Looking for New Gadgets to Splurge on in the New Year? Here are 10 Cool Gadgets That are the Best Buys of 2020

Looking for New Gadgets to Splurge on in the New Year? Here are 10 Cool Gadgets That are the Best Buys of 2020

Gadgets are as much a life saver as they are a bane. They save us plenty of time but also eat away a lot of the time saved on other things! But this love-hate relationship is mostly love and we have unearthed a whole new bunch of of useful little appliances and gadgets that will make your every day life a whole lot simpler!

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What is a Gadget?

There is actually no need to explain what a gadget is but in case you still want to know, a gadget is an expensive hardware, device or accessory which makes a person's life easier and entertaining. They are usually, but not necessarily electronic devices which make daily tasks easier. Due to their use they have become necessities and it becomes difficult to go through even a single day without them. Some such gadgets which have become a necessity are smartphones, tablets, portable chargers, smart watches and fitness trackers, wireless earphones and earbuds, the list is endless. These gadgets have revolutionized human life. They become an important part of our lives and we fall in love with them.

Importance of Gadgets in Our Daily Lives

When we buy a new gadget, it becomes a part of our daily life. They help to complete difficult tasks easily thus become a habit. They provide ample entertainment at an affordable price. They have the ability to influence us in all walks of life. Gadgets makes our life less demanding and helps us save a lot of time. You can always look for a better version of a gadget as it turns into a hobby for many to collect cool gadgets. There are many types of gadgets available in the market, you can choose them according to your need, interest and pocket. Here is a list of 10 coolest gadgets that you can buy online.

10 Cool Gadgets That are a Must Buy to Make Your Life Fun

Mi LED Light

If you are the writer type, or like to browse the net at night or play games, a MID LED light may come in very handy for you. They help you work at night without disturbing any of your family members. It your laptop does not have a backlit keyboard it is a must buy for you. An MI LED light comes with a USB connector which can be plugged into your laptop. It gives ample amount of light for you to work in dark without stressing your eyes.

You can also use it as a handy torch while you camp or searching for things in a corner where you can't take your bigger torches. You can also use it as a table lamp while your kids’ study at night. They come in various shapes and cool colours. You can match them with your laptop cover to make it look cooler. You can buy V & B Gallery Light Mi LED Light Xiaomi, Portable Bendable Mini Lamp USB Powered Plug in red colour on flipkart.com for Rs. 349 or go for a blue and white coloured Mi LED Light on any MI store for Rs.250.

5 Way Audio Splitter

Source www.amazon.in

Music can connect people from all over the world. This is one language that does not need words and it's fun to share your kind of music with your friends and family. It becomes a little difficult when you are sitting with friends and want to listen and have them listen to your favourite song at the same time. An audio splitter comes in handy when you are stuck with such a situation.

You can buy a cool a dual headphone adapter also knows as a headphone splitter/audio jack splitter which makes two headphones connect through one jack. Your friends will be happy to listen in with you without compromising the quality of sound and groove with you.

Now think of an audio splitter that serves not only as stereo jack and audio splitter but also a connector, adapter and AUX cable that can power up 5 devices at the same time. The Chkokko 3.5 mm 5 Ways Audio Splitter is one such gadget that you absolutely must have if you don't already. And it is available in colours white, pink and red as well. Buy it for Rs.299 on Amazon.

Safe Seed Waterproof Pouch

Source www.amazon.in

People are getting adventurous day by day. They love to go on pool parties and diving expeditions. We all know taking pictures, posting them on social media is the in thing today. People also like to post live videos and if you want to share your under-sea water diving experience live with your friends then this water proof pouch is a must buy for you. Most of the smartphones are waterproof these day but they you are always afraid of taking a risk of taking it under water.

Buy this Safeseed Waterproof pouch which will be a great companion for you when you are under water and enjoying the view. This pouch helps you keep your phone safe under water and you can take pictures and make videos even if your phone is sealed packed in it. It can come in handy if you ever get stuck in an emergency situation under water. This Safeseed waterproof pouch is big enough to fit almost all the phones, its dimensions are around 160 x 80 mm (length X breadth), and overall pouch dimension is 195 x 105 mm. It glows in the dark which makes your phone easily detectable in darker areas under water and is touch sensitive to make it easier for you to use it whenever you need. You can buy this pouch for Rs.279 on Amazon.

Rocketbook Erasable, Reusable Wirebound Notebook - Letter Size

Source www.amazon.in

Do you like to write and take a lot of notes in your class or in a meeting in the office? If yes, then buying this erasable and reusable Wire bound Rocket book would be a good buy for you. Writing on this Rocket book Wave Smart Notebook gives you the feel of writing on a general notebook with a pen, it also blasts your documents right into the cloud. You can use Pilot FriXion pens on this Wave notebook and can erase anything on it using your microwave range.

Pilot FriXion pen printer ink becomes clear at 140 diplomas F / 60 certifications C, and the Rocket book Wave Smart Notebook is specially designed to be microwave safe. Each Rocket book comes with a dark-colored FriXion pen and are available in the local markets and you can buy them online too. All you have to do to start using this cool gadget by downloading the Rocket book mobile software and start sending your notes on cloud services like Yahoo drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneNote etc. Go ahead, start a revolution, save paper, buy this environmentally friendly notebook from amazon for Rs.4,214.

Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Source www.amazon.in

Whether you want to listen to your music or hear your favourite audio book or even watch a movie while travelling and not to worry about wires at the same time, you should buy this Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. All you have to do is to connect your headphone with any Bluetooth compatible device and enjoy without disturbing the people around you.

