The 10 Best Keypad Phones Under Rs.5000 in India and Why You Should Definitely Have One even in 2020

The 10 Best Keypad Phones Under Rs.5000 in India and Why You Should Definitely Have One even in 2020

It is 2020 - despite smartphones, keypad phones remain a popular option as they are reliable and low maintenance. We have compiled a list of such sturdy and new keypad phones under Rs. 5,000 for you, check it out and may be you'd want to invest in one of these.

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Why Keypad Phones can Turn Out to be Better than Smartphones?

Less Distractive

Are you looking for the best keypad phone under Rs.5000? Keypad phones may not be as cool-looking, but, they can outperform smartphones. Apart from being durable, they offer lesser distraction which is an important thing to consider by looking at the current obsession of people with smartphones. It ensures that we use the phone for essential activities and not get carried away with the lure of games, news apps, and other such things.

Great Battery Life and Sturdiness

You simply can’t beat the amazing battery life of keypad phones. They can function for days on even 800mAh battery because of the lesser power requirements. There are keypad phones providing more than 1000mAh of battery which is great for superb battery backup in odd situations.
Another great factor making keypad phones a hit is their sturdiness which is definitely missing from the modern smartphones. The trending smartphones can’t even withstand a slight mishap and you would have to get their screen changed, which is not the case with keypad mobiles.

More and More Features Coming Along

As the market for keypad phones remains strong, the manufacturers are trying to bring more and more features in these phones. For example, who would have thought that we can get 4G connectivity through these keypad phones before JioPhone came into the market. Not only these phones are super affordable but they are offering features at par with modern smartphones. So, you can even use WhatsApp in these phones, what more do you need?!

10 Best Keypad Phones Under Rs.5000 in 2019

Nokia 8110 4G

When you are buying Nokia 8110, you are definitely getting your hands on one of the most unique Nokia keypad phones ever. Available in black and yellow colors, this unique phone even has a slider cover for the keypad too which makes it look pretty amazing.

It is 6.22 cm long in terms of display and has a decent 240 X 320 pixel resolution. You would be glad to know that it is 4G enabled. However, this is not the main highlight of the phone.

The major highlight is its impeccable 1500mAh lithium-ion battery which provides great talk time and standby time to this phone. This phone is simply lightweight and offers expandable memory storage up to 4GB. Other features of this phone includes Dual SIM functioning, e-mail, candybar phone type, Bluetooth, wi-fi enabled etc. Get your hands on this phone which is available on for Rs.4799.

Jio Phone 2

Remember the time when Qwerty Keypads were a huge hit in mobile phones and they actually, kind of, revolutionized the Indian mobile phone market. Well, we are bringing you a hint of nostalgia again with the JioPhone 2.0.

JioPhone 2.0 is a keypad mobile 4g enabled with lots of other features which were missing from the earlier version of this phone. It comes with Dual Core processor which is quite quick and fast and comes with 512MB RAM which is also quite impressive in terms of keypad phones.

Being a Qwerty keypad phone gives it a bigger and better display screen with improved pixel quality as compared to other keypad phones. The phone even has 2MP primary camera and 0.3MP front camera along with a powerful battery of 2000mAh which is simply mind blowing. If you wish to buy this phone then it is available on for Rs.2999.

Micromax Bharat 1

Next pick for this list of the best keypad phone under 5000 is Micromax V407 or Bharat 1. Available in black color, this one looks like a decent and standard keypad phone but comes with a lot of interesting feature within an affordable price range.

The phone has both rear as well as selfie camera of 2MP and 0.3MP respectively but what takes the cherry on the cake is its powerful 2000mAH battery. This increases the standby time to quite some days. The best thing about the phone is that even though it has single SIM slot but it supports both 3G and 4G network which is quite impressive for a keypad phone like this. Moreover, the phone has dual core 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM and you can also expand its memory storage space through MicroSD Card. You can order this phone right away on for Rs.2309.

iBall Aasaan 4

Contrary to the popular beliefs, iBall phones are actually quite good and long lasting so we picked this iBall Aasaan 4 phone for this list here. What is a bit annoying about this phone is its smaller display size of 2.31 inch. Apart from that, you won’t be seeing any issues in this phone. It supports dual SIM and can expand the memory storage up to 32GB through MicroSD card. Even the battery is quite impressive of 1800mAh.

Other interesting features of this phone includes, enhanced audio, big keypad, emergency alert support, mobile tracking function etc. Wireless FM, one touch buttons for phone lock are some other and very important features of this phone. iBall Aasaan 4 is available for purchase on for Rs.3500.

Panasonic GD25C

Panasonic offers quite an affordable option to be included in the list of best keypad phone under 2000. This is called Panasonic GD25c and it is quite a lightweight and sleek keypad phone. It has an overall display of 2.4inch and it comes with 1.3MP of primary camera.

The looks are pretty average and it is available for purchase in black color. As the phone fits perfectly for the users who just want to use it as a spare phone with their smartphone, the features are not that impressive in this phone.

