Perfect Diwali Gifts for Grandma in 2019 and A Guide to Buying Gifts for the Elderly

Perfect Diwali Gifts for Grandma in 2019 and A Guide to Buying Gifts for the Elderly

Grandmothers are always ready to pamper you with presents or the delicious treats they whip up in the kitchen. When Diwali comes around, return the favour by giving her thoughtful Diwali gifts. Best Present Guide brings you Diwali gift ideas for the family, and in particular, Diwali gifts for grandmother.

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A Guide to Buying Diwali Gifts for Grandmom

With the plethora of gifting options available all around you, it can be really difficult to choose a gift for your loved ones. Now things get trickier when you have to gift something to your elders, especially your grandma.

Make it useful:
The best gift that you can gift your grandma could be the one that will make her life easier, something that will be be of maximum use to her. For example, if you observe that your grandma has trouble changing her spectacles, from her reading glasses to the ones she wears otherwise, get her a pair of good quality progressive glasses; that way she can use one pair for reading and regular use.

Make it personal :
Don't gift something mundane and boring. Buy her something that she will know you have spent time on. It could be a handmade DIY gift or soemthing that uniquely fits her. This is the perfect way to show her how much you cherish her presence in your life!

    Consider these factors before picking your grandma's Diwali gift!
  • Lifestyle
    A generation gap is something which we all are aware of and each generation goes through that phase. This gap changes the lifestyle to cope up with the modern world, but our grandparents try to stick with their older lifestyle as much as possible. So, think of a giving a gift which resonates with their way of living and does not make then feel uncomfortable.

  • Health status
    Being healthy is a challenge in this world full of technology, which provides luxury as soon as we step out of our beds. For their better health and long lives choose gift wisely which will improve their health and help them to stay healthy physically and mentally.

  • Likes and dislikes
    You must be knowing about the things that make your grandma happy, so you can look for a gift that fits along those lines. Use your knowledge of what she likes and what she dislikes as a person to look for something sweet and wonderful. So, explore your options and purchase something which she will adore for life and keeps with her.

10 Amazing Diwali Gift Ideas for Grandma

There are lot many things available in the market and online sites to choose from. To make your task easy, we would like to take you through the best gift options available for your grandmother this Diwali. Make most of it and see her happy.

Spiritual Books


The Bhagavad Gita is an important source of yogic knowledge and contains a brief synopsis of India's vedic wisdom. It describes how was India 5000 years ago. The Bhagavad Gita is as sacred a book to Hindus as the Bible is for Christians and the Qur'an is for Muslims. It's Sanskrit form is now translated into many languages, like Hindi, English etc, so you can buy a copy in the language your grandma reads. These instructions and information include the knowledge of self, the relationship between the individual soul and super soul (paramatma). The best selling and expanded edition contain the original Sanskrit verses, and it has been elaborated further for better understanding. The book contains the key concepts of Hindu religious thought and technical vocabulary of old times plus Indian scriptures which contextualizes the book culturally and historically. This item can be purchased for Rs.179 at

Ganesha and Lakshmi Brass Statue


Diwali is an occasion where god Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi are worshiped together. In Hindu tradition we get a new idol of these gods every year. So, you can present her this idol made out of brass and make her happy by showing her the religious side in you. This handmade god Ganesha sculpture is completely an artisan crafted in India, it is designed using brass with sand casting technique, and has gold-copper look on it. This item can be purchased for Rs.2,999 from

Kanchipuram Pure Silk Saree

Diwali is the festival of color and lights, where each one us welcomes the festival with much fanfare. We wear new clothes, decorate our houses, light diyas and crackers, etc. So, to make her Diwali special, gift her a new saree which she could wear at the time of celebration.

Silk sarees gives the royal look! This elegant green saree has beautiful weaving all over the saree, with grand classy pallu and zari border. Each piece is elegantly crafted and will surely add to her wardrobe. This product is beautifully hand woven using high-quality threads by skilled artisans. This saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece. This product ranges from affordable to high prices as fits into your budget.

This Classicate Green Woven Design Pure Silk Saree from Myntra for Rs. 3,199.

Fresh Fruit Basket with Flowers

Fruit and flower are multipurpose gifts for all occasions and festivals. This fruit basket is an eco-friendly gift for all and could be given to any person of any age group. On a festival like Diwali, both items are required during the pooja and could serve the purpose of gifting to your grandmother.

