Low on Funds This Diwali? Here are 10 Great Diwali Gifts Under 100 Rupees & Tips to Cut Down on Gifting Costs (Updated 2020)

Low on Funds This Diwali? Here are 10 Great Diwali Gifts Under 100 Rupees & Tips to Cut Down on Gifting Costs (Updated 2020)

Need quick fix ideas for budget Diwali gifts under Rs. 100 give to friends, colleagues, workers, kids, neighbours without deflating your wallet? Or it's been a lean year and you don't want to blow up money on expensive gifts. We hear you. There are still plenty of great gifts you can buy for as little as Rs 100. Also read our useful money saving tips.

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Why Gifting is an Integral Part of Diwali?

To express love, gratitude and affection, strengthen ties, show appreciation. Diwali comes once a year and one of the reasons we eagerly await its arrival is because of the gifts. Gifting is an important part of celebrating Diwali. We give gifts to our family members, our loved ones, friends and colleagues. The purpose of giving gifts is to recognize each individual in our life, show our appreciation, gratitude and in some cases, our love for that person.

Gifting is not just a time honored Diwali tradition, it’s a way to spread goodwill and strengthen old ties. While buying Diwali gifts try to include everyone that you see on a regular basis. Don’t forget the people who work under you at office, your maid, cook or security guard. These people look after you well being throughout the year. Diwali is the time of the year when they need to be recognized for their services.

Diwali Doesn't Mean You Spend a Lot: Budget Diwali Gifts Are Possible

Why Opt for Cheap Gifts on Diwali?

Diwali comes with its share of expenses. It’s the time of the year when most households make their big yearly purchases. The house is cleaned and necessary repairs and paint jobs are carried out. New furnishings are ordered and new clothes are bought for each member of the family. Therefore the wisest thing to do would be to follow a strict gift budget to keep expenses in control. Most stores offer discounts and deals on products during the months leading up to Diwali. Try to make the most of these offers by buying your Diwali gifts in bulk. You don’t want your Diwali gift to end up gathering dust or being re-gifted. To prevent that buy useful gifts which are appropriate for the occasion. Things like LED string lights, candles and clay lamps are a few examples of perfect pocket friendly Diwali gifts.

Where to Buy Cheap Diwali Gifts?:

If you want to score a bargain on your Diwali shopping then we would suggest that you do a bit of casual market survey. Visit supermarkets, chain stores and also flea markets. Compare prices and products. Sometimes you can find similar things at reduced prices if you look in the right places. Don’t forget to keep an eye on deals offered by e-commerce websites. Their wide range of products will help you find budget friendly Diwali gifts without the investment of valuable time and effort. Buy from reputed websites and buy gifts in bulk to avail free shipping.

Handmade or How DIY Gifts Are A Great Option:

Remember those art and craft projects that you used to do in school? Well a great way to save up on cash would be to brush up those skills and indulge in some DIY. If you have some time on your hands and a bit of imagination, then you can recycle things like cans, old wine bottles, glass jars, shoe boxes and toilet paper rolls by turning them into fun and interesting gifts for your guests. You will need some brightly colored paper, paints, a variety of ribbon and strings, glitter, sequins and glue.

10 Affordable and Elegant Diwali Gifts Under Rs 100

Worried about the state of your purse after buying gifts for everyone this Diwali? Well you need not worry anymore. Following a strict gift budget doesn’t have to be boring at all, with our list of interesting Diwali gifts under Rs.100. Just take a look!

Simple Photo Frames

Source www.amazon.in

An inexpensive gift doesn’t have to look cheap. This glass photo frame from Art Streeet carries a pocket friendly price tag of Rs.110 only. The simple black frame makes your photos look attractive and elegant. It measures 5 x 7 inches and can be purchased from amazon.in.

Decorative Fairy Lights

Source www.amazon.in

Diwali is the festival of lights and decorating your house with fairy lights is a modern day Diwali tradition. Buy the Gold LED Hanging Lantern Lights worth Rs.99 from amazon.in. It’s a gift which is pocket friendly, festive and useful.

Candle Holder

Candle and tea light holders are the perfect Diwali presents. But if you think finding a candle holder within the Rs.100 price limit is a bit of an impossible feat then say hello to this pretty glass multi coloured candle stand from Flipkart. This pretty home décor piece features beautiful artistic craftsmanship and is priced at Rs.89 a piece on the site.

Alternatively you can also give a set of decorative candles which are perfect for Diwali. This set for Rs. 99 on Shopclues is a beautiful option.

