Get Ready to Impress Your Business Circles with the 10 Best Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2020. Also Read Our Guildeines for Corporate Gifting on Festivals

Get Ready to Impress Your Business Circles with the 10 Best Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2020. Also Read Our Guildeines for Corporate Gifting on Festivals

Diwali is the best time to give gifts to each other. We can select Diwali gifts very easily when we are going to give it to our family member, but it becomes difficult when you are going to select corporate gifts for Diwali. So this time we bring a good range of corporate gifts for Diwali. In this article, you'll get the idea of what to give on Diwali and tips for corporate gifting on Diwali. Enjoy your Diwali and make it more special for your employees and client by giving them good corporate gifts.

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Tips for Corporate Gifting on Diwali

Blending Trends for Diwali Gifting

An important aspect of special occasions or festivals is the gifting process. During Diwali, the most common gift items include traditional diyas, decorative lights and candles, assorted sweets, candies or chocolates, dry fruits along with other items that are unique and quirky. With changing times, the gifting trend has also changed and given way to an interesting blend of traditional and modern items that personalize Diwali for the receivers. There are different options to choose from. For instance, a typical custom made Diwali Gift box can include Diwali specific miniature Idols, Decorative Diyas and Puja Thalis with an assortment of t-light candles, incense sticks or cones and other puja specific items.

Evergreen Option - Beautiful Diyas and Candles

Then there are decorative diyas and scented candles. Diwali is all about revelling in lights all around, so lighting an earthen lamp or diya is always in fashion. Gifting a gift set of clay lamps with elegant craftsmanship in beautiful colours and intricate designs is always a big hit. On the other hand, scented candles not only come handy for lighting up any space but also uplifting the ambience and mood, allowing one to de-stress and relax. Antique and designer candle holders come in different designs to suit every need & budget with varying traditional & modern designs. Further including spiritual gifts like the idols of Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesh are always high on the list of gifting options that represent thoughts & wishes of good luck, prosperity and happiness for one and all.

Diwali Gift Hampers of Edibles

India is rich in different cultures, which has a big role to play in the different festive occasions & different food cuisines, sweets and savouries as well. In celebration of the festivals, sending sweets & savouries, assorted dry and dried fruits is an age-old ritual. For corporate gifting, gift packs can be customized, wrapped in beautiful pouches, boxes, bowls and potlis, uniquely gift wrapped or packaged. Antique wall décor is another alternate for Diwali gifting in the corporate realm, made of metal or terracotta materials with some unique and alluring designs. And as usual corporate gift baskets also tend to include office essential items, desktop articles or clocks, stationary sets and more.

Unique Handcrafted Gifts

Corporate Gifting options are no longer confined to traditional gifting. To break the dreariness of ancient gifts, Diwali gifts can be more colourful, bright and creative with a variety of handcrafted items like handmade silver bowl sets, wine glasses, wall clocks or magazine holders, etc. An aromatic gift pack of fresh coffee beans or handcrafted culinary sets, tea sets, coasters or paperweights, etc. can also be looked at with custom options.

Top 10 Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for 2019

Puja Thali & Dried Fruit Hamper

Measuring 6 X 6 X 2 (l x b x h), the Marble Puja Thali, is beautifully carved in Meenakari work, with a Swastika and two tiny marble containers to hold puja related items. For a price of Rs.545 and a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces, the Marble Puja Thali is perfect for Diwali Gifting, packaged in a stylish white gift box. Along with the Puja Thali, you can gift the Dried Fruits Hamper in a wooden tray measuring 10 X 10 X 1.5”. The Dried Fruits Hamper includes 240gms of Prune, 250gms of Dry Kiwi, 250gms Anjeer and 200gms of Turkel Apricot. For a minimum quantity of 25 hampers, the Dried Fruit Hamper is priced at Rs.2,195 each.

Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Gift Hamper


A gift hamper filled with an assortment of sweet treats and beverages, have a variety of gift hampers varying in size and prices for Diwali gifting composed from chocolate, cookies and candle. You can get this hamper with Rs 3,299.

T-Light & Candle Holder Box Set

The beauty of any space is elevated with this lovely t-light hanging candle holder fashioned in Chandramala Style, with 3 t-light holders attached to each other with knotted chains in a mesmerizing display. The bottom part of the holder includes a tassel that further adds to the enriching design, while the top portion of the holder has a long chain for efficacy. Each moon-shaped T-light candle holder has a striking floral cut-out work, with the inner plate having enough space to hold the t-light. When the candles are lit, each of these holders gives off an impression of 3 moons shining brightly at the same time. Made of iron with a shiny finish, measuring 12.5x12.5x100 cm in length, width & height, the T-Light Candle Holder Set of 4 weighs 879gms and is priced at Rs.3,499.

Marble Photo Frame

It is a perfect gifting option, this beautiful Marble double photo frame measuring 9” x 9” (width x height) with a photo size of 3” x 3” (width x height) is shaped circular and embellished with Meenakari work in a lovely floral pattern, adorned with red coloured flowers, green leaves, two peacocks and a sprinkle of golden paint to jazz it all up. Priced at Rs.2,250 per piece, the Marble Double Photo Frame can be considered for Corporate Gifting for its classic design and gorgeous colour combination.

