Are You Always on the Lookout for the Latest Gadgets and Tech? Here are Some Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Now! (2019)

Are You Always on the Lookout for the Latest Gadgets and Tech? Here are Some Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Now! (2019)

New gadgets are hitting the market every day! If you're a geek who loves to get their hands on the coolest and latest gadgets or if you're looking for some cool gadgets to be gifted to your tech-savvy friend, read on to find out about some cool gadgets that you can order right away.

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A Guide for Buying Gadgets

Black Friday: Best Time to Buy Gadgets

The shopping season is already upon us, and if you have missed out buying a thing or two last month during Diwali, don’t worry as there is still time. We still have Black Friday coming up. For those unfamiliar, Black Friday refers to the Friday after the American Thanksgiving Day. A day signaling the beginning of the extreme discount craze, while this has no connection with Indian culture, many retailers and brands use this chance to offer discounts to keep customers coming back.

For India, the shopping season starts way earlier than the Americans, from Diwali to the day after Black Friday giving us a good month and a few weeks. This is the time to sit down and make a list of gadgets to purchase. It is the most sensible thing to do, especially for electronics that are too pricey. Every store and e-commerce platform is set for the showdown, and we, the consumers, must utilize this opportunity!

Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

Whether you shop online or offline, the upcoming Black Friday is everywhere. It’s up to your comfort which outlet you’d instead buy from. Online shopping could save you a lot of time browsing and searching for products, not to mention that you can do all your window shopping or instead screen shopping at the comfort of your house. More often than not, there are additional discounts and lucrative deals online. However, there are few concerns regarding online shopping like quality issues and the dreaded waiting period. Nothing beats actually going to a shop and examining your potential product and then purchasing and taking it home with you. In the end, though, this dilemma is subjective and is up to your preference.

7 Cool Gadgets You can Buy from Amazon

Iron Man Wireless Gaming Mouse

As the name suggests, it looks like an IRON MAN mask. The ‘mask’ comes in different colours and has a blue LED eyes to signal that it is ready to go. It’s really a cool mouse with an ergonomic design that has a range of 15-meter distance and comes with 4D buttons. This iron mask mouse also has an adjustable DPI (Dot per linear Inch), which is incredible for gaming purposes. With low friction, ultra-quiet clicks, and an optical technology that works on most surfaces, this gadget should be on your bucket list. This mouse can be yours at the discounted price of Rs. 1,149. Buy it from Amazon.

SOS Personal Alarm with Tripwire Hook

Whether you are a parent, pet owner, or you have precious belongings, safety is always your concern. Basu E alarm+ understand this and came up with a device to alert your surroundings in case of danger. It is essentially a personal safety device that is made of 2 parts that are attached. If it so happens that these two parts get detached, the device will emit a loud 130 decibel sound to alert those near the vicinity. The loud sound lasts for 30 minutes unless the device is reattached back to its place. It also has a tripwire hook on both ends, so if you are going camping, you can construct a campsite tripwire alarm. Any uninvited trespassing will trip the signal and thus alert you. For a sum of Rs. 999, this safety device is yours. It's available at Amazon.

Mi Band 3

Are you looking for an affordable device that covers all your health requirements and looks stylish as well? Look no further! MI band 3 is a small smartwatch that has soft and skin-friendly silicone straps that are interchangeable. It also features instant notification, heart rate and sleep monitor, real-time activity tracker, and has its own MI fit app where you can track your activities. You can enjoy water sports as this smartwatch is water-resistant for up to 50 meters. With a battery life that can last for 20 days, this watch is a must-have. MI band 3 costs Rs. 1,799 on Amazon.

GLE Security Bulb Wifi Camera

The GLE security bulb is an innovative device that attaches to bulb socket per usual but has an obscure camera at the bottom. It is a user-friendly unparalleled smart bulb that features a camera that captures a 360-degree panoramic view, fisheye lens, and a two-way audio and night vision. It also has motion detection technology that starts recording footage up to 128 GB, the moment it detects movement. You can have full control of the LED light and live feed at your fingertips through your phone. This groundbreaking device comes at a discounted price of Rs. 1,299 on Amazon.

