Revamp Your Kitchen with the 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets of 2019: These Must Buy Appliances Will Make Cooking a Breeze!

Revamp Your Kitchen with the 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets of 2019: These Must Buy Appliances Will Make Cooking a Breeze!

Has your kitchen started feeling too cramped up or losing its charm? Then again, you can never have too much help in the kitchen. Its high time to make some crucial adjustments to ramp up the style quotient of your kitchen. Save on meal prep time with these innovative gadgets and appliances so you have more time for the other things you love. Check out this guide to make your kitchen look and feel new.

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10 of the Most Lust Worthy Kitchen Gadgets of 2019

Adraxx Automatic Electric Opener

Ah, jars…

Often stubborn, they simply refuse to open when you need them the most. Instead of you cursing, sweating and struggling, why not let this gadget do the work for you.

Brought to you by the brand ‘Adraxx’, this gadget is the perfect solution to your woes – to use this gadget, all you need to do is to place the device over the lid of the tightly closed jar and press the power button. Doing so will lead the device to adjust its internal and external grips while taking a position on the closed lid. In a mere span of a few seconds, the internal grip will begin to work on rotating the lid while trying to open the lid.

Though, there are a few things that you need to remember while using this gadget – first, you must remember to keep the button pressed at all times when trying to open the lid of any bottle. Second, if you have kept the bottle in a refrigerator, it is recommended that you at first, dry the bottle, then, you should attempt to use this device on the bottle’s lid.

This neat little gadget is priced at Rs.1,999 and can be found on

Sage BKE735BSS the Soft Top Luxe Kettle Brushed - Stainless Steel


Brought to you by the renowned brand ‘Sage’, this device will be an investment buy, should you decide to go for it – plus, it also helps that it is the best water boiler that you are going to find in the market.

Yes, it is a bit pricier as compared to other kettles, but if you want the best for brewing, then tea and coffee bean addicts, are seriously going to love this. This kettle sits on a base upon which rests the button for switching on the kettle – and that which keeps your beverage boiled for an impressive 20 minutes once it is boiled. There are a few buttons for you to change the temperature, and which by the way, are exactly on point.

When it comes to design, indeed, the kettle is very well-designed – it’s going to fit lovely in your hand and its chrome finish will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

It is priced at Rs. 38,563 and can be found exclusively on

EZ Life Knife Holder Kitchen Magnetic Strip


Ever feel like you are getting annoyed when it comes to searching for knives – you often don’t find them near you when you need them the most, and only later, you find that it’s sitting innocently right on the top of the refrigerator behind your back.

Well, not anymore – how about you get a hold of this magnetic knife holder? With this little gadget, you can hang all of your knives and right in front of you. Complemented by a magnetic design, this gadget comes packed with high magnetic strips, and lets you hang your knives at a space convenient for you – plus, it also helps that your little kiddos won’t be able to reach for the knives.

Priced at only Rs.190, you can find this gadget at

Food Hugger Set

How many times have you chopped up fruits, or even vegetables in half, intending to use the other half later – and only to find that the other half has gone stale?

Well, not anymore. Found at and priced at Rs. 692 for a set, this food hugger set consists of four silicon cups that helps you to keep your fruits and veggies fresh for a much longer period.

And since, they are made of silicon, they are pretty much washable too!!

Haier HPW-Orange Codo Handy Washer

When it comes to drinking and food, if you are a bit of an accident-prone human, then, this device is just the perfect choice for you.

Brought to you by the renowned brand ‘Haier’, this gadget is the go-to gadget for you to remove stains, no matter where you are. Small enough to be shoved inside a bag or even your jacket, this handy washer is powered by batteries and comes with a water vial (5ml) along with a foam pad.

This handy washer is best put to use if your stains are fresh; if however, your stains are tough and have dried on, you might need a sprinkle of detergent to remove the stain. And the best part is that this handy washer works on both small and big stains.

This device is priced at Rs.1, 990 and can be found on

Prepara Plastic Herb Saver


Okay, so, you have bought all the herbs you can, and t you have also chopped up all of them, but now, the main question is – where on earth are you going to store all the chopped up herbs that you are going to need later?