Chocolate or Biscuts Gift Pack

Source www.amazon.in

When it comes to low priced gifts, nothing beats a delicious box of chocolates. Cadbury’s Celebrations Gift Pack,142 gm contains all your favorite candies from the brand; Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury 5 Star and Gems. This brightly colored gift box looks immensely festive and will definitely make a good gift for the lover of all things sweet. Buy it for Rs.100 on amazon.in(https://www.amazon.in/Cadbury-Celebrations-Gift-Assorted-Chocolates/dp/B01LY17D64/).

Good Luck Feng Shui Tortoise

When you want to give a gift that expresses you good wishes, gifts such as this Feng Shui tortoise set is a good idea. In feng shui tortorises are said to bring good luck and propserity so this is a gift that is ideal for Diwalis. This cute copper set has a tortoise on a plate. The dimensions of this showpiece are 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 1 cm, and it can be purchased on Flipkart for Rs. 99.

Looking for low priced utility items to gift your office colleagues this Diwali? This table clock cum pen holder from Meru creation seems like a good choice. It’s a smart desk accessory with a very pocket friendly price tag of Rs.80 a piece. Buy it from indiamart.com

Glass Bowl Set

Serve your guests dessert and snacks in style with the designer glass bowl set from Jyoti Glass and Crockery. This beautiful set of four glass bowls has an attractive high quality finish and a sleek modern design. They are highly durable and can be used to serve a variety of food items, both wet and dry. A set of four bowls costs Rs.100 on indiamart.com. Since this is a whole sale site, it may be only suitable if you want to give this gift to several people.

Divine Figurines

Traditional gifts are a good option when its elderly folks or acquaintences. Look for small figurines of Ganesha, Lakshni or even Buddha to give as gifts on this festive occasion. One great option is this acrylic and white metal Lakshmi showpiece. Measuring 7 x 3.5 x 9cm, this frame is a simple but elegant gift option. Available for Rs. 99 on nandigifts.com.

Dream Catchers

Source www.amazon.in

Originating from Native American culture, a dreamcatcher is said to attract positive energies and offer protection while sleeping . Usually handmade these hoops are a thoughtful gift to your loved one on Diwali. Not only that, it is also a colourful and artistic decor item to add in any home. This particular dream catcher is available on Amazon India for Rs. 85.

Handicraft Coaster Sets

Source www.amazon.in

Coaster sets make pretty versatile because they make great inexpensive gifts for almost anyone. This pretty set of wooden coasters stored inside a house-shaped counter is a wonderful budget option. These handcrafted set is priced at Rs.100 and you can it from amazon.in.

Whimsical Nose Shaped Spectacle Holder

Source www.amazon.in

This whimsical Nose Shaped Spectacle holder is a unique home décor piece from Classic Shoppe. This would not only look great perched on a shelf or a desk but would also ensure that you never misplace you glasses or accidentally sit on them. Made of high quality wood, you can buy it for Rs.100 from amazon.in

Pay Attention to Presentation and Packaging of Diwali Gift

A major part of giving a gift is the way you present it. Whether a gift is small or big, pricey or pocket friendly, presenting it in a proper way can make a world of difference. A beautifully wrapped gift shows your commitment towards the whole process and creates a positive impression for the person receiving the gift. Wrapping gifts is an art form and the way you decorate a package can make even the simplest of gifts seem special.

Add an ethnic touch to your gifts packaging for the occasion of Diwali. Use brightly colored wrapping paper. You could use handmade paper or paper with block printed designs on it. Use accents like golden zari thread, paper flowers, tassels and sequins to dress up the gift package. You could make paper marigold flowers and paper cutouts for decorating gifts. Visit Pinterest to for ideas and tutorials.

Be Savvy By Buying Diwali Gifts Online

Diwali is one of the busiest times of the year both for the consumers and the sellers. The markets remain crowded months before Diwali. This can make shopping for Diwali gifts a stressful and tiring process. This is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of online shopping. Nowadays a large majority of the population, especially in urban areas are opting to switch to online shopping for purchasing their Diwali gifts. Shopping online saves you time and energy.

You also save on transportation; sure you have to pay shipping, but a lot of websites offer no shipping charges if you buy products worth a certain amount of money. Most online stores also offer great deals and discounts on a variety of products. You can buy clothes, accessories, home décor and furnishings all at reduced prices online. Therefore in the long run shopping online does end up being cost effective.

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Make a Diwali Budget

There are so many expenses and things to take care of during Diwali that it is easy to lose track. To avoid being suddenly, and unexpectedly being faced with a sharp dip in your savings, make a Diwali budget much before preparations begin. Factor in everything from painting the house, to Diwali tips given to workers, gifts, new clothes, food and home shopping. Having a clear idea of what kind of expenditure you're looking at will help you be more realistic in setting a gift budget.