Save Your Time and Money by Shopping for Diwali Gifts on Flipkart & 12 Must Buy Diwali Gifts

Save Your Time and Money by Shopping for Diwali Gifts on Flipkart & 12 Must Buy Diwali Gifts

Balancing work, home and everything in between is hectic enough and often there just isn't enough time to go to a store and pick out gifts for friends and family on Diwali. Online shopping and websites like Flipkart come to the rescue where you can shop on your own time and convenience. BP-Guide India leads you to the best deals and Diwali gifts online on Flipkart.

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Save Your Time and Money by Buying Diwali Gifts on Flipkart

Buying Online Enables You to Get Lucrative Discounts

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. People generally are in a festive mood and celebrate Diwali by taking blessings of elders and exchanging gifts with each other. When it come to gifting, it usually gets really confusing to choose the right gift for your relatives and friends.

Also, there are so many other preparations to do that spending a lot of time buying a perfect gift might get really difficult. Instead, we suggest buying the right gift online on Flipkart. The most common reason being it will save you a lot of time, but online stores also generally have better offers and coupon vouchers. Online stores have a varied range of products and a product for almost any budget. The best option is that you can sort your search by adding filters for price from 'low-high'.

The other advantageous thing is that the products online are normally sold directly by the manufacturer, without any middlemen being involved and hence the basic cost of the product also remains low.

Hassle-Free Ordering Process

Not only genuine pricing but ordering online can be super advantageous for you. The best part is that it involves a lot of convinence. Unlike stores that close by 9pm or 10pm, you can order your gift at even midnight. Diwali means a lot of pre-work from cleaning the house to making sweets and snacks. Hence, shopping online can be done at night as well, just by lying on your bed and resting.

Almost, all websites and especially Flipkart has a great option of hassle free returns. So, that is again a big advantage because if you do not like anything you can get it replaced or refunded. The best part is that it gets delivered directly at your place saving you a lot of time, energy and your petrol ofcourse.

You Can Go Through Myriad Diwali Gift Options

During Diwali we normally go on a mall hopping trip to find that perfect gift or looking for items from a particular brand for our family anf friends. But, instead if you shop online you do not need to go from store to store and get tired. Flipkart has a varied range of products and that too not only in one category but in almost all categories from beauty to home and living to technology. This will help you view everything just with the help of your fingertips, making you less tired.

A large selection of product might confuse you a bit but online shopping also has genuine customer reviews for almost all products. This will help you make a better and informed decision of what to purchase. Also, it may so happen that you might find a particular product which you know nothing about but might be the perfect match for you mom or best friend.

Tips to Shop Diwali Gifts Online and How to Get the Best Deals

Opt for Something Unique

Do not choose common products to gift. Level up your gifting game by gifting something unique and unusual. You could indulge in to buying experience gifts for your recipients. Diwali also means holidays. So, you could plan a movie evening with your family or attend a particular concert with friends. A more unique idea of a gift is that you could buy your sister those dance lessons she always wanted to take or your brother that skydiving experience. This might seem a little expensive but these gifts will be remembered and cherished forever.

Also, an important gift tip: Give something useful. Avoid gifting regular showpieces or flower vases. They might just sit in a corner in person's house and would not be of any use. In today's world where you have a plethora of gifting options, it is rather wise to gift those headphones or coffee blender which is not only useful but also practical.

The gifting world is changing after the introduction of subscription boxes. If you have the budget, you can plan and gift a three or six month subscription to a makeup lover or a coffee lover. There are various subscription boxes for all kinds of interests. The best part of these boxes are that the person will get a new box every month which will keep the festive mood alive long after Diwali is over.

Traditional Gift Options for Diwali

With keeping Diwali in mind, make sure to gift the traditional and authentic pieces that keep the essence of Diwali. As we all know, Diwali is a festival of lights and so it is safe to gift earthen pots and crystal lights or lamps to people. People are going to use those to decorate their houses and will really appreciate such gifts which show the true colours of Diwali. Also, gift giving is not a new trend it is a trend that dates back to ages. In olden, days people used to give grains or rice to each other.

The next best option is sweets. As mythologically, Diwali is said to be celebrated on return of Lord Rama to his kingdom from a long exile of fourteen years, people treat each other with sweets. Hence, gifting sweets keeps the authenticity alive of the festival. Also, what celebration starts without sweets?

Order Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are gifts that can never be criticized. It always makes the recipient feel special. The thought and effort always counts behind a handmade gift instead of a store bought gift. A great gift tip is that you can also personalise a store bought gift by including a personal hand written note with the gift. Small gestures like this always add up and the recipient does not feel that you are gifting them only for the sake of gifting.

There are a lot of websites which help you with personalisation. A pillow or a cup with the recipient's picture is very easy to order. But festive time has the potential to make online items out of stock and so the wise thing is to plan ahead. Order your gifts much before to avoid out of stock issues. If you have a particular item in mind, you can always look up in the search tab and you might get a lot of options of the same and related products. This will help you decide in a better way.

