Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend on Tumblr and Other Inspirational Ideas for the Best Gifts for Him in 2018

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend on Tumblr and Other Inspirational Ideas for the Best Gifts for Him in 2018

House of Lannister soap for the Game of Thrones fan, monster cord winders, beer board games, astronaut USB night lights to camera lens mugs and memory boxes; Best Present Guide India has some of 2018's coolest and most fun gift ideas for your boyfriend. We have round up not only the best gifts on Tumblr but other fun ideas that will make your boyfriend's day.

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Brighten Your Boyfriend's Life With Cute and Unusual Gifts

Gifts are a concrete symbol of your love for your boyfriend. But finding the right gift can be tough, especially for your hard-to-please smart boyfriend. However you’ll be able discover stuff he will love with some time on researching for cool gifts.

Using Tumblr for Awesome and Cool Gift Ideas

The social networking and microblogging site Tumblr is teeming with interesting creative ideas and you are sure to find inspiration for the perfect gift to give your boyfriend. The site is a popular place for interesting bloggers to post awesome ideas on a variety of topics. You will be able to come across numerous suggestions for DIY gifts, latest geeky products, romantic gifts and many others. Get the best out of Tumblr with our tips for using the platform effectively. You will however need to sign up to access all the good stuff on it.

A Visual Platform That Celebrates Creativity

As a platform, Tumblr is primarily driven by visuals. Posts most often feature images, gifs and videos. Bloggers typically publish or curate content they find thought-provoking or interesting, which then gets re-blogged by people who like it, making the site a really active place for fresh creative content. Search endlessly through dozens of posts for ideas or suggestions. If you find a blogger who you like, then follow them so you don't miss their latest posts.

Given its creative and young vibe, Tumblr will definitely get you off to a good start to hit upon out-of-the-box gifting ideas for your boyfriend.

Search Easily With Hashtags and Keywords

Searching Tumblr is a little different from other sites as it uses tags in a major way. Tags are added to posts by site users which helps categorize their posts. For finding content on topics you are interested in, you will have to run searches inside Tumblr as Google results from the site are limited.

For best results search by hashtags and keywords, for example, for gift ideas, try searching for related tags e.g. cool gifts, gifting guide, boyfriend gifts, unique gifts etc. Alternatively use the Explore feature to find blogs and bloggers with content on your areas of interest. Yet another option is looking at recommended blogs suggested by Tumblr based on your selections or staff picks to get access to high quality content.

Find What’s Trending


Tumblr helps fresh ideas and content to spread quickly. It has several features that allow you to easily find the latest trending content on a given topic. The trending section that can be found via the dashboard is also an useful place to scroll through for blogs and posts having stuff that interests you.

Tumblr has a separate tag for trending posts which you can use to see what is hot currently with the community. With Tumblr, you can spot the freshest trends faster than other online platforms, as long as you are following the right bloggers or tags!

Find Inspiration From Like-Minded People

Instead of having to click through dozens of sites, Tumblr allows you to find fantastic ideas that appeal to you on one platform. It's user-friendly design has promoted the growth of creatively rich communities developing great content on virtually everything under the sun. The site offers you many tools to find bloggers who have tastes similar to you or have same interests as you. The easy availability of curated ideas or suggestions makes it convenient to spot the best gift for your boyfriend.

10 Unique Gifting Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend With

Super Classic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug with Lid


Perk up your boyfriend's boring mornings with a quirky mug. The strikingly different Super Classic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug is actually a thermos which comes with a lid and is priced at Rs.271. The gift will be an excellent option for your boyfriend if he likes photography. Perhaps your boyfriend would prefer a superhero themed mug to inspire him. The Bat Wings shaped mug for Rs.599 also available at is a cool gift idea. Made of ceramic, it has two cute bat wings for handles.

Cool Terrarium


Terrariums are a superb gift if your boyfriend is a nature lover. These pretty miniature indoor plants will add some green to your boyfriend’s desk and spread a calming vibe. The plants come in glass containers and are usually easy to maintain. You can personalize it by adding tiny themed ornaments. Available from, this terrarium featuring small succulents costs Rs.850. There are several different designs available online so you have the choice to pick out the best tabletop garden for your boyfriend.

House Lannister Handmade Soap

Boyfriend a fan of Game of Thrones? Then he'll love this citrus handmade soap that has been inspired by the iconic TV series. The soap is a blend of orange peel and oat meal along with exotic ingredients like rich honey and cinnamon. It is a part of GoT-themed products that include soaps, so if House Lannister would not be your boyfriend’s choice then you have several more to choose from. Available at, this particular soap is priced at Rs.300.

Personalised Cassette Shaped keychain


Keychains are an everyday necessity. Why not give your boyfriend customized keychains that will not only give an interesting twist to a boring thing but also remind him of you. offers a retro-inspired Personalised Cassette-shaped Keychain made of wood which can be personalized with his name and 5 songs. Priced at Rs.499, the keychain is a perfect way to show him how well you know him by listing his top songs. Alternatively the simple metal Batman keychain, also from, will suit boyfriends who like sleek things and superheroes! Made from brass, the keychain can be personalised with your boyfriend’s name or initials.

