Save Money on Diwali Gifts This Year! 10 Amazing Diwali Gifts on Amazon India That Come with Great Deals (2019)

Save Money on Diwali Gifts This Year! 10 Amazing Diwali Gifts on Amazon India That Come with Great Deals (2019)

Amazon India and the global store are one stop solutions for most daily and special needs and offer some fantastic deals on festivals. Make the most of the wide selection and amazing Diwali discounts and shop on Amazon for gifts to give in India, as well as send gifts oversea. BP Guide India has gone through the offerings and selected the best gift items available online on Amazon.

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Why Shopping on Amazon is an Amazing Experience

Reasonable Prices

Online shopping has its own set of benefits. Apart from a large variety, online shopping provides discounts on almost all items. On the other hand, Amazon always provides items on a lesser price for most of the time.

The other main reason to shop from Amazon is that it has a lot of sellers registered for the same kind of products. So, they all give a competitive price and in turn customers benefit a lot. There are a lot of reviews and ratings for each seller which makes it easier to choose the seller and the item to buy from.

Amazon also has a membership option for their customers. So, if you are shopping a lot from, then opting for Amazon Prime membership is a wise thing to do. They have further rebates on most of the products and also schemes where you get free shipping and free streaming on Amazon Prime video for selected shows and movies.

Wide Variety of Products

Amazon is known for its large display of products and sellers. Hence, you will definitely find your ideal kind of gift here. Apart from that, it has categories listed for almost all kinds of products. This helps you search for a particular item easily.

Buying from or helps you browse everything on your fingertips. So, you do not have to waste your time going from one place to another. You will everything from chocolates and gourmet food baskets to electronics, groceries and clothes on the website. Hence, if you plan to gift a token to someone, you can easily do that from Amazon.

Making comparison for two different items is also very easy with Amazon. Thus, it helps you choose a perfect gift for your loved ones by not having to compromise on the quality. Even if you have are running out of ideas to choose a particular gift, just browsing their collection would help.

Trust and Secure Payment

Amazon is a trusted website. Thousands of users shop from the website and yet no one has a complaint or concern about their personal information. Lots of people avoid shopping online as they are concerned with the misuse of their personal information.

But, completely secures your information. They do not use it for any other purpose. Neither do they sell their database. It is known and appreciated for the security it gives to their customer's data. Hence, you could just login and shop without tension.

How to Use Filters for Quick Diwali Shopping on Amazon

Price Filter

Amazon does not have a specific price filter. But what you can do is fix your price range according to your budget, so that Amazon can show you products under your price range only. Amazon has gift options from super cheap to super high.

The other thing that you can do is refine your search or dig deeper in to the seller pages and find a gift in your budget. You can also directly type the name of the product you are looking for, in the search bar. Then go to the sort by box and select the range of the price.

You can further refine your search by a specific price range. There is normally a tab on the left hand side of the website which reads 'Refine by Options'. Click on the price menu and select the preferred prices. It is that simple.

Brand Preference

To even more shorten your options, add brand preferences in the filter. Then Amazon will only provide you products of that particular brand. Making comparisons with two brands is also much easier on The sole reason for this is that it has easier interfacing system.

Finding your choice of brand is a very simple task on It has almost all the brands registered with it. You can also type the item in the search bar first and then sort it with the help of the refine tab on the left. You will get a drop down menu which will help you search a particular brand.

Other Filters

Since Amazon has a variety of products, it might get confusing to choose or find a particular item. Thus, to help you out, Amazon has numerous other filters like age, colour , products etc. So, you need to use all the right filters and narrow down your search options.

In this case, going for the advanced search option might prove beneficial. It is on the left hand side of the website. Its on the department's sub menu bar. You can refine it with your own preferences. From toggling the price to checking new arrivals and well reviewed products, everything can be refined on this tab. The products on Prime can also be viewed here. The ones with super discounts are also easy to find.

The Best Diwali Gifts Available on Amazon in 2018

Diwali Sweets

Gifting sweets on Diwali is an age old tradition. It marks the beginning of a new year according to the Hindu calendar and it is also the harvest season for the farmers. Thus, people share their happiness and joy with each other by gifting sweets.

Haldiram's Soan Papdi from is a great option to gift your friends and relatives. It has a different and nice flavour to it. It can be totally compared to a pistachio candy. Once you start eating it, we guarantee you will not stop! It is a 500 gm box. It comes fresh and is sealed properly in the box. The product is priced reasonably at Rs.736. Buy it here.

Statues of Lakshmi and Ganesha

People worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali. Ganesha is said to bring prosperity and luck while Lakshmi is said to be the goddess of wealth. Thus, people perform rituals and pray to them for success and money.

Hence, gifting a statue of Lakshmi and Ganesha will be appreciated a lot. Hashcart Hindu God Laxmi Ganesh Set from is the perfect Diwali gift. It comes packed in a fancy red or blue coloured box. It is an ideal gift for your parents or elders. The statues are of 4 inches each. The idols are very durable and are of good quality. This item is priced at Rs.435. Buy them here.

Silver Bowl Set


The Artistic Handicrafts Brass Bowl, Spoon and Tray Set from is a great gift. It is a five piece set which comes in silver colour. It can be used as a decorative item or can be used to consume food.