Order Well in Advance as Popular Items May Go Out of Stock

Ordering personalised products might take a little time to execute and so make sure to plan and order a bit before time. Festive season might take a toll on all the companies and you might face issues of delayed deliveries, if the rush is too much. Also, a lot of people are switching to buying something personalised as they are pretty easily available as compared to the past. Planning ahead also gives you enough time to replace a particular gift item, in case you do not like it.

Also, remember to gift something that suits the personality and choice of the recipient. Something unique which has some memory engaged with it is definitely treasured more than a regular use item. Another gift tip is that do not forget to check reviews of the product that you are ordering. This will save you time in the sense that a product might look good in pictures but the quality of that product may not be that great. So, if you read the reviews and order you can save yourself the hassle of refund and replacement.

12 Fabulous Diwali Gift Ideas Available on Flipkart

Metal Ganesh Showpiece

Ganesha is a very important god according to the Hinduism. He is prayed the first and foremost before starting any new venture or after buying a car or house. During Diwali also Ganesha is worshipped by many and considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Ganesha is also said to emit two types of energies- solar and lunar. There are said to be different kinds of idols according to the energies and the one in the temples are normally different from the ones that are kept in households.

Advitiya Black Metal Ganesh Ji face Encircled With Suraj Ji Decorative Showpiece from makes a great gift because your are gifting the recipient something that will gain them success and prosperity. This git will be appreciated a lot by recipients as it not only adds an aesthetic value but a form of spiritual well being to the living space. This particular showpiece is craft with aluminium and comes with a generous weight of 150 g which is very light. It also comes with an option of mounting it on the wall. The recipient can keep it in their living room, bed room or puja room.

The Ganesha idol also comes with a low price of Rs.299 which is very affordable and can be gifted to many people.

Diwali Pooja Thali

There are a lot of rituals that are followed during Diwali. The first and foremost that is commonly followed irrespective of the different casts is that people worship and pray to Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth. There is a pooja that happens on the second day of Diwali and a lot of preparations are done for the puja. Hence, there is a need of the Puja Thali.

So, Being Nawab Brass Pooja and Thali Set from would be an ideal traditional gift to give to elders and parents. They would appreciate something like this a lot as the thali comes with a carved desing of the positive word 'aum' and is completely covered in gold. The thali comes with a lot of accessories that are helpful for the puja. It comes with a sindoor dabbi made of brass and kuber deep and of course a pooja plate. Since, it is covered in gold, it makes a unique and traditional gift which is useful too. It is priced reasonably at Rs.299.

Personalised Dry Fruits Basket

Since Diwali is a reason for celebration, people do not mind to ditch their diets and eat sweets or oily food. They want to enjoy and obviously holidays and celebration are for that. Hence gifting Ghasitaram Gifts Fusion 6 Part Dryfruit Chikki Hamper with almonds, cashews, raisins and pistachios from is a very wise gift. This calls an ideal gift for all age groups as everyone loves having dry fruits. You could gift the hamper to your friends or family or your neighbours or even your office colleagues.

The box weigh 380 gm and contains almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins. It stays good for up till six months from the manufacturing date. It comes packed neatly in a plain box and contains no added preservatives. This item is priced at Rs.899.

Imitation Jewellery

The festival of lights also is a reason for a lot of parties and dinner nights which require you to dress up again and again. So, gifting imitation jewellery to your best friend, mother or aunt could be a good option. Jewels Galaxy Luxuria Pearl Alloy Dangle Earring from is a great option.

It is made with a metal alloy and comes in gold colour. These earrings have pearls and American diamonds in it and they can be used later on for occasions like engagement and weddings. They look elegant and add beauty to anybody who wears them. They are normally priced at Rs.3,999 but Flipkart has them on discount and so, they are priced at a generous price of Rs.604. What are you waiting for? Grab them now.

Power Bank

In today's fast paced world where everything is on our fingertips, we are bound to be engrossed with our smartphones every now and then. A lot of people have started working online or are using different social media channels. Hence, a power bank is a perfect gift for your teenager cousin who loves updating everything on social media or that uncle who has to travel a lot due to his business.

Also, a power bank is a great tool while travelling for holidays when you want to click a lot of pictures. This small tools are a great idea to invest in. Thus, if you know somebody who does not have one, gift them one. The recipient will appreciate your thought and it will call for a practical and useful gift.

Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank (PLM06ZM, 2i) is a great gift from It weighs 358 gm and has a capacity of 2000 mAh. The power bank has a lithium polymer batter and comes with a charging cable. Also, it takes almost 10.5 hours to completely charge. It is priced at Rs.1,599.

Decorative Diyas

As the name suggests, Diwali is a festival of lights. Everybody loves to decorate their houses with diyas as it is also considered to be an old tradition. A traditional gift like this is appreciated by all. Be it your neighbours, office colleagues, best friends or relatives. Mostly, during late evening, ladies light the diyas and decorate their balconies and home entrances with it.