Cord Winders

Tech products are popular gifts for guys, but a tech gift need not be something major. Gift your boyfriend these delightful Monster themed cord winders that'll help him get rid of tangled cords. No more irritating mess of wires that take ages to sort out. Made of silicone these cord winders come in 4 different designs and is priced Rs.299 at

Wheel of Drink

Amp up the party vibes with this fun drinking game. Wheel of Drink is a simple game where the game decides who drinks and how much, based on a spinning arrow. Available from for Rs.499, this is an offbeat gift for a boyfriend who enjoys evenings of chilling out with his buddies or a relaxing night with family.

If your boyfriend is likely to appreciate strategy games more, then the 51 piece Wooden Jenga Set makes for a good gift. A cool gift that he can play with you or with his friends, and enjoy hours of laughter.

3D Wooden Doggo Phone Stand

An cute phone stand with adorable dogs? What’s not to like?! If your boyfriend loves dogs, then this gift will be a hit with him. The 3D Wooden Doggo Phone Stand from can hold phones with screen sizes up to 6 inches horizontally. Priced at Rs.799, the stand has comes with option of picking from 5 different dog types - pug, bulldog, husky, shibu, bull terrier and dachshund. So select the dog figurine that’s likely to appeal most to your boyfriend and you have an absolutely practical yet heart-warming gift!

Mooch and Beard Oil

Guys are hardly the kind to pay attention to their skin or hair. If your boyfriend is adorned with facial hair, then the Mooch & Beard Oil from is a thoughtful gift that'll remind him to take care of himself. Priced at Rs.299, the oil has been blended specially with 4 types of essential oils to moisturize and keep facial hair soft and dandruff-free. You can team it up with the Beard Comb set also available at the site for a complete gift.

Or you can gift him grooming products from which creates products exclusively for men. Try the Date Ready Duo combo pack that contains a perfume and a hair styling product for Rs.699.

Bhains Ki Aankh T-Shirt

T-shirts are always a welcome addition to a guy's wardrobe. Get him funky graphic tees that will make him stand out. The Bhains Ki Aankh t-shirt from has a quirky take on a common slang term in Hindi and is available for Rs.799.

With a whole ton of websites bringing out funny and wacky tees at regular intervals, you just need to hunt a little to find the tee that will strike a chord with your boyfriend. The Souled Store for example has an extensive stocking of official merchandise for films, TV shows and artists. The AIB t-shirt that proudly proclaims ‘I survived engineering’ is perfect for the boyfriend who doesn't have fond memories of his college years!

Astronaut USB Night Light

The mini Astronaut shaped light is a neat gift for the geeky boyfriend. The USB powered lamp, available for Rs.599, features two LEDs hidden within the astronaut's helmet, which can light up a surprisingly large amount of area. Featuring a flexible cord, the light can be used as a night light for working on a laptop, in living rooms or even washrooms. A handy gift he'll definitely be happy to own.

Show Him Your Love With Romantic Touches

As you and your boyfriend go through good times and bad, strengthening your bond is an important priority. One of the ways of keeping the romance alive is regularly showing your love with small gestures. Such gestures reflect and renew the depths of attachment you feel for each other, and also reassure him of how much you value him.

Make a Memory Box for Your Boyfriend

Memory boxes are small containers dedicated to holding valuable keepsakes that capture the highlights of your relationship. A memory box for your boyfriend could have favourite photos, small items of special significance, mementoes from trips etc. You can also make it around particular themes such as a memorable trip or evening out. Gathering these special things in one place is a wonderful way to relive the joys you have shared as a couple.

To make a DIY memory box, start by buying an empty decorative box or be environmentally friendly by recycling a small box. Decorate the box and then start filling it with the items you have collected, that’s it.

Plan a Party for Him and His Closest Friends

With a busy schedule your boyfriend may find it hard to find time for socialising. Plan a cosy get together with friends or host a fun party for no reason other than to enjoy a relaxing evening. Make the party rock by having a theme for it. Organise food and drinks and invite over friends and family to an entertaining night of fun and games.

Put Together a Gift Basket Filled With His Favourite Things

A gift basket filled with your boyfriend's favourite things is a gift he will love to get. This personalized gift is a small but thoughtful way to show him that you care. And it will surely be an enjoyable experience for you to put it together - pick out a small basket, decorate it using your creativity and start assembling his top favourite things.

It could be stuff he loves to munch on like snacks, chocolates, beverage, or knick-knacks and favourite things from his childhood. If he is health-conscious, fill up the basket with fruits and healthy drinks! Just use your imagination and your knowledge of him to make it a meaningful gift. To make it complete winner add a romantic note that captures your feelings for him.

Make Him Something Handmade

The effort it takes to make something with your own hands makes it precious. A handmade gift is sweet gesture of love and you can try your hand at it even if you are not a crafty person. Options include making creative handmade cards to express your love, paper art, knitting him a scarf or simply preparing treats he likes. Your imagination is indeed the limit.

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Creativity Will Not Go Unrewarded

As a girl shopping for her boyfriend, do you often lament there aren't enough 'fun' and 'cool' things to gift your man? The fact is you couldn't be further from the truth. There are loads of quirky gifts out there, all you need is some creativity and inspiration to look beyond wallets and shirts to find some amazing gifts that he will absolutely love. The rewards? When you up your own gifting game your boyfriend too will be inspired to think of gifts other than flowers, chocolate and perfume.