12 Cool Gadgets to Buy on AliExpress, the Online Platform That Has the Coolest Stuff at the Cheapest Prices (2020)

12 Cool Gadgets to Buy on AliExpress, the Online Platform That Has the Coolest Stuff at the Cheapest Prices (2020)

A one-stop place for almost everything that you need, AliExpress is an excellent place to search for great bargains on the gadgets that you need or something that can be quite helpful for you. We bring you 12 cool and cheap gadgets you can buy from AliExpress with some useful tips you should know before buying from AliExpress.

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Things to Consider while Purchasing from AliExpress

Check the Seller’s Ratings

While you want to make a purchase on AliExpress, make sure that the seller is reliable and will provide you with the product as stated in the product description. One way to assure this is by checking the seller’s rating. Seller rating will be indicated in percentage on the left-hand side of the product page. A seller with 85-95% positive feedback can be assumed to be a reliable seller.

Check the Product’s Rating too

Inspecting the rating of the product that you are going to buy is the best way to ensure that the product will be as stated. The product rating is indicated in stars and numbers ranging from 1-5, just below the title. Products with a score of 4 or more can be considered to be a good product. Adjacent to the rating is the number of orders. The more the orders and ratings, the better you can know how popular the product is among the buyers.

Read the Buyer's Reviews

Speaking of popularity, there is no better way than reading the customer’s review of the product. Reading a few reviews will give you a better insight into the product and how much it appeals to the buyers. Some buyers post the picture of the product too, in the review. Have a look at those pictures also so that you know how the product looks like in real. Not all products have a perfect 5-star rating. While the product that you want to buy might mostly have a 5-star rating, you can also read the 1-star or 2-star reviews of the product, if they have any. This way, you will have a complete idea about the appeal and flaws of the product.

Read Complete Item Description

Don’t miss to read any information about the product in the given page before you make the purchase. Don’t just buy the product by looking at the title and pictures. Read all the item details/description and see if it matches your needs. Also, you can check for the discrepancy in the description and customer’s review to know whether the product is up to the stated specification.

Look for Buyer’s Protection

Not every product that you buy on AliExpress has to be a well-rated, and well-sold product, some products that appeal to you might be just coming to the market. So, to be on the safer side, always check for the Buyer Protection. With this clause, you will be able to claim a refund under certain conditions, which are:

Full Refund - if you don’t receive the product during the specified time or if the product doesn’t arrive at all.
Partial Refund - if the product is not as described on the product page.

Choose Correct Shipping Methods

Depending upon the product, make the right shipping choice. The three usual shipping methods include:

  • Standard Shipping - If you want to go for a cheaper option and are in no hurry to receive your product, then you should go for this option.
  • China Registered Airmail - This method is both faster and safer than the standard shipping. This method comes with the option of tracking the product.
  • Other Courier Services - While using courier services like DHL and EML are the fastest way of shipping, it isn’t a good idea to be paying a high service expense for a cheap product. But, in the case of expensive ones, you should go for such services.

6 Cool Gadgets You can Buy on AliExpress

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the must-have gadgets these days. Whether you want to be listening to music alone or for a party, a portable Bluetooth speaker will always come in handy. For a modest price of Rs. 2,829, Anker Soundcore 2 comes with a lot of features. It has an incredible battery life of up to 24 hours with its 5,200 mAh Li-ion battery. It comes with IPX7-protection that safeguards the speaker against rain, snow, and mud.

The Bluetooth 5 technology allows up to 66ft of streamlined connectivity. And, the 12W of stereo sound produced by customised dual drivers gives provides quality audio delivery. The speaker can take calls and be used with voice assistants like Google and Siri. Although you can find a lot of speakers with better audio quality, Anker Soundcore 2 is one of the best value speakers that you can buy from AliExpress.

Manual Vegetable Cutter

This vegetable cutter is not only for those lazy ones who don’t want to waste their time cutting vegetables. Well, this can be one reason to buy the cutter, but it’s not only limited to this. In the age of technology, anything that saves your effort is worth a try. And, the manual vegetable cutter will save you a lot of time on an everyday basis. This product comes with three types of grader for the option of thin slices, small pieces, and larger ones. Making perfect slices of potatoes, onions, cucumber, radish, whether at home or in a picnic, this handy tool will save you a lot of effort. You can buy this product for Rs. 920 from AliExpress.

Glue Gun

Everyone needs to fix things at home, once in a while. You might have been into this situation when you forget where you kept the glue you bought the last time or that the glue is stuck and doesn’t come out. Well, this ends with the glue gun. With its quick glue release and strong stickiness, you can stick your broken things together very quickly. It takes 3-5 minutes to heat the stick and make it ready to use. This gun comes with features such as safe power switch and anti-hot cover to make the use of the gun more user-friendly. The aluminium nozzle keeps the glue from deforming, and the trigger helps in a controlled flow of the glue.

