An Evergreen Gift That Will Never Fail to Impress the Recipient: 12 Silver Return Gifts that Can Be Given on Any Occasion (2020)!

An Evergreen Gift That Will Never Fail to Impress the Recipient: 12 Silver Return Gifts that Can Be Given on Any Occasion (2020)!

If there's one lustrous and auspicious metal that you can use as a return gift item, it has to be silver! There are other options available as well, such as gold and platinum; however, they are mostly given as special gifts to loved ones and are too costly to be considered for return gifts. Silver return gifts are much cheaper, and you can directly buy these online also without thinking much about their quality. Curated below are the top choices you can consider for silver return gifts.

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Why Give Return Gifts in Silver?

Return gifts are a token of appreciation to the people who attend a party or an event and make it a memorable occasion. There are different traditions in different parts of the world when it comes to return gifts. In India, initially, return gifts were given as some cash, but now there are various options available which you can choose from according to the party and your budget. One of the most favourite return gifts for the special people in our lives is things made from silver. Although people use gold as return gifts too, gold is an expensive metal; therefore, not everyone can afford it.

Silver is quite popular in India, and Indians buy more silver than any other country; therefore, silver has been a popular gift choice in India, especially at weddings as it is said to bring good luck.

You can find tons of things made in silver, which can be used as return gifts and at affordable prices. Here is a list of things which you can buy in silver and use them as return gifts; your guests will love this sparkly token and remember the special occasion for a long time!

Silver Return Gifts You Can Buy Online

Pure Silver Tulsi Plant


Tree worshiping is common in Hinduism, and one of the holiest plants in Hinduism is the Tulsi. It is known as the threshold point between heaven and earth, and it is said that Lord Brahma resides in its branches, and the pilgrimage centres reside in its roots. It is also believed that the holy river Ganga flows through its roots, and the deities live in its stem and leaves. Tulsi is a "women's deity" therefore, you can find the Tulsi plant is almost all Hindu homes in India.

Since silver is one of the most adored metals used as gifts, you can buy a beautiful Tulsi plant made in pure silver; it will last for a long time and enhance the beauty of any house or a small temple within the house. Your friends will love this precious gift and take it home as a blessing to them, given as a return gift in a wedding, Diwali, house warming, or any other occasion.

You can buy this Tulsi plant made of pure silver decorated with beautiful Meena work for Rs. 819 from Amazon, it comes packed in an attractive corrugated box and a potli bags.

Silverz- Silver Kumkum Box


Kumkum is another important thing when it comes to worshipping goddesses, especially Shakti and Lakshmi, or for welcoming a guest into a house. It is also put on a young married woman's forehead when she visits home as a form of blessing to her. Kumkum is also used during Holi and other festivals to celebrate the occasion. It is made of turmeric and limestone, which turns it into a beautiful red colour.

Kumkum is kept in beautiful, decorated boxes in the temples in the house and is also gifted to dear ones. There are different types of boxes used to keep Kumkum or give to people, and when you put it in a beautiful apple-shaped Kumkum box made of sterling silver, it will give it a special meaning to your gift. You can buy this apple-shaped box for Rs.990 from

German Silver Candle Stand


People love to decorate their house with beautiful nick-knacks, and candle stands are everyone’s favourite. They are an all-season gift and is useful for people of all ages. They make lovely gifts too; your friends and family members will love these candle stands made with German silver, and they come in three vibrant colours. You can buy this exquisite candle stand for Rs. 220 on You will need to change the option from US$ to INR and will be able to see the price offered in India, and you can also buy it in bulk to use them as return gifts.

German Silver Floral Border Tray With Stonework


We love getting gifts, and women, in general, enjoy gifts related to kitchen items. One of the best things to gift is a tray made of German silver with a floral border and beautiful stonework on it. You can buy this excellently crafted tray for Rs. 1,295 on You can use this piece as a return gift for the special people in your life during festivals, house warmings, and weddings. It is a little expensive, but this tray will leave your guests happy when they use it to serve their guests and flaunt your gift amongst their friends.

German Silver Agarbatti Stand


Agarbatti or incense is used in every household, be it of any religion. It is used on various occasions, especially during poojas, or to spread its pleasant aroma in the house. This beautiful piece is made to look like a star and can hold up to 4 sticks at a time. It would look great in any corner of a house. This divine looking Agarbatti stand is available for Rs. 43 only on, and you can buy 50 pieces as a minimum order. It is a great and affordable gift that will be cherished by your guests for a long time.