The bowls have a capacity of 250 ml. The set is actually made of brass. The dimensions of the set are 20 cm by 11 cm by 6 cm. The set needs to be kept away from corrosive liquids. This gift is ideal for your neighbours, relatives or office colleagues. The whole set is priced at Rs.283. Buy it here.

Handmade Candle Moulds


Diwali is a festival of lights. People decorate their houses with great excitment during this festival. Almost everyone puts up a lantern and burns candles or diyas in their balcony or near their entrance. Thus, gifting candle moulds would be a very unique and different idea.

JoyGlobal Silicone Baby Angel Rose Flower Handmade Soap Candle Mold from is a supercool gift. This is an appropriate gift for your cousin or friend who love DIY and craft projects. The moulds are 8.4" x 7.2" x 1.3" in size. They are made of silicone and are non sticky. Not only candles, they can be used to make handmade soaps, cakes, chocolates and more. The moulds can be washed easily and are dishwasher safe. Thus, it is a multipurpose gift and can be used after Diwali as well. This product is priced at Rs.445. Buy it here.

Special Pooja Thali

Pooja thali is a very appropriate Diwali gift. It is needed during the Diwali rituals and hence it can prove to be a very useful gift. Handmade Copper Hindu Puja Thali from is a nice gift option. The thali comes with an Om symbol and Gayatri mantra embossed on its surface. It is of the finest quality as it is produced by hand. The material used to make the thali is one of the finest quality of copper.

It measures 7.5 inches in diameter and is very durable. It can be preserved for a long time if taken care and polished regularly. It weighs 93 grams and is priced at Rs.680. Buy it here.

Eco Friendly Ganesha Printed Gift Bags


If you want to gift your friends and family something unique then you are at the right place. Clean Planet Handmade Eco Gift Bag from is the perfect gift idea. It is useful and also environment friendly. It also keeps the festival mood intact as Lord Ganesha is printed on it. The bag has almost no weight and is easy to carry while going for shopping. It is made of linen and comes in orange colour.

It is more durable than paper and plastic and can be easily re-used. Also, you are sending a good message of disposing plastic and saving the environment, to all your friends and relatives by gifting this bag. This bag is priced at Rs.149. Alternatively, you can get one more gift item like candles or sweets and gift it with the bag. Buy it here.

Decorative Tealights


Decorative tealights are used widely during Diwali. Hence, gifting those is a great idea as they will be useful to the recipient. Tea Lights Candle Holder from is a great idea.

The holders are a set of four. They are three inches in size and weigh 30 gram each. They are made of wrought and cast iron. They are a great way to sparkle your home by bringing in positive energy. The item is reasonably priced at Rs.160 and thus, can be bought as a token for many people. Buy it here.

Dry Fruit Hamper


Many people prefer gifting dry fruits to each other on Diwali apart from sweets. Thus, gifting a nice hamper is always a good idea. Also, dry fruit is an item that is appropriate for all age groups.

Diwali Gifts Dry Fruits Hamper from is a great idea. The hamper comes packed in a fancy box where the dry fruits are decoratively arranged. The hamper contains almonds, pistachios, cashew and raisin. Each packet is of 50 gm and all the items are completely vegetarian. The hamper is priced at Rs.499. Buy it here.

Handcrafted Wooden Money Box


Diwali is a festival in which people worship the Goddess of Wealth. Thus, to resonate with the mood of the festival, you could give a handcrafted money box. It is not only unique but also a very thoughtful gift.

This gift is ideal for your friend or sibling who needs to get a little serious for saving some extra cash. Also, it is a cool idea to gift something like a piggy bank and make the recipient nostalgic about their childhood. Alternatively, you could gift this item to a kid or teenager relative to introduce the idea of saving for them.

It is made of high quality natural wood. It comes with a key which is inside the box. You need to just adjust and pull it out to open. It can be used as a showpiece as well because it has a very aesthetic look to it. The product measures 12.5 x 10 x 15 cm in size and is priced at Rs.358. Buy it here.

Office Desk Set


If you are looking for an ideal gift for your work colleague then Office Pack from is the ideal gift option. It is a combo of pen holder, mobile stand and table watch. Your colleague can definately put it on their workstation and the best part is that it will remind them of you whenever they see it.

The whole set is made of brass and stainless steel. It comes in various colours and the whole set is also exclusively plated with gold.The dimensions of the product are 17.8 cm by 8.3 cm by 15.2 cm. The price of the product is Rs.649. Buy it here.

Bonus Tip: Always Buy Amazon Prime Products

Amazon Prime has a lot of different benefits that people often overlook. A lot of products have free shipping offers. It also has same day deliveries in some of the areas. You could also earn some points on your card if you do not want a particular product shipped urgently.

Some of the products that you purchase can also help you earn a 5 per cent cashback. After you have gained certain number of points, you can also redeem them in form of products or cash discounts. Prime membership also gives you a 30 minute early access on big sales.

With that, you do get a lot of streaming benefits as well. There is an umlimited access to music and reading too. Amazon Prime has different offers in different parts of the World and so it is wise to check the possible offers available in your particular region and then register for a membership.

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Combine gifts to make Diwali hampers

Giving gift hampers, even small ones with just two or three items, on Diwali is far better than a single item. Combine sweets or savory items with another small present such as diyas or tea lights if your budget is small, or with a bigger item if you can spend more. It creates a much better impressions than a single gift.