Even the battery is 1250mAh which is good for a keypad phone but less powerful as compared to other keypad phones mentioned here. However, you would be glad to know that you can expand the memory storage of this phone up to 16GB and it even supports dual SIM too. Other standard features include FM, Mp3 and Mp4 player, loudspeaker etc. Grab this phone on for Rs.1209.

Samsung Metro XL

Samsung Keypad phones are quite reliable and you simply cannot doubt their durability. One such phone that we picked from Samsung is Metro XL. Available in black and gold colors, this phone has a nice display of 2.8 inches which is actually quite good. This phone is actually quite nice in terms of camera too, with 3.1MP primary and 2MP selfie camera. The battery is decent with power of 1200mAh which can last quite long.

Talking about the memory, it as 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM which is expandable up to 16GB. Overall, this phone is pretty great in terms of multimedia and performance and the camera supports even low light images. You can buy this keypad phone on for Rs.3225.

Nokia 3310

Nokia is back with their star phone Nokia 3310 and this time with a bang. It is one of the best keypad phone under 5000 that you can find in the market with really smooth functioning and ultra-fast processor. This super sturdy phone has 2.4 inches of display along with series 30+ processor installed. It comes with 16MB of RAM and internal memory of 128MB which is expandable up to 32GB. The phone supports dual SIM and available in various color options too.

You can also click pictures with its 2MP primary camera and with decent battery of 122mAh, this phone can provide days of standby time. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t support 4G network but if you are a fan of original Nokia 3310 then this would be a perfect treat for you. You can buy this legendary phone on for Rs.3850.

Micromax X910A

We bring you another Micromax phone and this time it is Micromax X910A. This phone has the biggest display screen of 2.9 inches in this list and it comes with 256 RAM Size. The phone is pretty decent in terms of looks but good in terms of performance.

It has a primary camera of 0.3MP but no selfie camera. There are of course not so many features included in the phone except for one which is the superb and powerful battery of it.

The phone comes with 4000mAh battery power which is simple outstanding. So, if you are tired of your smartphone getting drained within half a day then this spare phone would turn out to be great for you. The box includes phone, charger, battery and USB Cable and you can buy it on for Rs.1818.

Samsung Guru Music 2

Samsung Guru series is one of the most popular and most affordable offering by Samsung in terms of the best keypad mobile phone in India. We picked their Samsung Guru Music 2 for this list which can be called the star of this series.

It is available in various color options and so many features too. Samsung offers smaller display size of 2 inch as compared to other phones but the performance is pretty amazing. It has a single core processor and memory storage expandable up to 16GB.

The battery is quite decent having 800mAH power but as the processor is single core, the phone won’t drain much of its battery power. It is a pretty simple phone with no camera either but it is best for listening to music. It comes with FM Radio, Mp3 with stereo etc. Buy this phone on for Rs.1625.

Intex Ultra 4000i

And the last one that we have is Intex Ultra 4000i available in Black color. What instantly catches your attention about this phone is its bigger display screen of 2.8 inches which is actually quite good. Well, this is not all because the better part is yet to come.

You won’t believe that massive battery backup of this phone because of the superb 4000mAh battery used in it. You do not even find that kind of battery even in smartphones. The phone has dual SIM support and has a pretty decent primary camera too.

The mp3 player of the phone comes with stereo and the phone also includes FM Radio too. However, it doesn’t support 4G network. If you are looking for a phone whose standby time along with a few calling can last up to a month without charging then this is the one for you. Grab this phone now on for Rs.2500.

What You Should Look for While Buying Keypad Phones Under Rs.5000?

When we are talking about the best keypad phone under Rs.5000 in India, there are certain criteria that these phones should meet. If you are willing to spend Rs.5000 or less on keypad phones despite having smartphones available in this range, you must look out for the availability of certain features in them. We are listing a few, right below.

4G Connectivity

Spending this much amount on a keypad phone must bring you the feature of 4G connectivity in them. Apart from the popular JioPhone, there are other keypad phones in the market offering the same and you should definitely look out for them before settling down for GSM Connectivity phones only. The least you can expect from a phone today is 4G connectivity in it.

Storage Space Provided

The upgraded versions of keypad phones should have better option of storage space in them. At least, they should be able to provide enough space to save all the important contact details and messages in the internal memory without facing any issues. Apart from it, these phones should have the feature to expand memory, too, by using MicroSD card.

Multimedia Features

While choosing the best keypad phone under Rs.5000, you should see whether they offer basic multimedia features or not. This includes, Mp3 Player, Mp4 Player, FM Radio, Video recording, Camera, etc. This is quite like the basic requirements to be fulfilled when you are ready to shell out this much money on a keypad phone.

Looks and How Easy it is to Use

Although this is not a defining factor while choosing a keypad phone but you can consider it, too. Talking about the looks, the phone should be lightweight and easy to handle. It should be easy to access in your hands and have edgy looks. Also, check for the phone to have round edges as these phones are less likely to get damaged, if fall down, accidently from hands.

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