And, it’s not just fixing things that the gun can be used for. With a lot of people trying DIY at home, glue is something whose need comes up more often than not. The price of the gun ranges from Rs. 232 to Rs. 526, depending upon the power of the gun. You can buy it here.

Xiamoi MI Band 4

For the number of features that MI Band 4 offers, the price in the range of Rs. 1,782- Rs. 2,546 is worth every penny. Connecting the gadget with your smartphone, you can have quick access to your calls, texts, notifications, and music through it. This fitness tracking device keeps a record of your heart rate, calories burned, count the steps that you have walked, and the distance that you have covered.

Furthermore, with 50-meter water resistance, you can take your tracker, which can recognize 5 different swim styles, to the swimming pool. This device also comes with the ability to monitor your light and deep sleep. With a charge of around 2 hours, the band can run up to 20 days. It is really hard to find any other fitness band that can offer these features at the price that Xiamoi MI Band 4 offers. Buy it from AliExpress.

Edifier TWS Earbuds

The wave of earbuds is making even the comfortable short-wired Bluetooth earphones obsolete. These wireless buds with ergonomic in-ear design are very convenient to wear. These buds come with a battery life of up to 32 hours and Bluetooth V5.0. The touch control feature lets you pick or end a call and play, pause, forward or rewind your music. With IPX5 waterproof rating, splashes of water or sweat would do no harm to your device. For better sound quality for calls, the buds employ CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation technology. The Edifier TWS Earbuds are available at the price of Rs. 2,419 on AliExpess.

Wireless Game Controller

Playing any game is better with a gaming controller. Regardless of your device, whether a phone, pc or a PlayStation, a gaming controller amplifies your gaming experience. You might even have noticed how different it is to be playing games with a mouse and keyboard, or in your phone than playing with a joystick. Not only it makes gaming more comfortable, but it also makes you more immersed in games. It also provides more precision in controls.

And, when you can find a game controller that is compatible with your android or iPhone, PC, and PlayStation 3 (with a 2.4GHz) receiver, these features make this controller a must-have gadget for a gamer. This controller supports most of the popular shooting and racing games for your phone. High precision 360-degree rocker, rechargeable battery, 10 hours working time after a 2-hour charge are other features of the controller. The price ranges from Rs. 231 – Rs. 848 on AliExpress.

Bonus: Six Cool Gadgets That Cost Less Than Rs.300!

USB Led Light

This portable mini USB Led Light is an excellent gadget to have if you want to light up only your small working space. Compatible with USB 1.0 and 2.0 port, this light can be connected to your pc or to your power bank USB port. This light weight, bendable light has low power consumption and is priced at Rs. 45 apiece on AliExpress.


Walking outside on a sunny day? Wished you had some cool air to blow your sweat off? How about carrying a fan along with you, so that you can take its comfort whenever and wherever you like. You just need to plug in this USB fan to your iPhone or android (that can support OTG), and a strong wind starts blowing with the high-speed motor of 15,500 RPM. This fan is very easy to carry and won’t disturb people around due to its ultra-silent blowing. You can buy the fan for Rs. 92 only on AliExpress.

Night Light

At a price of Rs. 89, this night light on AliExpress has a built-in sensitive light sensor, which makes the light turn off during the day and on during the night. Furthermore, it can adjust its brightness depending upon the other lights around the room. So, if you are looking for something to light up the hallway, stairs, bedroom, or any part of your house in a very subtle way, go for this auto control mini night light.

Multi-Purpose Alarm Clock

This cheap alarm clock can serve various functions such as showing the day, date, time and temperature. You can set the alarm in this clock with a choice of 7 different songs or put a countdown timer. You can also set birthday reminders, and a birthday song will automatically play on the specified date. A blue LED backlight makes this clock a perfect gadget to have by the side of your bed. Rather than spending more or a clock with similar functions, it is best to have this one, which is priced at Rs. 71 on AliExpress.

USB Car Charger

With this cheap charger that you can fit into your car, you will not have to worry about your phone’s battery when travelling. Two USB ports for charging provide an uninterrupted power supply for your phone or any device chargeable through USB. An LED display indicates the battery voltage for the safety of your device. It is priced at Rs. 160 on AliExpress.

Cable Organizer

We all go through this situation that our cables entangle with each other and make us really infuriated. Or, the cables keep on falling from our working table. So, how about buying a cable organizer for Rs. 57 only from AliExpress. This organizer can arrange 5 of your cables at one time. You can stick this organizer to the surface of your working place, be it wood, glass, leather, or plastic. Also, this item is very flexible and soft to protect your cables from squeezing.

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