These headphones have a great battery backup of around 8 hours. It has great thumping bass with high definition sound system. It come with a boat custom - designed 50 mm driver for out of this world performance. The shape and size of the headphone makes it fit comfortably on your head, it is made with high quality faux leather and it weighs around 230 grams. Boat Rockerz 510 headphone has a master control board to play, pause, change tracks, answer or reject calls and volume control all in one place. It is one of the coolest and most demanded headphones currently. You can buy this cool headphone on amazon for Rs.1,899.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 - 3 Axis Gimbal

Source www.amazon.in

Zhiyun Smooth Axis Gimbal is a high standard camera mount for almost all the smartphones that have a 7 inch screen. It is a must for professionals and adventurous travellers, it comes in handy for the new generation vloggers for taking memorable pictures or making videos for their channels. It has instant zoom control and has tons of mobile apps to upload them instantly. The Zhiyun Smooth Axis Gimbal has features like manual zooming, optimizing stabilizing system, it is feather light which makes it easier to carry with you on those hiking trips and it comes with multiple intelligent controls.

You just need to connect it to your phone's Bluetooth and then connect it with the smooth 4 stabilizer which will make it accessing your phone screen a jiffy. It has a handwheel to rotate it for better focus. Its motor power has improved and makes it run for 12 hours without any hassles. You can easily charge it with a power bank. By now you must have fallen in love with it, so rush to Amazon and buy it for Rs.7,380

Foonee Kids Digital Camera

Source www.amazon.in

Not only adults but kids are also into cool gadgets these days. If you want your kid to be the coolest kid in the block you ought to buy this Foonee Digital, mini 2-inch screen HD Digital Camera. It will let your child enhance his skill as a photographer and will keep him away from over use of smart phone which is a major concern these days.

This digital camera comes with a built in 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery which lets your child take memorable pictures up to 3 to 6 hours. It has a 2-inch LCD display for taking pictures and make cool, informative videos, it also has a self-timer rear camera so that your kid can take pictures of himself with his friends whenever he wants. It comes with features like portrait recognition, smile focus, colour fill light and many more. You can buy this 8 MP digital camera for Rs.1,237 on Amazon. It will be a perfect gift for your child when he passes his exams with good grades or as a birthday gift.

Vacuum Insulated Smart Temperature Control Travel Mug for Car

Source www.amazon.in

Don't we all love a hot cup of coffee and tea whenever we want and what will be better than a vacuum insulated, temperature control mug. It will be a great companion during travelling. You can buy this car heated mug stainless steel cup. It is a vacuum insulated smart temperature control mug, priced at Rs.499 on amazon.

You will fall instantly in love with this cup because you can heat water for preparing milk for your child. You can also boil milk or make tea when you need it the most. It comes with auto charger of 12V. It has a double wall stainless steel and a plug pin car adaptor for heating to make your travel easier. The shape and size of the cup is made to fit in your cup holder in the car to avoid spills while you drive and enjoy your hot cup of coffee. Capacity of the mug is 450 ml and is black and silver colour makes it look attractive.

Brass And Leather Finish Telescope In Sheesham Wood Box

Source www.igp.com

Looking for a trendy gift for a friend who loves to travel and explore wild life? A portable telescope would be a great idea. Gifting a cool, handy telescope to a friend will bring a wide smile on his face. You can find a a brass and leather finish telescope packed in a beautiful Sheesham wooden box your friend would love to flaunt it everywhere he goes. This light and compact telescope measures 10 in x 4 in x 4.5in in size and has an antique finish brass. The price of the telescope is Rs.675 on igp.com

Vr Real Feel Virtual Reality Car Racing Gaming System With Bluetooth Steering Wheel

Long gone are the days when you sat Infront of the TV and played video games. Virtual reality games are the in things now adays. They let you enter the game and give you a real-life experience. This VR car racing game system comes with a Bluetooth steering wheel to let you enjoy the thrill of racing your car right in your living room. Your kids and family members will have a blast playing with this VR car racing system.

It comes with a 3D high definition graphics you can with your iPhone or Android smartphone with this VR headset. It also comes with a Bluetooth steering wheel to steer, accelerate and brake, you won't need to tilt your head to turn your car, just steer away. This VR headset has adjustable straps to fit everyone and has an adjustable phone cradle. You can also use your iPhone or Android smartphone with tons of other free VR apps from the App store or Google Play. It is easy to set up, all you need to do is put in 3AAA batteries into the steering wheel, adjust your phone in the headset and start racing. Buy it for Rs.3,341 on ibhejo.com.

Tips on Buying Gadgets

  • Wait for the festive season to buy gadgets, they are way cheaper during festive season and comes with a lot of other gifts with it.

  • Don't fool yourself by tempting advertisements, it will be better if you check the consumer and product reviews before buying any electronic devices. You will find reviews online on almost all the sites.

  • Shopping is a lot easier now in comparison to before. The apps have changed online shopping concept and has made life a lot easier. You can compare the price and performance of the gadgets through these apps.

  • It is advisable to buy gadgets from renowned sites you will save yourself from being scammed. There are tons of websites selling cheap products therefore buy your gadgets from reputable sites which guarantees authentic products and comes with a good manufacturer warranty.

  • Check and make sure that the product received is not opened or tampered. It is advisable to buy gadgets offline but if you choose to buy them online check it right at the door before opening it.

  • Gadgets are tempting and you want to keep buying the better version but keep a track of the amount of money you want to spend on it. Do not be a spendthrift.
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