Handcrafted Stoneware Tea Set

Caffeine Pack of 15 Ceramic Handmade Mughal Tea Set the Stoneware Tea set is microwave friendly and lead-free. The Stoneware Tea Set includes a teapot measuring 1,1 litres, 1-Piece Sugar Pot measuring 220ml, 1-Piece Milk Pot measuring 220ml, 6-Pieces Cup measuring 150ml and 6-Pieces Saucer measuring 14.2cm in diameter. This 15 piece Tea Set is hand made out of clay, at high temperatures by Indian artisans, created from natural resources and each item in the set is unique for its craftsmanship. Perfect for both daily use and special occasions, the set is priced at Rs.3,399 each.

Desktop Charge-cum-Mousepad Set

This highly practical gift from is perfect for clients or your boss. This vertical desktop charger dock comes with a mousepad so you can charge your phone while working yet not be out of your sight. Available in blue this clever gadget is sure to be a welcomg corporate gift. This product is available on the site for Rs. 1,950

Laughing Buddha with Money Bag for Prosperity with Chocolates

This beautiful Feng Shui Laughing Buddha in Silver with a money bag is perfect for elevating the ambience and energy of any space, be it home or office and ideal for Corporate Gifting. Symbolic of good chi and positive vibrations, when placed in the South East direction of a home, the Laughing Buddha is said to bring abundance and good luck. The Laughing Buddha’s made of high quality clay with a sparkling silver coating that will match every décor. The Buddha is priced at Rs.999, weighing 500gms and measuring L-15.5 B-11 H-5.5 in inches. You can also pair the Laughing Buddha with a customized box of chocolates with a short message of Diwali wishes especially for the receiver. Differing in sizes and number of chocolates, these Diwali gift packs of Chocolates range between Rs. 595 for a 6 chocolate box – Rs.995 for an 18 chocolate box. The chocolates are wrapped in a beautiful Diwali themed wrapper, packed in a good quality wooden box designed thematically for Diwali. Each chocolate is pure vegetarian and includes chocolate fillings with roasted almonds, fruits & nuts and butterscotch.

Lakshmi Ganesha Silver Coin

A perfect token of Divine blessings, good luck and prosperity, the Lakshmi Ganesh Silver Coin weighing 10gms is made of 99.9 Sterling Silver and can be used for Pooja or as a collectable item during auspicious or festive occasions and comes in a red velvet box for gifting. It measures 1.2in X 1.2in (l x b x h) and is priced at Rs. 850 per coin.

Multicolour Wooden Trays-Set of 3

Beautifully designed and made of premium quality material this multi-coloured Wooden Tray Set is a great choice for corporate gifting, making them durable for both special and routine use. Measuring 1.5” in length, 12” in width and 6.6” in height, the package includes 3 trays in different sizes made of Wood. You can choose from a variety of designs available in multi-colours. The Reinvention Factory multi-color Wooden Tray with Matt Finish is priced at Rs. 2,076 for each set.

Life and Light Gift Combo

With its origin in the South East parts of Asia and Africa, the Lucky Bamboo plant is said to bring positive energy with it wherever it is placed, and more the stalks in the plant, more the positive energy! The combination of a two-layered Bamboo plant with a pair Designer Golden Candles contributes to the expression Life and Light. The bamboo plant is up to 5” high, potted in a yellow tin pot with a pair of two candles, each measuring 3” and 4” inches respectively on a black wooden tray of 7 x 6”, adorned with few green pebbles and white raffia. The life n light gift combo is priced at Rs.2,399 each.

Bonus Tip: Your Guide to Perfect Corporate Diwali Gift

When it comes to the business world, Diwali is a perfect time to celebrate with partners, clients, and employees, who have a big role to play in the functioning of a company and also celebrate the association with gifting, in honour of their contributions. When your gifts are received happily, you can look forward to increased employee productivity, supportive superiors and happier clientele with a flourishing business! So, here’s a brief guide to help you when looking at gifting for Diwali in the business world.

  • Budgeting is an essential element of any gifting process, which can not only help you narrow down on your gifting option but also avoid unnecessary spends.

  • Discussing gift options within the organization is a wise move to get a feel of what is preferable and what isn’t appreciated at all! It is good to keep in mind what your employees or clients would like or won’t and avoid ending up with gifts that won’t be well received.

  • Online shopping is quite a practical and cost-effective option to explore for Diwali Gifting in bulk. With a multitude of options to choose from in comparison to physically sourcing gift suppliers and choices that end up taking a lot of time and efforts is much better, in addition to availing competitive pricing giving you value for money spent.

  • Premium Quality gifts are the priority here that speaks of your company’s values, standards and your thoughts behind the gifting intention. Choosing gifts that aren’t superior in quality in lieu of cheap prices can prove to be detrimental to your company’s repute.

  • Customized Gifts for Diwali are far more memorable and well received than unbranded and plain wrapped gifts. Get creative with some unique branding and making your gift an interesting receive for all.
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Show Professionalism and Be Humble

It is very important to keep in mind the person whom you are going to gift. It is Diwali but don't forget that you are professional and has no personal contact with the person. Give something to your employees that bring happiness to him'her. With the help of this article, BP Guides has given you some better options to choose. If you are going to give it for the office purpose than you can choose office stationary, or something like a bamboo plant which brings positivity in your office. You can also gift something for his/her home and other family members like sweets and dry fruits gifts hamper. The choice is all yours but do not forget the purpose that it is a corporate diwali gift.