Thoughtful and Unique Diwali Gifts for Parents and Elders in 2020: 10 Gifts They Will Truly Appreciate

Thoughtful and Unique Diwali Gifts for Parents and Elders in 2020: 10 Gifts They Will Truly Appreciate

Wondering what Diwali gift to give your parents and other elders of your family? There is so much they do for us that choosing just one gift becomes an impossible task! Get help here with our list of ideas - couple's watches, home appliances and decor are just some things will welcome. Find more such great ideas from our list, so scroll on.

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3 Tips to Buy Good Diwali Gifts for Parents

Diwali is the festival of lights but also a festival of sharing joy and happiness with each other. It is a normal ritual to gift each other with sweets and other different things. So, make sure you do not miss out on your parents while buying the Diwali gifts. Also, your parents will love whatever you gift them.

  • Keep Their Choices and Preferences in Mind:
    If you are confused, as to what to gift them then try making a list. Think and pen down all the things they like or are interested in. Make sure you buy something that is in sync with their brand preference, colours and kind of products they use. You could also ask them directly if they need something, but only if you are super confused. This may kill the whole surprise but at least you can get them something useful. You could also ask your sibling for ideas if you have any.

  • Buy Something They May Need:
    Try and remember if you mother or father mentioned something to you. Also, if they are planning to buy a particular item like a coffee maker or a microwave then you can consider gifting them that. They will be super happy to know that you still care about them and pay attention to all these little details. You could also consider gifting them a traditional and authentic Diwali gifts. Get different lights and diyas for your mother and help her decorate the whole house with it. If your dad is in to fitness you can also get him a Fitbit. So, the whole idea is to think wisely and ponder on their interests and preferences.

  • Personalise Gifts for Them:
    Never ever underestimate the value of a personal gift. They have their own charm and the recipient will cherish it forever. You could also consider doing a DIY project for your parents, if you are good at crafts. Parents love anything with photos. So, try and make a collage of different family pictures and get it framed in a fancy frame. You could also consider making that batch of chocolate chip cookies your dad loves and gift it with that.

10 Amazing Gifts to Give Parents on Diwali in 2019

Home Decorative Lights


As Diwali is a festival of lights, consider gifting decorative lights or diyas. They are appreciated by everyone and those gifts keep the mood of the festival alive. Techno E-Tail 20 Led Metal Ball Decoration Lights For Diwali from is a great way to light up the house. Especially, your mother would love them.

They are Moroccan style and so they give a very different vibe and also look unique. The type of bulb used is LED and they are golden in colour. The whole fairy strings contain 20 bulbs in total and require 220 Volts in total. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting both. This product is priced at Rs.429.

Traditional Multi Zula Pearl Beads Handmade Door Hanging


Diwali also calls for cleaning the whole house and decorating it with different items. Hence, gifting the Jay Maharaj Home Decor Traditional Multi Zula Pearl Beads Handmade Door Hanging from is the best thing to do. Just make sure you gift it a little before Diwali, so that your mom could put it up and show it off to her guests.

The toran comes with pearl beads and is handmade with a traditional design. It is a door hanging and has various colours in it. The toran measures a total of 3 feet and is lightweight at only 350 gm. It is priced at Rs.1,250.

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Diwali Collection

What celebration begins without sweet? Well, we know of none. So, however common the idea is to give sweets, it always works. People love receiving such kind of gifts plus they are safe choices. Its not like someone will not like the design or colour.

Thus, while gifting your parents opt for the Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Box from They will definitely relish it as the hamper comes with 20 pieces of chocolates, 100 gm mixed dry fruits, a large candle, 100 gm Belgian bar and a box of cookies. It truly is a wonderful hamper. Each item contained in the hamper is completely vegetarian. This unique hamper is priced at Rs.1,376.

Diya With Divinity


On Diwali, every household is lit up with a host of beautiful lights giving an ethereal feeling. Why not give a lovely diya that also features idols of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. This is a perfect gift considering the occasion as both the goddess and the lord are worshipped this time. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and Lord Ganesha is believed to be the symbol of prosperity and success. The figure set measures 4 x 8 x 4 inches, and weighs 340 gms. It is a perfect accessory to add to your drawing room on other days, filling your house with positivity. This product is priced at Rs.799 on Amazon

Set of Ornamental Bowls


Silver Attraction from Ferns n Petals is a great gift. They are a set of silver bowls. This is a wonderful gift to give your parents as it is beautiful and precious. Also, ornamental bowls are used in the rituals of Diwali while worshipping the goddess Lakshmi.

This gift is a set of 5 pieces which contains of 2 bowls, 2 spoons and one tray. The tray is of 8 inch x 4 inch, spoon measures 4.5 inches and the bowls are 3 inches x 2 inches. This product is priced at Rs.2,199.

Air Purifier


With pollution growing across the country, it is better to protect ourselves by investing in a purifier. Your parents and other elders are particularly susceptible to health issures arising from pollutants. That is why buying them an air purifier this Diwali makes perfect sense.

