The Ultimate Gift Guide to Buying Chocolate! Tickle Their Taste Buds With These 10 Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas (2019)

The Ultimate Gift Guide to Buying Chocolate! Tickle Their Taste Buds With These 10 Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas (2019)

Chocolate gift baskets are the kind of gifts that never fail. From weddings, graduations, or any other celebrations, a basket filled with chocolatey goodness is a superb gift for the occasion. Teaming the sweet treats with an extra gift makes for a better and grander present. To keep you in the loop of what kind of chocolates to give and especially when, check out the list of delicious chocolate gift baskets listed below to present a better and greater gift.

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3 Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Chocolate Box

Chocolate for most of us is something that cannot be resisted. Gifts of chocolate are simplest of the ways to make your special moments more beautiful and memorable.Chocolates are not only tasty but its consumption has many health benefits too, like it lowers the cholestrol level in the body and prevents cognitive decline. It also reduces the risks of cardiovascular problems in our body. But they should be consumed in moderation. Giving such a healthy and tasty gift will strengthen your ralation with the recipient. Here are some things you need to know before purchasing a box of chocolate.

How Dark do you Want it?

Dark chocolates are considered to be more nutritious chocolates. These are bitter than normal chocolates, but they are healthy too. It is considered that white chocolates are the combination of milk, sugar and other sweetening agents, darker the chocolate, the bitter it is along with the low amount of sugar. It is ideal to choose chocolate with approx. 70% of cocoa in it. Getting even 100% pure chocolate doesn’t do any harm, but it may taste a little bitter than others. Chocolate with 85% or higher cocoa is considered as the healthiest one.

Chocolate is essential an emulsion of cocoa with cocoa butter, and the amount of sugar and milk solids added to it make up the difference between dark and milk chocolate. There are some trusted brands out there which are good at providing the right amount of cocoa in chocolates than any other brands. If you want to gift box filled with tasty and healthy chocolates, then you landed at the right place. We will help you to buy perfect chocolates for your loved ones.

How Well do you Know the Taste of the Recipient?

If you are planning to give the box of chocolates to your loved ones, then it's recommended that you must find out their taste in chocolates. Some people prefer milky chocolates while some love dark chocolates with a high percentage of Cocoa. Get to know their choices and taste, it will help you to choose a perfect gift for them. Watch the smile on their face when they will get the chocolates of their choice. So, try to keep their likings in mind before getting them these chocolates.

How Much are You Willing to Spend?

Who wouldn’t love getting a box full of their favourite heart melting chocolates? But be mindful while choosing them under your budget. The price for chocolate baskets starts from Rs.150/- and ranges to Rs.40,000/-. So, it’s completely up to an individual to choose how much they are willing to spend and in any range they need, they can find very well decorated and a beautiful chocolate box of mouth-watering chocolates. There are so many online stores today that provide so many varieties of chocolates in a superbly decorative manner and the perfect mix of chocolate varieties.

10 Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas to Impress 'Em to the Hilt

Dark Chocolate Gift Box


If you are a dark chocolate lover, you must have already heard this name of Bernotti. They present this beautiful box containing 190 gms of chocolate in it. This dark chocolate assortment gift box comes wrapped in a classic brown ribbon. This gift could make your loved ones to lick their lips and fingertips. This nutritious classy chocolate box goes for Rs.2,500 on

Tower of Chocolates


This is a tower of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates. This is a high quality branded gift that anyone would surely love. This would be the best gift for any chocolate lover, as this is assembled in such a beautiful manner and gives a pleasant taste. This combination of delicious chocolates and the beautiful tower would be counted in unforgettable gifts. Dairy milk chocolates are known for their milky taste and creamy texture. This is a 15 inches love tower of 57 Cadbury Diary milk chocolates of 12gm each. This is just for Rs.2,345 on

Handcrafted Truffles

This is a gift pack of 16 pure Belgian chocolate truffles. They have four delicious and distinct flavours of Afghani Black Raisin, Shredded Coconut, Raspberry and Dark chocolate, and Dark and dusted truffle.
Each of these delicacies weighs approx. 12-14gms. These bonbons are artificial preservatives free and are handcrafted. They are to be consumed before two weeks from production for best taste and experience. They usually deliver within three to five business days. These delicious truffles together cost just for Rs.950 on Royal Beans.

Single Flavor Boxes

If you are a person indulging on single flavours, then go for this. This gourmet almond crunch dark chocolate bonbons are just for you. These are single flavour gourmet chocolate gifts and boxes by compartes. They are available in various flavours and varieties. They have a collection of huge varieties but a variety per box. Their varieties also include wine, almonds, berries, nuts, beer, elaichi, etc. they are very good at their delivery services too. There are three main gift box sizes included. The first gift box contains 5 chocolate pieces, 10 pieces and 20 pieces. Their prices are Rs.1,349, Rs.2,132 and Rs.3,555 respectively. You can get these from the official site of Compartes.

Ferrero Rocher Boxes

If you are a chocoholic and haven’t heard about Ferrero Rocher, think again before you call yourself a chocoholic. This delicious journey of chocolates begun in 1942. They have a huge variety of chocolate collection. The grand Ferrero Rocher 24 piece box is the perfect gift for any occasion. The 12 pieces classic gift box makes your gift look special and taste delicious. Ferrero Rocher 12 piece tree would be the best Christmas gift. The 3 piece Ferrero Rocher is the perfect small gift for all year long. The three-piece star is all you need this holiday season. Don’t forget about the 5 piece Ferrero Rocher holiday box. They also have a snowman, shooting star, holiday cube, 18 piece, 16 piece boxes and the grand Ferrero Rocher. The 24 piece box is available on Indiamart for Rs.575/-.