Fruits are for instant consumption but the basket in which it is beautifully decorated for gifting can be used for various purposes further. Mixed fruit basket which contains various fruits based on the availability during the season which is further combined with a bouquet of 12 mixed flowers. The multi-purpose plastic storage basket is just what you can use to organise a few things at home. You can sort out all kinds of home and Kitchen supplies, tableware, stationery, cosmetics and other small items. The number of fruits can be chosen based on the requirement like 2 kg, 3 kg and so on. A 2 kilo fruit basket with 12 flowers can be purchased for Rs.1,141 at

Beautiful Candle Holder Set

It's Diwali and the time to light up the house! Gift your grandma a beautiful set of light holders that she can use in her house or puja room. Made of brass this set of hollow holders features a complex floral pattern that throws shadows all around when lit. A beautiful sight that spreads positivity and peace. Get it on for Rs. 999.

Elegant Jewellery


For years, pearls were thought of the utlimate sophisticated jewellery to flaunt and were very popular with women before diamond jewellery took over. The position of pearls is unrivaled among gemstones and they occupy a place of pride even in Indian jewellery. We suggest this Jagdamba Hyderabadi Pearl Necklace for Women. Pearls are believed to bring peace and harmony to the wearer and this simple wire necklace will charm your grandmother. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,420 from The necklace is made of fresh water pearls and is available in various lengths. The chain is made of silver alloy that has been gold plated.

Her Favourite Sweets or Exotic Chocolates

How often has your grandmother made sweets for you? Ideally you should make some for her, but if you're unable to, buy her a box of delicious Diwali sweets instead. Ghasitaram's Special Besan Laddoo is an exquisite assortment of laddoos made of gram flour, sugar and ghee, and garnished with dry fruits. This is a much loved sweet and we are sure that your grandma will love them too. Diwali or any festival is incomplete without the treat of sweet after the pooja. This item can be purchased for Rs 399 from

If your grandma loves chocolates - then indulge her with a box of the best Belgian chocolate available. Find a good cholacoletier or online and order a gift box for her. This Regalia Gift Hamper available on Choko La contains a delectable mix of milk chocolate blondie, almond minis, butterscotch crunchettes and honeycomb. Available on the site for Rs. 2,250.

Diwali Pooja Thali


This is one of the traditional gift of Diwali, it is useful for the main Diwali celebration pooja. With antique designs, gold plated brass pooja thali can be used at pooja then can be kept for home decor. It comes in a Fancy red/blue colored gift box. This item is highly durable, elegant and a fancy choice for your grandmother. It is easy to clean and maintain its original shine by just wiping it with the clean cloth or use a soft brush. In case some burning candle wax is accumulated then do not scratch it just put some hot water there and it will go away. Do not rub newspaper, which causes excessive tarnishing that will affect tarnishing and is difficult to clean. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,299 at

High Quality Home Linen

Household gift items are like which is always required for home decor and festival like Diwali when elders including mother and grandmother clean entire house from inside to outside and decorate their home with all new items. You can gift bedsheet sets, quilts, blankets, throws and cushion cover sets.

This gorgeously coloured quilt is sure to brighten up your grandma's home decor. Crafted from a supreme quality cotton material, this quilt is soft to touch and easy to wash. The unique design and the perfect blend of colors of this bedsheet will surely catch her fancy in just a glance. The beautiful print enhances the overall appeal of this bedsheet. You can either go for single bed size or double, depending on your grandma's requirements. This item can be purchased at prices starting Rs.2,790 at FabIndia.

Gift Box of Her Favourite Beverage


Does your grandma love her tea or coffee? If yes, then you have the perfect gift idea! Look for gourmet or exotic tea/coffee sets that give her an opportunity to experience something new. There are several sites online that offers a whole lot of options across different kinds of tea and coffee so keep her tastes in mind to find something wonderful. You can consider this Rangoli gift box available on for Rs. 1,249. There are nine kinds of teas inside - each of it uniquely flavoured. A delightful gifting option indeed!

Bonus Idea: Delight Your Nani or Dadi by Cooking for Her

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, in today's age each one of us should have at least a basic knowledge about food and cooking. In your childhood days, she uses to cook your favorite dish every now and then. After learning about her love for you, it is your responsibility to take care of her likes and dislikes, so you should prepare something for her, you can at least try. The end result may or may not be delicious but she will be delighted that you took the effort; she may also proceed to tell you where you went wrong so you can polish your culinary skills as well.

If that does not sound feasible - do something else that she will like. Like gardening for her, or taking her to the temple on Diwali morning within the city, or even a famous temple outside the city, as per your convenience. The key is doing something with her that she loves.

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Your attention and time are the best gifts

Ask any elderly relative what present they would like. They may tell you about some very basic requirements but will almost always tell you that your love and well-being is all they could ask for. Such is the selfless nature of parents and grandparents. What they may or may not tell you is that your time is all they crave for. This Diwali make it a point to spend time with your grandparents, giving them your undivided attention - which means putting aside the smartphone! There may not be much conversation or they may chide you for small things, but their hearts will be warmed.