Jaipur Crafts Premium Decorative Brass Table Diya Set from is a great and wonderful gift. It is also known as akhand diya and it helps to create a positive and spiritual vibe. The main feature of this diya is that even if you keep it lit for long hours, it may not get very hot. The diya is not only heat resistant but also crack resistant. The diya is also much more safer as compared to the open lit diyas. In spite of not being open lit, this particular diya emits a bright flame. This product it priced at Rs.479.

Cotton Bedsheet Set

If you want to ditch the traditional and persoanlised gifting option then the wise thing to do is opt for something that is not only practical but also useful. When it comes to gifting something for your grandparents or elders, things can get a little confusing. Worry not. We strongly recommend a cotton bed sheet set.

Normally, people not only clean the house but also use new things like new glasses, new floor carpet and new bed sheets. This gift is also helpful if your recipient has guests coming over as you need to decorate the guest bedroom as well. KHF 220 TC Cotton Double King Printed Bedsheet (set of two double bed sheet and 4 pillow covers) from is a useful gift option. It is from the well know brand called Jaipuri Haat and they are known for manufacturing home and living items in the Indian ethnic style. Their quality is also top-notch. The product reflect the culture and good craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The bedsheet is 254 cm x 254 cm and is screen printed with motifs from Rajasthan. This product is priced at Rs.1,045.

Dinner Set

Festivals are meant for get togethers and parties. Diwali is also one such festival where people visit each other's places to talk or party. In such an occasion gifting a Dinner set is the most smartest thing to do. Typically, ideal for people who love parties and dinners at their place.

LaOpala Radiant Curves Pack of 15 Dinner Set (Opalware) from is a great gifting option. Opalware is known for its cutlery and dinner set. Their quality is extremely good and their designs are really very unique. This particular dinner set is white in colour and comes with a vegetable bowl of almost 170 ml capacity. There is also a serving bowl which is of 790 ml. The package contains four full plates, four side plates, four vegetable bowls, one serving bowl and one slat and pepper container each. The weight of the whole package is of 2.7 kg and the whole set comes with high polish as well. The dinner set is priced at Rs.1,139 and is suitable for people who are close to you as it is a slightly expensive gift item.

Multicolor Lanterns

The festival of lights is not complete without decorating your home and office with multicolour lanterns. Anybody would be more than happy to recieve a gift which is related to Diwali. Again this particular item is suitable for a lot of people. From gifting to parents or best friends or your wife, this is a perfect gift.

Jaipurikala Classic Meenakari Crafted Multicolor Marble Lantern (20.32 cm x 12.7 cm) from is a beautiful gift. The lantern is made of marble and has meenakari and kundan work. It is a little high end gift as it is priced at Rs.2,420 but you can definitely splurge a little for your closed ones. The lantern is multicolour with subtle strokes of golden in it. The light source is obviously a bulb and it adds a bit of elegance to the house decor.

Chocolate Gift Box

Like we said earlier, what celebration begins without sweets? Well, probably none. So, this Diwali you can ditch the traditional sweets and gift your loved ones chocolates instead. This gift is not only ideal for adults but also kids. Almost, everyone enjoys chocolate.

Chocholik 24 Piece Happiness With Lovely Chocolates Gifts Chocolate Truffles from is a great option. The gift box contains both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It stays up to three months from the date of manufacture. Also, the chocolates do not contain nuts and are completely vegetarian. The box weighs 0.336 kg and is priced at Rs.1,759.

Silver Coin

During Diwali a lot of people consider it lucky to buy gold and silver. Many people also have a ritual of seeing the silver coin embossed with design of Goddess Lakshmi, as soon as they wake up on the day after Diwali. It is considered to bring wealth and prosperity. On such an occasion it is quite apt to gift a silver coin to somebody who is younger to you. Maybe your sister or brother or your kids.

Kundan Kalpataru Tree S 999 10 gm Silver Coin from is a great product. The coin comes with a 999 purity code - SCRTS10DG1 and is manufactured using advance Swiss technology. It weighs 10 gm and is packaged with a tamper proof pack. The design embossed on the coin is that of a tree and the material used is silver. The coin comes with Assay certificate as well. It is originally priced at Rs.999 but Flipkart offers 35 per cent discount and hence it is now priced at Rs.631.

Fairy Lights for Home Decoration

The next thing that is used in Diwali decoration is the fairy lights. Everyone makes sure their home are well decorated and even those who use the bare minimum decor have such light in their balcony or main entrance. Many people install it at both the places and also at the front gate if they have an independent house. So, gifting fairy light would be a good option to consider.

Copper String LED USB Operated Decorative Lights or Yellow Rice Lights is a good option from These LED lights are battery operated and come with unique feature like waterproof and shockproof. The lights are energy efficient and heat resistant as well. The cable of the light is seven inches long and is flexible enough to shape and mold. This particular product is priced at Rs.389.

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