Feed the Gadget Freak in You with These Ultra Cool Gadgets! 7 Gadgets That Will Transform the Way You Do Things in 2019

Feed the Gadget Freak in You with These Ultra Cool Gadgets! 7 Gadgets That Will Transform the Way You Do Things in 2019

As the digital age progresses, it has brought one of the most pleasurable hobbies to its heels. i.e, Shopping. Shopping for gadgets followed next. Companies release online specific gadgets to increase their customer base online. Keeping that in mind, we put together 7 interesting gizmos any gadget freak would love to have and hold. Still not convinced! Keep reading for us to convince you!

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Shop Electronic Gadgets Online

In the last few years technology has reached a new level that was unimaginable even a decade ago. Online shopping and smart electronic gadgets are the biggest inventions of this century. Nowadays, more and more people prefer online shopping. Nobody can imagine life without at least a few cool and trending gadgets. According to a survey by e-marketer in 2015, India is estimated to have 800 million mobile phone users in 2019 whereas 501 million users were in 2014. Also, the users of other gadgets are increasing in a steady and rapid way. This data shows that more and more people prefer gadgets in recent times.

Why Should You Buy Gadgets Online?

  • Convenience: In this era people love buying gadgets online, as it is convenient and easy to access sitting at home. Due to this, people can grab smart technology in their hands in a few hours without any hustle and bustle. There are no lines to wait in or cashiers to track down to help you with your purchases and you can do your shopping in minutes. Online shops give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience.

  • Better prices: Cheap deals and better prices are available online because these gadgets come to you directly from the manufacturers or sellers without involving any middlemen. Plus, it's easier to compare prices and find a better deal. Many online sites offer discount coupons and rebates, as well. Not only are these prices better, but you can save on tax as well since online shops are only required to collect a sales tax if they have a physical location in your state.

  • More variety: The choices on online stores are amazing. People can find almost any brand of electronic item. They have the choice of choosing from a large number of techie products at a reasonable rate. Certain advanced technology is very easily available online, but when you look for something like this locally you may not be lucky enough.

  • Easy price comparisons: Comparing and researching products and their prices are much easier online. If you're shopping for appliances, for example, you can find consumer reviews and product comparisons for all the options on the market, with links to the best prices. You can research firsthand experience, ratings, and reviews for most products and retailers.

  • Used/Refurbished:You can buy used or refurbished items at lower prices. The marketplace on the Internet gives us access to listings of old or damaged items at rock bottom prices. Also, if we want to buy antiques, there's no better place to find great ones. Moreover, the trend of refurbished gadgets is gaining popularity.

7 of the Coolest Gadgets Available Online in 2019

Source bp-guide.in

Online shops have some of the best e-readers, mobile phones, notebooks and similar other devices in the market. We have shortlisted some of the best products available in various categories. Following are the list of gadgets, which are super cool and useful:-

Suunto Core

Suunto Core digital watches are multifunctional watches as well as electronic gadgets, which can be used to gather a wide range of accurate data and information while exploring the wildlife areas of the world. Wheresoever's you look while on an excursion trip, your Sunnto gadget will tell you the information about the approaching wildlife animal immediately. It will blow a sound alarm, which will give you sufficient time to be prepared to knock down the approaching danger.

As an added feature Suunto Core gadget also gives you information with the help of an accurate altimeter, weather trend indicator, digital thermometer, barometer and a digital compass. Its pressure gauge comes with the four distinct operating modes.

The common functions of the daily importance include the date, time alarm clock, rotating bezel etc. Suunto Core is now available at the best prices on the Trekkinn Website at the discounted price in the range of Rs. 8,000 to 10,000. Hurry, the prices may change anytime.

Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless

Source www.amazon.in

The Bose Quiet Wireless Comfort Wireless headphones are a must buy to watch television or for listening to music without the interference of wires or external sound disturbances with the best quality sound availability. The Bose Quiet wireless headphones have a world-class noise cancellation technique that reduces the sound level but increases the sound quality. It has options for Bluetooth and NFC pairing with voice prompts that makes uninterrupted connections. It has one noise-rejecting dual-microphone system which provides better quality calls in noisy environments.

Recently, the Bose headphones have been made Alexa enabled. It comes along with a USB cable and data cable. The Bose Quiet Comfort wireless Headphones are available at a price of Rs. 29,363 at Amazon India and the price appears reasonable in comparison to the quality we are getting. Bose already being the leader in the market of headphones and speakers is a must have in any house.

Portable E-Writer

The concept of the LCD screenwriting tablet is an excellent one for studying and working, writing notes or for planning your day. You can leave messages for your family as well. It also attracts children and can increase their interest in writing skills. It also works as a good gifting option for adults and children. A quality product with the convenience of usage, this e-writer is available in a plastic body with a compact size. It can be easily taken along whenever you travel.

The tablet-based e-writer is provided with a stylus. The average age of the e-writer is three years and it comes with a battery inside. It is available on the Amazon India at the price of just Rs.499. The price at which this unique e-reader is available is unbelievable. These days getting a product that too electronic in nature in just 500 bucks sounds magical, for such a useful product. So go ahead an check it out on the site.