Enter – the herb saver. Brought to you by the brand Prepara, this herb saver is made for just that. Made entirely of plastic, you can store up your herbs in this herb saver – having shape like a cylindrical reservoir, this herb saver can be fitted into most refrigerators plus it also triples the lifespan of your chopped up herbs.

This gadget is priced at Rs. 2,304 and can be found exclusively on

Berry Buddy

Created by Brian Kunkelman, this neat little kitchen appliance can be found exclusively on Uncommon Goods.

If you have washed berries in your life, then, you will know, just how hard it is to do it completely without losing any berries to the sink. Earlier, when you need to wash berries, you could either do so by using a regular bowl and saying goodbye to a few berries while pouring out the water, or you had used a sifter to drain off the excess water and getting you and your nearby spaces wet.

But not anymore – with this little kitchen appliance, and rightfully named ‘Berry Buddy’, this appliance is shaped like a bowl but the main difference is that it comes with a little spout with which you can easily rinse and pour off the excess water.

This neat little kitchen appliance is priced at Rs. 3,326 at

Cook4Me Connected Multi-Cooker


Okay, so, this kitchen device is very extravagantly priced, but wait – if you knew what it can do, then, you will see that the price is totally worth it.

Brought to you by the brand ‘Tefal’, this device is totally worth it if you are into pressure cooking. In short, this device is a hi-tech multi cooker which comes loaded with 60 built-in recipes, and having the ability to cook those recipes in a much faster way as compared to the conventional pressure cookers.

That being said, you can also use this multi-cooker to reheat your food and keep it warm, though you need to know that this multi-cooker is not recommended for recipes which have fish, meat, eggs or dairy, for hygienic reasons – other than that, this multi-cooker is perfect for recipes like risotto, hummus, crème brûlée and such.

One of the best parts about this kitchen gadget is that you only need to add the ingredients (and which the multi-cooker will show you on its screen) to the cooker and the rest will be done by the cooker. Plus, this multi-cooker can also be connected with its own app ‘Cook4me’ and with which you can keep up on what the cooker is cooking.

This smart kitchen gadget is priced at Rs. 1,10,298 and can be found exclusively on

Raw Rutes Kale Razor - Kale and Herb Stripping Tool

Have you ever sighed when you realize that you have yet to de-stem your herbs – and while the process is not exactly hard, but it is way too slow – after all, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, who even has time to sit down and de-stem the herbs one by one?

Well, now, it’s going to take a mere span of a few minutes. Why, you ask? It’s because of a certain ‘kale/herb razor’.

Brought to you by the brand ‘Raw Rutes’, this small kitchen appliance is a winner – all you need to do is to let this razor de-stem your herbs. For that, you need to let the herb go through any six of the holes adorning the razor, and after that, you only need to pull the herb through the hole to let it de-stem.

This neat little kitchen razor can be found on and is priced at Rs. 8,538.

Butter Churner

Ever wanted to churn up your own homemade butter? Well, now, it has become possible to do so.

Take the help of this butter churner – brought to you by the brand ‘Kilner’, this mini-churner is perfect for those who have always wanted to whip up butter in the comfort of their own home and add a real homemade flavor to their dish.

The best part about this mini-churner is that it comes with a recipe book featuring instructions on how you can best churn your own butter.

This kitchen appliance can be found on and is priced at Rs. 2,702.

Good Management Applies to Your Kitchen Also

Keeping everything organized means having a place for everything – and that goes for all items, yes, even your kitchen appliances.

Day in and out, you need various cooking tools as well as numerous flatware, and yes, they are going to take up a whole lot of space in your kitchen – but just like anything, there’s a solution for solving your woes.

Eliminating the Unused Utensils

If your kitchen has become a mess recently, how about organizing it? The very first step that you need to consider is to do some elimination.

Take note of your drawers as they have a tendency to get filled up quickly with unused stuff – find what you need and if possible, give away those what you don’t need or has been damaged.

