. The shops deal in local, refined and exotic spices.

Apart from spices, you will also find grains, nuts, chilies and unrefined salt. You will also be able to find different qualities of saffron here. This large market in Old Delhi is fun to roam around as it is colourful and can also be called a photographer's delight.

Hand Painted Cups, Cans, and Tiffin Boxes

The best part about Delhi is that you will find art almost anywhere in the city. Apart from textiles and spices you can also find hand painted cans, cups and tiffins. You will definitely be the one with the unique tiffin box back at home.

You will find such things in the Khan Market of Delhi. It is a good idea to go precisely in the middle lane of the market. Pottery Village in West Delhi is also a place you would want to check out. It is a residential colony where potters have their workshops but you can buy it directly from them.

Apart from that, Cottage Emporium at Janpath is the best for picking up traditional crafts. This store is almost 60 years old and the best part is that they source handicrafts from all over the World. Press Enclave Marg is also a good option to check out if you are looking for ceramics.

10 Types of Diwali Gifts that You Can Send to Your Delhi Friends

Mouth Watering Diwali Sweets

Diwali is a festival where everyone shares sweets with each other. Giving sweets is not only a traditional gift but also a ritual. Thus, sending sweets to your loved ones is always a good idea. Delhi has the advantage of being a cultural melting pot and that means availability of sweets and delicacies from virtually every corner of the country. If you can, pick a mix of choice sweets from any of vast number of sweet shops.

Now, with the online store delivering almost anywhere in India, it is really easy to send sweets. Dilkhush - Special Box from Haldirams is a good option. The box is curated in such a way that it has almost everything that people eat during Diwali. It contains navaratan mix 150 gm, strawberry bite 130 gm, mango bite 120 gm, orange bite 125 gm, mewa bite 130 gm, gol kachauri 350 gm, anjeer dryfruit 165 gm, khajur dryfruit barfi 200 gm, salted kaju 120 gm, almonds 120 gm, and methi mathri 160 gm. A perfect blend of salty mixes, sweets and dry fruits. You recipient will definitely appreciate it. This box is priced at Rs.1,216 on

Dry Fruit and Nuts


Dry fruits is the most popular gift in Diwali. It is an alternative to sweets as it is filled with goodness of health and nutrients. Nuts were traditionally given at Diwali because winter comes soon after and the chill have often set in even during the festivities. Though parts of the country stay warm or have mild weather, it can get quite cold in Delhi so warming and nutritious gifts like nuts are a very good option.

Warm Thoughts from is a great hamper. It comes packed in a glass vase with almost 7.5 inches of height. The hamper contains 100 gm each of almonds, cashews nuts and pistachios, and 200 gm of raisins. Store the dry fruits in a cool and dry place. Also, make sure that they are stored in an airtight container. The price of this hamper is Rs.1,299.

Chocolate as an Alternative to Mithai

If you are confused on buying a gift for your friend or relative in Delhi, then gift them chocolates on Diwali. Almost everyone loves chocolates and thus, you will not go wrong with this. Assorted Flavoured Chocolate Pack from is a great option.

It is a premium chocolate pack and it consists of 20 different varities of chocolates. The flavours of the chocolates are strawberry, pineapple, mix-fruit, orange, almond, crunchy, raisin, rose, coconut, vanilla, paan, coffee, tutty-fruity, gulkand, mint, chilly, dark, milk, white chocolate and mango flavour.

The chocolates weigh gm. There is one piece of each flavour in the box. It is advised to refrigerate the chocolates and the shipping of the chocolates is completely free. The price of the box of chocolates is Rs.338.

Diwali Gift Hampers

Before Diwali, a lot of store curate special Diwali hampers. You can browse through the websites or check in your local store for the hampers. One such hamper is Basket of Cashew Nut from

It comes packed in a basket which looks very attractive. Apart from cashew nuts, thew hamper also contains 4 earthen diyas that are painted beautifully. The weight of the cashews is 500 gs. The whole hamper is priced at Rs.1,784.

Lifestyle Gift Items

Delhi people generally have a lifestyle. They are mostly very trendy and love fashionable products. So, if you also have a friend or relative who loves lifestyle products, then this Diwali you might want to gift something like this to him or her.

This White Embroidered Bag from is a great choice. It is made from good quality white leather and has floral patches appliqued on it. The patches are separated by the webbing and gold hardware in the middle. The bag comes with a detachable strap and one pocket with one compartment. The size of the bag is 9 inches by 3 inches by 6.5 inches. The bag is priced at Rs.1,487.

Festive Home Decor


During Diwali, it is a ritual to clean the whole house and then decorate it with lights or show pieces. This is also done because people prefer hosting a lot of parties or going to each others places for dinners. Thus, gifting some good home decor idea as a Diwali gift is a very good idea.

Tied Ribbons Home Decorative Items from is a great option. The package contains 2 t-light holders with 2 black iron hanging base. The t-light holders are handmade and are made using the recycled glass. This product is priced at Rs.499.

Flowers and Fruit Basket

If you have a very health conscious friend, then try gifting him/her a fruit basket instead of all the sweets and chocolates. Flowers and Fruits Basket from is a great option. The basket is packed in such a way that it looks very pompous and attractive.

The flowers are arranged on the basket giving it a decorative look. The hamper comes with 2 kg of seasonal fruits. This product is priced at Rs.1,399.

Diwali Diyas

The safest option to gift for Diwali is diyas. Since, Diwali is the festival of lights, everyone prefers decorating their houses with diyas. Multicolour Clay Fancy Diwali Diya By Decardo from is a great option. The diyas are made of clay and have idols of Godess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on each. It is a set of 2 diyas. The diyas are of 400 gm and are priced at Rs.119.

Religious Idols

Diwali is a traditional and religious festivals. There are a lot of rituals and pooja to perform as well. Thus, gifting religious idols on Diwali is also a good idea. 24 KT Gold Plated Lakshmi Ganesha Idol from is a good idea. The idols are made of alloy and then gold plated. They are of 11 cm by 10 cm. The manufacturer also offers 1 year warranty against defect. The product is priced at Rs.1,380.

Diwali Cakes


If you want to do something different, then send a Diwali cake to your loved ones. Happy Diwali Truffle Cake from is a great idea. It is a chocolate truffle cream cake. The cake is round in shape and it serves 3-4 people. The cake is half kg. It is asked to store the cake in the refrigerator and also consume it within 24 hours. The package also contains knife and candles. The cake is priced at Rs.549.

Whatever You Order, Don’t Forget to Add Some Swag to Your Gift

People who live in Delhi definately fall in love with the vibe of this city. A lot of people migrate here for work but end up settling in this city. Because this city offers a lifestyle and has a swag of its own.

Swag in Delhi means something that is cool and stylish. Thus, whatever gift you give your Delhi friend, make sure you add a little coolness to the gift. Also, do not gift them something mediocre or for the sake of gifting. They would not appreciate something like that.

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Your gifts should resonate with the people you give them to

There are some things which are common to Diwali no matter which part of the country it is celebrated in, but some things are unique to each place. Likewise, each region has it's own flavour so spend some time understanding what is popular in Delhi and why. Keep the style of the city, the flavours it favours and the weather in mind so that your gift will not be out of sync.