Don't Let Distance Come in the Way of Sending Thoughtful Diwali Gifts to India: 12 Gift Ideas for Diwali 2019

Don't Let Distance Come in the Way of Sending Thoughtful Diwali Gifts to India: 12 Gift Ideas for Diwali 2019

Looking for unique Diwali gifts for the family? Whether you live in a different city or the other end of the globe it is incredibly easy to send your family useful Diwali gifts by ordering them online. Find here the best Diwali gifts to send to India in 2018, where to find the biggest selection of gifts online, and how to pick useful Diwali gifts for the folk back home.

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Where to Order the Best Diwali Gifts to India Online

Amazon Always Comes First

The moment you decide to buy something online, Amazon pops up in your head. How has Amazon so subtly and naturally penetrated into our lives? When Amazon started in 1995, it was a site that only sold books. Within a month of its inception, the company had already shipped books to over 40 different countries. Those who are accustomed to today’s Internet may not realize the impact Amazon had at the time.

Since that day, Amazon has continued to grow into one of the world’s largest online company. So what makes Amazon so great? Amazon’s success stems from CEO Jeff Bezos and his management team, who operates differently than most other companies. Amazon wasn’t the first online company, but it is one of the most innovative. Amazon consistently ranks high on customer satisfaction lists.

Despite early growing pains, Amazon has gotten things right when executing customer orders. They select products and services that customers want and need. They have distribution centers across the globe that allows them to quickly ship products. And they have excellent vendor relationships that allow them to offer customers discounted pricing. Starting off as an online bookstore, Amazon now offers everything from soup to nuts, literally! A search of the site reveals over 3,000 listings for ‘vegetable soup’. Search the term ‘nuts’ and you will see over 37,000 results. The company now carries products in music, books, electronics, health and beauty, automotive, grocery, and clothing. Moreover, to help you with the festivities, they come up with a mega sale on Diwali!

For Indian Made Goods Gifts Head to Flipkart or Myntra

Over the last 10 years, Flipkart has been fulfilling the wishes of Indians by making high quality products affordable to them. As an e-commerce pioneer in India, Flipkart has acquired unique, nuanced insights into the mind-set and shopping behaviour of Indians - their needs and preferences, their likes and dislikes, and their perception of price and value. This insight, combined with deep data-mining of customer feedback and product reviews, uniquely places Flipkart to conceive and design high quality, highly durable products that address the need-gaps of the Indian customer.

The products are backed by science, insight into customer behaviour, and meticulous data-driven research. The product team uses advanced technology such as machine learning and sentiment analysis to study customers’ use patterns and pain points, deriving insights to make the brand’s product range uniquely functional. Quality, durability, and uniquely Indian - these attributes drive the promise upon which the brand is built. Moreover, the brand is designed by Indians for India, and tested in real Indian conditions. They also come up with a sale during the festivities.

For Ethnic and Handmade Gifts Rely on Craftsvilla is a marketplace to discover unique Indian products including handmade, vintage, ethnic, organic and natural products from India. India is a beautiful assortment of diversity that is reflected in our clothing, food, lifestyle, language, music, books etc. This diversity is so rich that an attempt to capture it on a single platform was never made. is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet. uses a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India. They connect local artisans and designers directly to global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create, promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. This journey is not only helping artisans of India but also customers in discovering and buying products which they otherwise are not able to. If you wish to buy any artistic handicraft, you are sure to find it on

5 Diwali Gifts With a Touch of Spirituality

Handmade Brass Ganesha Decorative Box

This Brass Decorative Box with Ganesha Design is crafted from brass that is considered to be a sacred metal and traditionally used in prayer accessories. This hand-crafted piece may have slight irregularities and imperfections which only add to the unique charm of the product. It features nine small boxes which can be used to store puja items in order. Buy this unique decorative box on Rs.3,900.

Silver Puja Tealight Candles

Anasa Decorative Jyoti Night Shadow Tea light Candle Holder’s fascinating metal and glass work creates a mesmerizing display of light and shadow, making it an elegant gift for your friends or family. This beautiful tea light holder is perfect for any outdoor or indoor lighting for dinner parties, weddings, and special events. The package contains 2 piece frosted glass, 2 piece tea light candle and 2 iron stencil. It can be bought on Rs.1,119.

Metal Laxmi Pagla With Swastik

Lakshmi is the bestower of fortune and abundance. Her feet symbols are said to have brought prosperity even in heavens. Adorn your entrance door with these auspicious and vibrant red Lakshmi Pagla for inviting the Goddess home. These Lakshmi Paglas are etched with a string of green and golden beads while the toes are highlighted with individual stones. Mark your new beginnings, new house warming, new year and festive celebrations by adorning your home with this auspicious Laxmi Paduka. A set of two can be bought on for Rs.225.

Gold Plated Sikh Kada


Gold plated Punjabi Sardar Sikh Kada for Men is made of an alloy of brass, bronze and copper and its shine resembles real gold. Suitable for men and college goers, this Kada can be bought on for Rs.399

Buddha Showpiece

Shower your love to your beloved one with the blessings of Buddha and bestow the gift of peace on them. Gift them this perfect Delightful Blue Buddha and let them rejoice with the shining bright smile. This can be a good option for your home décor as well. Made of ceramic, this showpiece is 5 inch tall and its blue colour gives a soothing feeling to the eyes. This beautiful piece can be bought on for Rs.599.

Traditional Indian Handicrafts as Diwali Gifts

In India gift giving is a form of expressing friendship and affection, and according to religious beliefs, a way to move on to the next life. In building a strong relationship, whether friendly or professional, it is essential that one has to know the traditional gift giving customs practiced by the majority of the Indian people. The Hindus are very traditional and despite the global modernisation, they remain faithful to their age-old beliefs. Although Indian culture is vast in dimensions, you can find something for every niche.