There are dozens of options available in the market - we have chosen a Phillips model that clears the air of even micropollutants or ultra-fine particles and harmful gases. There is a Night sensing mode that ensures quiet performance and low noise. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 9600

Gourmet Food Basket


Anyone and everyone loves food. The choices and items obviously differ. So, if you think your parents would want to indulge in to gourmet foods then this is not only the ideal Diwali gift but also is something very different and unique to give. This Gourmet Food Basket from is something just amazing. We bet you will order one for yourself as well.

The assortment includes items like grape juice, Ferrero Rocher chocolate, a red candle, popcorn and so many more delicious treats. It is advisable to store the food products in a cool and dry place. It will be a treat to consume all this items during the five day light festival. The hamper is priced at Rs.10,399.

The hamper contains the following:

  • 1 Nacho Krunchers, 140 gm
  • 2 Lindt Excellence Cocoa, 100 gm
  • 1 Bonne Maman Peach Preserve, 370 gm
  • 1 4700 BC Popcorn Country Caramel, 200 gm
  • 1 box of Ferrero Rocher, 24 pieces
  • 2 Red candles
  • 1 Basilur Assorted 32 tea bags
  • 1 bottle Fiesta Grape and Raspberry Flavoured, 750 ml
  • 1 J&W White Grape Juice, 750 ml

Looking for a more affordable option? Consider this Wholesome Snacking - Gift Hamper from Nature's Basket where you will get 13 different kinds of healthy snack sets. Worth, Rs. 3935 this hamper is perfect for Diwali when it a time to host and indulge!

Couple Watches


This Diwali you could gift your parents something unique. Gift them matching couple's watches. Watches are a timeless gift. They last forever and the recipient can cherish them life long as they do not spoil easily. Plus gifting them a pair of couple's watches is something your parents will appreciate.

This elegant Titan Bandhan Analog Couple Watch from Amazon is a great gift. They are Titan watches and it is one of the best Indian brands as far as watches are considered. The watches are crafted in a bicolour combination. The strap style on both watches is gold and silver bracelet and it provides a comfortable grip on the wrist. They are made from stainless steel and are water resistant as well. The watches come with a warranty of 2 years. The dial colour is white and the dial shape round. This gift pack of two watches is priced at Rs.11,995.

Amazon Echo - Smart Speaker


If your parents are tech savvy then gifting Amazon Echo - Voice control from is the ideal gift this Diwali. It is a handsfree speaker which works on voice control. It can play music, make calls, set alarms, tell you news and control smart home devices.

This would help your parents a lot and is a very practical gift. It can also help them order food from Zomato or request a cab from Uber. Echo also has powerful speakers which deliver crisp and clear voice. This product is priced at Rs.6,999 on Amazon

LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set Of 23


If your parents socialise a lot and have a lot of guests coming home for dinner then gifting LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set from is a wise option. It is a set of 23 pieces. They have colour options from white, blue and green.

The dinner plate's size is 10.5 inches. The serving bowl's capacity is of 790 ml and the vegetable bowl's capacity is 170 ml. The box contains six dinner plates, six quarter plates, six vegetable bowls, one serving plate, two serving bowls and one salt and pepper each.

The whole set is diswasher safe, microwave safe and comes with high polish which is stain resistant as well. The set is extra strong as it is break resistant and also bone ash free. The best part about the whole set is that it is also thin and light weight. The set is priced at Rs.2,175. Also, by gifting this set you can drop a hint to your mother to call you over for a fancy dinner.

They Will Appreciate Useful Gifts for the Home

Parents normally love more of useful and practical gifts. Thus, opting to give then home utilities is a wise option. Talk to them as to what they need and figure out what to give. You could also ask them directly.

Some of the good options include a coffee or tea maker, a crockery set, a television set in case they need a new one, microwave or a food processor. You will have to decide on a item yourself. Diwali is also a good reason to fulfill their needs. Also, offer for help during the Diwali cleaning and the decoration of the house. Your parents would definitely appreciate the gesture.

Taking the Blessings of Parents is an Important Diwali Ritual

Any festival is all about family and friends. It is always more fun when you celebrate together. sharing your joy and happiness. The most important part of Diwali is taking blessings of elders by touching their feet. It is an ages old custom.

Each and every child is taught this ritual from the very beginning. It is believed that elders have walked a lot of paths and have gained more experience than people younger to them. Hence, by touching their feet you are asking them to bless you.

However modern we get, it is always good to follow the age-old traditions as they are made for a reason. If you do not understand a particular ritual, read about it. Ask your parents the significance of it but do not simply abandon it because you find it old-fashioned. On that note, do not forget to take blessings from your parents.

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Look Out for Their Needs

Indian parents never stop caring and looking after their children, no matter how old they get. In turn, the least we can do is look after their needs as best as we can. These needs go far beyond materialistic things, although if you can help them out in small ways to make their lives more comfortable, do that. What they crave most is the time, attention and affection of their family; so make time for them. That will be among the best Diwali gifts you can give them.