As for your utensils, you can never have enough utensils, and if that’s your case, that you can’t eliminate the unused utensils, why not consider adding a few extra shelves or perhaps in the attic? Put those utensils at the back that you need less, and in the front, consider keeping those that you use frequently.

Renovating the Space

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, don’t put off the organization part until everything is completed. You have to plan in advance – just where do you want to add the extra drawers and shelves – and doing that will give a much better result.

Take note of the size of your utensils and plan your drawers and shelves accordingly – doing so will result in saving a whole lot of space.

Considering the Option of 'Retrofit'


If your kitchen is not that big, and adding in extra drawers and shelves will only lead to congestion, you can try the option of retrofit – which means you can in extra spaces in the extra drawers or shelves.

For example, you can keep your small containers on top of the trays, thus making use of the extra space on the trays. You can even add in curved handles or hooks to hang containers and utensils that will be within your reach but will steer clear of the kitchen countertop. You can even add pegboards to your wall, but of course, that depends upon you.

Bringing in New Appliances

If you like to make do with the old kitchen appliances, it’s high time to rethink your decision as you can make your kitchen more efficient with new gadgets.

Today, many new kitchen appliances throng the market, whose job is to make your job easier. Why not just ditch your old kitchen appliances, and make way for new ones – though you just need to make sure which kitchen appliances you need to buy for your requirement or else, you will end up buying a whole lot of appliances that you are not going to use any time soon.

Revamp Your Kitchen to get that Fresh Feel

Okay, so you have done everything on your part, but still, you can’t help but notice it – yes, your kitchen is indeed getting kind of worn down. Not only that, but it also looks a bit outdated – what are you going to do if someone – say, your guests – were to see it?

No – you are not going to let that happen, and that means upgrade. Yes! It’s time to upgrade your kitchen.

Repairing the Most Used Spaces


It has been quite a few years since the time you have moved to your home, and believe it or not, your kitchen is going to see a whole lot of damage and wear during this time – water damage, peeling counter-tops, wall stains and what not?

Forget guests, you yourself won’t feel like entering your kitchen if you re greeted by the above scenes. So, what should you do? Well, repairs, that’s what – take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and take a good look at the kitchen.

Consider opening the cabinets and look out at the counter-tops too – they are the most used spaces in the kitchen, so they will have signs of wear and tear and if needed, consider going for repairs. Also, remember to look out for the growth of mold too, in the corners of the kitchen including the sink, as mold often thrives in wet and moist spaces.

Make that Extra Space


Ever noticed that your kitchen looks more small than usual these days?

Well, that would be because of all those appliances that you can’t stop buying because you are going to need them.

But now, and before you know it, they have almost taken half of the space in your kitchen, having occupied more than 80 percent of your kitchen counter-top. When it comes to the kitchen, counter-tops often seem to have limited space – and if your case is similar, then, you can consider adding an island to your existing counter-top.

Going the High Maintenance Route

If it’s been a long time since you last upgraded your kitchen, then, it means, that your kitchen is low maintenance.

Does it annoy you when you enter the kitchen and you end up seeing the plain floors of the kitchen? Then, it’s time to upgrade – why not go for tiles? Adding tiles to the kitchen floors will make your kitchen look new. Of-course, you have to clean them every now and then, but then, no pain no gain, right?

Taking the Help of Remodel Contractor


Okay, so, you have decided that you will need to upgrade your kitchen, but the very idea is scaring you. You can’t even begin to imagine where you need to start, and before you know it, you have decided that you will make do with your old kitchen. Old is gold, right?

No, don’t just give up yet.

That’s what ‘remodel contractors’ are for – after all, it’s their job to know how to model a kitchen to suit the tastes of their client.

If, you are, planning to hire a remodel contractor, you should at first do some preliminary research – take a look at his website, his credentials and above all, how he had performed job previously and for that, you have to go through the reviews on his website. If all seems well, contact him and schedule an interview just so you can gauge as to whether he is a fit for you not.

Don’t make hasty decisions when it comes to remodeling your kitchen – take it slow and steady and if all goes well, you are advised to go for it or else, you are going to spend a whole lot more than you have originally intended.

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