Blue Pottery Vases


Give any living room an arty look with this Blue Ceramic Vase. Enhance the look by adding a bunch of fresh colourful flowers and a dash of some sweet fragrance to the room. It is a handcrafted showpiece made using ceramic blue pottery art. Designs are hand-painted with fine detailing by skilled artisans of India. A flower vase can help a lot for adding designs and colours to the décor. Give your home and office décor an elegant design with this vase. It is a fragile object and must be handled with care. It can be lightly dusted with a dry cloth for cleaning. This beautiful vase can also be gifted to love ones on happy occasions. It can be bought on for Rs.1,199.

Chikan Work Bed Sheet Set

Chikankari is a new form of the traditional embroidery. Chikankari is the most popular artwork of Lucknow and one of the most important and renowned embroidery of India. Lucknowi chikankari is most gently done on muslin cloth, georgette, chiffon and other fabrics with white thread. Flat stitches, embossed stitches and small stitches are some stitches which make the fabric look more enhancing and beautiful. A fabric that is to be adorned with chikankari embroidery undergoes through the five distinct stages which is stitching, printing, embroidery, washing and finishing. In chikankari, creeper motif is the most common design and the floral motifs jasmine, rose, flowering stems, lotus, etc. are the most popular ones. Chikankari embroidery is not only done on garments but also on various home furnishing items like table covers, bedsheets, curtains and accessories like handbags or batua. Chikankari accessories looks authentic and chikankari handbags and batuas go well with ethnic wear.

Brighten up your bedroom by spreading this Chikan Work Bed Sheet Set. Made from pure cotton, this set is soft to touch and light in weight. It can be bought on for Rs.1,200.

Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi Zari Patti Sari is made of cotton silk. The 6.4m saree includes a blouse piece and is decorated with Chanderi Zari Patti. This elegant saree can be bought on for Rs.6,990 and is ideal for any female member of the family.

Coiled Cane Baskets

Made of natural wicker material this hamper basket is non-toxic, eco-friendly, healthy, safe and durable to use. Its lining is made of thick cotton linen cloth that is stout and soft. You can stow away household items within these elegant willow baskets. Attractively woven willow frame paired with cotton adds a nice elegant look to a room. It can also be used as a laundry hamper, open storage and even décor. Ideal for use in laundry rooms, living rooms, bathroom, bedrooms as well as storage for throws, toys and other household items. It is available in three sizes and can be ordered on for Rs.1,502.

Fashion Jewellery

Are you looking for that special gift that will last a lifetime, but aren't quite sure what to get? Look no further than these beautiful necklaces! When you choose to purchase Embedded Pearl Necklace, you want to be sure you are getting nothing but quality pieces - and that's what you get with Crunchy Fashion Embedded Pearls Necklace. This beautiful necklace can be bought on for Rs.499.

Give Diwali Gifts According to the Local Customs

The origin of Diwali festival is not known, but it has gathered a number of legends around it over the centuries. In the northern and the western regions of India, its origin is attributed to the return of Lord Ram to his kingdom after defeating the demon king Ravana. In the eastern states, Diwali is associated with the story of Narakasura who had menaced his people with tyranny.

In the regions of Maharashtra and Mysore, Diwali is linked with the legendary king Bali who was immensely popular with his subjects for his generosity. In the north, most communities observe the custom of lighting lamps. However, in the south, the custom of lighting baked earthen lamps is not so much part of this festival as it is of the Karthikai celebrations a fortnight later.

In Punjab, the day following Diwali is known as tikka when sisters make a paste with saffron and rice and place an auspicious mark on their brother's foreheads as a symbolic gesture to ward off all harm. Likewise, on the second day of the month of Kartik, the people of Maharashtra exchange gifts. In Maharashtra, it is the thirteenth day of Ashwin, the trayodasi, that is observed as a festival commemorating a young prince whom Yama, the God of Death, had claimed four days after his marriage.

For the Bengalis, it is the time to worship Goddess Kali, yet another form of Durga, the divine embodiment of supreme energy. Kali is the Goddess who takes away darkness. She cuts down all impurities, consumes all iniquities, and purifies her devotees with the sincerity of her love. It is quite evicent that Diwali can be celebrated in myriad ways in regions across India.

Box of Local Sweets

One thing that connects these dots is celebration and sweets. Wherever you go across the map you are sure to find local delicacies being sever on the eve of Diwali. People also gift each other box of sweets. You can find many of these savoury treats on for your own consumption or gifting.

Clay Diyas

Diyas are a common item in all the Hindu rituals and festivals and especially in Diwali. This set of 21 clay diyas can be bought on for Rs.131.

Rangoli Colours


No Diwali decor is complete without a rangoli. Be it corporate offices or home, rangoli pop up everywhere. But the skill of the designer is bitty without rangoli colours. This set of 10 high quality multi coloured Rangoli Colours is sure to compliment the designer. Each packet of rangoli colour contains 50 gm of colour .Smooth and silky, these colours make this art form a convenient one. Use them to decorate your entryway, doors or temples. They can be bought on for Rs.200.

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It's Fine to Go Traditional

Diwali gifts become more and more unique, interesting, quirky and out of the box with each passing year. While it's natural to want to wow the recipient with your gift giving skills, it is also perfectly fine to go the traditional route. Diwali is an ancient Indian festival and no matter how modern the ways to celebrate it become, some traditions will never go out of fashion. In fact, if everyone else is sending out boxes of chocolate and exquisite desserts, a box of good old fashioned mithai can actually come as a breath of fresh air.