Chocholik Belgium Chocolate


This amazing chocoholic Belgium chocolate box is a treat to your tongue and delight to your eyes. This 24 piece collection of chocolates is a collection of exotic flavours of chocolate to treat your taste buds. Belgium chocolates are known for their name, fame and their mouth-watering, heart melting chocolaty taste that can mesmerise anyone. This box is a 24 piece collection of tasty chocolates wrapped beautifully. This is just for Rs1,400/-. This can be purchased online on

Paan Chocolates


You are a lover of Paan and chocolate, then this beautiful combination is just for you. This 8 piece combo of mystic premium Paan flavoured chocolate box is for all those Paan loving chocoholics out there. So, this festive time, try this Paan chocolate for a change and fulfil your desire of Paan and chocolate at the same time. These are the best quality handcrafted chocolates with a pleasant aroma and melting tastes. This can be brought online from Paytmmall at an affordable price of just Rs.495/-.

Lindt Chocolate Box


This gift box is for them who really love milky flavours in chocolates. In this box you will get around 350 gms of Lindt Swiss Premium Assorted Chocolates along with 2 Natural Yellow LED DIYA Bars of 100 gms. The gift box looks super cool from outside. The box is made in such a way that it prevents chocolates from melting and keep them smooth for longer duration. You can get this gift box for just Rs.1,307/- on

Multigrain Energy Bars


The next option is super healthy one -a box of multigrain energy bars. This is an assorted box of chocolate-based bars which includes 25-30% whole grains and complex carbs, 10-15% seeds, 10-15% nuts, and 10-15% protein boost. They make you full as well as gives you a lot of good energy as well as a great taste for the sweet tooth. This pack includes 2 chocolate chunk nuts, 2 vanilla almond crunch, 2 nuts and seeds and 2 orange chocolate bars. This is a combination pack of 10 bars worth Rs.360/-.

These Multigrain Assorted Chocolates are available on YogaBar, or Nykaa.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar-free delights basket is a gift basket of sugar-free chocolates. These chocolates taste so good, and the best thing about these is they are sugar-free. Tasty and healthy at the same time, these are the perfect choice for those weight conscious people out there or diabetics. Everyone loves chocolate. But some can't have them since they are diabetics or health conscious but here we bring you these amazing handmade sugar-free chocolates to win hearts of your loved ones. Now you can gift your loved ones with love and health at the same time.

This tasty chocolate box is available in three flavours, roasted almonds, fruit and nut and roasted walnut flavours. Farah’s Handmade Chocolates is in this since the year 2014. Their products are known for their best quality and rich taste. This delicious and healthy chocolate box can be purchased on Indiamart for Rs.600/-.

Chocolate Buying Checklist

Your chocolate buying checklist must include: a check for emulsifiers, no processed alkali in chocolate making. Always opt for 60% or more cocoa content, skip white or milk chocolate, reach for organic, and avoid lead and cadmium contamination. Ensure that the chocolate is in well-sealed wrapper, uniform colour of the complete chocolate, clean break with a snapping sound, and the best by date. If any of these are missing in any chocolate, then it is recommended to avoid that product totally. Here are some tips that will help you understand why you must opt for this checklist.

Go for Organic Chocolate

Organic chocolates are the safest and healthy kind of chocolates. For the processed chocolates, they may contain many preservatives, chemicals, etc which are harmful to health. They make one to absorb more fat and collect contaminated chemicals inside the body. But unlike them, the organic is the pure form of chocolates, the raw form that have more cocoa in them. Cocoa present in chocolates is responsible for preventing memory decline. It may be more bitter than the other chocolates but are healthier and good for health and heart.

Ditch the Packaging, Focus on Quality

The main focus of the manufacturer is the packaging and manufacturing of chocolate. It is the packaging that attracts the consumers first. So, this is the common mistake we all do, is by focusing how good, or classy or beautiful and cute a packaging looks and unnecessarily pay off so much money without thinking once about the worth of the product inside it. Next time you go shopping for chocolates, make sure you don’t go for the packaging or the expensive or attractive box in which it is packed and take a look at its ingredients and nutrition chart and pay its worth. Not even a penny extra for something that isn’t worth.

Ensure no Alkali Processing

This method is mainly focused to make the cocoa smoother, and add a mellow flavour. It is mainly used to darken the colour of cocoa. It gives deep brown hue to cocoa. But it also degrades the vital health benefits of cocoa. The polyphenols in cocoa are believed to improve athletic performance for a better healthier vascular function to better cognitive performance. But this alkali processing method damages these compounds and degrades the good qualities of cocoa, thus reducing good health effects of cocoa on the body. So, it's always prescribed to avoid chocolates completely which are alkali processed.

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Healthy Gifts: The Chocolate Gift Basket

While it may be merely considered a snack or sweet, it leans more on a healthy food. Furthermore, it is also used in food preperations and desserts. Others may use it as an aphrodisiac and the many uses of chocoate all have beneficial properties to one's health. Contents in chocolate are healthy and the fact that it's sweet makes for a very good gift. Most people like chocolate and some chocolate gift ideas have been laid out above as well as some key elements to consider during the purchase or consumption of chocolate.