Geeky Fast Charging Magnetic Charging Cable

The geeky cable is a fast-charging cable of up to 2.4A current, which can charge 40% faster than ordinary cables. The gold plated magnetic connector is convenient as it is quick to plug when you place the phone close, and that also decreases impairment to the charge port from having to plug and unplug several times a day. It has an LED indicator to signal that your phone is charging, which is helpful if you’re in a dark area. The one-meter cable has nylon braiding giving it durability and longer life. The length adds to the user’s comfort as there is no need to be near an outlet, you can charge it without needing to get up. This magnetic fast charging cable costs Rs. 499 on Amazon.

Crossbeats Urban True Wireless Earphones

Are you looking for truly wireless earbuds with the outstanding sound quality? These Crossbeats Urban are the ones! Thanks to their enhanced audio drivers and passive noise-cancelling technology, they deliver superior sound with high bass and crystal clear lows as if they were playing in your head. They are easy to pair and have a fair distance connection of 33 feet range. Additionally, they waterproof, so there are no issues breaking a sweat while working out or even swimming. The earbuds are ultra-lightweight and fit to your ear well, and you also get extra ear tips for adjustment. Battery life is good compared to the other competitors. You can get these spectacular earbuds for Rs. 4,799 on Amazon.

BoAt Stone SpinX 2.0 Portable Speaker

The Stone SpinX 2.0 speaker is one we love so much, and we will tell you why! It is a powerful wireless speaker that emits premium HD sound. The Stone SpinX is style personified with its cylindrical design that not only looks good but also allows for surround 360 degrees sound system. One thing we all love at a gathering of friends is good music, and this speaker delivers loud amplified music. You also can connect two of these wireless speakers and have a party! It also works well outdoors as it's shockproof and waterproof, and it comes with a screw mount for cyclist enthusiasts. Enjoy quality surround speaker for Rs. 2,299. Buy it from Amazon.

Tips for Shopping on Sale Season

Purchase from Reliable Sellers Only

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are big marketplaces that sign up licensed sellers on their site to reach online consumers, even though there are strict policies that bar unknown sellers, some find their way to be on the platform. However, there are ways a buyer can identify a reliable seller and thus protect themselves. Amazon and Flipkart have a watermark on the seller’s page to show trusted sellers, like Amazon’s ‘Fulfilled by Amazon and Flipkart’s ‘Flipkart Assured'. Another way is to read the reviews left by other customers and also viewing the star ratings. This gives you a better understanding of the seller and their reliability.

Don't Fall for Marketing Schemes

When advertisements sound too good to be true, it probably is. Many offers and discounts embellish their ads and aren't clear with the terms of the sale. Some stores bait people with phrases like "buy two and get two free", "limited stock" or "last day of sale" to create a sense of urgency not to miss the chance, and some actually fall for those and purchase unnecessary items. Most of the time, the freebies are not of much value, or they charge you for the more expensive items, and the cheaper ones are free or any other way, which isn't a bargain since you’re getting something you don't need. As for those that give a time limit to their sale, it is not the end of the discount season. There will always be another sale season. We advise to always think twice before committing to a purchase.

Prioritise Between Your Wants and Needs

What you want and what you need is a struggle everyone feels and particularly when you are buying gadgets. That is why it’s crucial to do your research first and identify the ones you need and which ones are the ones you want. It is advised to make a list of gadgets to be purchased and then prioritise them. Setting a shopping budget could help weeding out the unnecessary or at least encourage you to find the best bargain for each item.

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Don't Forget to Check For Extended Warranties!

Most electronic products these days come with the standard one-year warranty. However, during festive seasons, companies provide extended warranties for free or on attractive discounts. Don't forget to look out for them while buying your gadgets online.