Erasable - Reusable Notebook

The high-quality Elfinbook X notebook is the latest product built for today’s digital generations providing a classic pen and paper experience on a digital book. Keeping the traditional feature intact, Elfinbook is extremely re-usable and can be connected to all of the available cloud services like Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive. The above notebook is designed to suit the requirements of innovators, the designers, the artists, the analysts, architectures and the students.

Whether it is your music notes or a sudden design coming to your mind, the handy Elfinbook can help you capture your ideas anywhere without difficulty. It usually works with Elfinbook APP which is compatible with both Android & iOs. The Elfinbook app is a handy extension of the gadget which makes it convenient for those always on-the-go. This Elfinbook can act as a unique gifting option also. The Elfinbook is available at Think Gizmo at the price of Rs. 3,500 per unit. So what are you thinking? Kids to adults all will be happy to receive such a gift. Come on, do not wait much; go to ThinkGizmo and buy this unique and useful notebook.

Antimicrobial Toothbrush

Are you worried about the microbial attack in your teeth? Why don't you try this Boie USA Future Antimicrobial Toothbrush available at Think Gizmo for Rs. 1,300? It is battery operated and cleans the tartar on your teeth which will help in giving a cleaner whiter appearance and reduces the microbial growth inside. The teeth are the most important part as, they beautify the smiles of everyone, therefore, keeping them neat and clean will enhance the personal hygiene of your teeth and mouth giving them a refreshing breath. This gadget makes it easier to maintain your dental hygiene and reduces the pain of those dentist visits! So go ahead and check out this must-have gadget.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Have you ever heard of the self-stirring coffee mug? Yes, it is indeed a thing! It comes with a fashionable design and convenient operation and cleaning. Just by pressing the button located on the handle, the cup will start the stirring process immediately. The hunt for a spoon is no more required, whether at home or at the office!

Featuring a sturdy design with the double walls made up of stainless steel this cup keeps your drink warm for a longer time. The stirring fan is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastic making it safe and durable. With a sealed mug cover, there is no need to worry about liquid splashing. Find this highly useful gadget at Shopping Jinni which provides the House Of Quirk Automatic Coffee Mixing Cup Self Stirring Coffee Mug in different colours’ at the price of Rs. 499. So go ahead, you can gift one to your loved ones too. If you love coffee, these self-stirring mugs can be a boon to you and will always remain close to your heart due to their appealing makeup and quality.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Android Smartphone

The original Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone is the king of all the electronic gadgets available in the market. It has features of a tablet, phone, e-reader, notebook and a notepad. The phone comes in three variants (Galaxy S10e | S10 | S10+) with varying costs ranging between Rs.62,000 to Rs.90,000. Samsung Galaxy S10 is available online at the Samsung website. The phone comes with an Infinity-O Display – Cinematic display, minimized-bezel Dynamic AMOLED display pro-grade Camera having Intelligent Triple Capture with super steady video capture and a wireless power share. It is the first phone with Qualcomm’s 7-nanometer Snapdragon 855 processor and also has fingerprint screening.

These powerful devices have already created a stir in the market and people are madly buying. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy these for yourself and your loved ones. With these gadgets, life becomes so easy that we start loving it even more. The above gadgets include the price ranges from affordable to luxurious and can also fit in as the best gifting option as per the age groups of the users. Then why wait! Go ahead with them.

Don't Always Shop Online, Maybe Your Local Retailers Can Help You Better

It is said that “Every precious thing comes at a cost”. So while having online shopping has a lot of merits, it also contains some disadvantages:-

  • Environmental impact: Having your purchase packed in several layers of plastic and cardboard packaging and delivered right to your front door is good for you, but not so great for the environment. Even if you try to recycle the cardboard, you're creating unnecessary waste by shopping online.

  • Shipping problems and delays: Even the biggest and best shipping companies and online retailers have their bad days, so there's no way to ensure that you'll get your hands on your purchase in time unless you pick it up from a store. Items get lost, detoured, damaged, or delivered to the wrong address more often than you can imagine.

  • Risk of fraud: If you're shopping online, there's a larger risk of fraud: credit card scams, phishing, hacking, identity theft, counterfeit products, bogus websites, and other scams are common.

  • Spending too much time online: Especially if your job requires that you look at a computer all day, you might get burnt out on all that screen time. Shopping online can turn into a marathon of scrolling and clicking down rabbit holes and before you know it, you've been online for most of the day. The internet is a nice place to visit, but you probably don't want to live there.

  • Less contact with community: If you do all your business online, you'll never have to leave your home. This might be great for a while but sometimes, you might want to go outside, breathe some fresh air, get a change of scenery, talk to real people, participate in your community, and just be a part of the crowd. Sometimes, a computer monitor can't compete with a real human connection
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Keep an Eye Out for Dedicated Sites

Shopping online, though attractive has its own demerits. Scamming is very prevalent while shopping online. Make sure you shop from respectable sites with a good return policy. Also, look out for a quality assurance certificate. These help you to whet out those that scam you. Make good use of your online purchase by looking out for deals. All online shops have dedicated sales and deals going on during a certain time period. Keep an eye out for them and you can buy your products at a much lesser price than at stores