Silver Photo Frame

Photo frames are an absolute favourite when it comes to using as gifts. This might look like an expensive return gift, but your daughter or sister would love it for sure. You can add her favourite childhood picture or a family photo to add a personal touch to it. This decorative photo frame is made of silver with an embossed rose motif on it. It is tarnish-resistant and comes with a high quality lacquered wooden back to keep your prized picture safe for a long time. One can use it vertically or horizontally according to space they want to keep it in. You can buy this gorgeous silver photo frame for Rs. 3,700 from

Silver Coated Wine Glasses Set


Another excellent return gift for your loved ones would be this silver-coated wine glass set. You will be amazed to see the beautifully carved details on the glass and will watch your guests smile as they open this piece. They can use it for their special guests or keep it as their crockery collection forever. You can buy this elegant wine glass set for Rs. 750 from

P.N.Gadgil Jewellers Laxmi Shree 999 Silver Coin


Gifting silver and gold coins have been a tradition in India for ages. Gold coins are expensive, but you can always go with silver coins for your guests if you’re under budget. This particular silver coin contains the motif of Goddess Laxmi on one side, who is a symbol of prosperity, and a 'Shree' symbol is engraved on the other side of the coin, which makes it a valuable and an auspicious return gift. You can buy this beautiful coin for Rs. 1,533 on The coin is made of 999 silver and weighs 25 grams.

Sterling Silver Pen

You can buy this beautifully carved and elegant silver pen for Rs. 1,459 for your father, brother, or your son in law as a token of thanks for attending a special occasion and blessing you. It is available on and comes neatly packed in an elegant Maple wooden case which gives it a special meaning. The pen is made of 92.5% pure silver, and your loved one would love to use it and cherish the memories of the special event they shared with you.

Siri Creations 999 Pure Silver Lakshmi Ganesha & Chakra Showpiece Decorative Showpiece


What can be better than giving a box full of blessings to your loved one as a return gift? This stunning Lakshmi Ganesha and Chakra showpiece would make a perfect return gift to show your guests that they are loved and blessed. The decorative piece is made of 999 pure silver, and the motifs are embossed on a leaf; it comes packed in a box and can be used during Poojas or as a decoration in a home. You can buy it for Rs. 899 on Flipkart.

Twin Peacock Floating Diya

Diyas are essential for any Hindu celebration; they are beautiful and hold a special place during poojas and other festivities. A diya signifies the importance of the divine light. Your guests would fall in love with this German silver plated diya placed on a fibre plastic plate with a peacock design. It is decorated with excellent meenakari work and can add charm to any household. You can give it as a return gift to your guests after a Navratri or Diwali pooja. This beautiful twin peacock floating diya can be bought for Rs. 180 from

German Silver Pankhi


People love to decorate their pooja house with beautiful accessories to show their love and gratitude towards God. One such accessory can be this German Silver Pankhi available on for Rs. 260. This is a great return gift as it is beautifully crafted with intricate designs on it. You can see the beautiful artistry on the Pankhi, and so will your guests. It is a unique return gift, and your family & friends will love to have it in their pooja house.

How to Test the Purity of Silver

Since you have planned to get return gifts in silver, you need to know if you are buying pure silver for your guests. There are various methods through which you can be sure of buying good quality silver. Buying gold and silver can be tricky due to artificial or mixed metals available in the market, but if you know how to test silver, you will be sure of getting your money worth gift for your guests.

Here are a few methods through which you can test the purity of the silver.

  • There is silver, and then there is sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, mainly copper. Sterling silver is harder than pure silver, and it can be easily mistaken for pure silver. To make sure you are buying silver, you should check the stamp mentioning its silver content. If you are purchasing a product without a stamp, you might be buying sterling or fake silver.

  • If you are buying silver bars or coins, you can check it through the slide test. You need to put your coin or bar at a 45-degree angle and slide the magnet over it, if the magnet slides gradually over the bar/coin then it is pure silver, it is so because silver is paramagnetic. The rare earth magnet induces electric currents in the silver, which results in slowing down its descent.

  • Another way to test the purity of silver is by placing your piece directly on ice and keep watching it. If the ice starts to melt immediately, then you are getting good silver. Silver has high thermal conductivity; therefore, it melts the ice almost immediately. This test might not work great with jewellery because most of the silver jewellery has mixed metals in it to give it a shape or carve a design on it.

  • You can try the ring test as well. Silver makes a bell-like sound when tapped upon. It works better when tapped on with another form of metal. You can tap your silver coin/bar with a ring to hear that distinctive sound to make sure it is pure silver.

  • Another good way to test your silver is by dropping a drop of bleach on it. Silver reacts to oxidizing agents, and when the bleach touches it, and it tarnishes or turns black, then your silver is pure.
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Consider Adding a Personalised Note with the Return Gift!

If there's one thing that people love more than the gift itself, it is your love and appreciation towards them. When you pack-up the return gift item for the recipient(s), consider adding a personalised note for them according to the occasion or situation for which you're giving the return gift and see their faces chin up with smiles!